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Oregon Militia ‘Report’ another Astroturf-Funded Collectivist Smear of Patriots

Some “guides” are more reliable than others. And some manifestos are more subversive. (Political Research Associates Facebook photo)

“Avoid slogans, name calling, and demonizing members of the Right,” a report by Political Research Associates advocates. “Expose who benefits from right-wing campaigns.”

An immediately noticeable disconnect is that “Up in Arms: A Guide to Oregon’s Patriot Movement,” can’t resist ignoring its own “advice.” If you’re concerned about federal land “ownership,” if you believe the Second Amendment means “shall not be infringed,” if you think immigration policy ought to put the interests of “ourselves and our Posterity” first, if you advocate nullification of laws repugnant to the Constitution, if you’re opposed to Marxist motives behind wealth transfers and “progressive” social engineering, and if you recognize warmist hysteria a political fraud to give collectivists increased power and control over all aspects of our lives, you’re an implicit racist, a xenophobe and – even worse!!  You may just be a Three Percenter and/or an Oath Keeper!

The innuendo and conflation are strong in these collectivists. They even make a point of including Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Richard Mack, the late Mike Vanderboegh, and my friend Kevin Starrett of Oregon Firearms Federation in their list of “bad” people, among others. And they cite my “Red/Green Axis” and “Most Dangerous Oregon Gun Bills” pieces as proof of what an evil extremist and hater I must be.

With us being treasonous bigots and sociopaths as its major premise, we’re absolved of any obligation to wade through any more lies, no matter how exhaustively end-noted they may appear to be. We’re free to follow admonition #2 and “expose who benefits” from this slick piece of propaganda masked as “research,”designed to give collectivist politicians and LE fusion centers cover under which they can continue smearing patriots as “domestic terrorists.”

Obviously, the snouts at the trough rely heavily on keeping the cash flow turned on, either directly, as the president/executive director and employees do through monetary compensation, or indirectly, like directors get through networking. And let’s not forget the agendas being advanced: Anti-Christian: Check. “Prison abolition and LGBTQ liberation”: Check. “Immigrants rights”: Check. “Feminist ethics”: Check. “Racial justice”: Check. “Social justice”: Check.

Funny—if there’s any outrage reserved for closed theocracies that abuse women and throw gays off buildings, it’s pretty well buried. Maybe the only problem exists in the place all their “refugees” are being imported to

And what’s a group in Massachusetts doing trying to sway public policy in Oregon? Who else benefits?

Per “Discover the Networks,” doctrinaire commies relying on poisoning the well of American exceptionalism do:

PRA identifies its two overriding agendas as: (a) boosting “dialectical materialism” — a doctrine based on the writings of Marx and Engels, and elaborated upon by Plekhanov, Lenin, and Stalin; and (b) promoting “progressive internationalism” to thwart the successes of capitalism.

And it also advances the agenda of the major benefactors behind that effort:

Its financing derives entirely from foundation grants, individual contributions, and income from the sale of materials. Among the foundations that support PRA are the Ford Foundation, the New York Community Trust, the Public Welfare Foundation, and the San Francisco Foundation. The entertainer Barbra Streisand is also a PRA benefactor.

Streisand, eh? Time to count to 10 and settle down. Otherwise, that admonition against name-calling is gonna be tough to heed.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. Well, sounds like Soros funded, ADL approved kosher, SLPC passed pabalum. Certainly well received by the same caliber of folk that mail dildos but get offended by gay jokes. Definitely smiled upon by the kinda folk who offer pancakes to the deceased and attempt to barbecue whistleblower’s families. Maybe someone skilled in Photoshop should spoof this and have a picture of guys in full TAC gear raiding a dairy…..”Up in farms” ? Barbra Streisand needs a hearing and eye protection disclaimer.

  2. We know the election is rigged for Hillary Clinton (according to George Soros), “regardless of the fact that Trump will have a landslide popular vote,” therefore…..there’s always a way to turn sour grapes into a fine wine by understanding that communism is here and is about to fly its colors openly in America.

