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Standing Stone Camp, North Dakota Revisited

The sky was a grey mist shedding down along the mountain peaks as I traveled back through the high gates of Glacier National Park in northwest Montana enroute to North Dakota. This is the second time that I have traveled to the Sacred Stone Camp about 50 minutes south of the North Dakota State capitol of Bismarck. It takes about 14 hours to drive the 2 states, which put my arrival at the camp at just about midnight. I felt I needed to return to see how things would play out after the K9 attacks and the Governor’s call up of 100 National Guard troops.  I had heard from my contacts that had been at the camp for the past two weeks that there was a rumor that the Guard would be coming through at 0630 to arrest those protestors on the front lines.

I found where my friends were camped and slept in my car that night to maybe get a chance to cover the possible arrests. As is so often the case in these types of protests, mis-information runs amuck and this was no different. As the sun rose there were no national guardsmen to be seen, except for at the now official military check point along Highway 1806. I had a chance to quickly interview one of the guardsmen asking him if he felt that this could be a violation of citizens’ first amendment rights. Here is my video of that interaction.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=”″]
The camp itself has grown tremendously since I was last here 2 weeks ago.  There are now thousands of people among the 3 camps. It has also garnered celebrity support as well. Leonardo Decaprio and rapper Immortal Technique are there. Black Lives Matters has also sent a delegation. While the vast majority of the protestors are native there is the largest mixture of all cultures that I have yet to see at an event like this. I believe there are some lessons that all of us who are politically active in our own realms can learn.

The optics of the tribes being specifically unarmed even after the dog attacks has really seemed to put the powers that be on notice. As many of you who were either at Bundy Ranch or were closely watching will remember, that also started when unarmed protestors were attacked by the BLM security agents with attack dogs and AR-15’s. These events are two sides of the same land-use-issues coin here in the western United States. We must begin to break down our social differences and stand together as one United people living on the same land to overcome these federal land grabs.

The very propaganda mechanisms that were used to label the protestors at Bundy Ranch as “violent extremists” are also being used by the powers that be to do the same to these native protestors. This commonality offers an opportunity to break down some of our social stigmas on all sides.

Ahead of the new ruling, several hundred protestors held a demonstration in front of the North Dakota State Capitol. They were greeted by about 50-60 riot control officers drawn from the State Troopers, Sheriff and Game Wardens. The event was peaceful and polite on both sides.

There was a lot happening on the legal side of the case. A decision was handed down in a 58 page ruling in which District Judge James Boasberg said federal pipeline developers adequately covered the steps necessary during an assessment of the $3.8 Billion pipeline impact of cultural sites in North Dakota.  However, according to tribal elders with whom I spoke the company this past week seemed to intentionally bulldoze over sacred burial sites that the tribe had marked with GPS and physical flags. This is the event that sparked the now viral K9 attacks. Almost immediately after the ruling by Boasberg the Obama administration announced that it would not authorize construction on a critical stretch of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Department of Justice and the Army Corps of Engineers and the Interior Department jointly announced that construction would halt.

“The Army will move expeditiously to make this determination, as everyone involved, including the pipeline company and its workers – deserve a clear and timely resolution,” the agencies said in a joint statement. While this seems to be a clear victory for the tribes, it is one that is to be taken with caution, as we know that there is an agenda by the powers that be to wait until things calm down and then move forward with their previous plans. We will have to wait and see how this will play out over time. The Standing Rock Sioux are committed to staying at the site until the company gives up the construction of the pipeline. Yesterday during a prayer ceremony Chief American Horse called on tribal veterans who have gone to protect us on foreign shores, to now come and protect the homeland here in Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

While there appears to have been a victory for the tribes, I believe this story to be far from over.

Below please find video of Organizer Dallas Goldtooth explaining what the legal ruling mean for the tribes and other video and images from the protests.

