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Snitches and Provocateurs Find Easy Pickings in Low-Hanging Fruit

“And thank you for your service…” (U.S. Government photo)

“I read your website and have a question about militias and targeting the leaders of a tyrannical government,” someone representing himself as a reader asked me many years ago. “Is there any organization of armed citizens? And if there is some loose organization, will people actually move to snipe a government leader gone awry?”

My guess is the person was one of those naive contradictions to the “there’s no such thing as a stupid question” maxim.  Then again, I may have been dealing with someone who had incentives to go fishing, see what bites and reel it in.

Now’s as good a time as any to restate concerns and urge cautions in all our communications and activities, and to emphasize that as far as informants, undercover operatives and provocateurs are concerned, what you say and do not only can be used against you in a court of law, the person egging you on may be doing so specifically with entrapment in mind.

Examples are plentiful.

Kansas men charged in “The Crusaders” case alleging targeting of Muslims were “ultimately undone by an FBI confidential informant and [suspect Curtis] Allen’s girlfriend, who showed authorities Allen’s supply room after he allegedly hit her during a fight.”

The attorney for Malheur defendants is trying to get the prosecution to reveal the names of “15 Confidential Human Sources.”

Two FBI agents were embedded in William Keebler’s Patriots for Defense Force Militia “for about a year.” Per the charges against him, the reason he failed to blow up a BLM building in Arizona is because “The bomb never went off … because the person making them was an FBI undercover agent.”

We’ve also seen in recent years the totally overblown “Hutaree militia” case, the Waffle House /ricin “plot” and the leftist/anarchist morons who talked about blowing up a bridge (a few miles from where I live), all brought down using informants.

Common threads that appear to run throughout: Agencies exploit discipline vulnerabilities to score headline “victories” against individuals and groups that in some cases (but not all, as Malheur showed) are planning on initiating (or merely talking about) violence.  Funding and career opportunities for triumphant enforcers follow. The meme that the real danger comes from “home grown extremists” is advanced. And ultimately, the Republic remains in grave danger from more serious threats — enabled and abetted by government policies that are making the next 9/11-magnitude (or worse) event inevitable.

Meanwhile, patriots joining together in defense of freedom, and in preparing and training to protect themselves and their communities against natural and directed catastrophes, are tarred with the “homegrown terror” brush.

Kit Perez of the Patrick Henry Society has written two timely essays offering essential considerations for those joining with others of like mind in defense of liberty:

  • Thoughts on Infiltration and the Inner Circle Non-Negotiables — It’s crucial to set up filters and discriminators. We can do that by establishing criteria for association and collaboration that are important to the ends we seek and the means we employ, and by determining up-front disqualifying “show stopper” behaviors and conditions.
  • How Your Group Loudmouth Can Get You FBI Attention – Bellicose tiger-talkers, even the conveniently anonymous ones (and even if they are embedded government assets) can subject the whole group to scrutiny. Think about that when you see such comments posted under articles like … perhaps this one?

So what do we do? With government agencies and media cheerleaders parroting SPLC talking points to smear Oath Keepers as “domestic terrorists,” why would anyone join anything?

There’s nothing the enemies of freedom would like more than to scare disenfranchised American patriots into giving up on joint efforts and steering clear of all information that does not first filter through approved channels. And nothing helps that more than spooking preemptive surrenders out of those who “don’t want to be on any lists.”

Guess what? You’re already on all kinds of lists. If you’ve ever expressed an opinion contrary to approved groupthink or visited an “extremist” website, you may just be deemed “worthy” of being on the radar.

Those of us committed to remaining engaged in what Samuel Adams called “the animating contest of freedom” need to use our heads, be mindful of what we say, who we say it to, who we interact with and most importantly, what we do, especially if it involves “I will not comply” civil disobedience and other acts of noncompliance. The object here is not to be crushed or otherwise martyred – it is to join with others, locally or nationally as appropriate, where it adds strength, resources and capabilities, and otherwise makes sense.

