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Lara Cow Flatulence Bill Illustrates Creeping Tyranny Enabled by Cultural Terraforming

Coming soon to a heartland near you. [Photo: Ricardo Lara/Facebook]
Despite plenty of evidence to suggest massive fraud behind “climate change” measures designed to redistribute wealth more than anything else, “progressives” in California are harassing dairy farmers to where moving out of state is becoming an increasingly viable option.  That’s the case with Ricardo Lara’s (he’s a Democrat, naturally) bill targeting cow flatulence and manure.

Obnoxious gas and waste would seem topics a “progressive” Sacramento politician would have plenty of subject matter expertise for, but that’s as far as it goes.  Lara is a city boy, ruling over Bell Gardens in LA County (which provides an important clue to his political success).

See any farmland?

See any farm work in his CV?

But he sure knows how to tell producers to produce.  Most collectivist bosses do – or they at least act that way.  Forget the politically-engineered mass starvation that always seems to follow. Wherever collectivists rule an unarmed populace.

Lara’s expertise and knowledge of what it takes must come from being “’Point man in the push for immigrant rights’ in California …  ma[king] history by becoming the first openly gay person of color elected to the California Senate [and] earn[ing] his B.A. in Journalism and Spanish with a minor in Chicano Studies.” That and being “[r]aised in a blue collar immigrant household”…

What his official bio conveniently/intentionally fails to mention, is that it was an illegal immigrant household. His father snuck across the border. His mother overstayed her visa. And we can thank “conservative icon” Ronald Reagan for getting suckered into granting amnesty in 1986, fast-tracking their “pathway to citizenship.” They had five children, what we’ve come to know as “birthright citizens,” as if that was the intent behind the Fourteenth Amendment.

Is it any wonder creating a new majority is what the Democrats are working toward in their “fundamental transformation” of the electorate, and thus of the legislatures and the courts? If anyone doubts the polls, just ask them to explain California.

Case in point, look at the membership of the California Latino Legislative Caucus. Then let’s see what their agenda is. Let’s start with Sen. Lara on the right to keep and bear arms:

Gun Owners of California gives him an “F-.”

Want to see what the other Caucus members are up to?  Let’s go down the roster, and see what turns up on a simple search:

Starting to form a picture? Try it with the rest. See how many champions of the Second Amendment turn up.

Then try it at the federal level, with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Naturally, they’re all Democrats. Care to see how they’re rated by Gun Owners of America?

And yes, of course they’ve all taken the oath. It’s easy if you don’t mean it. Wait a few years and it’ll be upheld that requiring it discriminates and disenfranchises. Politicians who refuse will be hailed as bold new media heroes, much like idiot NFL “social justice warriors” are now for dissing the national anthem.

For some time now, I’ve had a challenged that’s gone unanswered by “cheap labor” Republicans and those in the RKBA camp who maintain concerns over immigration have nothing to do with the “single issue” of the Second Amendment:

Produce credible data – not opinion, not anecdotes – something that can be independently validated, that “amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship” for MILLIONS of foreign nationals in this country illegally (and legally, with CURRENT culturally suicidal policies) WILL NOT overwhelmingly favor Democrats and anti-gunners. Show us your sources and methodologies for determining this WILL NOT result in supermajorities in state and federal legislatures that will then be able to pass all kinds of anti-gun edicts. Show us how this WILL NOT result in nominations and confirmations of judges to the Supreme and federal courts who will uphold those edicts and reverse gains made to date.

They won’t answer for two simple reasons: First they can’t, and they know acknowledging the challenge would call attention to that. And second, they don’t want to mess up access relationships they value more than making sure government officials act within Constitutional restraints.

And what’s the whole purpose of the national government and the reason for ceding delegated powers to it in the first place?  That’s pretty much summarized in the Preamble:

[T]o form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…

Leave it to Opposite Day “progressives” to assume the role of domestic enemy by undermining that charter, to usurp power, to promulgate subversion and tyranny, and, if they can’t con the people into giving them what they want by surrendering rights, importing voters to finish the job.

Of course, if you bring any of this up, expect to be shouted down with accusations that you’re a racist. Never mind Mexico’s immigration policy.

