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Obama’s VA Cemetery Confederate Flag Ban Intended to Further Divide and Inflame

Under “progressive” rules for what is now deemed historically acceptable, it’s fair to ask how much longer this lithograph will be housed in the Library of Congress before it’s burned.

“The Veterans Affairs Department quietly moved this month to ban flying of Confederate flags from fixed flagpoles at the cemeteries it runs, striking yet another blow against the controversial emblem,” The Washington Times reports. “Congress had debated and rejected that change, but the Obama administration decided to move forward anyway, saying it was unilaterally imposing the restrictions.”

So much for separation of powers. So much for checks and balances. And the gutless Congress, terrified of being called “racist,” lets that larger principle slide, no matter the damage an imperial presidency does to freedom.  Besides, the “Republican”-controlled House already caved before that provision was ultimately dropped from a VA funding bill.

What this latest move does is disallows Confederate flags to be flown on Memorial Day and Confederate Memorial Day.  Rules for placing small flags on individual graves have not been rewritten – yet.

Why is the administration bringing this up now? The same reason it was brought up earlier: For cynical political gain. That and to paint anyone opposing “progressive” subversion as a racist.

When ginning up racial divisions to exploit in November — and consequences of stirring the pot be damned — there’s no time to waste. It’s not like the VA has more pressing priorities, like making sure vets get needed health care treatments and other services owed — instead of dying while waiting as officials try to hide evidence of their failures.

For that, the Obama administration once more heeds Rahm Emanuel’s advice to never let a serious crisis go to waste. In this case, they’re making lemonade out of lemons by disarming veterans, reporting those “who have a fiduciary trustee to act on their behalf for legal or financial matters” to the FBI so they’ll fail the NICS as “mental defectives.”

And thank you for your service…

The Confederate flag decree is simply another opportunity seized to force a “fundamental transformation” agenda on many Southern veterans and their survivors. And as with all things “progressive,” it reflects Opposite Day projection: Because hate is the prime motivator. That and exerting dominance over a cultural element many in the administration despise.

“Today, more than 40% of all military recruits come from the South, according to Defense Department statistics. By comparison, fewer than 15% are natives of the Northeast,” USA Today reports. “Moreover, there are military facilities everywhere in the South. More than one-third of the nation’s troops — about 420,000 — are based in Virginia, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia alone.”

“For many Americans, the flag came to represent the South as a region,” Craig Warren, a professor and Civil War book author noted. “For many white Southerners today, it still symbolizes regional pride.

“Ban without an educational initiative, one that simply associates the battle flag with swastikas and other racist imagery, would needlessly and predictably inspire more controversy,” Warren cautioned. Yet that’s exactly what the Obama administration just did, and its lying apparatchiks aren’t even trying to mask their seething hatred and contempt any more.

“While racist individuals and groups continue to embrace the Confederate battle flag, it has never been more clear that this anachronistic symbol of hatred, slavery, and insurrection should not be promoted or gratuitously displayed on federal property,” Rep. Jared Huffman, a California Democrat behind the flag ban crowed in victory.

It should come as no surprise Huffman is rated “F” by Gun Owners of America for all the oath-breaking infringements of RKBA he supports. He also gets an “F” on immigration for Numbers USA, indicating his complicity in the directed cultural terraforming of the Republic.

He’s typical of the domestic enemy within the gates intent on doing that reshaping in increments, just like with the war on guns (which are banned at VA cemeteries “except for official purposes,” incidentally). Each beachhead gained provides a launching point for the next incursion.

Don’t be surprised, unless this nation undergoes a miraculous restoration, to see newly-“offensive” unit history flag streamers banned, and for the 10 Army posts named for Confederate officers to be either renamed or closed.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. This is outrageous! Just one more thread from the fabric of our society. It’s a sad day when politicians try to erase history so that they can manipulate our country’s children.

  2. Figures. If anyone picked up a history book in poiltics they would know that the only reason that we have a holiday called MEMORIAL DAY is because of the wives, mothers, sisters and families of fallen soldiers in the second war for independence. Bunch of fools.

    1. Just got through reading your article linked above. Excellent, Rick.
      The winners of the war also claim Lincoln replaced McClellan with Burnside because Mac was a coward and paranoid, as well as other “mental” or character reasons. Evidence shows Mac’s reluctance and dittering were more likely based on moral precepts. His objection was probably based on his reluctance to invade Virginia, and most of his effort were linked to only defense.

