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Redoubt News: What have they done to Ryan Bundy?

Above photo courtesy Redoubt News

Editor’s Note: I would like to introduce all Oath Keepers to a dedicated and tireless couple of journalists who operate “Redoubt News” in the northwest mountain States. Headquartered in Idaho, Shari Dovale and Bret Roush keep the hammer down full time, and do a remarkable volume of “on-site” coverage of newsworthy events while keeping their news service current. I have met them at the Jake Ryan rally in Plains, Montana, and at the recent sentencing of Joe Robertson in Missoula, Montana.  Throughout this entire year they have kept their readers abreast of developments with the cowboys who participated in the Burns, Oregon occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge which was led by Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum and friends.  Shari and Bret’s website is a great place to keep up with the Redoubt, so I go there myself to see what’s new. You can subscribe to their email service at their site. Shari and Bret are very well connected in the American West, and provide the best coverage of the northwest Redoubt. Shari Dovale has the latest update on what the guards have done to Ryan Bundy, so I’d like to send all our readers to Redoubt News to learn about the latest travesty by government institutions. I will include here just a few “teaser” paragraphs from Shari’s article.  The guards have injured Ryan Bundy in a violent and criminal way, and it centers around a bullet in Ryan Bundy’s arm which may be a key piece of evidence in the investigation ongoing into the role played by the FBI shooters at the scene of LaVoy Finicum’s murder this past January, where Ryan Bundy collected up a bullet in his arm, fired by, well, that’s why the government wants to remove that bullet by any means — to ascertain (or cover-up) the origin of the shot. Oath Keepers salutes Shari Dovale and Bret Roush for excellent journalism and dedicated patriotism.


Elias Alias, editor



What have they done to Ryan Bundy?

August 13, 2016; by Shari Dovale


Ryan Bundy is in Solitary Confinement until after his trial. This means that he will have limited opportunities to prepare for defending his freedom. How did this happen?

Bundy was a major player in the political protest that took place at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County this past January. On January 26, 2016, the FBI, in coordination with Oregon State Police (OSP), staged an illegal “Deadman’s Roadblock” which resulted in the murder of LaVoy Finicum. It also left a bullet, or possibly a fragment of a bullet, in the arm of Ryan Bundy.

The FBI agents are already under investigation for lying during that incident. They claimed that they did not fire their weapons. However, it has been shown that there were two bullet casings that were illegally removed from the scene. All of OSP’s shots have been accounted for, therefore the shots seem to have come from the FBI.

This is all relevant because of the bullet left in Bundy’s arm. It was never removed, even though he was treated for it after being arrested. This could be crucial evidence of the FBI cover-up.

[ … ]

Early last week, Ryan was taken to a hearing in which the government attempted to convince Bundy to allow them to remove the evidence from his arm. He reiterated his terms for removal and the government, again, denied those terms. They do not want anyone other than themselves to retain, and analyze, the evidence against them.

Bundy was returned to his cell at Multnomah County Jail.

This past Tuesday, August 9th, Ryan Bundy was awakened early by several guards. He was told to get up, as he had “an appointment.” Bundy did not refuse to go, however, he did ask them where he was going. This question was deemed inappropriate and considered to be “refusing” to follow the guards orders.

By just asking a question.

They proceeded to manhandle him out of his cell. When they got to the stairway, one guard, Sgt. Curtis E. Sanders, actually attempted to push Ryan down the stairs. He was severely hurt, with his wrist dislocated, his thumb either broken or dislocated, knee trouble, and head injuries.


Read this story in full at Redoubt News, then come back here and post your thoughts in the comment section under this article. Thank you!


Elias Alias, editor

PS: Thanks go to “AM” for name correction. Apologies to Jake!


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. When will “”enough strong people link up”” to put a firm boot down to stop to this dastardly usurping Valerie Jarrett/Obama shit?
    Never? Years? Decades?

    1. At this point I feel like the government is just collectively poking us all in the chest and they are right up in our faces saying “what are you going to do about it punks?” “Yeah we murdered LaVoy Finicum punks so what are you gonna do about it huh?”

      I am ashamed that myself and millions of my fellow Americans have not already put a stop to this shit.

      1. The past 7.66 years has been nothing but a protracted sequence of outrages, 100% intended as psy-op distractions, while zer0, his handlers, and their “merry band” of Alinski-ite, chest-poking pranksters trample as many rights in the Bill of Rights as they can manage in their alloted time.