And Ricardo Lara acts like he’s the one who’s sick of all the BS…



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. David,
    Your article prompted me to do some rabbit trail research. I started my journey through the looking glass by Googleing “What foods cause flatulence?” Unsurprisingly, the list of foods that produce methane in the human large intestine just happen to be the primary ingredients of ethnic Mexican cuisine. Bearing in mind that Senator Lara’s constituency more than likely far outnumbers the cattle involved in the dairy business, my research would indicate that the voters inhabiting his 33rd Senate District have a larger methane and carbon dioxide footprint than do the dairies he intends to saddle with all those restrictive regulations. A far better solution would be for the state to forbid the consumption of Mexican food and leave the dairies alone.

    1. I actually entertained the thought of going there while putting this together, essentially calculating average emissions X number of emitters in each category to see which yielded the bigger cumulative f**tprint.. 🙂

      1. Or hang a carbon scrubber on the tail of each politician to catch and sequester all that hot air. As a Texan whose favorite food is Tex-Mex, that idea of banning doesn’t satisfy.
        Also don’t want to in anyway punish my non-political south of the border friends who are not democratically effected political gun grabbers. Even though they may not be in the majority ethnically, they do count. Along those lines and beliving that they count as much as anyone else and allowing that everyone counts or no one counts, it is the Congress that has failed its duty. The Bill of Rights either means what it says or it doesn’t. The Militia being neccessary for a free State’s security and weapons of war being the principle tools of the Militia, it behooves us to make damn certain we do not vote at State nor national level for anyone who is a gun grabber.
        Thanks again David for keeping us posted.

    2. Take the human out of the picture and insert animals which contribute 14% of the worse greenhouse gas methane and the production of animal food contributes more greenhouse gases to the environment than all the trucks, buses, cars and planes put together. So if these people are at all interested in the preservation of the world they would all need to be strict Vegans. Of course they would also by factual account become the longest living on the planet.

  2. Maybe he should just get a million dollar federal grant to do a study on teaching a cow how to hold its fart. That way he could make a pile of money and still have milk. Maybe they should do research to produce genetically altered fart-less cows. There’s another missed opportunity for big bucks. How about designing a fart catcher. Methane is, after all, a fuel. That would be emission control, for sure and Governor Brown would be thrilled to sigh that into law; especially if he and Lara shared the patent.

  3. Okay, this is fourth grade science (okay, at least it was when I was in fourth grade, now I doubt if it is taught in colleges).

    It’s called the Carbon Cycle: Grass take co2 from the air and turns it into sugar. The cows eat the grass, burn the sugar and turn it back into co2. Their gut flora takes a little of that carbon and turns it into methane, which is released and it is quickly turned into co2 also: There is NO NET CHANGE in co2 levels.

    Once again they use Agenda 21 to frighten and confuse “dumbed down” people. Our planet is not dying because of carbon, without it there would be no life on it. Our planet is dying because the military of most countries, the corporations destroy and pollute the oceans, the land, the air.

    Our own life is carbon based. Animals, tree’s, etc.

    Try this small experiment and actually be able to go breath real clean air. If you have chickens, rabbits, whatever build a greenhouse connected to their main “pen, night coup/house (if free run), etc. Leave an screened opening, (or if it is a critter that kicks up dust, some type of linen to filter. Grow your plants, garden. You will get the best vegetables, fruit, flowers. Now add a shower/bath/whatever for yourself (enclosed but where the steam/moisture can escape). Use it give it a some time to mature. When you eat your vegetables/fruits the taste is heaven, as they used to be. Then set-up some chairs a table within that area and go relax, just breath. You will start to notice you get healthier.

    That cannot be allowed. That is why all this Agenda 21, carbon BS. But it is lies. One can over do almost anything. But at this time our earth itself is gasping, the oceans and trees are dying. it is NOT the peoples fault, it is those in our government who poison the water, the earth, etc .. and yes, I did name the major culprits at the top.

    The less oxygen we have the more the oceans and trees die. when they die, the planet will die, or at least life as we know it. Why the big push into robots? Because they, the stupid corrupt “elites” that they will be able to transfer their “selves” int them and live forever. Yeah, really. They figure those of us they need will be transferred also.

    My feeling is that there are dead planets in our solar system that they can do that stuff in, so lets send them there. There is no need to let them “kill” this planet. Yes, they will become a problem in our future again because that is all they can do if we send them there, but being aware of them and their psychotic natures will (hopefully) keep our posterity on their toes.. There is little useful in them (“elites”) for those that want a normal, healthy, earth, and normal, healthy life on earth. Yes, part of that is my opinion, but even my opinions on those matters are based in fact.

