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This is going bonkers on the Internet, so much so that even Yahoo has posted a Fox News article about it. But that was only after Alex Jones capitalized on MSM’s failure to totally shut down a viral video which showed the DNC’s candidate for the White House demonstrating her vulnerability to possible health issues. I’d like to know what you think about this, so please do leave your comments under this article.

The video Alex Jones ensured would not go away –

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””]

Fox News got on the wagon, here:

Yahoo linked to Paste Magazine which went as far as to dig into what the DNC might do if she has to drop out of the race –

The New York Times did a “steering” job in their attempt to downplay the seriousness of the event –

But what everyone saw really did happen, and the nation will be abuzz this week. So what is your take, eh?


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  1. A reasonable thinking person would not run for president in this sort of poor health. But the Clintons are so deep in returning financial favors from the pen of the White House, that they are forced to proceed. She is receiving her sentence to hell for the evil murders and corruption she and her rapist coke snorting husband are responsible for. R.I.H.

  2. I have been praying to the Heavenly Father that her health issue would come out showing that she is unfit to be president. We all know the several reasons she is unfit, but I believe that the straw that will break the camel’s back will be her indisputable health problem and that health wise she would be unable to perform her duties as the commander-in-chief and leader of the free world. My 2 cents….

  3. I watched her very closely as she gave a speech last week. “Low energy” doesn’t come close…she didn’t have the energy for expression of any kind. Medications I imagine. I knew in that moment there is no way this woman crosses the finish line. IMHO both Hill & Bill are collapsing under the weight of a literal mountain of sin and un-repentance. They’ve only one hope…and they will never take that step, pray as we might for them.

    1. @Jerry, EXACTLY! Now people are just holding their noses for one or the other. If she drops out who ever takes here place will be a shoe in and completely controlled.

  4. The DNC is in a meeting today (9/12) to discuss her removal from the race, or decide to carry her corpse across the finish line and give the Marxist Kaine his reign.

    Biden is a Christian while Kaine is a radical communist Jesuit involved in Central America and a big time gun grabber. If Biden is forced on the ticket….Trump can defeat him, but will be much harder than dealing with the “bag lady.” Hopefully it will be Kaine…and easy defeat.

    She is about done and will NOT remove herself and will fight to stay in…because Hillary is Bill’s last hope for what he wants to do, i.e. U.N. Secretary General, plus all the promises to foreign identities while Hillary was Secretary of State and the tons of money laundered thru the Clinton Foundation. If Hillary is put to pasture….those foreign identities will be looking at Bill to give back millions of dollars, if not billions.

    If that happens….Bill will be pushing a grocery cart outside their once mansion in New York with Hillary in the cart.

    Then the “bag lady” will fit her completely.

  5. Thank God for the average people out there with cameras or video cameras, and for their courage in putting out what they record.
    I found this analysis of Hillary’s health and her medical records (essentially just a note from her doctor) both credible, since it’s from a physician, and interesting.

    Former GOP Senate Candidate (Who Is a Doctor) Claims Hillary’s Health Problem Isn’t “Dehydration”

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