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]


[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

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Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



    1. In my opinion, peaceful protests in this country don’t accomplish much. Been to DC for a few and nothing was attained. I was at the Bundy’s and it started peaceful and they were run over. When the veterans and militias arrived armed and ready to do whatever was necessary, things changed. I think once again, that will be what is necessary here to stop this. That seems to be the only protest this government understands. Stand up armed and ready to fight and die if necessary, and the government who never wants to see another waco, will back off and this overreach will stop, at least here. The Bundy’s didn’t lose, If they would have stayed on their ranch they had won. That taking over of Maheur was a stupid move. The majority of mililias saw what it was, and stood down. The only thing that was accomplished there was we got 3 assholes out of our ranks. Paine, Cooper, and Budda. Other then that, to take over a Federal site, and then drive around like you were a tourist was the dumbest thing I ever saw, and it cost the life of Lavoy Finicuum. If you’re going to stand, be prepared with supplies and forces, and stay put. Maheur was a catastrophe looking for a place to happen. And it did.

      1. The Bundys still have not lost. The geography of where, and how often, they would stand is secondary to the greater issue for which they stand. That issue is the role of the federal government in management of public lands within the boundaries of any State in the compact called the united States of America. Resisting illegal and un-Constitutional management of State property is hugely important to your and my right to own property, and for the dignity, autonomy, and sovereignty of the several (50 of them) States in compact.
        I can appreciate your tactic-based perception regarding geo-physical preparedness and execution, but I invite you to consider this from the view that suggests a federal over-reach into State authority. The question does exist, and one of the strongest arrows sent on its behalf is in majority opinion author statement by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. He notes that the Constitution created a “system of dual government” in which both the State and the General governments each possessed sovereignty under which terms protected each from improper incursion into the other. The case was Mack/Printz v United States, 1997. And yes, the “Mack” part of that case title is Oath Keepers board member Sheriff (ret.) Richard Mack of CSPOA. The Bundys, and indeed the whole cowboy freedom movement is a tempering device being applied to curb illegal federal assumption of authority it was never granted by its founding legal charter.
        And btw, thank you for fulfilling your duty at Bundy Ranch. It was, and still is, a victory and you can be proud you stood with them.
        Elias Alias

      2. Well, I have to agree with Jaybird on this. Malheur was a total disaster. This is spot on:

        “The Bundy’s didn’t lose, If they would have stayed on their ranch they had won. That taking over of Maheur was a stupid move. The majority of mililias saw what it was, and stood down. The only thing that was accomplished there was we got 3 assholes out of our ranks. Paine, Cooper, and Budda. Other then that, to take over a Federal site, and then drive around like you were a tourist was the dumbest thing I ever saw, and it cost the life of Lavoy Finicuum. If you’re going to stand, be prepared with supplies and forces, and stay put. Maheur was a catastrophe looking for a place to happen. And it did.”

      3. Perhaps you are right, Stewart. Or perhaps you, like most everyone else other than Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum (and probably Ryan Bundy and a few others who were there), did not know about the legality of Ammon Bundy’s “adverse possession” occupation of that particular piece of property.

        The Ninth Circuit has just dropped a bombshell on the Federal prosecution of the Bundys.

        Ammon was right, and the Ninth Circuit has affirmed the lack of Federal jurisdiction over Malheur Wildlife Refuge. I would invite all readers here to view this pdf and listen to Tim Brown’s interview (about an hour and a half), which, though tedious, will stun Federal prosecutors and the judge.

        The article at Freedom Outpost, with audio/YouTube interview — Emergency Motion Filed to Dismiss Oregon Bundy Case
        By Tim Brown – September 16, 2016

        The pdf (for anyone who wants to download this baby) —
        First source (I think)

        This story was picked up by Tim Brown and is also posted at Northwest Liberty News, where Tim works with Jim White.