    But, please try to understand the Carbon cycle that our God created for this planet.

    1. Right on Cal, but the real issues with “climate change” is the complete and utter falsification of data and the truth about what is really affecting our ecosystem. The climate modification programs by the military industrial complex along with the poisoning of our land and water by chemicals, nuclear waste from meltdowns and countless assaults from other industrial waste products being covered up by the criminals running the show are enough to make anyone’s head spin. The silent traitorous media is just as guilty as the criminal cabal waging this war against humanity. The criminals passing off as representatives of the people are just puppets being used for these completely stupid & idiotic bills that a complacent/apathetic populace have been too eager to swallow up, but slowly the great awakening is happening. The truth must continue to be shouted boldly…peace out bro!

      1. Your statements are so true. The entire global warming scheme targets individuals while leaving the mega-corp mega-polluters untouched. This is likewise manifested via the ‘setting aside’ of our ‘pristine lands,’ so celebrated by the environmental groups. Why would anyone sign one of their petitions for ‘land preservation’ when it results in government prohibiting its public use and ‘handing it over’ to the multi-nationals for exploitation of resources for pennies on the dollar? And yes, a pathetic populace simply laps it all up at face value for that warm-fuzzy feeling derived from believing they’ve made some valuable contribution by effortlessly clicking a few computer keys.

        As for the largest producers of methane, I’m sure CA won’t be cracking down on the state’s CAFO’s anytime soon; the target will be the free-range farmers with 10 cows.

        Had a good laugh over Woody’s comment as well. But just need to note that authentic Mexican beans are made with epazote, an herb or weed which acts to neutralize the formation of methane during digestion. Gotta love Mother Nature!

    2. Cal, you never cease to amaze me your knowledge on so many topics is amazing. and at Woody got to hand it to you your Mexican Food comment cracked me up.

      1. Charlie, thanks for that kind statement. That actually is what I was taught way back when in the fourth grade. Not sure if I know a lot about lots of topics, but anything to do with our country I feel I must learn at least enough to understand what they are doing or really saying.

        Probably helps that I have not watched TV since it was in black and white except a couple of times, and darn few movies. Bugs those around me as all their jokes refer to those acting people, movies, etc and since it has never “been my thing” it usually flies right past me.

        But books (!), and then computers – jumped right on them, even gaming… lol. We all do different things, and I learn a lot from everyone here and elsewhere. Love researching, etc.

        Plus it is just surface knowledge, general, not deep like scientists.

    3. It’s not about solving an alleged methane problem; it’s about control.

      To me, the tyranny seems to be leaping rather than creeping.

    4. The climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Give a politician an excuse to tax you and like magic, we get new climate science paid by billions of our tax dollars to political science greed in our socialist driven universities.. It’s amazing to me how utterly (worked in the cow) stupid the general public is that would give AGW and other catastrophic alarmists a platform. What ever happened to common sense? It takes but a moment to research and discover that CO2 is plant food. If CO2 is poison, then we should all be dead. We exhale 40,000 ppm; that’s 100 times the current atmospheric concentration. And by the way, 400 ppm is only .04 % which is insignificant as having a physical impact on the temperature of the atmosphere.

      It takes but a minute to discover that our atmosphere is not a green house, it only slows the heat leaving the surface. Just the tiniest effort will result in a discovery that the alarmists change their story faster than a cat can lick itself, while the people that try to keep legitimate science in the forefront are demonized Saul Alinsky style.

      In the late ’80’s the oceans were going to be 50 feet deeper by now. In the late 80’s, the plane was supposed to warm by 10 F by now. In the late 80’s, it was said the poor children would never see snow. The Greenland Ice sheet would suddenly slip into the ocean, wiping Atlantic cities off the maps. There would be world famine now. We’d be choking on the smoke from a world on fire. And on and on and on it goes.

      They paid a shrink to do a pole of climate scientists. They came up with 97% of all scientists agree that AGW is real. A fine example of the socialist caught in their lies. Cook cooked the research of 11,994 papers on climate change stating 97% agreed that man made global warming was “impart” a cause of current warming. Even though it was warmer in the 1930’s and no mention that it has been substantially warmer in the past medieval warm period than today. In truth, Cook through out all but ~78 papers. Our politicians swallow that crap.

