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James Jaeger: Tracking Trolls On The Media’s Bridge

Tracking The Trolls On The Media’s Bridge

by  James Jaeger

Dear MAINSTREAM Associate,
As you may be aware, we are in production on a 2-part, feature-length motion picture about the Mainstream Media.  The feature is entitled, MAINSTREAM – How Hollywood Movies and the New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda.
Let me start by telling you exactly why we feel this movie is vital.
The Hollywood studios and the New York networks (the “Mainstream Media”) are run by people that are generally liberal.  As a result they don’t finance, distribute or promote films that are conservative.  Sure, they put out a conservative film once in a while, but this is done mainly to keep everyone quiet.  Given this, the only way a conservative film can get made is if donors or equity investors put up the money.  The good news is technology has made production cheaper and the Internet has provided a means of distribution so that millions of people can now see conservative films.  But even though conservative films can be released on the Internet, it’s not fair that they are generally suppressed by the Mainstream Media’s theaters, networks and other venues.  We are thus making MAINSTREAM to examine this problem. We want to open up the Mainstream Media to not only our conservative films, but other conservative filmmakers.
Over the decades, there have been a number of excellent books written about Hollywood studios and the New York networks, but there has never been an actual MOVIE made about the Mainstream Media that explains the ramifications of a media that’s liberal, corporate, secular and socialist leaning.  The reason is not difficult to imagine.  The Mainstream Media doesn’t spend money to examine or criticize itself.  In other words, Hollywood and the New York networks never make themselves the ISSUE.
hollywood-800x500_cEven though the Mainstream Media influences 95% of everything WE THE PEOPLE see, hear and read — there has never been a documentary taking a serious look at how this affects the U.S. Republic.  Or how it affects the children and the subtle ways they are being transformed into socialists, anti-Christians, liberals and politically correct zombies.  
We are making a movie to take a look at all this.
And no surprise, no one in Hollywood or the New York media is helping us.  In fact, we just came very close to having to temporarily shut down the production.  That’s right, if it were not for one particular citizen and his wife that really cares — and who just donated a substantial sum to the production budget  — we would be dark.  There are almost no words to describe what a loss this would have been.  So given this almost happened, please allow me to relate some financial background about movie financing.
The 7 documentaries we have so far produced have cost between $25,000 and $95,000 each.  MAINSTREAM, being a 2-part feature, will cost about $110,000.  If this sounds like a lot for “just” a movie, let me try and put things into perspective.
[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]
Michael Moore spent $160,000 making ROGER & ME, his first film.  We made our first film, FIAT EMPIRE for $25,000.  Michael Moore then spent $4.3 million making BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE;  $6 million for FARENHEIT 9/11;  $9 million for SICKO; $20 million for CAPITALISM: A Love Story and $11 million for CANADIAN BACON.   None of these films express traditional Christian values or even a conservative point of view.  Instead, every Michael Moore-film bashes, not only conservative principles, but free market-capitalism itself.  They all push liberal, secular values and European-styled socialism — exactly what the CONTROL GROUP believes in.  Not one Michael Moore-documentary mentions the Christian influence on the U.S. Constitution or how far we have wandered from the principles the Founders used to establish the United States of America.
In short, Michael Moore has received over $50,000,000 to make his past 7 anti-Constitutional documentaries and we have received less than $350,000 to make our past 7 pro-Constitutional documentaries.  And what is the reason for this?  Simple.  The Mainstream Media funds Michael Moore’s movies and it suppresses ours.
Given the Mainstream Media’s proclivities, do you think it is possible for Michael Moore — or any filmmaker — to make a movie that does NOT reflect the interests, values, cultural perspectives and prejudices of the CONTROL GROUP of the Mainstream Media?  Of course not.
midnightride_DailyBellWere Michael Moore to make a movie like MOLON LABE or MIDNIGHT RIDE — discussing the FIVE reasons Americans must “keep and bear arms”  — he would be shut down in a millisecond.  And were Michael Moore to then make a movie like MAINSTREAM — discussing WHY the Mainstream Media shut him down — he would not only be shut down, but vilified as well.
So folks, I’m asking you to take a look at this dilemma. 
The Mainstream Media never funds projects that in any way make itself the issue.  Accordingly, one of the books that has inspired the current production, IT’S THE MEDIA STUPID, goes into this in detail. 
If we only need $110,000 to make a documentary film about the Mainstream Media and this documentary can reach millions of people on the Internet, aren’t those pretty good odds?  If there are over 90 million Americans out there that demand the Second Amendment NOT be infringed; if there are as many who believe the Federal Reserve violates the U.S. Constitution — is there not a good chance these people will eventually be supportive of our films once they know they exist?
The problem is they do NOT know they exist.  They do NOT know that they exist BECAUSE the Mainstream Media has made sure they do NOT find out they exist.  This is what we mean when we refer to “Trolls on the Bridge to Liberty.”  The CONTROL GROUP of the Mainstream Media are the Trolls on the Bridge to Liberty because they have no INTEREST in Constitutional principles; they do not VALUE free market-capitalism; their CULTURAL PERSPECTIVE is Marxist AND they are PREJUDICED against the Christian underpinnings of America.  In short, movies reflect their makers and those makers promote THEIR agenda, not the agenda of WE THE PEOPLE.
