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What Is Globalism?


by Shorty Dawkins

Globalism, at its most basic, is a belief in the supremacy of the “collective” over the individual. It matters not if a politician, academic, or businessman calls themselves conservative, liberal, progressive or moderate, for all factions of the political pendulum can be (and are) globalists. Globalism is the antithesis of the US Constitution, for our Constitution guarantees individual rights, where globalism denies those same individual rights, believing in the nebulous idea of “group rights”, otherwise known as collective rights.

Arising out of the writings of Immanuel Kant and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (the Hegelian dialectic), and even further back to Plato, Globalism is a belief in a Utopian world run by wise men who care for the masses with a kind, benevolent hand. This we know is a bunch of crap, because those who are leading, (and have led), the world into this collective dystopia have murdered, “collectively”, hundreds of millions of people, through wars, genocide, ethnic cleansing and eugenics.

Fascism, socialism, communism and crony capitalism are all globalist at their core. meaning the collective is supreme over the individual. It is the battle between collectivism and individualism that we should be focused on, not left versus right,republican versus democrat, or fascist versus communist, but, rather, the collectivists vs. the individual, for collectivists hide in all the political persuasions. If someone wants to take your Creator-given, natural rights from you “for the greater good”, you can be assured they are collectivists. Those who would create the New World Order, are collectivists.

To defeat an enemy, you must first identify them. You must know who they are and what they want. Collectivists want control of you and me; complete control. They will destroy any who stand in their way, and will destroy those they have allied with once their usefulness is ended. History shows us this.

There is no White Knight to save us. There is you, and me, and those like us. There are more of us than you can imagine, but most are sleeping, or too overworked, but when the time comes, they will be with us.

Below is a video explaining more about Globalism.

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Shorty Dawkins



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