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Sam Culper of Forward Observer Magazine will conclude his public classes for the year in Idaho Falls, Idaho.


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This SHTF Intelligence course is a three-day course that prepares students to gather intelligence information for post-SHTF community security. Each training day begins at 0900 and ends approximately 1700 (5pm), with a mid-day lunch break.


Day One (Friday) – Operations Security (OPSEC) & Communications Security (COMSEC)

Day Two (Saturday) – Intelligence Gathering & Threat Analysis

Day Three (Sunday) – Intelligence Preparation of the Community & Area Studies



Operations Security Course – Optional $50 (One Day; Friday)

SHTF Intelligence Course – $250 (Two Days; Saturday – Sunday)

Over the course of three days, we cover the following topics:

– threat identification
– threat analysis
– understanding your place in the threat environment
– understanding the community security mission
– intelligence support to our community security strategy
– the Intelligence Cycle
– how to gather intelligence information (specific for your locale)
– how to analyze incoming intelligence information
– how to set up a community intelligence section
– the fundamental tasks and responsibilities of the intelligence section
– Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield & Community
– Area Assessments


We begin the course by exploring and analyzing the threats we’re likely to face during a SHTF scenario, and discuss the threat environment and mission of community security. Then we get into how we should configure our intelligence section. This is the ‘brain’ of community security. We work on understanding our SHTF mission and we conduct some threat analysis to identify what we should be preparing for. Then we build our intelligence team around the mission.

You’ll have the opportunity to do group or individual work where you’ll navigate the Intelligence Cycle and complete relevant intelligence products for your community. We discuss Intelligence collection and then we collect. Then we discuss Intelligence analysis and we then analyze incoming information in order to produce intelligence. Over two days, you should be able to get a great start on your Area Assessment and complete the basics of Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield & Community.

What we do over these two days is train students to become the ‘intelligence officer’ during any SHTF scenario. The student will have an understanding of his/her roles and responsibilities, be able to direct collection and then produce threat intelligence. That’s our number one goal, by the way, for any SHTF scenario — produce early warning and threat intelligence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


Sam Culper’s Website:



Sam’s SHTF intel class has my unqualified endorsement and recommendation.  I urge all Oath Keepers, and all patriotic Americans in general, to attend one of Sam’s classes and to also read his excellent book, SHTF Intelligence.   You should consider intelligence one of the core skills in our CPT program, and it is vital that every CPT field team have intel trained personnel on the team, and it is equally vital that every CPT “B” support team have a dedicated intel “ACE” section.   Every local Oath Keepers chapter needs an intel team, and likewise for every county chapter, and each state chapter.

And when you help others to organize and train up neighborhood watches, church security teams, and town watches, you will need skilled and trained intel people to teach your community how to set up their own intel teams.

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we can expect that whichever way the election goes, we are in for “interesting times” ahead.  Intelligence is a vital component of being prepared and effective in any kind of operation in your community.  Just like the old saying that if you don’t have commo, you don’t have jack, it is also a fact that if you don’t have actionable intelligence – if you don’t know what is going on in your AO – you don’t have jack.  All of our CPT materials will be updated to reflect that reality, and you need to make sure you have this skillset down.

In addition to knowing what is going on in your own AO, we will need trained intel teams to help process information sent in by our new H.R.T. (Highway Recon Team) Trucker division, which will tap into the patriotic truckers on this nation’s highways and roads, in each state, as the eyes and ears of the American people.   Someone will have to process those reports and turn it into accurate, timely, relevant, and actionable intelligence, and then disseminate it to other patriots.  That someone needs to be you and your intel team.

Sam Culper served as an intelligence analyst in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and knows his craft inside and out.  He has applied that training and experience to the problems facing the patriotic American who must secure his or her home, neighborhood, town, county, and state.   Sam is a true patriot who has given of his valuable time and his incredible knowledge to this org on numerous occasions, including presenting and teaching at five of our state chapter summits.

If you can make this class, you need to be there.   His book and website are excellent, but the in-person class is even better, and you should take advantage of the chance.

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes


Elias Alias

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  1. How can I locate and communicate with my local, county and state Oath Keepers chapter. I can not make the live class in Idaho Falls, however, will read his book and go to his web site. I personally feel an urgency to get prepared for obvious reasons. The next three months are going to be eventful to say the least. America’s future hangs in the balance. Give me some help locating my chapters.

  2. I think that by Oath Keepers doing this training, it will help folks immensely. I am Retired USNavy, and most of my training over 20 years was Intel Gathering and Dissemination, along with Radar and Communications. Keep up the Great Work and Reporting. Rod

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