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American Thinker: WikiLeaks Hack: Soros Called Shots U.S. Policy Toward Albania

Soros And U.S. Foreign Policy Bypass Congress

Money is Influence; Influence is Power; Power is managed by Politics.

Let’s look at how “behind-the-scenes” “players” affect policy decisions within the imposter national government. We can begin with this article from BBC in January, 2011, regarding Albania. (We will look into Ukraine elsewhere, soon.)

EU urges Albania to defuse political crisis

January 17, 2011 * BBC *

The European Union has urged Albania’s rival political leaders to restore respect for state institutions.

Three people were shot dead on Friday when anti-government demonstrators clashed with police.

EU envoy Miroslav Lajcak met Albanian leaders in the capital Tirana on Wednesday, in a mediation effort aimed at easing tension and getting Albania’s EU membership bid back on track.

Mr Lajcak said it was up to Albania’s leaders “to do what we ask them to do”.

Addressing a news conference, he said: “I reminded your political leaders of their shared responsibility for preventing any further violence and bloodshed… and respecting state institutions. No one is above the state institutions.”


Tension between Mr Berisha’s government and the opposition Socialists grew last week, after the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta. He was accused of corruption over a power plant tender.

In Friday’s unrest, thousands of protesters pelted Mr Berisha’s office and police with stones and eggs. Police fired tear gas, rubber bullets and stun grenades in response.

“I made it clear that the European future for Albania depends very much on whether the political leaders choose to do what we ask them to do, and do it now,” Mr Lajcak said after the talks.

(end quoted passages)

The above article in 2011 by BBC also included this statement —

Albania is a Nato member and applied for EU candidate status before its last parliamentary election in 2009. But the EU has highlighted the need for Albania to tackle corruption and foster a democratic political culture.

Meaning, of course, that if Albania wanted to join the EU, it must hand over some of its sovereignty, bow on one knee, and do as it is told. That is the same dilemma the United States faces via its membership in the United Nations

Additional links from BBC furnish good background:

EU Enlargement 2014:

Albania country profile:


american-thinker-logo-partial_left-sideStunning revelation: Wikileaks hack shows that Soros called the shots on US policy toward Albania

By Thomas Lifson
Who was in charge of U.S. foreign policy when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state?  That is a legitimate question to consider in light of the most stunning revelation yet mined from the Wikileaks hack.  George Soros is suggesting an intervention in domestic Albanian politics, and getting his way!

Kyle Olsen of the American Mirror spotted the incriminating email chain, which begins:

American Thinker: WikiLeaks Hack: Soros Called Shots U.S. Policy Toward Albania


The PDF in question is soros-state-dept-albania-2011

Please enjoy this article in full at The American Thinker website –

Editor’s Note: This info was sent in by S. Florida Oath Keepers Coordinator, Armando del Pino with this comment: “More proof she’s bought and paid for.”  


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