        The key to everything is this new ruling by the 9th Circuit. Please do let me know how that new ruling strikes you after you listen to the interview and read the motion to dismiss with prejudice. As you know, I’m not the sharpest blade in the drawer, so I would appreciate your take on this. Thanks,
        Elias Alias, editor

      4. If you were ever going to stand against our lawless Progressively constitution usurping Left-leaning Leviathan “”openly and gleefully willing to unleash waves of intense murderous lethality onto their own law abiding citizens”” for merely the pointing out of Leviathan’s in-you-face eagerness to “”boldly usurp the lawful constitutionally defined limits on their exercise of excessive overreach and abuse of their perceived powers””, then “YOU MUST” be prepared with “”Competent Leadership””, totally secure communications, “”extremely significant broad ranging supplies””, MANY redundant trains of re-supply, a robust and mobile medical corp, robust anti-heavily armored vehicle capabilities, robust redundant anti-aircraft/anti-drone capabilities, and tens of thousands, (NEVER laughingly, HUNDREDS!!!) of constitutional patriot loyalist forces. You must have a dependable critical inside network and solid intelligence capabilities to “”IMMEDIATELY”” GAIN ACCESS to the arsenals that are the legitimate property of the constitutionally guided American citizens.

        Stand your ground only in defensible terrain with an ocean of escape routes, ambush, and re-supply routes. Then stand your ground and unleash ruthless unconventional unholy endless guerilla hell onto the lawless aggressors.

        Until you had such capabilities, then you have no capability beyond that of a lone wolf.

        “Silence in the face of tyranny is your consent to that tyranny”

  1. The Rising
    Connecting Human Health and Oil Operations

    What happens to people exposed to extreme oil operations? In a fight for basic human rights, ordinary people are rising to extraordinary circumstances in a struggle with the consequences of a grave and hidden threat to the American public.

    Starting with the 2010 BP disaster, the film exposes how unchecked corporate power and government collusion has resulted in public health being largely left out of the equation of America’s fossil fuel industry.

    A foreign corporation was allowed to spray millions of gallons of toxic dispersants over 200 million gallons of toxic crude oil. 6 years later, the burden of proof that this mixture was harmful has fallen upon thousands of exposed, sick and dying Americans.

    The Rising is a film and a solution to defend community health. The film is directed by Mark Manning, an oil field diver turned filmmaker, and it documents the spillworkers, health activists, and citizens in both the gulf and Washington DC who saw the devastation first-hand.

  2. Regarding the Nat’l Guard in Bismark, I saw a video of the protestors walking along the line of Guardsmen and shaking hands. Very nice

    In reference to this entire issue, there are things to be wary of as well. Most notably in my perspective is the references to ‘unarmed’ comparisons with ‘armed’ Bundy’s et al. There is NO difference in my mind. Peaceful can be unarmed and peaceful can be armed. Tptb are trying to use the optics and words to their advantage…watch them.

    And, if the Prez issued a declaration to stop the pipeline, again, optics, be wary and watch. He pushes for agenda after agenda based on the outlandish falsehood about global warming and the ‘oh-so-bad-human-beings’…it’s all our fault, don’t ya know…we are so evil! (sarcasm)

    And, remember, there are always two sides to the story. I’ve read the pipeline does not really even go through the tribal land!

    And, I’ve read the safety features of this pipeline are way above every other pipeline in history.

    And, I’ve read the folks are behind all of the protests. They are the same folks who are associated with Amnesty International, Dick Durbin, etc.

    Here’s a quote from someone who speaks knowledgeably from the other side: (quote): “… these anti-pipeline articles and memes. If you don’t pipeline for a living, and you’re not from North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, or Illinois then you should really stay out of this conversation, especially if you’re just going to keep sharing the same lies over and over.

    I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but this is not about opinions, it’s about facts, and the facts are; the Dakota access pipeline DOES NOT cross the Standing Rock reservation, it DOES have all the necessary permits and approvals, and it is NOT disturbing any burial grounds This information is easily accessible online with a quick Google search, but I’ll include a map anyway, in case you don’t have time to research the lies you’re sharing. And here are the links showing they have the permits, and that North Dakota’s top archeologists surveyed these sites and found nothing.…/article_5dc1e955-fd71-5003-8……/Archaeologist-says-claim-human-rema…

    And before you start in about possible water contamination, that’s just another scare tactic. The Missouri river will be directionally drilled and the pipeline will have the latest technologies and monitoring systems to help prevent releases and will be constructed 90 feet below the riverbed to ensure nothing may reach the river — far above and beyond what’s required by federal regulations.