    The advantage is that a sleeping giant is about to rise and its not going to be pretty.

    Over 60% of those in this country are now seeing a reason to take the bull by the horns of mainstream media, Congress, state and local government.

    The communists have been exposed and the Liberty Movement is growing at a pace never seen before in America.

    The communist regime in this country will not survive…..therefore, better to get it done within the next 2 years instead of waiting till Trump is out in 4.

  3. Wait a second here….. Just read the first few lines. Their talking about defending democracy. They must not be talking about the Oregon here in the US. The Oregon here in the US is part of a constitutional republic that has a democratic voting process. Maybe I will send an email to them asking what they mean by democracy. On second thought, maybe I’ll just call and recite the pledge of allegiance. That’s not hate speech is it?

  4. Right out of the SPLC’s playbook. These geniuses still think that Tim McVeigh’s truck bomb somehow blew the interior of that fed building *out* to the street. They are just pumping out the propaganda on demand. If this was to be a journalistic venture, I’m embarrassed for them.

    Elias Alias, editor

    1. Yes it is propaganda on a grand scale and here is how they do it all very easily to mind eff the populace

      if you can create any narrative or dialogue and ignore any event or matter with impunity and few questions asked, you can easily control the populace with propaganda and that is exactly what PRAVDA/MSM does 24/7/365. It is exactly the same thing as the Soviet state circa 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s, pure propaganda and the exact opposite of any form of actual journalism.. But few here in USSA today realize just how powerful it is and how they themselves have been affected for decades ! It is way past the simple narrative of “left leaning media” and far more powerful than most comprehend. It is the source of power of BHO and crew as well as Hillary and all Democrats. Without PRAVDA/MSM they would be crushed and relegated to the trash bin of history by their own deeds and massive dishonesty.

      The coming election will be contested and there will be massive fraud that has already started in Illinois and other states with early voting. PRAVDA/MSM will embellish the narrative of patriots who speak out against the voting fraud as either terrorist or extremist or some such event. They will ramp up the rhetoric in an effort to try and side step the voting fraud by simply using the standard narratives they have created. Homophobe, Xenophobe, Islamophobe, Racist and all the other nonsense they create and spoon feed to the masses daily. Do not underestimate their power and realize many numbskulls actually believe their garbage and think orgs like SPLC are some how doing good deeds. Many people are already seriously mind effed and that is a serious problem. That should be a goal, to help the mind effed realize their predicament. Fortunately this regime and Hillary are over reacting and many who voted for BHO are not going to vote for Hillary. So it is still possible they will step on their own stuff so to speak and go far enough to undermine their own followers by their extreme acts and being exposed by Wiki and Trump himself ! I talk to many democrats who are not going to vote for Hilary at my site and its a good thing. Now we just have to get our own shit together and unite nationally to be a cohesive force. That should be the next goal on many levels like the Comms seminar last nite !
      We will see various forms of chaos during this election and it will be contested at the highest levels. So that will be a setup for major events to take place. We are at a critical juncture in our history and we will be tested soon enough on a grand scale.

  5. Every time I see one of these articles talking about the rise of the militia
    i get a chuckle. They are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. If the morons truly knew how many people have prepared to defend this nation with their lives they would crawl under a rock and hide.
    The SPLC has the ear of the administration so they feel powerful and protected. They spew their propaganda to like minded marxist hoping for a groundswell from the sheeple. However the sheep are beginning to awaken and prepare to stop the death cult marxist before they destroy our nation.
    There are millions of former Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines prepared to stand up and take the fight to our enemy. Semper Fi to all of those quietly preparing for the day we know is coming.

    1. Right on, except for the motivation of the SPLC – it doesn’t have a _damned_ thing to do with producing a groundswell from the “sheeple”, except to frighten them into begging the government to pay more money to SPLC “consultants”. SPLC is all about the millions they get from frightened people who donate to them, along with the millions they get from providing bogus information to the various Fusion centers and government agencies.

