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The “Deplorables” – Who We Are And What We Want


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by Brandon Smith

In numerous articles over the past several years I have made observations on a rule of life that I strictly adhere to: that all social conflicts can be boiled down to the reality of two opposing groups — those people who want to control the lives of others, and those people who simply want to be left alone.  You can read more about my philosophy on this in an article I published in 2014 titled ‘Why Is Independence So Frightening To Some People?

The mainstream media and establishment institutions focused on propaganda will tell you that there are hundreds or thousands of dangerous cultural enclaves and ideologies out there that you should fear.  They will tell tales of rage and suspicion between the rich and the poor, haves and have-nots, whites and blacks, gays and straights, academics and working class, believers and atheists, Muslims and Christians, Republicans and Democrats, Eastern nations and Western nations, etc.  The establishment relies on these divisions as a rationale for the homogenization of cultures — they argue that if we erase borders, religion and sovereignty while enforcing multiculturalism and wealth redistribution, then these groups will have no reason to fight anymore and a Utopian fever orgy will be our inevitable reward.  Yes, it sounds quite magical.

That said, I don’t hold any claims against any of these groups per se, as long as they respect my inherent and individual freedoms.  If they are determined to impose their ideology on me through force, that is another matter entirely.

This is the only paradigm that actually matters in the end.  All other paradigms are a means for the powers that be to pit the masses against each other.  When you look at the world in this way, it is easier to let go of all the “sacred cows” and learned biases that blind us to the truth.

I don’t affiliate with Republicans, but I am happy to support a Republican that proves he or she has no interest in dictating my principles or my future.  Same with a Democrat. Same with any black or white or brown person. Same with any gay or straight person.  I really don’t care; stay out of my way and I’ll stay out of yours. Get in my way, however, and I will step on you.  If you’re bigger than me, I’ll dislocate your kneecaps and then step on you.  There is no despot so big that they are immune to the heel of a strategically placed boot.

This, I would say, is a defining principle behind those of us who make up the so-called “alt-right;” the people Hillary Clinton recently referred to as “the deplorables.” When describing this subculture of “miscreants” I often use the title of the “liberty movement.” We are defined and unified by our desire for a society based on the integral love of freedom and a fervent opposition to collectivism and totalitarianism.  For this, we are called “deplorable.”  But let’s extrapolate on that a little…

In our era, certain organizations have adopted a hard-line love affair with collectivism, and most of these groups today are allied with the far Left (socialist) side of the political spectrum.  This includes “neo-conservatives” who have never been conservative and, just like the socialists, have only ever pursued policies of bigger and more intrusive political and cultural bureaucracy.  Therefore, the paradigm of left vs. right now becomes tangible, because it is the left that seeks control, and the true right that wants to be left alone.

To clarify even further, people who actually understand the false left/right paradigm only mention it when they are referring to the political class.  At the top of the pyramid and at the top of either major American party, there is no “Left”, or “Right”, there is only globalism.  However, for average people there is indeed an ideological spectrum.  This would not be such a problem except that at this time, it is people on the far LEFT of that spectrum that are in support of multiculturalism and globalization.  They are the group scrambling for control over everyone else and they are the group with funding and legal support from the elitist establishment.  Social justice lunatics and Black Lives Matter advocates have fashioned themselves as weapons for the elites.  Therefore, in this way, they have made the left/right paradigm real for those at the bottom of the pyramid.

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  1. Yes, and there is an ancient historical reason the “left” is evil. The term itself is rooted in what is dexter and sinister. What’s is puzzling is that the “left” seem happy with that association, probably through ignorance. I’ve always claimed it is a genetic human flaw to be “left” in mind and heart in that the “left” can’t admit to a simple truth and they are experts in ignoring history. If one believes a human made law is good, then they will fall into the category of “left.”

    This subject ties in well with the Snowden situation.

  2. Over 100 million viewers Monday night will stop dead in their tracks from coast to coast and around the world with another several million viewers overseas glued to their TV stations to watch the most incredible debate of our century between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

    The rules are set and offers Hillary Clinton an extreme disadvantage as result of her serious neurological problems sustained in a plane crash while on a secret mission to Iran when her military escort plane (C-12 Huron) crashed at the Ahwaz airport in Iran, just across the border from Iraq. Folks….forget the pneumonia ruse !

    Why she went to Iran is still a mystery, but an email leaked by Wikileaks indicates her personal escort for the mission, A Navy Seal Team 4 Commander Job W. Price was killed in the crash and Hillary was pulled from the wreckage by Iranian rescue workers, stating she was “bleeding profusely.”

    Note 1: That is why several mainstream media sources reported Hillary was dead, but quickly removed that statement later.

    Note 2: This event was picked-up by a dis-information writer but confirmed by a Navy Commander of the report as being credible. I was to provide the wikileaks email and statements here, but unfortunately the site was immediately taken down as I was typing this report. No doubt, the watchers don’t want this information disseminated for obvious reasons.