    Don’t be fooled, the battle right now may be against this pipeline, but the war is on oil. I know some of you hate oil (even though you consume as much as the rest of us on a daily basis) but there simply is not enough renewable energy to meet the current demand, so this oil WILL be brought to market one way or another, and the safest way is via pipeline. They have a smaller carbon footprint and are 4.5 times less likely to cause a spill than trains. It’s an easy choice. So don’t tell me you’re against pipelines because you care about the environment, because the two ideas are contradictory…” (end quote)

    Is this a war on oil? I don’t know for certain, but it seems definitely possible given all the facts.

    I agree, patriots must start coming together over the land issues; but, this specific protest and the facts or lies around it raises a lot of questions in my mind.

    v/r, Linda

    1. And just as a point of interest, how did DeCaprio and the rapper get to the area? Did they ride horses, or did they use vehicles powered by evil fossil fuels?

      This smacks of Obama’s agenda to force Americans to live like so many of his beloved Muslims live in the Middle East – in the Dark Ages.

    2. The Science & Environmental Health Network rejects the pipeline on the following grounds: “The commonwealth is the basis of the Iowa economy.[…] Approving the pipeline would be a violation of Iowa’s fiduciary and public trust responsibilities to the people of Iowa, because it harms the commons.[…] It is the citizen’s obligation to withdraw its consent from government actions that threaten the commonwealth and future generations.[…] Eminent domain is the unique power of government to move private property into the commons where it serves as a public good. It should not be used to privilege a private corporation that will destroy the commons.[…] When the pipeline leaks, Iowa will be left with the costs of cleanup. This is a violation of the Iowa St. Constitution which says: Credit not to be loaned. SECTION 1. The credit of the state shall not, in any manner, be given or loaned to, or in aid of, any individual, association, or corporation; and the state shall never assume, or become responsible for, the debts or liabilities of any individual, association, or corporation, unless incurred in time of war for the benefit of the state.”[44]

      Unclear has remained, what specifically happens when the pipeline inevitably leaks, how residents would know of a leak, why the company asks for a permanent easement of farmland when oil rights can only be obtained for 25 years at a time, who the majority shareholders of Dakota Access are and where Energy Transfer’s guarantee of liability for newly established Dakota Access, LLC is, if it is only required to have a $250,000 bond in case of damages.[26]

      Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (ICCI) has called the pipeline “all risk and no reward” and the $ 250,000 surety bond “fiscally irresponsible”. It has suggested raising it to at least $1 billion, indexed to inflation, would only match Alaska’s precautions of protection.[43] A $1 billion surety bond is sensible in terms of the cost of cleaning up the Mayflower Spill of the Pegasus pipeline in 2013 as well, costs for the cleanup of which have reached $60 million for a spill of between 130,000 and 200,000 gallons of crude. The Bakken pipeline is projected to be capable of carrying 1 million gallons of crude an hour; any leak that is not stopped within the hour could quickly result in hundreds of millions of dollars in property and irrevocable environmental damage.

      Jason Coppola, a filmmaker and journalist who has been covering the protests, explained in an interview with me that one of the most important aspects of this story is one that is age-old: The U.S. government is violating its treaty obligations to Native American tribes. According to Coppola, “The Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 guaranteed complete and total access, undisturbed access, [of the land] to the Great Sioux Nation of the Oceti Sakowin [Seven Council Fires].” But that treaty has not been respected. The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration explains how-as a result of an expedition led in 1874 by Gen. George Armstrong Custer in search of gold on the Black Hills reservation in North Dakota-”[t]o this day, ownership of the Black Hills remains the subject of a legal dispute between the U.S. government and the Sioux.”

      Regardless, indigenous activists are determined to occupy their own land for as long as it takes to stop construction of the pipeline. If they succeed, it will be one small measure of justice in a line of injustices going back to the founding of this nation.

