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NavyJack – WARNING: Cornered Animals Are The Most Dangerous!


With the General Election only a few days away, the globalist establishment and their Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton, have become cornered.  The reopening of the investigation into the illegal private email systems used by Secretary Clinton to avoid compliance with Federal recordkeeping laws has sent the globalists into panic. Of course, other Federal laws were also violated, including laws demanding the safeguard of classified materials.

As of Saturday night, the FBI had not been able to get the Justice Department to issue a warrant that would allow agency officials to read any of the newly discovered emails, and therefore was still in the dark about whether they include any classified material that the bureau has not already seen.

“We do not have a warrant,” a senior law enforcement official said. “Discussions are under way [between the FBI and the Justice Department] as to the best way to move forward.”



Giving up power and exposing themselves to criminal prosecution by a new administration that is not corrupted by globalist influence is not an option. In fact, all options other than surrendering power are now on the table.

Globalist Options

We can speculate on what these options are, but I seriously doubt any of us are devious enough to even think of the methods that these demon infested parasites can come up with. What is important to remember is that they are animals; predators; wolves, intent on devouring the sheep and hunting down the sheepdogs. It is also important to remember that cornered animals are the most dangerous. Some of the proposals that are certainly on the table include:

  • Delay the election via Executive Order with or without Congressional consent
  • Instigate riots to provide the President with justification for the use of emergency powers
  • Instigate terrorist attacks to provide the President with justification for use of emergency powers
  • Provoke hostilities with a foreign power to suspend the election in conjunction with a War Powers Resolution



Certainly there are other options available. The objective of any of the above actions would be to provide the globalist interests with time to silence the FBI and any other voice that could hamper their ability to maintain power. Because of recent events, any path they choose will come with some level of risk and without the ability to guarantee the final outcome. The globalists and their Main Stream Media (MSM) partners are no longer in control of reality and that scares them.

Controlling the Narrative

Should a dynamic action be taken to delay or cancel the election, the optics of such an action would be imperative. For example, should the globalists decide to instigate riots to provide the President with justification for the use of emergency powers, the riots would necessarily have to be done by a group that the public would accept as disenfranchised by the FBIs action. This could be a group like La Raza that is highly supportive of Hillary Clinton’s open borders policies or even the Black Lives Matter movement that have endorsed her candidacy because of her support for federalized control of local police. Coordinated action by one of more of these types of groups could certainly lead to widespread social unrest, protests and riots. The administration would craft a narrative that voter intimidation, fear and physical damage to voting facilities had made conduct of the election untenable at this time. The MSM would be running 24/7 coverage of the protests/riots and broadcasting statements from prospective voters on how they were too afraid to go to the polls with all of the activity.  Most likely, the activity would be significantly less than the public perception because of inflation by the MSM.  The activities would have to be conducted in several cities in swing states that have Governors supportive of the globalist agenda.  These cities would be Cleveland Ohio, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Richmond Virginia. Other cities/states including Phoenix Arizona, Baltimore Maryland, Milwaukee Wisconsin, Miami Florida and Denver Colorado would be included to ensure broad media attention.  Oath Keepers intelligence units are keeping extremely close tabs on the social media accounts, public statements and mobilization activities of the known extremist organizations.

The Jihadist Threat

Identification and tracking of Jihadi organizations like ISIS in America and Al Qaeda is far more difficult for us to carry out, but clearly jihadist terror attacks are also possible.  Imagine the massive disruptive effect of just a few well-selected jihadist terror attacks (IEDs and/or mass shootings) on early voting polling places and how easily the Obama Administration and it’s Jeh Johnson led DHS could respond to the “unprecedented attack on our democratic process” by  suspending or postponing the election.

Timetable for Action

If the globalists cannot regain control of the narrative within at least a week before Election Day, some action will be taken. Many have suggested that simply replacing Hillary Clinton as the DNC candidate would solve their dilemma. This is untrue for numerous reasons including the fact that replacing her with someone like Vice President Joe Biden does nothing to improve their odds of success at the polls. Because Senator Bernie Saunders is not an insider, his selection to replace Hillary Clinton is even less likely.  In any event, the globalists are strategizing today to decide on the actions they must begin to set into motion no later than November 5. They will most certainly have recall/escalate set-points with regard to any action taken should events improve or deteriorate further. They will also have one or more fail-safe options.