        Yes, “they” ARE poking us in the chest…each group among us in turn, as they angle and triagulate trying to elicit their coveted “Bubba Effect”…a manufactured ‘crisis’ that they are opportunistically poised to turn to their advantage…Against the Second Amendment, or the Tea Party, “Three percenters”…”all of the above”, who can say?

        (I vote “all on the above”, myself…)

        Sooner or later, we will stop them – I pray we exercise the wisdom and strategic restraint to make it upon a field and at a time of our choosing!

      2. Imperator,

        I agree with you that action should only be taken on our terms and according to our timetable. I do not advocate violence either unless of course we have to defend ourselves from violence. That having been said though the reason I feel ashamed is because we haven’t taken really ANY concrete action collectively, not even a peaceful protest with any real strength behind it following the murder of LaVoy Finicum. Now these good men are languishing in jail, being assaulted and tortured and yet all we the so called “patriots” do is talk. In my book it is LONG past time to make a stand. LONG past time! I am sorry to say this but I just do not see the leadership we need here at OK’s or at the III% or anywhere really. I was ready to put my boots on and go to Oregon a long time ago but what good will it do for me to go by myself? Where is the call to action from the patriots? Where is it? There are MANY non violent things we could do that would bring enormous pressure on those holding these men in jail and those attempting to cover-up the murder of LaVoy. If only the dam call would go out to take action! Where is the call? I can think of ways right now to win this fight without a single shot being fired but it would involve massive action by thousands or tens of thousands of patriots who are willing to hold their ground. The dam leaders of this patriot movement have to start leading though. I can’t reach very many patriots but they can. There are probably millions of people out there ready to do something but with no direction and no cohesive group to join with to do it. Hell man the last call to action from the PPN I answered immediately and said I would go down there and act as the PPN’s reporter on the ground. Do you know what response I got from my e-mail to the PPN with all my details asking for them to vett me and get me involved? The response was… no response at all! Not even an e-mail back saying hey Adam we are working on it. Just dead silence is all I got. So how in the hell are we ever going to make any kind of stand, peaceful or otherwise with total lack of communication and leadership like that? Christ man my posts on Facebook for Los Angeles Oathkeepers get deleted by the moderator. So it looks to me like we are not going to take action at a time of our choosing or at any time ever. It looks to me like a permanent stand down and total lock out of any voices, like mine, in any decisions whatsoever. At OK’s I am gagged and ignored so I will just start planning things to do on my own I guess since there is no other choice. It is really too bad that the choice was made to gag everyone but the leadership, because that just killed my motivation to answer when the OK’s call next time. I can’t even reach Stewart anymore by e-mail or phone so to hell with it I will go it alone.

      3. Hello Adam. I have felt that way too. Ive been looking for ingo on these guys and haven’t heard anything. So i choose to do things myself. Email judge, sheriff and local politicians everyday for 30 to 60 days. Make phone calls to same. Encourage others to do the same. Get the message out to others to get involved. By doing this much, you will have done your part. That’s all anyone can do at this point.
        You can also contact there family members too. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing, just do your part. I will do the same. Take care.

      4. WHO and WHEN is “”ANYONE”” going to act in a “”results producing way”” to defend Ryan Bundy or any other patriot from great physical harm and illegal violence from Leviathan??

        Should we send those sick pervert axxhole guards some pretty flowers when only a kick in the face and testicles is the only appropriate response??

        WHO and WHEN is “”ANYONE”” going to defend Ryan Bundy or any other patriot from great physical harm and illegal Leviathan directed violence?

        FACT: In 2016, intelligence gathering and information collection is “”POWER””.
        Spend the money, and recruit all of the necessary veterans and necessary people and sponsors and drive forward to develop a no-bull-shit no-holds barred respect-worthy intelligence network if you ever intend to do anything about anything..

        Then secure the full names, photos, home addresses, license plate numbers, full personal vehicle descriptions, detailed 24 hour predictable patterns of movement anywhere in their communities of those sick pervert axxhole guards.

        Then expend all of the necessary resources to post it everywhere possible, print, faxes, e-mails, posters, buttons, pins, patches, screen printed shirts, and all scope of radio and social media!!
        FACT: In 2016, intelligence gathering and information collection is “”POWER””.


        Do it legal. But have all of the skills, leadership, and organization required to make those low-life axxhole Guards (and other future selected tools of Leviathan) god-damned uneasy and quaking in their own skins! Make an impact that is real for God’s sake!
        Do something that produces large scale measurable results legally.

