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NavyJack – Home With Blue Lives Matter Flag Torched – ‘Lie with Pigs, Fry Like Bacon’ Message Written on Siding

ENDICOTT (WBNG) — The owners of a home that caught fire in Endicott, NY Wednesday shared unsettling information with Action News on Thursday. Multiple crews responded to a house fire at 410 East Main St. around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday. Firefighters said the fire destroyed the building’s first floor. New York State Police on Thursday said the fire was being investigated as “suspicious,” but have not called it an arson investigation. A cause has not been identified.

The family member, who’s asked to to remain anonymous, said they believe the house was targeted. They say a “Blue Lives Matter” flag waves in front of their house next to an American flag. While the fire was being put out, we’re told one of the family members went around to the back of the house to see the damage. According to that family member, across the back of house on a strip of siding read this message: “Lie with pigs, fry like bacon.”

The family member tells Action News they believe the message and the fact that they had a “Blue Lives Matter” flag are not a coincidence.

Read the full article at WBNG Action News, Binghamton, NY





Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



  1. This is getting out of control. If this was a hate crime we will no doubt be told by the MSM that it was not. God only knows that these terrorists have a free pass because black people cant possibly be racist. Only white people are racist. At least that is what the powers that be want us to believe.
    BLM is the number one most racist and criminal terrorist organization in our country today. Worse than even the KKK or those skinhead idiots but nothing will ever be done about them because they are politically correct and we all know that politics rule our lives and justly so. A bit of sarcasm there.
    Oh well…If I see a group of these terrorists in my area, I will keep my distance and watch them like a hawk. I know who and what they are. These are the same people who burned buildings and dragged white folks out of their vehicles and beat them simply because they were white and all because a cop shot and killed a model of their neighborhood who had a lengthy criminal record and refused to stop after committing yet another crime with a stolen firearm and would not put it down. Gee wiz….That’s ok though. Im sure if he went to prison for his crime, he would have been pardoned by our NOT president Obama. He seems to enjoy letting criminals OUT of jail and putting patriots IN jail.
    I cant wait to get out of here and head into the woods. Communing with the critters sounds like a better life than hanging out with this screwed up society.
    Enough is too much.

    1. I did not see any direct link to BLM in the article or the video. It could have been another organization. It could have been a couple of independent perps. Without proof, we just don’t know. We in the patriot movement know how the independent action of a couple of knuckleheads can reflect badly on us. What I’m saying is that it is best not to assign direct blame on an organization without proof. Where we might see their influence, we do not see their direct action.
      Would it surprise anyone to see BLM splinter into different entities? I think the possibility is very real. I’m thinking that there is an element within BLM that is not so comfortable with the radicalization. Hopefully, there are folks who see this and will make the effort to engage these folks. They are the ones who are seeking legitimate dialogue with LE to find solutions to the problems. This should be recognized and encouraged. We should be smart and look for the ones, especially in leadership, who can be drawn away from the radical direction. They are there.

      1. I think it is important to remember that BLM does not have a membership roster or any “official” spokesmen. It is a movement that uses police involved shooting events to generate anger, protests and destructive activities. The people involved in the Ferguson, Baltimore and Milwaukee riots were not card-carrying BLM members, but they did show up for protests that turned ugly because of the BLM movement. The Dallas and Baton Rouge shooters were not BLM members (because there is no such thing), but they did attend BLM protests prior to their rampage against these police officers. If the police catch the people that set this fire (highly unlikely), then we could assess what their previous relationship with the BLM movement has been and go from there. I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume that if in fact they wrote the message “Lie with Pigs. Fry Like Bacon” they were influenced to action by the BLM movement. This rhetoric is the standard protest cadence for the organization. See

        As for your “I’m thinking that there is an element within BLM that is not so comfortable with the radicalization” statement, I will believe that when the BLM leaders, especially those leaders being invited to the White House to meet with the President, denounce this violence. They haven’t; and one of these leaders, Mica Grimm, is even credited with inventing the “Fry’em like bacon” cadence.

      2. Jack, first you say that they have no leadership and then you say that they do. I know that some got invited to meet with Obama. The fire might fit their MO but there is no proof that it was BLM. I will show proof of BLM leaders attempting to strike dialogue with LE. I will have to do some research. It is unwise to think that all members within an organization think the same. If we all carried that idea, we would have never penetrated hostile intelligence agencies like the KGB and they would not have penetrated us. I found such value in your reports because you showed the facts on the ground. You have a gift for doing just that. Stay with it. We need that in the time of chaos. When anyone starts to assume, they are subject to straying from the truth. I am not trying to school you, Jack. Take no offense by what I say. But know this. I seldom say anything that I have not personally experienced.

      3. Yoda – Please re-read my response above. I said they have no “official” spokesmen. They have lots of folks claiming to be leaders within the movement. The problem is none of them are really in charge of anything because they have no organization. BLM is designed that way to ensure that liability for the damages caused NEVER reaches the billionaires financing this movement. If you believe that the phrase ‘Lie with Pigs, Fry Like Bacon’ was not influenced by the BLM movement, fine. We will just have to disagree on that point. I never said BLM leadership ordered the arson or anything like that.

        As for the goodwill between LE and black community leaders, I see it every single day here in Baltimore. The area I live in is 80% black. Most blacks want nothing at all to do with the BLM. Most of the BLM protesters here are white college students, not blacks. The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organizes the students and the college professors encourage them to attend the protests; sometimes for extra-credit, sometimes they even get paid minimum wage. It’s true; I talk to them every chance I get. The last major BLM protest here was 4 weeks ago and resulted in 65 arrests. Not one of the protesters was black. We had a smaller BLM protest a few days ago at the annual police officers’ union conference and only 2 of the protesters were black. I know this is not a black/white issue.

