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Breaking: North Dakota Governor Activates National Guard Against Pipeline Protest


Keeping you updated on what is happening with the pipeline dispute in North Dakota. – Shorty Dawkins

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by Nick Bernabe

(ANTIMEDIA) North Dakota — Previously peaceful protests at the construction site of the Dakota Access pipeline have officially been militarized. North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple has called on the state’s National Guard to reinforce law enforcement at the construction site where Native American protesters are currently blocking further development.

Over the weekend, peaceful protests turned violent after security guards from G4S, a British mercenary group, unleashed dogs on the demonstrators, provoking a confrontation the media spun as violently aggressive on the part of those protesting. The scuffle ensued after construction workers allegedly destroyed sacred Native American burial sites. However, video from the scene tells a different story — one of provocation from proponents of pipeline security.

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The activation of the National Guard is likely a backup measure as the pipeline company and protesters await a court decision that could give pipeline construction a green light, possibly causing further confrontation between law enforcement, mercenaries, and protesters. The National Guard has a long history of violently crushing civil unrest in the United States.

UPDATE 9/8: National Guard troops have already been spotted operating a checkpoint near the protest site. (images below)


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Shorty Dawkins



  1. The Government believes in “Divide and conquer”. Therefore the government has already tried to make it look as though Oath Keepers and people who sympathize with oath keepers hate minorities and hate native americans (look at the way they put a spin on the issues in oregon-and oath Keepers didn’t even organize that). Will Oath Keepers be rallying to support the Tribe and their constitutionally protected treaties, and other rights?

  2. So…British mercs on American soil. Nothing like an invasion by a foreign entity under the disguise of big business. If asked are the OKs going to go and protect the rights of the AMERICANS there? Are we going to at least get into the heads of the N.G. and remind them of their oaths to the Constitution and not to any foreign company or Country?

    I have to say that this incident pisses me off as much as if not more than the Bundy Ranch incident. Bad enough to have to deal with our own oath breakers without importing a bunch of punks from England. Could be worse, they could have come from France.

    In retrospect on the last, the Natives would have steam rolled over the French.
    But then, I am only an under educated white man, so what do I know.

    1. Providing protection of these people’s rights under their constitutionally protected treaties would be a great way for oathkeepers to show that the lies told about them and like-minded patriots are not true.

  3. America is getting closer to all out Civil War. The Bundy stand-off with BLM swat teams was the beginning. The next event was Malheur Wildlife Reserve, but the participants were only a few and were whisked-away quickly and now out-of-sight.
    Getting the Native Americans involved now is better than nothing, since the Native Americans responded negatively towards the Bundy’s (same) actions….but like they say, what goes around, comes around.

    1. The government is the enemy of native americans. The government is the enemy of people like you and I. The media puts a spin on things to make native americans not trust us, and make us not trust them so that we stay divided so that the government can conquer us all. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid. Support the native americans.

  4. Water is by far the most precious resource on this struggling planet of ours. The rich nor the government don’t care about if what we drink is clean or contaminated. Folks when oh when does this stuff stop. WHEN WILL WE finally stand and fight after all is takenot from us and we have NOTHING TO fight for. Again I ASK are our precious CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN worth fighting for. This is now getting embarrassing…they know we won’t fight that’s why the powers that be are so open with their naked aggression… I say this if we are willing to give Our lives for our children’s future then we are a cowardly generation. This is not our children’s responsibility…it is ours….. waked up brothers and sisters native and American Patriot alike . They won’t stop taking ground unless we take it back

  5. The powers that be are smart enough to bring in the National Guard. Cause now anyone who is called into protect innocent civilians from a security firm that sics attack dogs on woman and children and men. Those wanting to or asked to help protect those on the ground won’t get in. As one American to another why why why aren’t our children worth standing up for. I’m gonna say this and yes it will piss a lot of folks off. But stop and reflect before you answer. Why were so many ready to go to fight in a foreign country “Iraq” that did nothing to us . Yet those that are destroying our country get met with NO such force. If someone wants to explain this to me I’m all ears. That is not to take away from those brothers and sisters that went to fight . Rather to those that didn’t. Isn’t it our turn to protect freedom when it’s most threatened here at HOME. By people that laugh and mock us daily… how did we get here???? Where we will jump at a moments notice to fight on foreign soil. But we won’t fight for our own….explain that to your children and grandchildren on your deathbed …

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