      In short, with the increase in CO2, we grow our crops substantially faster and is higher nutritionally. If we can’t have animals that fart and don’t eat meat, then we’ll eat vegies and fart. 7 billion people with many more farts per day. Something stinks! Save the planet…fart in a jar!

      In the mix of globalism, the big climate scare lie is just another avenue to rape the public.

    1. 5WarVeteran……..Agenda 21 is indeed in full swing. I personally feel that the single hottest point in the UN Global Elite program that you never hear a word about is the SCN (Strong Cities Network) which is a major violation of our Sovereignty and Constitution. There are UN “boots” (personnel) on American soil in at least 6 cities across the country. Some of them are : Birmingham, Al., Ft. Worth, Tx., Gary, In., Minneapolis, Mn., Pittsburg, Pa., Stockton, Ca.,This is the UN One World Police Force that Obama had Attorney General Lynch announce in Oct. 2015 at a speech at the UN. They are blending in with local law enforcement and will recruit them or simply replace them. This has been done without the blessing of Congress or the Senate. If they can get enough “troops” on the ground that are loyal to Obama and that would not hesitate to fire on American citizens, you can see what the results could be. I have written (registered mail) my Senators and Congressmen asking for an explanation and how Obama could of done this without authority from both houses and the Sovereignty / Constitutional violations. None of them will even take the time to respond to me. Operation Jade Helm 15 is also related to this project. So, while everyone is talking about greenhouse gas emissions, the country is being infiltrated by Agenda 21 UN One World Police Force personnel and basically no one knows about it. The media has obviously been silenced and Congressional / Senate members silenced as well. This is SCN extremely serious and must be stopped at any cost if we are to remain a Sovereign Constitutional Republic. We are in real big trouble ladies and gentlemen……. !!

      1. May I also add that this SCN program, Obama, Attorney General Lynch, a new SCN Czar and cooperation from the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) are targeting Patriots, Veterans, Second Amendment supporters, supporters of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and our Sovereignty, people with NRA stickers, anti government and Obama stickers and Christians. The people mentioned are considered “domestic terrorists and threats to National Security”……in other words, traditional Americans……Like I said, we are in real trouble !! I would encourage David Codrea and the other talented writers of OK articles to make more of an issue about this and help spread the word of this SCN nightmare. The SCN UN One World Police Force program is like “circling the wagons” so they can gain police / enforcement control. They have already implemented step 1 and will move on from there. They already have a “foothold”……Beware !!

  4. You lost me on this one … yes, I understand all about confused city-folk, but … your article doesn’t really say anything about the title … what’s the cow fart bill say? What’s it all about? What are the demands, infringements?

    Also, it seems you must have written this article in haste as there are a few grammatical errors. Perhaps it’s time to close your eyes, take a deep breath, slowly exhale out, and regroup your energy and focus on your presentation.

    Love your commitment, and Thank You for all you do!

  5. “Forget the politically engineered mass starvation…”

    California’s food production supplies 50 percent of US fresh food. Take over that production and you can bring America to its knees. I submit that this is precisly the intent of this legislation, to further the Marxist agenda.

  6. Being a long term Cali resident (since 1979), there are many like myself, who are disappointed in how the “Golden State” has continued to turn “brown”…in many ways. Illegal immigrants should NEVER be allowed to become state legislators. It’s just wrong. Then, they try to change things so that their new residence looks like what they left in Mexico. They don’t assimilate and continue to call themselves Mexican-Americans, instead of becoming real American citizens. So wrong.

  7. The Fourteenth Amendment was never legally ratified. The Congress which allegedly ratified it was illegal because it refused to seat representatives from the defeated southern states. It did not pass by 2/3rds majorities in either house and the military occupied states, which were not recognized as states by the fedgov were forced to ratify it, making it a total fraud. See and and and much more documentation if you google “The Fourteenth Amendment was never legally ratified”

  8. This is “udder” stupidity. Proves the Democrats only need to continue showing how little they know to keep feeding at the taxpayer’s trough

  9. I’m seeing some confusion between global climate cooling/warming/change(pick your favorite flavor) and pollution. First let me state that ANYONE who believes MAN can do anything but pollute the earth needs a brain transplant. Man is just a molecule in the Big Picture. If all the molecules inhabiting earth bound together they can not accomplish in a hundred years what ONE VOLCANIC eruption does in one day regarding carbon emissions. Man can break a brass cannon ball but is totally out of his sphere when it comes CHANGING THE CLIMATE. Thinking otherwise exhibits severe dementia or you are on the receiving end of the MONEY FLOW.