    3. Well researched and very informative. Having worked on pipelines and storage tanks, in my past life, I can attest that when properly operated, monitored, inspected, and located prior to digging operations, they are safe, efficient, and necessary in a modern society with enormous energy needs. Pipelines criss cross America, moving gasoline, jet fuel, heavy oil, natural gas, propane, and water. Without pipelines, our economy could not exist. Like it or not, fossil fuels will be necessary for a long time to come. Before the first bucket of earth is dug, years of government required engineering,environmental, and safety studies, public hearings, and more are performed. Why the protests now that the work has begun ? Certainly the tribal leaders knew about the pipeline route long ago. Maybe they fought the pipeline in the courts and lost. But where there is trouble that Obama and his co-conspirators can exploit, they will be there like flies on a cow pie. The involvement of George Soros operatives black lives matter, and other anarchists fits a pattern. If there are news cameras, and it involves non whites, the Soros Marxists will be there.They don’t care about the environment or ancient burial grounds. They are there to incite violence. That’s what they get paid to do. Where were these friends of the environment when the EPA polluted the Animus river in Durango Colorado recently? Nowhere, because there was nothing they could exploit. And it was Obamas EPA that polluted the river. I’m not a member of Oath Keepers, but I support their mission and stand with them. Hopefully this can be resolved without loss of life.

  3. Had my support till the whole black lives matter nonsense. Who’s next? The Klan? Aryan Nation? Or maybe the “New” Black panther party?
    Choosing your friends is as important as knowing your enemy.
    I fail to see how a group that began on a lie, calls for the murder of police and white people in general is going to further the cause.
    But hey, what do I know.
    Best of luck

    1. BLM obviously wants to ride the native Americans’ bus, just for the publicity. I’m pretty sure the native Americans are aware of that. I doubt that the native Americans invited BLM.
      Elias Alias, editor

    2. I was inclined to be on board until the grandmother announced her accreditation by the UN. The joke of tribal sovereignty, in light of the power of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, could be used by the globalists as a means to further degrade the sovereignty of the US and its people, including native tribes.

      Just another instance of people thinking they can win a bull s#it contest with bullsh*t itself.

  4. Disabled Navy veteran Joseph Robertson, 77, of Basin, Montana, is now being “dieseled” (moved from federal prison to federal prison in the middle of the night without notice for purposes of harassment)! They (feds, USFS, and especially the EPA) charged this disabled veteran for violation of the Clean Water Act. The government contends that nine stock ponds affect approximately one-tenth (1/10) of an acre of discharged pollutants into the Jefferson River, nearly 60 miles away. The feds are oath-breaking traitors!

    The oath-breaking traitorous feds (EPA) apparently have no problem at all with big oil fracking within dozens of yards of lakes and rivers by millions of oil wells across the country!

    The pipeline is nothing! If you don’t do anything else, go and look at western North Dakota in and around the lakes and rivers! You will see them everywhere! Seriously! This is a level of outrageous americans can’t comprehend!

    Explanation of fracking from

    “In simplified terms, the fracking process starts with a well that is drilled vertically or at an angle from the surface to a depth of 1 to 2 miles (1.6 to 3.2 kilometers) or more, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The vertical well is then encased in steel and/or cement to ensure the well doesn’t run the risk of leaking into any groundwater.

    Once the vertical well reaches the deep layer of rock where natural gas or oil exists, the well curves about 90 degrees and begins drilling horizontally along that rock layer. Horizontal drilling can extend more than 1 mile (1.6 km) from the vertical well bore.

    After the fracking well is fully drilled and encased, fracking fluid is pumped down into the well at extremely high pressure, in some cases exceeding 9,000 pounds per square inch (62,050 kilopascals). The pressure is powerful enough to fracture the surrounding rock, creating fissures and cracks through which oil and gas can flow.”

    This is one of the most mentally flabbergasting topics I have knowledge of in my lifetime! They drill a mile vertically, and then another horizontally, and then force fracking fluids at high pressure to break up the firmament! They say “the fracking well is fully drilled and encased”. But the fracking fluids are shot out the end like a giant freak’n water-pic to break up the underlaying firmament! The fluids are only encased on their way down! Muahahahaha!