  3. The relentless indoctrination via an elite-owned media, government bureaucracy-controlled educational systems and other brainwashing venues demanding I embrace diversity and multiculturalism is selective in determining that which I must embrace or violently oppose.

    Looking at the “big picture” I still see a “house” increasingly divided among the lower socioeconomic levels (the vast majority of the population) while those lording over We, the People (elites) and their well-rewarded politician and bureaucrat puppets assisting those overlords, are increasingly united while that small minority constantly amasses evermore wealth and political power along with controlling the many systems of command and control that operates the many aspects of the USA.

    I remain convinced that the only method of making any meaningful change in our corrupted USA is some sort of revolt. MY OWN OPINION (not Oath Keeper opinion) is that circumstances require a military coup and installation of patriotic, intelligent, freedom-loving, wise military officers and civilian assistants into what is a temporary government to oust the tyrants and their self-serving alterations to the MULTITUDE of systems, bureaucracies, statutes, regulations, laws, etc. packed around the Constitution.

    It will require the USA’s best minds to complete the task. Keep the Constitution intact but scrape away the many layers of greed and tyranny that has altered the original Founder’s intent. A very important area will be corporate control so that those monolithic entities the Founders could not envision no longer have such immense control over so many life aspects within the USA and across the planet. It is We, the People… not We, the Corporations.

    After making the needed repairs revert to civilian control. Some to many folks shout out warnings regarding my chosen method of repairing what the current system will never self-repair. “Fine,” I say, “stay on our current path and enjoy your trip into an abyss where a corrupted form of oligarchy-plutocracy has the masses of Americans in near- to actual serf-like conditions.”

    1. as i have said to many so many times-a military coup-let the govenors run the states and let the cleansing begin -abolish the federal reserve-the irs-the epa-the board of ed-the aclu-the UN out of USA-and usa out of UN-CLEANSE ALL SOROS GROUPS-abolish all social activist orgs-end the CFR-ETC-ETC-you get the pic-have all new elections for the entire govt structure-lmt supreme court to 10 yr term-begin civilian military operations to destroy all org gangs inside the USA-USE THE MODEL POMPEII used to crush the pirates attacking Roman commerce-there is so much more but i dare not put it here now-i have no patience with the leftist progs

  4. And ‘patriots’ watch and document our demise. That will be our legacy. At least the Confederates fought the evil federal government.

  5. It’s a shame that the true story of the civil war is rarely told. It wasn’t about slavery. These fallen Confederate Americans are being swept under the rug, as if they never existed.

    1. As all non-Muslims will be if the Muslim-in-Chief is successful in his now blatantly obvious plan.

      1. Let’s hope he never gets his chance.All he wants to do is destroy America.No doubt his legacy is being worst president ever.

  6. I am from the Northeast. I am ripping angry over the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the state house in SC and all of the other flag bans. I have one on my van’s back window. I fly it on a flag pole from time to time and now have a western hat that is the Confederate Battle Flag. I have gotten no negative comments, but several thumbs up. I plan on ditchin’ Marx-achusetts when my honey retires in 2 years and moving to SC, if we aren’t in another civil war by then. I think all hinges on this election and we are damned fools if we let Hitlery win!

  7. This is a disgrace these are Veterans too, this is another way to wipe out history. Obama is doing things that hurt the USA till the bitter end. I am ashamed of the VA for taking this action.

    1. Or at least, we HOPE it’s the “bitter end”!

      There are several theories floating around that say he plans to declare a national emergency and enable himself to remain in office indefinitely. Not too long ago, many Americans would likely have pooh-poohed that idea; now it sounds just like him.

      1. Jeanette, that’s what Lincoln did while in office as well as suspend Constitutional liberties, not to remain in office, but to get his way for war. Martial Law could be in Obama’s plans: suspension of the Constitution to trigger a third war for independence, and thus hopeing the country would destroy itself.

  8. I have a nasty little bug I picked up during my military service that will one day move me to the dark side of the dirt.
    I now live in GA and plan on resting at the National Cemetery outside of Canton. My one request is to insure a Confederate States battle flag is planted in front of my stone to represent my great grand pappies service and sacrifice for independence and freedom. If nothing more, even in death, I can be an Evinrude in a cesspool.

  9. All the crap Obama has done and continues to do, and people will still vote democRAT. AMAZING. Bornaments and raised in NY, so that makes me a yankee, but the Confederate flag is an AMERICAN flag and deserves all the respect any other AMERICAN flag deserves. I don’t condone slavery, but you have to respect the Souths fight.

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