Get Prepared

Please join us on Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at 8:00 PM Central Time for a free webinar titled “Civil Unrest: Post Election Scenarios & Preparation” hosted by Oath Keepers.


While originally envisioned as a briefing on potential post-election civil unrest & terrorism, the information to be presented is equally relevant to pre-election scenarios. This will be an in-depth presentation on how to prepare for possible unrest or terrorism in urban and suburban areas and how to make an emergency plan for your family. We’ll discuss how to prepare to shelter in place and minimize the danger of arson and home invasion, including neighborhood security and defense, contingency plans (Plan B, C, D) as well as what you need to do to safely get out of town if need be. Be ready before anything happens. Click here to lean more.





Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. Has any militia group offered support to the Dakota Indians for the forced pipeline on their land by the abusive Government? The Indians would be a perfect cause given how they have been treated for many years by the Washington criminal Government and give them a larger audience. Just Curious!

    1. Yes, and that help has been rejected so far. At least two of our members who went there were told we are not welcome, and were demonized for their trouble of trying to help. Sad, but true. Apparently, the tribe has bought the SPLC inspired leftist line that we are all “raacists” who are out to exploit them, and refuse to see the common ground we all have – they can’t see that it is really the great mass of the people v the Oligarchy. Instead, they are buying into the divide and conquer strategy that keeps us all fighting each other and weak.

  2. I thought search warrants were supposed to be issued prior to a search, not back dated. Unless the emails in question were specified in the Wiener warrant, you can’t back date a new search warrant. In fact, without a warrant, they were not allowed to seize the documents to begin with. We can’t run around screaming about the Constitution then so blithely dismiss the 4th Amendment right to be free of search without a proper warrant that states specifically what it is the state wishes to seize. Now today we hear the FBI is just now asking for a search warrant 5 weeks after the fact of seizure. What a cluster ph***

    1. I am no lawyer, thankfully, but it seems if the police have a warrant to look for drugs in the closet, and when they open it they find blood soaked clothing on the floor, it would be considered “in plain sight” and therefore allowed.

  3. 2. We will NOT obey orders to conduct warrantless searches of the American people

    Yet the FBI seized documents during the search executed in an unrelated case and only 5 weeks later is now seeking a back dated warrant.

      1. The FBI and the NY State Police had a warrant to seize the computer and cell phones weeks ago in relation to the Anthony Weiner child sexting case. During the review of these items, they discovered the 650,000 Clinton related emails. The equipment was sealed pending the issue of a warrant to review those files in connection with the Clinton email scandal. Completely legitimate.

  4. The Dakota Indians are a huge factor to take a look at, not just the Jihadists. If the Globalists provoke them into violence it could turn ugly…

    1. Actually, it’s all about control. The Globalists are experts at it. The only factor in it is the Americans.

  5. The rebellion within the FBI seemed like an encouraging sign to me that there are still enough good people in gov that will make any of these nefarious options a rough climb for these scoundrels.

  6. Consider this, suddenly the fbi find thousands more emails, less then 2 wks away from election, after having engaged in the corrupt activity of not charging clinton with her crimes, along with the rest of the hell spawn. And suddenly, here we are, investigation re-opened. I am wondering what is really driving this whole scam, I don’t believe it’s legit. If it’s legit , comey and others in the fbi are doing this because they realize, Trump might actually be elected and if he follows thru and drains the dc swamp, the fbi is going to be drained with it. All the same, I think the whole thing is just another game they are playing, the question is why? I don’t have the experience to theorize on what the hell spawn are up to, there must be someone in Oath Keepers who can figure it out, there has to be. The fbi is nothing more then a globalist puppet agency, just like most fed agencies, when I say agencies , I mean fed people.

    1. We don’t trust the FBI either, for many good reasons. It could be CYA, it could be some agents who threatened to go public with insider knowledge of collusion with Clinton, it could be the rats jumping ships, or it could be part of some bigger strategy at play. Hard to say.