It’s appropriate to once more cite Oath Keepers Bylaws, and particularly the restrictions on membership against anyone who “advocates the overthrow of the government of the United States or the violation of the Constitution thereof,” and who “advocates discrimination, violence, or hatred toward any person based upon their race, nationality, creed, or color.” It’s also important that we hold ourselves to the Code of Conduct:

All members must understand that their actions not only reflect on Oath Keepers but on the entire military, law enforcement, fire fighters and first responder , former and current, community. We strive to maintain a positive image within our communities and states. All members are fully and solely accountable for their actions while members of Oath Keepers. All Oath Keepers Members and Associates shall possess and maintain high moral and ethical standards and uncompromised integrity for continued membership in Oath Keepers. All members are to conduct themselves in a courteous and lawful manner at all times. Members are expressly prohibited from fraternizing with known criminals, known or suspected criminal organizations and their members, associates or affiliates. Oath Keepers and its members are responsible to maintain the integrity and honor of this organization. Oath Keepers shall have a zero tolerance policy for actions that bring disrespect, dishonor or disrepute on Oath Keepers or the military, law enforcement, fire fighters and first responder community.

Before splitting hairs, think of “criminals” as those who use force or fraud to victimize others, and “lawful” as respecting “the supreme Law of the Land” over clearly unconstitutional, power-usurping diktats.

The bottom line: Maintain such a code of conduct in discreet dealings with individuals and networks within and outside of Oath Keepers, and personal vulnerability should be minimized – at least until the would-be totalitarians see no continued need for masks, and the advantages of strength in numbers become self-evident.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



    1. Absolutely correct MP. About 1 year after the Bundy Ranch, I got my first visit from the FBI. After 4 more visits, totaling 5 as of today, I can tell you the ones who they assign to cases like Bundy’s are very well trained at being friends to you and getting you to do things for them. They are not your typical agent. They start out with small talk, mixed in with questions thrown in that are quite nonchalant. They tried working their magic on me over about a years time. Towards the later meetings, it was obvious they were looking for someone to be an informant for them. While the Maheur incident was playing out, they came to see me twice. Asked if I was heading up to it, if I knew anyone there, what my opinion on the take over was, etc. All under the guise of being concerned about my safety if I did head there. As I said they are very good at what they do, and anyone who is younger or looking for attention could be very well swept up by this. I am an older vet, and I am at that point in life where I trust no one, and always look for the bad in you before the good. So I saw through all their niceties as nothing more then getting someone to talk about fellow patriots. I just thought I would mention this here, as it seems appropriate as to this new type agent they are using. Hell they even offered to take me to dinner.

      1. It’s not clear to me if these guys identified themselves to you at the outset, or whether you eventually figured it out?

  1. FBI HAS been trying, probably successful in cases, to get someone to operate as a mole within OK organization to finger so called “extremists”. They knocked on my door a couple years back trying to recruit me. I called Stuart and had a conference call with him and Sheriff Mack and Texas leadership about it back when it took place. They finally took the hint and left me alone. At least to my face anyway. I been expecting my door to be kicked open and some trumped up charges brought on me ever since. Good Lord willing, it won’t happen, and I won’t be forced into a situation I don’t desire to be in.

  2. Re: ….. “advocates the overthrow of the government of the United States or the violation of the Constitution thereof,”

    Isn’t the problem that these two have been rendered mutually exclusive?

  3. There are many groups out there that call themselves militia. The title in the parameters of our law, is of course erroneous since Militia is actually the body of the People regulated by state statutes that have been in place for a few hundred years.
    When these groups use the term militia they are, in my mind, actually aiding, and abetting the propaganda mill that has been responsible for defaming “the Militia of the several States”.
    I wonder if it would be worthwhile to engage them through correspondence of some sort, asking if they have engaged their respective state government in all means possible to revitalize the lawful Militia?
    In doing so, start a dialogue of educating those people on the facts of law, and perhaps make actual progress in what the Founders detailed as “necessary to the security of a free state”.

  4. Your warning should be obvious to any and all people with half a brain. There are snitches and government agents embedded in every organization of any kind. These are people who have no intention of keeping their oath to support and defend the Constitution. I have one additional question; since that fool living in the White House right now just gave the internet over to global control, how do Oath Keepers intend to communicate with each other when the global powers shut down this website or otherwise interfere with our communications? That WILL happen very soon.

  5. I would think that OathKeepers would be considered a danger to the enemies within the US. A great organization for talking so far. One day may have to act to maintain a Constitutional Republic.