    – the huge amounts of “fluids” used to fracture get into the ground water! People with wells in the areas end up with brown contaminated water!
    – Accidents, blowouts, spills, contamination are part of every fracturing site!
    – Oklahoma just shut down dozens of wells. It is believed that the earthquakes they are suffering are caused by the fracturing creating an unstable firmament.

    For each fracking site:

    – 40,000 gallons of fracking chemicals
    – 8 million gallons of water
    – 600 chemicals used in the fracking fluid, including known carcinogens and toxins such as lead, benzene, uranium, radium, methanol, mercury, hydrochloric acid, ethylene glycol and formaldehyde
    – fracking fluid is injected 10,000 feet through a drilled pipeline and then into the surrounding area

    There are:

    – 1.1 million active fracturing gas wells in the United States
    – 72 trillion gallons of water needed to run current fracturing gas wells
    – 360 billion gallons of chemicals needed to run current fracturing gas wells
    – 300,000: barrels produced per day from fracking gas wells
    – Only ~30 percent of the fracturing fluid is recovered; the rest is left in the ground and, is not biodegradable.

    THIS IS NUTS! But the EPA is A-OK with it! Hunky dorry! No problem at all!

    Average citizen be damned! Scorched earth energy! Screw the people! Big government for big business! Millionaires congressmen getting funding from billionaires in big business! Run a little farm in Oregon, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, etc. and we will use the entire federal machine to come crashing down on your pitiful little life! F U little Americans!

    You have to look at the following satellite images! They are the lights, and mostly excess gas, capable of heating whole cities, BEING BURNED OFF, instead of captured and sold. You see they don’t care about the natural gas being produced, only the gas we use in our cars matters to them! The light from the burning gas of the Bakken fracking oil fields of North Dakota (the head of the pipeline) are brighter than Denver, Minneapolis, and comparable in size, and brightness, to the city of Chicago!

    They continually say they don’t have to worry about the watershed (that they’ve already destroyed upstream). Yes, they do have a lot to worry about:

    3 million gallons of fracking waste makes its way into the Missouri river!

    All about fracking, and the dangers of fracking:

    This week the state of Oklahoma shut down 37 fracking wells due to last weeks 5.7 earthquake!

    Yes. This is nuts! Freak’n crazy!

    Now continue those peaceful protests, and doggonit write your congressman, cause they care so much about the average “Joe”. Reality check! Our oath-breaking traitorous government no longer has any interest in “the rule of law”, the Constitution, your freedom, or your liberty! Just ask the average “Joe” as he is “dieseled” around the U.S. Federal prison system!

    It’s not laughter you hear coming from the halls of government, and justice, it’s maniacal laughter! They are rolling on the floor with maniacal laughter (ROFML)! Can’t you just picture Killary Klinton ROFMLing, I can, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts, there’s an entry, or a thousand, in the little demonic red book of the bill and killary klinton foundation!

