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Jordan Page Now On Patreon




Attention Patriots:

Our friend and honorary Oath Keeper Jordan Page has just launched a Patreon account!


Patreon is a new platform to support artists and activists with monthly pledges to keep them doing what they do best.


Jordan has been an Oath Keepers supporter since 2009 and has done countless performances for our events, has for years publicly promoted the organization, and wrote our theme song, ‘Arm Yourselves’.


Monthly pledges on Patreon range from $1, $5, $10, $20 and on up, with different monthly perks for each tier of pledges.  These rewards range from exclusive access to new content (news, pictures, videos, new songs, etc), to access to his entire music catalog including unreleased material, to video Skype calls with Jordan, to getting him to video record a performance of your favorite song, to Jordan actually writing a song for you!  The money raised will fund Jordan’s tours, albums, music videos, and keep the lights on at the Page house!


Please sign up as a patron today and let’s keep Jordan Page spreading the liberty message for years to come!

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Elias Alias

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