This is BAD news, but the positive is we have still managed to raise  $25,895 for the production of MAINSTREAM.  For these donations we are grateful and thank the donors, but we will need an additional $83,795 to complete MAINSTREAM with proper production values.  This is not difficult to achieve if everyone chips in a little.  We have a mailing list of over 30,000 citizens so if even 838 of these citizens (3%) stepped forward and donated $100 each, we would easily make this sum.  And there is nothing the Trolls can do about this.
If more than 3% donated — say 10% — we would have enough of a production/marketing budget  — $300,000 — to BLAST this movie all over the place.  That said, could you IMAGINE what we could do if one out of every two donated even $100 per year?  That would be $1.5 million — enough to establish an on-going slate of conservative, Christian movies that respect the U.S. Constitution.  What would the Trolls on the Bridge do if THAT happened?  And believe me, they do NOT want that to happen and, in fact, they are counting on the hope that it never DOES happen.
So I think you can see how the numbers work.
The only question is will a sizable number of people step forward with modest donations so that a few people don’t have to step forward with burdensome donations.  On MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE we had over 838 donors — so the task of spreading the burden is nowhere near impossible.
Do your part.  Donate $100 and forward this Progress Report to family, friends and associates and especially people of means.  Many of you reading this Progress Report already HAVE donated to our previous productions and as a result the following films are out there in the public domain being watched by millions of people every year:
And don’t look now, but the films ARE making a difference: WE THE PEOPLE are now literally revolting against the business-as-usual DC Establishment.  It’s called the RON PAUL REVOLUTION and THE TRUMP MOVEMENT.  Yes, these films, and YOUR DONATIONS, have helped bring this about – a fact the Mainstream Media would NEVER acknowledge.  YOU are making a SERIOUS difference.
And consider this:  In MAINSTREAM, we will be discussing and promoting the previous 7 documentaries listed above. We will be HAMMERING the Trolls and demanding to know WHY they refuse to finance, distribute or promote movies on the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment yet they CLAIM to be citizens of the United States.  We will be demanding to know why the Trolls have NOT invited even ONE of our experts on even ONE of their Network TV shows over the past TEN years to discuss the material in even ONE of our documentaries centering around the U.S. Constitution.  Experts like:
Can you BELIEVE that not ONE of these experts has been invited onto even ONE of the Troll’s shows to promote the issues they discuss in the 7 films?
[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]
The obvious reason our films have been suppressed or ignored is because they fly in the face of the Globalist Agenda — the agenda being promoted by the Mainstream Media.
So of course the Mainstream Media isn’t going to finance or promote the current production OR any of the previous productions.  This is why we are totally at YOUR mercy.  If concerned citizens, such as yourself, help make MAINSTREAM possible, I guarantee this movie will stir the barrel like no other.  In fact, if we can cause enough “trouble” (controversy) with MAINSTREAM we may FORCE the Mainstream Media to place attention on this movie.  If that happens, the same attention will be placed on our previous 7 movies because we are going to plaster these 7 movies all over the production of MAINSTREAM.
So this is the strategy.  We hope you will participate in helping us make it happen.  Pay NO attention to ANYTHING anyone says that’s NEGATIVE about this documentary.  Such people are apologists for Hollywood or the system.  As Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America once told me:  “James, you know you’re bombing right over the target when they’re screaming the loudest at you.” 
With this in mind, help us drop some INFORMATION BOMBS by going to and donating what you can afford. 
We will grant “Producer,” “Executive Producer,” “Associate Producer” and “Production Associate” screen credits commensurate with your donation to acknowledge your contribution.  Also you can watch all 7 of the previous movies for free.  They’re all at and they were all made possible by donors like you.  Thank you.
And as far as the current production of MAINSTREAM, you can watch the promo trailers, read a synopsis and the narration script, review the budget and see excerpts of some of the experts we have so far interviewed.  Everything is at
Thank you for helping us get almost through “principal photography” (the interviews), and thank you for passing this Progress Report around.  As you are probably aware, a “more perfect union” is built upon the backs of men and women who care.
               JAMES JAEGER,


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Yes, we have trolls. Lots of them. They are everywhere. They constantly brow beat and attempt to suppress any opinion that does not embrace their movement. Most are communists er- democrats. They are the most vocal, hateful people you will ever run into online.

    Wellll… Trolls are like vampires. Simply turn on the sunlamp (the truth) and they wither. Armed with the truth and unedited history, they can be demolished and sent back their parents basement in no time.

    Diligence and showing up armed with truthful information works every time. Good luck on your hunting expeditions.

  2. I would like you to interview Guillermo Maldonado. He has a church of about 15,000 in Miami, Fl. Check out some of his books also – check on Amazon. I think that if pastors would have done what he is doing that the churches in the USA might have kept the country on track.

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