  6. The use of thought stopping phrases such as “terrorist”, “kook” or the infamous “holocaust denier” is out of the playbook of weaponized hypnosis. When thinking has stopped (Because of an emotionally charges phrase or image or implication…) the doors to the subconscious are left unguarded.

    Pay attention to what is said just after the thought stopping incident. That is where the lies will be stated. The father of weaponized hypnosis, Dr George Estabrooks stated in 1943 that these methods will continue to work until people become familiar with the methods.

    Folks that use these methods fall into two categories, the most common are the dupes, the ones on whom the method has been used, often repeatedly, until they “KNOW” that XYZ is a bad guy. The other category is the professional operator. You can tell the difference by what is stated to you just after encountering the high emotional content phrase.

    Hope this helps..
    PS: Don’t feel bad about having this method work on you. it was the method used to do 911. The old hypnotists noted that intelligent people were the best hypnotic subjects because smart people can control their minds better.

  7. Excellent article, just as always. I agree that most people should have enough intelligence to be very wary about anyone who suddenly wants to get chummy and start talking about weird things. I trust very few people, and none of them whom I have not known for as long as I have known David and our late brother Mike V. But the thing that puzzles me is WHY are the leftards, the alphabet agencies and others of that intellectually challenged ilk, so damnably intent to find something wrong within the OK ????? They turn a blind eye to vocal, blatant hate groups of racial and islamic makeups who openly threaten harm, injury and death to others but seem ready to sell their souls to the devil if it will get them some kind of dirt on OK> And THIS is the only group that has NOT ever called for violence or harm, unless you count Operation Backstop, and being prepared to support any law enforcement officer in need, So why the open hatred against us? Why the obsessive almost psychopathic desire to find something bad among a group who love and serve their country? Any enlightenment welcome.

    1. You answered your own question. They do not like our want helpful communities and they want the public at war with itself and to divide because they know they can’t control a unified republic. Exactly why they’ll say trump lost when they know they counted the winning ballots and had to shed them to make the winner the one they have planned to be installed in the oval office for years now. They KNOW that 3% world destroy any and all big govt agendas if force was applied accordingly and that scares the shit outta them. They have no use for good people, educated people, unified people, non violent people etc etc etc…if you are a hate group that’s the equivalent of a modern day kkk filled with uneducated, highly emotional and inherently violent people from violent neighborhoods then those are the ones that get the check from Soros and exactly what this white house wanted to create. An internal race war, at election time to divide the country and help to propagandize the “why and how” of how the throned Hitlery.

      1. I d not understand the “modern day kkk”. It is still the exact same KKK that it was when the slaves were freed by the Republicans! It came from the WH way back then and it is coming from the WH now!

    2. It is all directed by others, not these agents. They are simply dupes who still believe the lies they are spoon fed 24/7/365. And the reason groups you mention get away with murder, literally and all manner of out right threats is well past obvious ? The laws do not apply to them at all. In fact they are greatly enabled to do whatever they do and know full well there will be no recompense or even a question to them ! We are in a psyops war as well as a war for our country by an out of control and rogue government, simple as that. These people are not at all concerned about laws or your rights, they are concerned about defeating and controlling you because you are a threat to their power and control.

      Here is how they easily mind eff the populace and create the false narratives to accomplish their agendas.

  8. Why do we have to get updates about the Dakota pipeline from fox and not on here? Think it said 80 people arrested? Second, what happened to the article and video that broke down the Lavoy incident?

  9. I think it’s a bunch of reasons.. Two of the major forces are the continuous and escalating barrage of brainwashing conducted by government education, TV news and entertainment , starting now at the pre-kindergarten level and continuing till death.

    Along with that is a continuous reduction of real income and the need for both husband and wife to work in order to make ends meet – so kids are no longer raised by their parents, but by government schools, and have been for decades.

    Combine those with a nearly nationwide and industry wide sense of financial insecurity among all but the very wealthy, people are afraid to voice opinions about or objections to any orders that come down from the chiefs on top, so they just keep going along, and going along. to get along – trying to remain financially solvent.

    It doesn’t matter whether the job is a government job or “private enterprise”. The result is the same – the loss of individuality, which leads to either tyranny by govt, or government by industry. What we have wound up with is fascist corporatism at the moment, ruling over a timid population, molded that way through social and economic warfare.

