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Two Brief Updates on Charlotte North Carolina Riots

We will update as we learn more. Here are two videos which can introduce coverage of the chaos ongoing in Charlotte, North Carolina.


Sept. 22 2016: National Guard brought into Charlotte as violence erupts

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]


September 22 2016: 

National Guard on scene in Charlotte

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Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. if you are black, set fire to business, burn up cars, brake lots of glass, rob and loot, shoot other blacks, shoot cops, etc, that is okay…but if you are white and protest the corrupt government takeover of private lands you are slaughtered by thug state police and FBI mercenaries. Where the “f” is the outrage?

  2. Keith Lamont, Justin Carr, and Rayquan Borum looks like me. Even when my image’s back against the wall and fire touches the street. After all of this I am still the centerpoint of beef, lol. There isn’t a damn thing funny. I am a human magnet for beef.

  3. The elite cabal wants this violence to spread across America to every town and city. The next 35 days will be critical to the future of America. Get ready people. What we have been saying for years is coming true now.

    1. According to “The Brennan Center for Justice” murder rates are up in major cities. A stat that will be used in an attempt to take more guns and rights. Fools will comply.

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