    1. Dave, I salute you sir! THANK YOU! for writing this and explaining to the pin heads [such as the commenter above named “Linda”] who is a classic “doesn’t affect me therefore it aint a problem” mentality. WEll guess what “Honey”? If there isn’t a “war on oil” there DAMNED WELL OUGHTA BE! Because there most certainly *** IS *** an OIL DRIVEN WAR ON HUMANITY AND ALL LIFE ON THIS PLANET !!! Yes, we’ve become a completely codependent oil driven economy and society and it has our military, our global US dollar value and our entire population in a strangle hold and it has NEVER [and will never] BE A SAFE TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you a story about the “promises of bureaucrats, big oil and and the politicians and their paid for minions in the fields of science and “technology” bought and paid for “experts” and the enviro zealots who were also “bought off” to “go along with” a National Marine Sanctuary federal “act [public law 101-605] That was railroaded through and imposed upon the entire Florida Keys under the guise of “saving our coral reefs and coastal water quality from ANY off shore oil drilling and shutting down ALL of the historic indigenous water based occupations in the Keys and violating all sorts of illegal takings laws both US and Internationally authored and abided laws and treaties . THAT “law” was passed despite a 65% referendum rejection by the people – in 1997. So WHAT HAPPENED between then and now that allowed the Challenger deep drilling rigs to be built and put into operation and then blow up and fouls the entire Florida Bay with more oil and toxic “clean up capture” chemicals that to THIS DAY has decimated the reefs, the bay water , and the coastal communities that depended upon it for their lives!!!!! Hey Linda! Let me guess! You’re a [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] federale bureacrat arent you? Or maybe a paid “academic” technoid mouthpiece for either an oil extractor or a gummint “consultant” in the field? Baby, wake up! Marine Minerals Management is as corrupt and bought out as they come! Oh! Yeah and you might be a military minion mouthpeice, after all, THE US MILITARY is the BIGGEST dependent upon oil! 65% of all of our nations’ use of oil products is within the US MILITARY!!! THAT’S A MIGHTY BIG MONKEY ON OUR BACKS and one that compromises and hinders our military strength – all so the oil “producers” make bank! They could care less about what happens to you or I or our soldiers or our water supply!!!!! OIL INDUSTRY IS THE DINOSAURS REVENGE!!! Stop rationalizing this insanity. We have destroyed countries, killed entire ecosystems, killed and displaced millions IN THE NAME OF preserving and protecting and EXPANDING a destructive outdated, ineefective and ultimately deadly costly fuel called OIL!!!!! If ANY of these so called industry or political leaders had a clue or gave a damn about anything but themselves and their profit margins, we would already have DOZENS of decentralized alternative fuel and energy processes in place and operating!!!!!! Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The oil and power barrons will shoot the mother who strives to invent before they allow their profits to be touched or limited ! THEY know their time is up and their market is dying. They aren’t visionaries and they sure as hell aren’t servant leaders. Most of them are literally aftermarket buffoons, trying to hold on and prop up one of the biggest racketeering scams ever perpetrated -with a little help from the Feds and Banksters. They are merely carpetbagging their way to the bitter end because that’s all they are good at. The paradigm is shifting despite their ineptitudes. I’d lay my odds on the will, adaptibility and creativity of humanity to rise to any challenge life sends and that’s why I say shut down the oil industry the sooner the better for ALL !!!! The big lie is that we cannot survive without it! IT’S A LIE AND THE TRUTH IS BEING EXPOSED!

      1. Yes. Offshore drilling is just as crazy as fracking. The gulf of mexico, Louisiana, and the other gulf states are all the proof we need. The leaking wells, and the BP disaster pretty well killed the gulf. I for one will not buy anything that comes from that region for sometime. Now they killed the pacific as well (nuclear disaster), so all we have now is the atlantic, and polor regions, at least until the next disaster.

        The North Dakota situation with fracking and drilling, and the pipeline is extra crazy because the whole area is a watershed. There are lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers everywhere. Looking at it with google earth, or some other satellite viewer, it’s insane, drilling / fracking is everywhere.

        We are an oil based world, but we all have Internet, and plenty of bandwidth, and tech for far more. So all these people driving to work everyday, and back, and still wasting energy in their homes even though they aren’t there, could , in fact, be working at home. Which would cut energy needs dramatically, and relieve road congestion during drive time.

        The other point above is how hypocritical, and out of control, the EPA, and feds, really are. They destroyed a guy (Joe Robertson), and many others, for ponds, while they completely ignore oil drilling / fracking that is taking place within yards of lakes, ponds, streams, and the Missouri river! All of which can easily be seen on google earth. They have even built artificial islands for drilling.

        The real story isn’t the pipeline, it’s what’s going on at the head of the pipeline!