    And that timid population refuses to accept what has happened because it is too scary to comtemplate. So those in power are able to continually escalate their programs of tyranny.

    Some of us have simply refused to accept what we see as outright lies having no foundation of actual facts and logic, and simply get pissed off at the steady flow of them and wind up swearing at the TV before finally shutting it off completely. And we eventually wind up joining Oathkeepers and/or similar organizations.

    I have learned over the years that it is a waste of my time to continue a discussion with people who get angry when I present them with actual facts from say the FBI website or the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Others can be convinced – but you can never tell which are which until you try to have a reasonable discussion without epithets

    .When talking with aquaintances of friends’s friends while fishing in the Gulf under chemtrail skys, for instance, I mention “Solar Radiation Management” not chemtrails. These people got the way they are through a lifetime of believing and doing what they were told; and trying to crash through their entire belief system all once just doesn’t work well.

    In short, they believe what they have been taught to believe and are continuously being told to believe because reversing their beliefs is literally unthinkable. So we are clearly the enemy. .

  10. The best way to prevent infiltrators is to make the organization invitation only. You simply invite the best of the best to be part of the organization. Before the invitation goes out, you have members approach candidates and strike up conversations with them etc. in order to vett them before they are sent an invitation or allowed in. Each chapter can conduct their own vetting and invitation process and it does not have to be unwieldy. Just verify that they really are who they say they are and that they are not hot heads or racists or whatever, you get the idea. Simply get to know the person before you let them in is all I am saying. People who want to get in can submit their names and then they can be vetted covertly first by a member unknown to them. Look at their posting history on blogs and facebook for red flags. Or members already can nominate for membership others who they know and trust. Even just a little vetting will go a long long way guys. Didn’t many of you go through background investigations to become cops in the first place? Surely a less intrusive vetting process would not be out of line. The organization would instantly become more prestigious because membership requires more than just a fee or a word from the applicant. You need to be asked to be a member.

    1. Commenting here is like jumping into a black hole. No one responds or even acknowledges something was said.

    2. On the dark underbelly side of the FBI and other enforcement agencies are used psyche tools such as blackmail and bribery. In other words, Adam, even a vetted person is subject to being threatened by the FBI to “turn” and work for them long after the member has been admitted.

      I will tell you what I think our best tactic is. It is this — do and be the essence of honor in all one’s activities and especially in one’s thoughts. All Americans now know that every phone call, every email sent, goes into one’s node at Bluffdale and elsewhere, where it may be datamined by qualified agency operatives at will. Everything we say must reflect the highest standards of respect for the rule of Constitutional law. Period. When one is on the beam with total, overt, and transparent honesty in motive, one’s speech will reflect that. That policy, at the personal level, will produce nothing which any infiltrator can find to work with. Like, it’s a “Mental” thing, yes? 😉

      David’s article points out the Oath Keepers bylaws. There it is. Live up to it, and live fearlessly.

      Elias Alias, editor

  11. The State must protect the State’s crimes by using agents to cook cases and create issues that present them with opportunities to show how “valuable” of an agency they are.
    Firsthand experience how Gov agencies find people who think they are “helpful” and who are tricked into doing Gov bidding and the rabbit hole get’s deeper and deeper. The lure of cash incentives is involved with Gov paying cash for “leads”. see recent DEA agency of millions given to “informants” with no oversight.
    Recognize that part of the Gov mission is to create and instill paranoia into the group by the sheer threat of informants. Those whom have contacts and connections to make “stuff” happen are usually connected to or are Gov provocateurs.

  12. ONLY the stupid and ignorant get bamboozled by federal agents…..

    The article is right-on of how the FBI infiltrates everything…..because THEY have nothing else real going-on (besides the corruption in Washington), therefore, THEY spend their time “making friends.” The fact of the matter should be….make friends and pick a side.

    Just after the Oath Keepers march of 200 plus patriots to unseat a corrupt police chief, the word around the sleepy town was that FBI were everywhere….and indeed they were.

    Long story short…sitting in a McDonald’s, one suspicious character, not seen around….was sitting at a table nearby, listening to me and another talking about recent events.

