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Redoubt News: Government Turns Hostile on Their Own Witness

Butch Eaton did admit that he went to the Refuge not understanding everything that was taking place. But, he spoke his support for the defendants.


by Shari Dovale * September 16 2016

Walter Lee (Butch) Eaton took the stand on Wednesday afternoon as a prosecution witness in the Malheur Protest trial being held in Portland, Oregon.

The prosecution put him on the stand hoping to show that not every person in their group was a supporter. They were also attempting to narrow down the conspiracy to the defendants and show not all of their large group even knew about their plans.

Butch Eaton did admit that he went to the Refuge not understanding everything that was taking place. He also admitted to being afraid of the FBI and being arrested. But, he repeatedly spoke his support for the defendants and their cause.

Back on the stand on Thursday for cross examination, Eaton told of what he saw when they arrived at the refuge. He stated that no one shouldered their weapons, meaning no one had their rifles at their shoulders, nor were they looking down the barrels.

Additionally, Eaton was clear that no one broke any locks to any facilities. If the doors were unlocked, they would ask, “Is anyone here?” then move on. Eaton was clear that there was no aggression by any of the Patriots at the refuge.

They are “God-fearing men. Better than me,” Eaton was clear. He explained that the protesters were sure to say a prayer for their safety, as well as the safety of all the law enforcement officers.

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Elias Alias

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  1. It’s good to see TRUTH finally coming out. Bundy’s broke no laws.

    It’s a shame OK didn’t have room to post the whole story. Especially when the prosecutor went after their own witness and threatened the witnesses family.

    1. Shari Dovale of Redoubt News is a friend whom I’ve had the honor of meeting face to face. She is doing a great job in getting Redoubt News launched, is a true patriot, and has traveled to Portland to get direct coverage of legal proceedings there. I’m fairly sure she would be okay with my having posted her whole article here, but my intention was to help drive traffic to her site. I hope you and every other reader here click that link and give her site stats which will help her build a stronger voice for the liberty movement in general, and for the northwest Redoubt in particular.
      Thanks Bro,
      Elias Alias, editor

      1. Whatever convoluted reasoning the Govt. may have had for putting Eaton on the stand,they outsmarted themselves. Here’s a supposed prosecution witness with a constitution in his shirt pocket ! Butch was near tears at one point, telling what a great bunch we are and how much he admired us. His testimony was a disaster for the prosecution, and you could start to wonder if they – ( The Govt.) – are out to sabotage their own case. This being the quintessential Show Trial, we will start to steal the show on Monday, with many of us appearing clad in a collarless jail tunic like Ammon……

  2. Hold on to your hats. This is from The Oregonian/Oregonlive coverage of the trail on Friday:

    “Ammon Bundy’s lawyers filed a motion for a mistrial, claiming Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward offered prejudicial testimony in court this week that the judge failed to address sufficiently. Ward explained that what he learned about the Nevada standoff “scared the hell” out of him. The sheriff went on to note that he had discovered during a Google search on the Internet that “some unstable people who had left that situation” killed two police officers while they were eating lunch in a restaurant. In court, Mumford asked the judge to strike Ward’s comments, arguing they were unresponsive. The judge denied his motion.”

    Here’s the link. Don’t miss the comments.

    1. The article at Freedom Outpost, with audio/YouTube interview — Emergency Motion Filed to Dismiss Oregon Bundy Case
      By Tim Brown – September 16, 2016 —

      The pdf (for anyone who wants to download this baby) —
      First source (I think)

      This story was picked up by Tim Brown and is also posted at Northwest Liberty News, where Tim works with Jim White.

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