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Defendants found not guilty in refuge occupation trial

PORTLAND, Ore. – A jury found the defendants not guilty on all counts in the trial of six men and one woman who occupied a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon.

After the verdict was read, Marcus Mumford, who is Ammon Bundy’s attorney, was tackled by U.S. Marshals as he was arguing with the judge. Mufmord was yelling that his client was free to go. He is in U.S. Marshals custody.

One of the defendants told KGW’s Mike Benner that the marshals shocked Mumford with a Taser.

Ammon Bundy will remain in custody because the U.S. government has a hold on him. The Bundys are still facing charges in Nevada stemming from a high-profile 2014 standoff with federal agents trying to round up their father Cliven Bundy’s cattle.

Jurors announced on Thursday that they reached an agreement on all but one charge. The jury made the announcement after deliberating for more than a week.

The trial centered on felony charges of conspiracy, with federal prosecutors arguing that all of the defendants kept federal employees from doing their jobs when the defendants and at least 19 others occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January and early February.

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UPDATE: video by Redoubt News – Marcus Mumford after Bundy verdict.

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  1. Got the news before I got out of the car when I got home. Makes me want to “POL” (Party Out Loud)!
    Time to turn up the heat gang. If they can win in Portland, OR, we can win just about anywhere USA…..That’s what our Progressive counterparts would do, right?

  2. yep. we all knew the trumped up charges won’t stick. And if the Marshalls want to keep peace they need to back off and toe the Constitution line. I know a few good Marshalls but most of others just want to hurt the people cause they like it – its a power trip. They forget that when the shit gets set off there ain’t no back up so they need to check the steroid power trips at the door. they are just ordinary men who have a tin badge and pages of code that protect them. I wish no harm on them but when they act like tyrants dogs they will reap what is sown.
    The judge is going to hold them cause she’s pissed with the acquittal

  3. This is indeed good news. I admit that I didn’t think .gov would allow this. I can’t help but think that they will try something else now. They already showed their displeasure by assaulting Ammon’s attorney. Pretty cheap shot IMO.
    It also makes me wonder about the ones who took plea bargain deals. I imagine they are now questioning the wisdom of those decisions.
    Let’s hope they don’t try to prosecute them again, similar to what they did with the Hammonds.

    1. Hence the reason for trial by jury. The ability of the common people on jury to judge the law.
      The Feds should be real worried right about now. The rabble are sensing that Goliath is not a giant but has only remained in power because good people who have tried to not resort to violence to change our corrupt system. I think those good people are waning in patience and a Hilterly win will push the needle across the record.

  4. All that needs to be done is get the government employees whether its police or fbi or any branch to understand that they will never be free unless they choose to be. And to fight for what’s right instead of who writes their paycheck . Because paychecks wont matter if we don’t wake up !

  5. The US Marshals who behaved that way should be and need to be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for their unlawful conduct. They should never be able to hold public office or law enforcement positions ever again. Mumford needs to file charges as well as a lawsuit against them.

  6. Truly awesome.. The power of 12 good men and women in the jury box. Put a big STOP sign in front of the FEDS. Time to put the real criminals in jail now.

  7. Since civics are no longer taught, this is your lesson: The true power of the people rests in the jury trial. The people have the right to nullify charges if they feel the law or charges are unjust.

  8. Why is everyone happy ? are these people free ???? or still in the prisons of the government..if they dont get them this time..they will create a next…or just hold them forever

  9. And now the native Americans who, I’m sure, completely understand this plight as their lands have been stolen by the same government and have been lied to by the same government-need our help in the dakotas. Let’s meet them, shake their hand and tell them the government has done us the same wrong and we understand a lot about where they’re coming from.

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