      1. Larry Nichols, who used to rig elections and even kill for Bill Clinton, told Alex Jones 30 Oct 2016 the entire re-opening of the FBI case is essentially a distraction to get everybody to look AWAY from the WikiLeaks info being put out. He made the good point that even Clinton, who was earlier having her servers bleached, is now publicly calling for the FBI to put out everything they have on her.


        NC OathKeeper

      2. Video> < Forward recording to 1:37 for Dr. Steve, who finally comes out into the open – physically…All of what is occurring now makes sense…It is The White Hats!!!!!..There is a quiet counter-coup initiated and is quite advanced, which is why they can now speak…My God…Fingers crossed!

        LoneStarHog (Hog)
        Life Member #140

    2. The NYPD I understand was the agency involved with the sexting issue. They discovered emails and told the FBI they would leak it if they tried to cover it up again.Long story short.What I been reading,

  7. I’ve yet to here the outcome of the previous Trump/Kissinger meeting. I guess, we never will… Always be aware of a potential and possible outcomes irregardless as to how rare. In the death of Dollar, one might be squeamish as they falter while they pray at the alter. Gold nor silver can save America from hysteria. But only Americans with true hearts as to where their desire lay.

  8. I just read about another set of groups to add to the list of potential chaotic events. 1) Climate Direct Action and 2) Greenpeace.

    According to the report the first group recently conducted tampering with infrastructure at several fuel/oil pipeline sites in several states: “…Washington, Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota..” And the second group is said to fully support if not call for additional similar action: “…Greenpeace Energy Campaign Director Kelly Mitchell even went so far as to threaten further action. “Greenpeace supports the brave activists who peacefully shut down all 5 tar sands pipelines into the US. … If our leaders won’t take action to protect people and the planet, the climate movement is willing and able.”

    Dated Oct 27, 2016

  9. An Attorney General “Pleading the 5th” and refusing a warrant on an investigation ois as criminal as it can get. HANG THEM ALL…

  10. I have not ruled out as a result of the possibility of massive vote fraud, that a condition shall be caused to exist that the current administration may institute martial law upon the American people.
    If Clinton wins, it shall not be without a convulsion throughout American, and the results devastating. Were martial law to be instituted, it would benefit the current dictator in office, extending his reign and influence over the American people and throughout the world, and we would see even more violence than we have already experienced.
    These next few days shall be an eye opener.
    According to the source that Alex Jones draws from, if Clinton wins, she wins, and little shall be done to dislodge her. If Clinton loses, she will yet win, because the voting process, machines, and structure of accountability have been tampered with in a manner largely able to go without detection unless you know what you are looking for.
    In the meantime, I am going to go back and watch the classic end of days movie starring Peter Sellers, Dr. Strangelove or, “How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.”

    1. I will be working in one of the local polling precincts, as Inspector, & share the location with 2 other precincts. There will be no voter fraud in all 3 precincts or if need be I will force the local Sherriff to uphold & assist me in making a citizens arrest. If they refuse me, my last resort will be walking out, this could lead to me being arrested but I doubt they would arrest me knowing I would still blow the whistle on them.
      I’d have to be murdered to prevent me speaking out about ant fraudulent voting & I have planned for that possibility as well, ahead of any wrong doing. It won’t happen where I am.

  11. LoneStarHog posted about the “inside coup” taking place. I, too, Ave come across several posts/videos of this occurring. Any validation?

  12. I believe the entire thing is a ruse. Anyone see anything about Soros? More floods and largest ever influx of zombie voters is crossing the border now led by the Clintons and the Fed Reserve globalist machine to insure a democratic victory for the shadow psychopaths of both repooplicans and demoncraps who are hellbent on our demise.

  13. NJ…what’s your sniffer tell you on the Steve Pieczenik counter-coup revelation? It kind of supports my thoughts that there are a lot of good guys on the inside that hate the Clintons as much as we do, no? Is this for real? If so…it could be the start of something very, very good. (I’m imagining Brandon rolling his eyes now). On the other hand that cornered wolf is one very big badass wolf.

