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The War on Reality: How Globalists Occupy Your Mind To Control Everything

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, put together a video that shows just how the Globalists, who include politicians, Bankers, Businessmen, Academics, the News Media and Entertainers, manipulate the minds of the population to believe in false realities, through half-truths, deception, distraction and propaganda, using the techniques of Edward Bernays, and others, that are very effective. PC culture, Social Justice, belief in Medical practices that do more harm than good, and many other facets of our lives are the result of this manipulation. We live in a false reality of their making. It is the matrix.

Mike does a good job of exposing how they accomplish this twisting, or manipulating, of reality. It is all pervasive. From the time we are born, through the propaganda of the media, the schools, the political speeches that are meant to mesmerize us into “believing” in the rightness of one candidate or the other, or of one Party, or the other. As Mike points out, we get almost all of our information of the world around us from others. We experience very little firsthand. This information we receive from secondhand sources is manipulated to create the reality we perceive.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. This is one of the best pieces I’ve ever found here. Thanks Shorty!!! This needs to “Beach Boy” here, there, and everywhere! Round, round, get around, GET IT AROUND!

  2. I am 69 years old. Like many, I traveled the world extensively during my 20 year Air Force career, including SE Asia, Europe, North Atlantic, the middle east, and South America, as well as all over the USA. One thing I learned about people in all these places……EVERYONE of us has motives for the the things we say and do. EVERYONE has hidden motives and goals while getting each other to accept our version of “reality” as we perceive it.

  3. Very well done. Mike comes across as very credible, which of course he is. Thanks for sharing.

    The two greatest gifts parents can give their children are Jesus Christ and schooling at home.

  4. Thanks for this piece Shorty- I had not come across it in my own studies. For those of us who consistently swim against the current this affirmation is both mentally and physically refreshing.

  5. Thanks again, Shorty. This is a very well done commentary. Appreciate the introduction of such a great speaker on the use of critical thinking, a rare and diminishing natural resource.

    1. Ivan,
      The lack of critical thinking can be traced to two sources: 1) The dumbing down of education 2) The mass media barrage of distraction, foolishness and stupidity. If people would shut off their TVs, throw away their cell phones and homeschool their children, things will be different.

      Shorty Dawkins

  6. I like Dr. Andrew Weil’s advice of going on a news fast. This idea got him into a lot of trouble with the media.

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