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Technocracy News: Swiss Question Green “Sustainable Economy”

Patrick Wood’s “Technocracy News” is a great site to visit when one wants to know what the elite leadership of scientism/technocracy are up to. Of interest to me is this item Patrick’s crew reposted from an arcitle indicating a grassroots opposition to the Swiss government’s proposal to “…reduce Switzerland’s carbon footprint by promoting a sustainable economy…”

On the heels of the Brits’ exit from the EU and the German people’s opposition to Merkel’s insane drive to populate Germany with middle-east “refugees”, this is a another sign of an awakening by people to governmental mischief.

The swissinfo embedded link above holds a graphic depicting polling results in Switzerland, so readers here may wish to hit that link, but with a passing salute to the operation Patrick Wood is running, Technocracy News, I’ll start readers with the repost at his site, making this a re-re-post, yes?


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Poll shows waning support for green economy initiative

The efforts of grass-roots ‘deniers’ is paying off in Switzerland. When people see through the scam of climate change and green economy, they will naturally reject it; this is exactly why Technocrats want to clamp down on free speech around the world TN Editor

A proposal to reduce Switzerland’s carbon footprint by promoting a sustainable economy has seen a substantial drop in support ahead of a nationwide vote. Pollsters expect the initiative to fail at the ballot box on September 25.

“There is a clear trend towards a No majority,” says political scientist Martina Mousson of the GfS Bern polling and research institute, which carried out the poll.

The initiative lost 10% of its backing among respondents compared with a previous survey four weeks ago. At the same time, opponents of the initiative put forward by the Green Party gained 14%, picking up some support from the undecided camp.

The change is also due to a majority of men and grassroots efforts from centre-right political parties coming out against the initiative, says Mousson, who points to “a stark difference of opinions between men and women”.


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