    He joined-in on the conversation, moving closer to our table and began telling us his thoughts that came across as very informative. He knew the history of tyranny in the U.S. and began criticizing judges as the problem.

    A second (agent) from another table further away, joined-in to give us his two cents, both of them agreed that judges are the number one problem in America….and supposedly, they did not know each other.

    BOTH agreed that judges, in particular, Nevada….”needed to be taken-out !”

    Right then and there…I knew what my friend and I were dealing with….two FBI agents phishing for an Oath Keeper to (maybe) pull-off a stunt to demonize the organization.

    Knowing that….I got-up, told my friend “let’s go” and said to the agents, “good luck with your efforts.”
    We left and never saw them again….

    Therefore…..THEY will always be around like rats that nibble for cheese when you are not looking, when THEY should be seriously joining together with other agents to uncover the corruption in this government and in their own agency.

    It’s time to pick a side….

  13. Infiltration and Informants were favorites of the US government during COINTelPRO. They worked. Over and over and over again. When the Red Brigades were spiralling violence in Italy, it was found later that thv group existed in name only having been taken over by the CIA. It was the CIA performing the violent acts using the Red Brigades name. That was Operation Gladio in Italy; although Gladio perpetrated acts of political violence all over europe.

    1. Yes indeed Cynthia and may I add that in my estimation many of the so called “racist hate groups” in this country are fully operated and controlled by feds operating “under cover”. Consider the first world trade center bombing for instance, which was managed and in my opinion orchestrated by the FBI. So are these agents infiltrating groups to take them down or are they managing the groups and directing them to carry out false flag attacks to serve some nefarious agenda?

      Great to see you here by the way Cynthia If you remember me I was the one who filmed your interview in Santa Cruz with Ray McGovern for We Are Change. I would love to vote for you again if that is in the cards for you to run again. Let me know and I will lend a hand.

      1. Adam, you’re in TMM same as is Cynthia, so you’ve prolly already seen this page —
        Cynthia has invited me to join her on her radio show soon, where we will talk about transcending the false left-right paradigm. Maybe there will be some way you could record that show?
        And btw, I’ll be glad to re-introduce you to Cynthia. Call me or email me, eh?
        Thanks Bro,
        Elias Alias, editor

    2. Thank you for bringing up Gladio. Many of our readers may not be familiar with that topic, so I would like to assure them that NATO via Gladio did indeed execute waves of terrorism in Europe long after WWII ended, with Italy being a consistent target of the terror.
      Readers also may wish to learn more about COINtelPRO, which Cynthia mentioned, for that is history on the record also. Here is a softened and somewhat white-washed confession which at least identifies some of the “illegal” practices done by the FBI. The Congressional record is much more damning. Search it up, eh? —

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. Most would probably dismiss this but from good sources it seems the FBI also has a hit team. Yeah I know hard to believe but apparently they make the hits or kills look like suicides, drug deals gone awry, etc. I thought b.s when first heard but considering the source and recent criminal acts from FBI higher ups I don’t doubt it.

  14. I have just been notified that I am up for renewal of my membership. As I have posted on several occasions, specifically Facebook, my comments have been straight and to the point. Most of the government especially on the State, counties and cities have thrown the Constitution and Bill of Rights under the bus and have not lived up to nor taken their oath’s of office seriously. I have called them out as traitor’s and guilty of crimes against humanity for the illegal laws they have passed and the violation of our rights as supposed free people. If this is a problem for Oathkeepers then perhaps you should not renew said membership as I don’t want to bring dishonor to the association.

  15. Why do we need Oathkeepers. Our current military, police, all took the oath. Don’t we trust them like civilians trusted us when we took the oath?
    Why is the government, whom we elect, the enemy?
    Jim, former Marine, not an Oathkeepers. Once was good enough for me.
    Relax guys. The Republic is in good hands. To say otherwise shows disrespect to all who now serve.

    Jim (not an Oathkeeper, , and I think this is all a bit wacky).

    1. There are many opportunists in the world. To some, an oath has no more meaning than spitting on the street. Federal Law Imposement is full of such.

      There are many who are completely ignorant of history. Due to the John Dewey conditioning system, commonly called “public education”, our Military is full of such.

      Oath Keepers is a last ditch effort to throw up a flag and give those who still believe a place to rally, with the hope of educating others.

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