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Oath Keeper Testimonials


Pedro Acosta:

Testimonial: I listened politely the other day as a liberal friend questioned as to why I am unmovable in the belief that the US Constitution could not be significantly changed; as in the Second Amendment.

It was a shocking revelation to hear because this guys not a millennial. He’s my age (60). I explained my believe, as well as I could; understanding the secular audience I was addressing.

But my believe in this document goes much deeper. The Constitution, while not the Bible and a partial product of the Enlightenment is anchored on the Commandments and the holiest teachings of the prophets as revealed to them by  Gd.

To me, it’s Holy and as the Founding Fathers intended, should be amended only after careful thought and prayer. The Constitution, along with our Flag, the Declaration of Independence, our Pledge of Allegiance and our National Anthem are what should unite us in a Common Core. Not the inbred, anti-American, seditious poison that’s taught in the schools. On purpose. By three generations of Socialists.

Gd bless America, our fighting men and women and our Law Enforcement professionals and fire fighters – that thin blue line protecting us from anarchy. Amen.

Regina Heckler:

Testimonial: My husband of 35 years and myself are both Marines. He spent 14 years in the Corps (2 tours on the  Drill Field) and I retired from the Marine Corps with 21 years. I am also a Disabled Vet.

During my active duty time I had the honor to work at the White House for Mr. Reagan and had the greater pleasure of meeting the man. I only tell you this because Mr. Reagan loved the military and especially the Marines, his quote of “Most people go through their entire life wondering if they made a difference, the Marines don’t have that worry” or something to that effect and most Marines past and present will tell you they have used that phrase.

I love my Country and there is nothing I wouldn’t do to protect it. Yes I took an oath and to the best of my knowledge no one has ever released me from that oath, nor could they.

I am ready and waiting should anything ever happen in our Country. If you need me or my husband for anything Oath Keepers please feel free to contact us, day or night.


Testimonial: I served my time in the military like my fellow Oath Keepers. I took the oath to defend and that I will do! I know that it will get ugly, and there will be another civil/revolutionary war. I will proudly stand with my brothers and sisters to defend the U.S. Constitution. What really bothers me, is that the people of this country have become like sheep. They are fat and happy to be taken care of and live off the hand of the government. I have been saying for quite a few years, that what this country needs is something to polarize the people forcing them to take action. The coming election could be the something!


Testimonial: I first knew that I would be a soldier around age 5. My uncle had been a paratrooper with the 101st in Europe. I took the oath in January 1970 and served 30 years until retirement. I was a rifle marksmanship instructor and was trained as a field artillery forward observer as well as air defense forward area weapons and missile systems. After active duty, I remained in the active reserves for the remainder of the 30 years teaching survival, escape and evasion as well as other courses. I was in Oklahoma City to clean up the aftermath of the Murrah building bombing.


Shorty Dawkins


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