        Or; patriots can do useless meaningless activities of nothingness.
        Accomplish nothing today, only promises of action in the forever elusive never to arrive tomorrow, and let those low-life axxhole guards “”just beat the living crap out of those Bundy’s (and absolutely anyone else)”” at will, seven days a week. All while leaderless patriots dither, dawdle, and delay, without bold inspired men seeking to do what the military taught them to do, A nation full of veterans and patriots that will likely do absolutely nothing that is effectively uniteing patriot organizations, or accomplishing anything measurable or meaningfully goal-line oriented..

        In which case, you should expect no victories ever. Expect Leviathan to become much more lawless and much more tyrannical and violent towards patriots…

        “Silence in the face of tyranny is your consent to that tyranny”

    2. It’s not going to improve until local people stand up to take action. If my brother, my neighbor, is abused like Bundy is, then I take action…real action. Judges, LEOs, and so forth will suffer 10 fold, an eye for an eye. Pretty simple.

  2. Too bad BLM couldn’t learn from the video. I have been having difficulty with supporting LEO’S because of these truths. I WANT to support law enforcement but their own behavior where I live has made that difficult. I personally have never had a problem but of a physical nature with an officer but some close to me have and I was helpless witness full well knowing that if I opened my mouth I would also be assaulted and cuffed.

  3. Ryan is undergoing torture to break him, teach him and show him that he can’t beat the system.

    what ever happened to the Rancher who was shot while trying to put down his bull that was hit by a car. I can’t find any news on the “investigation” of why he was shot by the deputies.

    stay strong Bundy!

  4. Here is a video to go with the Redoubt News. I also read it, get iRedoubt delivered to my e mail.

    No one who was protesting constitutionally should be imprisoned or murdered here in the USA. The “law enforcement” officers who are “just following orders” and/or “just doing their jobs” are committing treason, committing at least one felony and the crime of Perjury. If force, or the threat of force, is used they then also make themselves *Terrorists against the American people.

    Dong this when one is Oath bound to the US Constitution, or required to be so that the unlawful that SERVE WITHIN our governments in unconstitutionally valid agencies can steal their property is disgusting and criminal in action. When you (generic ‘you”) ignore their actions because they are too far away, and the “who needs ranchers, farmers anyway” attitude REMEMBER that the policy they are trying to get into place is that the “government” (NWO, yeah world government) will OWN EVERYTHING. You will live where they tell you to live, eat what they ALLOW you to eat, drink what they ALLOW you to drink, go where they allow you to go, etc. If this is the life YOU want, there are already nations similar to that. GO THERE.

    Here in America it will be those that created the orders to go after the people that is gone for, not the treasonous, terrorists that will obey their orders INSTEAD of KEEPING their Oath to the US Constitution. Remember they too will be allowed to own NOTHING. That is all out in the open, have you traitorous supporters of the non government (because we only have a government when those who serve within it are following and keeping the US Constitution) ever considered that you will also loose everything, own NOTHING if we who support the LEGITIMATE government of our land cannot keep it? Think about it.

    God Bless and Stay Safe All

    If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

    Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

    Information about Bundy
    Ryan Bundy Assaulted, Update w/ Angie Bundy and Gavin Seim

    Published on Aug 9, 2016

    Reupload for those without Facebook, Ryan Bundy was allegedly assaulted at the county jail by five deputies. Possibly over the bullet remaining in him from the FBI murder of Lavoy Finicum, and attempted murder of multiple other people at a road block in a rural part of Oregon.

    From Facebook:
    ‘Ryan Just Phoned Angie and here’s what actually happened.’

    ‘Angie just heard from Ryan. He did nothing wrong. Sheriffs beat him up and now he is being punished for their actions!’

    Gavin Seim for Liberty

    1. Gavin if this is you speaking here in this comment please contact me at and lets start working together on organizing some non-violent actions patriots can get involved with. I have all the professional video and photography equipment and the know how to get our efforts noticed in a BIG way! Lets face it man it is up to us to start leading. Talk to Elias Alias if you want to know who I am and what I can do. I am serious Gavin I like your work and I think you will like mine and maybe we can get this dam train moving together brother.

      Here is some of my recent work:

      Here is some of work from a few years back:

  5. This is not our government. Criminals have seized our nation’s machinery of federal law enforcement. They have no legitimacy. They will never give it back. And each day that we acquiesce, they advance on our position and consolidate their power.

    1. Those jail guards are Sheriff’s deputies. Maybe a… CALL TO ACTION for Oath Keepers to Deliver Cards and Flowers to Local Police Across the Nation, Expressing Our Sympathy and Support?

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