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Oath Keeper Testimonials



Testimonial: Testimonial?!? Simply put, I am Happy there are fine organizations such as this, who see and understand what our Constitution truly is.

The World and indeed life are not so simple as being black and white, indeed, there is much grey area involved. However when it comes to the genius of our Founding Father’s Constitution there is NO grey area. It is the only thing separating us from the rest of the World, and all that implies.

Unfortunately, America has seemingly lost it’s way by electing leader which are ” oh so wrong”, and hopefully current events are just a temporary stumble.I really hope so…

However if this is not the case, it is time for America’s Patriots to be heard, not unlike they were in 1776. The game, of course, has changed, but the resolve & meaning has not.

I could continue writing, but I am hoping you reading this understand what I am trying to say. Thank – you Oath Keepers for…Being here!!!



Shorty Dawkins


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  1. With global terrorism, propaganda, illegal-immigration, and organized crime our coming election truly does impact the future of our country. Not only does it impact our future- it impacts our economy, and survival. We need peace, and to protect our freedom we need to be prepared.

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