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Assange Attacks U.S. Media Bias With 1 Chilling Word

julian-assange-note-everythingThis report comes from

MSNBC and Bloomberg senior political analyst Mark Halperin traveled to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to try to speak to WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange for Showtime’s political documentary series “The Circus.”

Halperin took to WikiLeaks’ Twitter feed to message Assange and to ask for an interview.

“One of my oldest tricks as a political reporter in order to get into places like campaign headquarters where you’re not supposed to go is you bring them food, so I’m going to try that trick to try to get in to see Julian Assange.”

A short time later an intermediary appeared from inside the embassy and approached Halperin, who explained he was from the U.S. and that he was “doing a show on WikiLeaks and the election,” Halperin said to the cameraman while standing outside the embassy.

The intermediary said Assange was too busy for an interview but agreed to take in a handwritten question from Halperin, who quickly scribbled out, “What aspect of the Podesta emails do you think the U.S. media has underreported?”

A short time later, the man reappeared with a chilling one-word answer: “Everything.”

Assange’s lawyer later confirmed the reply was indeed from Assange himself.



Shorty Dawkins