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KrisAnne Hall: “Today’s #Point2Ponder”

KrisAnne Hall on Malhuer Occupation/Trial, posted on facebook Oct 31, 2016:

Today’s #Point2Ponder:

For those who still aren’t familiar with the Oregon bird refuge “occupation” here are 9 fascinating things that were reported from the trial.

1. Over 15 (out of 29 total) of the “occupiers” worked for the FBI, some paid up to $3,000.

2. It was these FBI plants that brought most of the guns. Pictures of these FBI guns were apparently then used in an attempt to sway the jury.

3. The FBI plants apparently were the ones making comments about using those guns against federal agents.

4. In addition to the 15 FBI plants on the refuge, there were FBI plants in the town, acting as “protesters” attempting to vandalize property and cause fear in the minds of the people over the protest. (We know this because the Harney County Fire Marshall caught them in the act and ultimately quit his job because of the county’s refusal to do anything about it.)

5. The 7 non-fbi occupiers expressed that their goal was simply peacefully protest.

6. An 8th occupier was shot by the FBI for his protest.

7. The defendants’ attorney was violently attacked, beaten and tazed by U.S. Marshalls in open court for asking that a warrant be produced to hold the defendants after they were acquitted.

8. One defendant was allegedly assaulted by officers In the jail AFTER being acquitted.

9. A journalist is still being held in jail for reporting events from Nevada after having all his charges dropped in Oregon.

Strangely the media is saying they fear that the not-guilty verdict will inspire more violent acts.

It seems that they should be concerned about the FBI’s attempts to incite the violence that should worry them.

Because if these things are true as appears to be the case, it paints an entirely different picture than what was and is being portrayed to the public.




  1. This illuminates something I have been grousing around about for some time. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle, religious affiliations, or environmental surroundings, we all have the same problem. It’s not the cops per say, it’s the politicians and megacorporocracy. Whether it be the revitalized “Sage Brush Rebellion,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Tea Party,” or “Occupy.” Here’s an example of the Bank Corporocracy working directly with the FBI to squash the Occupy movement.

    1. This is an illegal coup of our Sovereignty, Systems and Laws. Obama and his cronies have permitted the direct affront of them all through a corrupt DOJ. He dismantled our Military in exchange for giving them their pensions instead of a court martial. The globalists agenda is nothing less than the complete destruction of our Foundation; our American Identity, Constitutional rights, Christian Faith and the very fabric of our society and way of life. We need to fight for America and restore our nation. LaVoy helped show us the way.

      1. Not just the military Boo-Boo. In 1986 I took a participative History class. It was several countries allocated Troops, Money, and Population all in varying degrees. Then we traded said assets until the trimester was over. The interesting aspect was that if any of the three get out of balance, a country falls or at least loses it’s sovereignty. If 2 fall it’s over and the country gets absorbed by another country. These Progressives have chipped away at all 3 for a very long time. Your assertions are spot on.
        Here’s a little tid-bit I stumbled upon, and Stewart may want to check on it as well. The EPA is now encouraging Environmental groups to sue the EPA, so that they can be pushed by the judicial system to make front end Regulation changes. Totally bypassing the Administration Procedure Act (Unconstitutional Anyway), and enriching the Environmental Groups via punitive damages.
        This is huge! Not only have the Agencies been allowed to Regulate (Title of Nobility) via the 1942, they are totally disregarding the APA, which they have Perverted, Subverted, and Diverted for some time now.
        Am looking forward to the Webinar tomorrow night. Stewart seems to have head on straight, and now that Hillary is getting a second free pass, we may be in for a rough ride.

  2. As one of the “Malhure 7” I’ll say that this has to be one of the wildest, most surreal legal proceedings on record, never a dull moment, and topped by the “The Magnificent Munford” being dogpiled and tasered by US Marshals. The history will be written, but bringing those responsible for Lavoy’s death to account should be our next cause, and I don’t mean the hit squad that shot him. It’s the Govt officials who ordered the “Lethal Force Blockade” who are responsible. Were there any arrest warrants? any court order? any legal basis at all for their blockade order? or were they just trying to “Stop the Virus” ?

    1. They were “Stopping the Virus.” That’s what they are afraid of. Time to wick it up. Sally Jewel just announced HER big Sage Grouse Plan. Want to bet where that is headed?

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