  14. Our elections are fraudulent, and they have been since Bush 1. There were episodes of fraudulence ongoing since before Kennedy was murdered – but his murder shows that Election Fraud was not quite as well managed, easily done nation-wide as it has been since. Kennedy was probably our last really elected President/etc.

    So who would be those working today against others also working today to control and destroy the USA? Who had what they considered “good reasons” to murder the people’s choice of US President? That was not done for our nation, but to obtain/keep/etc power. So wh was being ousted then, they are the same traitors now? Remember this concerns inside and outside forces, some working together, and not listed in order of importance.

    – Military Industrial Complex
    – The only US President that was not “in bed with” the financial and legal community, Federal reserve, corporations, etc (Remember He re-established the dollar backed by silver and gold)
    – Organized crime including those serving within our governments
    – CIA/Secret Service/FBI/MIC.etc all involved with murder of the peoples choice
    – Secret societies
    – Those who use Secrecy in government (Our Constitution requires openness from those that serve within our government)
    – Etc

    What I believe from gathering facts and information since JFK is that those who were willing then to murder the people’s choice to keep the “military” going, to keep the “money” going, to keep their agencies going, to keep power all worked together then for that first real coup – the murder of JFK. They are no longer wanting to share in the power, some are willing to join with the NWO, others want to run our nation still.

    If we had go Ron Paul in, if we ever get another like him and we do not shut all those listed above and a lot more; plus replace every single enforcement agency the feds created or took over that person will be murdered also.

    Believe in the “US” military? Don’t, because our US Constitution does NOT allow a permanent military. Do you think the Pentagon will back the US Constitution? Maybe their version of it, but what else do they do? Our state law enforcement agencies are all getting MILITARY weapons, training, etc. That can only be a “police state” – for our own good of course. As a friend of mine says – do the math, and if it adds up, even if it is something you do not want to believe, it is true.

    Some say we can never be under our US Constitution. I do not believe that. I will fight all and any who want anything less for our nation.

    Those of us that stand for our legitimate government, and I believe there are a few, understand that there are many enemies of our nation, of our legitimate government – with a large part of them being on the inside because power once tasted is addicting and hard to give up.

    God Bless and Stay Safe All,

    If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

    Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

  15. OK, so it is now 10 days after November 5th, the date this article claims “something” will be set in motion, and unless I’ve missed something, I’m not seeing the riots, terror attacks, or whatever else the author seems to be afraid of. Of course, this is not too surprising, as I’ve been hearing this kind of hysteria for decades, and martial law never comes, they never come to take my guns, the UN doesn’t invade us, etc. I’m not saying that something terrible will *never* happen, but too many people have cried wolf too many times.

    1. Steve, the article says “In any event, the globalists are strategizing today to decide on the actions they must begin to set into motion no later than November 5. They will most certainly have recall/escalate set-points with regard to any action taken should events improve or deteriorate further.” The article says that some of the items they may consider include:

      • Delay the election via Executive Order with or without Congressional consent
      • Instigate riots to provide the President with justification for the use of emergency powers
      • Instigate terrorist attacks to provide the President with justification for use of emergency powers
      • Provoke hostilities with a foreign power to suspend the election in conjunction with a War Powers Resolution

      Since the article was posted, the following preparatory steps have been put into place by the White House or the DNC in case they are needed:

      • Trump/Pence rally participants in NC, CO, NM, WI and DC have been “birddogged” by DNC protests. This continuing activity even after the revelations by Project Veritas does not bode well for a peaceful Election Day.
      • White House Readies to Fight Election Day Cyber Mayhem –
      • U.S. intel warning of possible al Qaeda attacks in U.S. Monday –
      • US Military Hackers Breach Russia’s Backbone Ahead Of Election –

      Believe what you will, but all four of the preparatory options discussed in the article are now on the table should they be needed.

      1. And just in, “ISIS Calls For “Slaughter Of Americans” On Election Day” from none other than SITE Intel Group (FedGov’s best propaganda contractor).

        Be ready, not scared. The DNC candidate could still pull this out with enough help from Broward County, FL and Philadelphia, PA election fraud:

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