    Be that as it may, true or not….the crash event will be covered-up because of the world crisis at hand of a potential “world leader” that might have serious neurological problems versus a “Nationalist” that is focused on “Making America Great Again” without selling America to the highest world bidder(s). (See Hillary Clinton Russia Uranium One deal)

    America is the world leader, but the notion that Donald Trump will somehow cause America to be second rate and isolated is absolute crap.

    Trump is a hardcore businessman with ties around the world and those ties have been successful. He intends to make America the leading trade partner around the world with NO OBSCURRED TIES that will cause America’s corporate laws to be governed by the United Nations under a New World Order.

    Under a Hillary administration, whereas many deals have been set and guaranteed to dictators and their mega corporate partners when Hillary was Secretary of State, while at the same time, lining her and Bill’s pockets with B.S. donations through their Clinton Foundation, the stakes can’t be any higher than what they are now. If she loses….Bill and Hillary might as well leave the country, because those she would have betrayed will not be happy campers, to say the least !

    And if the system is rigged and she is elected, her and Bill’s past cocaine drug running out of a small airport in Mena Arkansas, the many murder/suicides surrounding their many scandals, to her serious mental problems that could erupt at the worst time(s), will set the stage for what could be referred to as hell in America. The down trodden voters that feel they will be better-off with Hillary Clinton in office will have made a very serious mistake that will affect the entire country and will undoubtedly create a major National Security problem.

    Hillary claims that Trump’s supporters are deplorable, uneducated, white supremacists, racists, homophobic morons and that (we) hate immigrants and refugees.”

    However, the groups that could easily take Hillary over-the-top with votes are Blacks, at least 75% uneducated, living in crime ridden neighborhoods where they murder each other, to illegal aliens given voter registration cards (mostly in California, Arizona and Nevada), are far from having formal education…left their poverty stricken villages to receive the welfare benefits that Hillary Clinton is promising, while the rest of the country falls into poverty themselves as a result thereof. Remember this fact…..immigrants, legal and illegal, come from socialist countries of which (maybe) at least 50% pledge allegiance to their home country. They are here for the money and benefits, not because they hate socialism and is the main reason they want to continue socialism in America…..THEY know nothing differently.

    These minorities are hoping for more of the same while Trump is offering a better way to live…..but he is facing resistance from organizations that need Hispanics and Blacks to remain in poverty and without jobs for their own organization’s financial benefits they receive from this government.

    Organizations like La Raza, which in English means “The Race,” and the “Planned Parenthood” of which was created by a Eugenicist for the purpose of removing Blacks from the planet. Then of course….the Communist Party of America endorsed Hillary Clinton, because they want to destroy capitalism, liberties and freedoms for community enslavement.

    Communism in America was first discovered during the McCarthy days but was swept under the carpet by THE COMMUNISTS that infiltrated the FBI, CIA and both parties. It wasn’t until recently, because of the internet and leaked documents, the American people are now seeing the communists in action…right up to Obama and Hillary Clinton’s history of communist sedition against a free United States.

    The full implementation of a communist coupe is reaching a peak that must not be taken for granted. We are at the crossroads of a free America that can quickly slip into a tide of tyranny and despair beyond recognition.

    The down trodden and even those with diplomas from universities (communist training camps themselves), not to mention (our) public school system controlled by political favoritism for the so-called liberal establishment, is the weapon for which they are relying upon now for a Hillary victory.

    THEY got away with it because of mainstream media, the state voice of communism !

    That is why free speech has been attacked lately with what they call “politically correct” labels and narratives, of which Trump is adamantly aware of and is being used by the left to demonize, not only Trump…but the rest of us that want our country free from the traitors that continue to destroy America.

    The stakes couldn’t be any higher and Monday night is a pivoting moment for everyone to see what both candidates are made of….

    The rules have been set and they’re NOT good for Hillary, but if WE are to see a potential leader in Hillary, she must meet the standards that are set.

    The uninterrupted 90 minutes with NO commercials, no coughing breaks for Hillary, and no interruptions by the moderator during any heated exchange(s), and NO muting of microphones during the debate if one word could be deleted if either side intended to use it against other person by media later.

    This debate is truly the most exciting and informative debate of the century and YOU must make a decision and vote…..

    There cannot be hold-outs on November 8th because you think your vote may not count. YES…I agree that was the case many times back, but this time, the future of America is in OUR hands, not theirs.

    We do NOT want a full fledged communist dictatorship in Washington that will attempt to destroy the Constitution and allow the United Nations to replace it with a One World Order / NWO constitution that will enslave every single person on earth, EXCEPT the top .01% globalists that will control our every move, how we live, what we eat, what we say, what bathroom to use, and how we pray.

    WE must thank Obama for showing us what he and his puppet masters are…..traitors that might be arrested and hanged someday. And for the Bush family….the despicable….they almost thought they would get away with their crimes against humanity, but all have been exposed !!

    It’s now time for a non-politician / Christian to “Make America Great Again.”

    The Debate Rules

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