  5. To the author and the individual who videoed the check point. First things first. Why did it take you so long to show up at the camp? Why did your org not step up in the Oregon stand off and what happens to you in Nevada? There are other land grabs going on yet you are not present, what makes this any different? I’m getting a bit tires of the fault wrong of organizations who say they hold freedom dearly. Then fail to stay organized and do what they say they are there for. Now you suddenly show up at Standing Rock? Then you try and make it look like the guard is actually there to cause issues. You need to be very careful of what you do and say, you are borderline provoking conflict. Don’t tell any of my Joes to think about their oath to this country when you have consistently failed in yours. They are manning check points, they are not in direct contact with protestors. There are 4 entry points for press and locals. There is support getting in to the protestors. Do not, do not attempt to drag the military in to a situation that they at only being used for minor details. Until you org honors it’s oath and be where needed then you will keep your selves in check. I support you but disinformation and failure to do as you say is not acceptable. I am 3% and I keep my promise and I do as I say… Don’t be selective in your personal agendas.

    1. Thank you so much for pointing this out E6type. I tried to say something similar about the Oregon protest and MR.OATH KEEPER came back with a pretty good rant on me but it didn’t change my mind.

      I hope everyone is aware of the documentation the Bundy’s et. al. found inside the reserve building where there were $95,000.00 paid to VOLUNTEERS!!!

    2. Military is not supposed to be used for checkpoints outside of military bases. What your doing is trying to create a divide here on this site and between groups of people. You’re being dishonest.

  6. To get the People to Respect, YOU should Respect them.
    I Respect YOU!

    When WE cross to the Otherworld, they Will cheer for US in this World.

    Your masters have put US in a bind. I Wish for Your Heart to be Mine.
    Your Mind I shall reach thru Time, Teach the People Your Heart and Wisdom.
    Love, Respect YOU Will find and WE Will Exist for all of Time.

    Fear turns into hatred and hatred Will turn into fear.
    YOU must bear this Life to prove YOU are a Warrior.
    To hate Life, Is to Love death and to Love death Will inflict pain.

    Do YOU Hear the cries? Do YOU See the Blood? Will YOU Feel the pain?
    Has the Earth suffer Enough? Our Home WE destroy!

    Dispel the Illusions and Overcome the fear.
    I, WE Love YOU, Here!

  7. I was standing with them UNTIL Joann Spotted Bear declared that the UN has supreme authority to settle matters within this nation. I will not stand with anyone who acknowledges the UN right to rule over us. The UN is global government, plain and simple. Now if I misunderstood her or misinterpreted her words, please correct me. We are in a fight with globalism and to acknowledge their authority for convenience sake is treason in my book.

  8. It appears that Joann Spotted bear is connected to the Un. She declares that she has a UN identity card. she speaks of affiliation with UN world ambassadors. Will she appeal to the World Court? Will they take the case and give their ruling? What is next? UN peacekeepers on US soil? She raises a big red flag for me. Is the door being opened to UN intervention?

  9. Here’s a very enlightening quote from LILMOM a commenter above:

    “… the pin heads [such as the commenter above named “Linda”] who is a classic “doesn’t affect me therefore it aint a problem” mentality. WEll guess what “Honey”? …”

    Honey? Pinhead? Doesn’t affect me mentality?

    False accusations and name-calling toward someone you do not even know are a hallmark of someone who lacks relevance in their thoughts and comments. And, someone who lacks integrity.

    Therefore, I didn’t even bother to read the rest of this person’s rant. Nothing there.

  10. Is it clear to everyone, that the pipeline in question does not cross Indian Reservation land ? They are trying to control what is done on private land because sometime 200 years ago they had some connection to the land. This is a real game changer !!
    Got this from an interesting article…by Dan Vergano…
    “…..Friday’s statement from the Justice Department called for “nationwide reform” on taking account of tribes’ views on big energy projects that cross their land, and asked for a voluntary 20-mile construction halt around Lake Oahe, a sacred site to the Standing Rock Sioux.
    “It is a game changer,” attorney Kevin Lee of the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy told BuzzFeed News.
    In the past, oil companies and developers who wanted to dig up the West would only need to consult with tribes on traversing sacred lands, and might ignore these concerns on privately owned land. Now they might also need complete agreement from tribes, Lee said. “The geography of the American West is such that you can’t start any kind of big project without crossing Native American land.”

  11. What amazes me is that the LEO’s, coast guard and U.S. military are actually helping to enforce the pipeline! They took oaths to defend the constitution, did they not? The pipeline is unconstitutional.

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