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Podcast with Stewart Rhodes: When the riots come to your town

Brian Engelman, Founder of  The New American Media network, and host of internet podcast “Agree to Disagree” invited Stewart and I to discuss the recent riots we’ve seen across the country, and what someone inside an urban center can do to prepare.

We also discussed:
– The importance of emergency preparedness,
– How to apply the lessons of liberty to topics such as “no fly lists”, “firearm ownership”, “stop and frisk”, “The Patriot Act”, “The NDAA”, & more.
– What role will the police and military play in any “without rule of law” scenario, whether that is an incoming hurricane, riot, or other civil unrest situation.
– What is the “Black Lives Matter” movement getting right, and what are they getting wrong?
– Do we all agree that “A riot is not a protest”?
– And much, much more!

Strangely, as in several other TNAM programs, technological glitches have made the conversation much more difficult.
(See some previous John B. Wells shows in his archive)
But we did eventually establish a connection, and with the assistance of Larry (thank you), we were able to document an important conversation about what to do, and what to avoid when the next riot hits your city.

While this program was more of a free floating conversation that spanned many topics, we have also “penciled in” a follow up show focused on “Community Security” which should be useful to everyone.

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  1. Will watch it on another computer soon, but something I noticed; The FBI removed the Terrorist Definition page just about when this BLM thing got stoked up. I find that interesting.

    You will find that the more people surrender “control” over their lives, they will seek to “Control” others lives, no matter the significance.

    I just had such an experience. This guy got scared by our Caine Corso. In all fairness, he’s fairly scary, but never laid a tooth on this guy. I got to the jail break quick enough to mediate. The guy started working himself up by starting with; “My training saved my life.” I asked did he bite you?” No, he replied. I said “no harm; no foul, he’s in his own yard.” Oh, I forgot. When I ran out there, I saw this guy with a knife out, and kicking at the air. Well, it must have been the air, because the dogs were a full 35 feet from him. Scared to death! After the “No harm” comment he said, I should call the cops.” I said, “What do you want, reparations for a dog that didn’t bite you, and is his own yard? If you are that scared, maybe you could find a new place to walk?” The guy started marching up and down the street taking pictures mumbling. Every once in a while he said, “I should call the cops.” I said ” call them!” Then one of my other dogs that he knows is friendly went out there and the guy pets my dog, but as I go to get my dog he pulls his knife out again and says, “next time I will show ya.” Then called the cops.

    Point is, this idiot want something to happen so bad, he could taste it. Problem is, he didn’t have a clue what type of person he was dealing with. Clearly a full time video gamer! Luckly, my dog came after the third time I called him. Long story short, he lied to the cops, and I didn’t. Because my story wasn’t as juicy, and I have a history, I came off the worse, sort of.

    What do you think the difference will be between this guy who learned to lie to himself first, before everyone in his path, and me when the SHTF? And it’s a comin’ gang! He will consume the countryside with the other locusts, and finish their short life expectancy in serious pain……..
    Me I already understand pain, don’t care much for it like I did as a kid. You get the point…..I’m preaching to the choir.

  2. Heh!
    I’m glad I listened all the way to the end, so I did not miss John B. Wells, of Caravan To Midnight, bragging about The New American Media and urging folks to get out to the local animal shelter and rescue/adopt a pet. In coming times, our animal friends are going to need our care, and as John B. Wells said, your pet is your friend.
    Thanks, Stewart and Greg, for a great radio interview, and thanks go to TNAM for hosting.
    Elias Alias, editor, and friend to all animals

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