  10. If California spent its money building desalination plants instead of attempting to spend 60 billion on a tunnel to divert water to save the Delta Smelt , it could probably feed the world AND absorb all the “dangerous” CO2. It would also lower the sea levels (as if that matters). Win/Win for the environmental warriors. BTW, I won’t stand for the national anthem either. Governments destroy civilization, capitalism builds it.

  11. Founding OK here. What in hell has happened to Oath Keepers?

    It’s been 4-1/2 years since oath-breaking Feds signed the NDAA essentially destroying our Bill of Rights. It’s been 2-1/2 years since the disastrous ‘Bundy Ranch standoff’. Cliven Bundy and other patriots are incarcerated with no justice in sight. Oath-breaking Feds grabbed victory from the jaws of defeat. And Oath Keeper’s is screwing around with a possible bicycle hit-and-run in New York City, frivolous official ‘Call-To-Actions’ asking members to send cards and flowers to cops and now COW FLATULENCE!

    Show strength instead of weakness. Start with oath-breaking Sheriffs. Pick a dirt bag and go after him. Put up a no-holds-barred billboard on Main Street. Picket his office, his home. Use civil disobedience if necessary. MAKE IT PERSONAL until he resigns. Next Sheriff UP!

    Ridiculous you say? OK. We can continue kicking the can down the road, focused on oaths to a Constitution that was destroyed 4-1/2 years ago.

    Stewart, are you listening?

    1. Yep…the theme here should be exactly as you say. Call out the globalists one at a time. Target them! Be relentless. Be the Alex Jones of constitutional law.

      Example: In Washington, the Attorney General Bob Ferguson (a non oath keeper) is co-writing legislation that will outlaw so called “assault” weapons and those that remain will be limited to 10 round magazines. That way, when Johny Jihad shows up with his “out law assault” weapon with an illegal hundred round canister, people in Washington state can shoot back with limited weapons.

      The lack of out rage is pathetic. We have to act. One man at a time if necessary. Make a sacrifice beyond our prior service.


  12. Why does Jerry Brown keep smelling these annoying odors?? Because he has his head so far up the elites ass, the smell will never come off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh no, David, the Republican establishment assures us that Latino migrants are “natural conservatives.”

    And the fools have the gall to wonder aloud why Trump and the Alt-Right are riding the crest of a groundswell of popular resentment and resistance.

  14. In California ; I can not find any milk , that’s not spoiled ; I wonder if there is a relationship too what the milk situation here is and what the Democrat’s are doing to the milk producers here in California ? I have never in my life time ever experienced such rotten milk , than I been experiencing , for the last two year’s !!!

  15. Citizens will continue to be harassed,
    robbed, raped, pillaged, bullied,
    attacked, beaten, murdered and
    infringed upon by the high crimes
    of these scumbags.
    Your craven refusal to accept the reality
    that this treasonous scum can
    only be checked and stopped by
    the knife, noose, and rifle, guarantees
    that the dairy farmers of California
    will be bankrupted, dispersed and destroyed.
    This is the sole outcome that awaits
    the Republic and the tireless efforts of
    your naivety.

    1. Great. Another tiger talking chatroom commando volunteering the lives of others, or an agent provocateur meat pup with George Soros’s arm all the way up him working the controls.

      Hey Tigey, the tree of liberty needs watering with the blood of patriots. So why not yours first, big boy? Why haven’t we already seen you on the 11 o’clock news? What are you waiting for?

      Don’t lead from behind like a wuss. Man up and lead by example! Get famous! Start the revolution!

      1. [Editor’s Note: I have deleted more than half the content of this post, because of ad hominem back-and-forth. Please — deal with topics, not with personalities. I discourage name-calling or character assessments rendered in derogatory fashion. Thank you for understanding.]

        Our Republic and Constitution are not
        being destroyed by a ‘wizard’ in Oz, hiding
        behind a curtain and pulling levers.
        That work is being done by a wholly treasonous
        and corrupt political class headquartered in
        D.C., operating franchises throughout the
        entirety of every state in the Republic.

  16. California will end up like Venezuela, unless bailed out by the rest of the states. In that case the entire USSA ends up like Venezuela. I’m leaning towards the latter scenario. Democracies, Socialism, and Fiat “Money” all eventually end up in the toilet.

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