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Police, Media Manipulation and YOU

This is the first piece in a series where I will make my case that the media, and the .gov are working to divide YOU from YOUR local police agency. To what end, so that when the time comes they will have willful participants in violating your rights en masse. National control over local police is the final step of an authoritarian government. It’s what Oath Keepers is fighting against. It’s why part of our mission is to reach, teach, and inspire those who would be asked to violate the Constitution, to say no. This 2009 article references how “a rapid transition to a federalized police force is unlikely here in America, an incremental shift to greater federal control is already occurring. These efforts will be difficult to forestall as Washington plays an increasingly intrusive role in local law enforcement;” illustrating how the push begun long before the Ferguson incident. Here we will discuss the media’s bias and how it is helping to drive that push.

In the last few years police use-of-force has come to the forefront of media coverage. No matter what facts are involved with an officer’s use of force, frequently we find a media bias against the officer, no matter if the officer was legally or morally justified. This bias has developed to score website hits, build ad revenue and sometimes simply as click bait. However, many are seeing a dangerous trend, where the media is being used to manipulate you to believe that you need the .gov to come in and take control of your police force, and consolidate power with the federal executive branch.

Let’s take a look at an officer involved shooting (OIS) that was unquestionably justified, legally and morally, and critique the media’s coverage of the incident. (This video may be graphic and disturbing to some)

April 3rd, 2016, Officer Armando Perez was on patrol when he observed the concierge of an apartment building running after another male. When Officer Perez exited his patrol car, the concierge explained that he witnessed the man breaking into a vehicle. Officer Perez attempts to handcuff the man and a shooting ensues, the below video shows what happened.

This is clearly a legally and morally justified shooting. The officer exited his vehicle to investigate a disturbance, discovers it stems from a crime against someone’s property and attempts to lawfully detain the suspect to sort it out. From the time he pulled up, until the time the first shot was fired (by the suspect) was 40 seconds. Officer Perez performed his job admirably. He was shot in the torso below his vest and is still recovering. However, the media spun this incident as questionable actions by the officer. Local Fox affiliate titled its story as “Officer will not face charges related to shooting death of Darrin Martin.” Never even alluding to the fact that the suspect tried to murder Officer Perez, while also implying that he should have faced charges but was somehow exonerated from a non-existent crime. The local CBS affiliate titled its story as “Name released of APD officer who shot, killed car burglary suspect.” Such a headline has the particular psychological effect of drawing people to the story with the preconception that the would be cop killer was merely breaking into a car. How are these headlines unbiased or fair?
Here are several good examples of fair and unbiased headlines that display facts.

Fox 6 in Sheboygan “2 officers fatally shoot robbery suspect armed with rifle at Sheboygan tavern.”

KTLA 5 in Cleveland “Cleveland Police Officers Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Armed Suspect Recorded by Body Cameras.”


These are clear examples of unbiased headlines written by responsible journalists. There are those that want to drive a wedge between YOU and YOUR local police. Excessive force, overuse of SWAT teams, the drug war and corruption are real issues that must be addressed. We can not afford for those real issues to be overshadowed by sensationalism. We must not buy into the manipulation we are seeing that wants to build its case to convince you to relinquish control over YOUR local police agency. Oversight of police belongs to the people they serve, not politicians in DC. If we want to correct issues with modern policing it starts at the local level.





      1. Thank you. Please keep us posted on this.
        I am suspicious of this woman’s story regarding threats she claims to have received.

  1. 6 years ago, I took Poli Sci 301. It was a Summer course and one of the Doctorial Students taught the course. This kid was about 26, I was about 44 years old. He started describing the ways that policy is influenced/ coerced in this country. One of those venues was via media. He said, “The media has influence, but it pales in comparison to all the other forms.” I said, ” I have to disagree. The media has become the go to for ‘Focusing Moments,’ and they use the vehicle of omission regularly.” Point is look at what they do report and juxtapose it to what they won’t report. Completely agenda driven.

    For a while I fell into the media’s trap, even knowing it was dirty. Since, I have learned to reserve myself to try and get the facts first, and even then it’s hard to get a “judgment” from me. Put yourself in the cops shoes and see if everything they deal with is so cut and dry.

    Here’s an example; The lady cop who shot the guy next to his car on PCP. The media kept spouting all their theories, and kept the narrative in the “Why did she shoot realm?” In reality the question should have been, “Why didn’t the other 3 cops shoot?”

    Having spewed all that, we need to watch our cops 6, period!

  2. Recently, a friend of the family and his wife were pulled over. They were forced to exit the vehicle and lay face first on the ground by officers in tactical gear. Three squad cars were involved. The story was that their vehicle was similar to one described in a suspicious activity call. No arrests, tickets, etc.. No apologizing was done either.

    This person has no record, was obeying all traffic laws, and is a darn good man, all around. Even plays in a church band, and on a weekly basis helps a mentally challenged senior veteran with errands.

    I would completely understand this kind of treatment if someone were outright belligerent, aggressive, violent, or otherwise put officers at risk.

    The truth is, day by day, out police are becoming more and more militarized. They act in ways that intimidate, and concern people.

    While there is indeed media spin, and divide and conquer tactics going on, there is also a growing issue. Many officers are not upholding their oath, and are protected when they act inappropriately.

    Our LEO’s put a lot on the line, are exposed to the worst of human nature, and frankly are not fairly compensated. I can’t imagine having to confront a baby raper or a drunk driver that just killed a family. I can’t imagine raiding a meth lab full of armed and drugged out tweakers.

    Having said that, I can’t imagine a full tactical seige of an 81 year old woman growing a pot plant in a raspberry patch. I can’t imagine shooting a rancher trying to take care of a disabled cow. I can’t imagine tasing an unarmed and non combative person to death. These are not just isolated and rare happenings. These are the other side of the aforementioned divide and conquer tactics. More and more often, police are acting in a way that escalates a situation, and making bad decisions that are breaking trust and reducing respect.

    Hopefully, despite all that’s going on, our LEO’s will choose more often to take their oath to heart. I have nothing but respect for our oath keeping and hard working officers. However, when any LEO starts treating citizens with less dignity than he would offer to his own family, he is no better in my eyes than a petty thug with an indigent attitude.

  3. I really believe that the police, ALL police must immediately abandon the conflict model of criminal justice, which by and large they have implemented.

    This is NOT a warzone. The police are NOT warriors, or operators, or anything like that.
    It is NOT us vs them, not even close, and all of those views must be abandoned by American police everywhere.

    Adopting the community model of policing will heal the wounds on both sides, show police and the community that we are one, it’s us versus the world, and the world better look out. When these changes are made and the people of this country are able to see the the police for the good, upstanding people that they are, who just want to help and make things better for the community, then the community will be able to heal.

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