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Who Is REALLY Behind the EU Migrant Crisis? – Newsbud Roundtable’s Spirou Skouras interviewed Sibel Edmonds, James Corbett and Prof. Filip Kovacevic about the Syrian refugee situation, and who is behind it. The usual suspects, connected to the globalists appear, along with others. Sibel and James are known for their in-depth and careful investigations of subjects the mainstream media either glosses over or completely ignores, as they are too busy promoting the Globalist Agenda.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. I appreciate you posting this, Shorty, I’m subbed to Newsbud on YouTube, but somehow missed viewing this one. I think this young news group is under-appreciated; Sibel is a former FBI translator that has testified before Congress, and was a significant whistleblower as regards some of the shenanigans happening around the 9/11 investigations. Spiro has turned out to be a bulldog with his investigations, just as we all know James Corbett is. The professor I’m not as familiar with, but he has begun to shine quite a bright light on happenings with eastern Europe; I’m looking forward to more of his analysis on that front.

    The importance of groups like Newsbud grows, even as the influence of the MSM wanes–they have abrogated their duty as the watchdogs of liberty and become merely the propaganda wing of the executive. If you went solely by the reports of the like of CNN or one of them, it would be impossible to truly know who is doing what to whom, in places across the world, and what those things mean to us on the “Grand Chessboard”. Again, thank you Shorty!

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