    2. Well said Smitty….there is indeed an enemy and there are tens of millions of us reasonably well prepared, and whose Oath remains valid, to stand and be counted. I truly can not see how this confrontation can be avoided……I keep going back to the Jefferson quote…”The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. I pray not, however, I am committed to my last breath to defend this Sovereign Constitutional Republic. There are no acceptable alternatives !

  6. When TRUMP gets elected we need to make sure this sanctuary state has all federal funds cut off so we can starve this beast.

  7. The whole country is on twitter working to educate voters on wikileaks, project veritas and democratic corruption. OATHKEEPERS HASN’T SENT A TWEET SINCE AUGUST! Where are you in all this? Our country is in peril and about to be seized. What’s up guys? You’re not looking too good here. No relevant stories on your site either. Get to work!

  8. I think if those people do not like our Constitution then maybe they should move to another country like say China, Russia or some really great country like that.

  9. From now until the last part of January; Thing’s could be extremely dangerous; Obama is not going too leave office with out damaging our Republic. The domestic terrorist propaganda is one of their excuses, that they will use to justify a number of different moves against our freedoms. You can bet that Obama will issue a lot of new directives before he leave’s office, which will put Bill Clinton’s directives to shame , if Hitlary win’s, we’re toast. If these directives turn out too be as bad as I personally think they will be. Then there is the possible consequences of miss-calculations concerning Russia, that could lead to security infringements on our freedoms. Economic collapse, riot’s and food shortages, that could lead to Martial law. These are very perilous times which we are facing; In my opinion Oath Keepers, along with the 3% er’s are doing the best that can be done considering the circumstances we are now facing; Look, they have awaken the military and they are a house hold name’s now, they are teaching and training Patriots and I can go on and on about what’s happened over the last five year’s that the OK have accomplished. They’re in every state, our shadow government definitely knows there’s two organization’s which can go toe too toe , if need be and I’m certain, that they are having sleepless night’s knowing that they are being vetted by the OK & the 3% er’s; Thank’s for all that you do !!!

  10. In true dictator fashion, Obama will ‘set the oil wells on fire’ as he exits………or when he decides to stay. We are now just a skeleton of what we were before Soros appointed that pos.
    Either way it goes, while they have kept us totally distracted with manufactured crisis after crisis, they get away with the largest heist in the history of the earth. Makes you just want to go out and slap the living sheet out of every smug liberal that comes within reach.

  11. From what I see most patriot organizations are infiltrated and our corrupt government has learned enough to know that they are ill prepared to push any coup attempt on our country through. Articles like these are trying to convince individuals who are prepping and not affiliated (and there are tons of them) not to align themselves with the Patriot Movement because the groundswell that is building in America is about to correct our leadership. The problem is that these articles are preaching to the choir and the normal freedom loving citizens read this and start to research and ask questions. I work in the public view look like a kind, harmless old man. I meet many people who see my Oath Keepers tattoo and immediately ask what it’s all about. One guy from the Phillipines actually grabbed my arm pointed at it and eagerly asked who we were. Then there are the people who know and trust me and quietly spread the word of what we are all about. There is a rising tide of distrust of the system which can be easily seen. This Saturday I’ll help teach a beginners handgun course. Six years ago it was barely viable now there is a 500 person waiting list and you cannot get into it before January and this is just the women’s course. Our gun club has seen a 300% increase in membership since 2010. Most of these people are unaffiliated but preparing because when the system fails you, you must create your own system.
    God bless.
    Pray for Peace. Prepare for War.

  12. I suppose that demonzing your opponents has become common recourse for Liberals. Typically utilizing inaccurate labels to defame anyone who doesn’t drink their propaganda flavored Kool-Aid. However, it does seem as if the general public is more privy to such cheap shots.

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