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Charlotte and Consequence-Free Crimes – Patriot Nurse


Here is another video from Patriot Nurse. As she points out, if the rule of law breaks down, society breaks down.

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Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Yes!… and the political criminals seem to be immune from “consequence for actions against we the people.” I suppose since there is little outrage except for us few, we have to expect more or worse to come. The mercenaries in the 450+ rogue agencies are all militarized, trigger happy goons I assume. I don’t see any of them quitting there job and/or coming out to stand against the tyranny they work for. If I was a CEO of or owner of an ammunition producer, I would refuse to sell them ammo. If I was similarly a gun producer I would refuse to sell them weapons. What patriot would do such a thing?

    Spend a week inventorying your consumption, multiply by 52, then stock up the resulting needs. Waste not.

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