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Operation Sabot 2016 Update: PollMole – Exit Polling in the Palm of Your Hand

PollMole is a free mobile app available at Google Play and the App Store for most current versions of Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.  It is designed to survey tens of millions of voters on Election Day. The developer is confident that it will provide the largest and most accurate presidential exit poll ever conducted.


Oath Keepers has reviewed the PollMolle application and recommends it to our members participating in our Operation Sabot 2016 Election Day operations as a tool to assist our members and to enable citizens to regain confidence in the election process. These types of tools are especially important in the wake of the Project Veritas and WikiLeaks disclosures regarding the plans of a rouge political party to conduct industrial-scale election and voter fraud operations throughout the country. The application developer is working diligently to ensure broad device compatibility before Election Day.  Please understand that as with any new tool, PollMole will perform best with more recent devices.  Our review of the application enabled our test user to participate in the election exit polling process and also display the results to follow the results throughout the day as it unfolds, in real time.


Visit to download and participate with our Operation Sabot 2016 Election Day observer teams!

We would also like to note that we are aware of the “Stop the Steal” exit-polling initiative organized by the supporters of GOP candidate Donald Trump.  As a non-partisan organization, Oath Keepers cannot endorse this initiative, however we do want our Operation Sabot 2016 participants to review and be aware of these types of initiatives.

Operation Sabot 2016

Under our oath to defend the Constitution, we Oath Keepers have a responsibility to help police ensure the free and fair election process is not stolen from the citizens of the United States of America. To this end, our significant capabilities in conducting covert operations, intelligence gathering, and investigation will be leveraged to counter actions of any political party or criminal gang that attempts to disenfranchise the citizens of our nation.  Learn more


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