        Now, if it is a riot that you want, then you have to bring in the street gangs. Here we have the Black Guerilla Family fighting for turf with numerous other smaller gangs. If you really want to tear the city up, get the gangs riled up. Have one of their dealers get shot or bang themselves up by acting like a fool in a police van. Get CNN and MSNBC to say it was police brutality, like in Baltimore, or that they were shot in the back, like in Milwaukee and presto, you have everything you need to start a riot. All you need is the match. BLM provides the match. In almost every instance (Ferguson, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, etc.), DeRay McKesson (who lives high-on-the-hog here in Baltimore with a $185K/yr city paid salary in a George Soros foundation mansion) strikes that match when ordered to do it.

        Now to the point; the second that a “BLM leader” attempts to strike a meaningful dialogue with LE, they will be ostracized and they will no longer be “leaders” within the movement. George Soros didn’t pour millions of dollars into generating this unrest just to have some smuck mess it up by actually trying to solve the problems. Solving the problems was NEVER what BLM was about. Not for one second. BLM is about generating unrest and putting City police departments under the control of the U.S. Department of Justice and ultimately placing them under the supervision of the United Nations. Please review the following:

        They already have Baltimore subdued. Milwaukee, WI and Portland, OR are next on the list. Please review the following:

        And if you really want to get upset, watch this speech at Pioneer Mall in Oregon:

        Take good look at the participants. The vast majority are white. Portland, OR is very similar to Baltimore in terms of racial composition. It is also similar in that nearly all the BLM protesters are white college students affiliated with the SDS.

        So, George Soros doesn’t even need black community support for the BLM movement to continue to generate unrest because they are enlisting white college students by the busload.

        Please read my article titled “The Marxist Takeover of the United States” at

        If you really want to understand the whole enchilada, the really big picture, please read my article titled “Understanding the Campaign to Destabilize the United States” at

      4. YODA…I didn’t say BLM was responsible. I was simply pointing out the fact that this group of people commit violent crimes everywhere they go and nobody calls them on it. It would not surprise me to find out that those responsible where inspired by BLM . No surprise at all.

      5. I agree 100%, flinter. BLM is every bit as evil as you think. They are a useful tool in the grand psyop. My reply was not directed at your reply. It looks like it was but I simply punched the wrong button. We have to label BLM for just what it is. They, as a group, are an enemy. And there is definitely a reason why they “get over”. You just can’t come down too hard on the people you are propping up. We all know who they answer to.

      6. Yes, they all answer to……Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah, who continues to accomplish his ultimate goal…..the systematic dismantling of this Sovereign, Constitutional Republic day by day, brick by brick, using every resource at his disposal……Soetoro Sobarkah would have already accomplished his goal if this one single issue did not stand in his way….The Second Amendment…….and he is working on that 24-7. You say, “lets get the facts first”… are the absolute “facts”….when you have an “imposter” who is a student of Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky and bows to the King of Saudi Arabia there leaves little doubt….if it smells like a skunk, you can bet it is a skunk !!……another fact: Be prepared to defend yourself~~~

      7. Very well said, thank you. The Patriot movement does not appreciate being assigned blame when some ultra-right wing nut flies off and commits crimes, and MSM blames all patriots.
        The crime of burning someone’s home is an atrocity. People die in house fires and the wording of the message implies an attempt on the occupants lives. This is a clear message. What we don’t have confirmation is who sent this message. It appears support of good, upstanding, hardworking, police men and women is enough to have threat of murder perpetrated against the supporter. I will not waiver in supporting these civil servants.

      8. There you go again. Making excuses for the onslaught. There is no excuse for this type of behavior with the exception of being driven into a war, where killing and burning your enemy is the norm. I’m sure there may have been some good people in the KKK, the white fanatical racist religious group, but it doesn’t excuse their general actions. The BLM is simply the black version of the KKK. I guess they haven’t gored your ox yet. The problem with recognizing the problem would be that the political correctness pukes, our socialist government with it’s muslim leaning undocumented so-called president, would then charge you with profiling. Neocons and libtards always have a spin for their misguided actions and idiotology. Alinsky would be so proud!

      9. Could be Federal LEOs provoking more of same. Who knows? We sure don’t.
        And as far as hate crime goes, whites are not beneficiaries. Anyway, hate crime or not, murder is murder; assault is assault, battery is battery. There should be no reliance on what a perp thought: only for acts should anyone be brought before or behind the bar.

  2. Seems like some of these people are easily ” triggered ” into action. If you are planning on putting up a controversial sign ( pro- Trump, etc. ) , I suggest surveillance cameras as well. And maybe an alert system.
    Should be good fishing !!
    What are the laws if you catch someone trying to torch an occupied building ?
    Use their inflammatory nature ( get it ?? ) against them.

  3. Funny…I said a prayer for a woman I passed on NJ Rt 17 with a Trump sticker on her car yesterday. Now is the time to work on improving our “situational awareness”, physical health and well-being, and our water, food, and self-defense resources. AND building our County OK Chapters and CPT Teams!!!! Thanks for all you do NJ!

    1. I love Ann Barnhardt! She is brave and brilliant, and she caught on to how dangerous Islam is way before most Americans did.
      And if this proves to be arson by BLM, then we will have to consider whether they have begun to use Muslim terrorist tactics, in which case America will be Germany or France soon, without major intervention.

  4. I believe that BLM began in earnest as a protest movement against the heavy handed tactics of police. I can’t say when Soros took control but I’m sure that it was not at the very beginning. Finding the Soros connection would most likely coincide with the transformation from a social organization that protested police wrong doings to a political organization. So my conclusion was that BLM was hijacked.
    Is Black Lives Matters an organized entity?

    Who and/or what is Black Lives Matters? ? ? ? ? One thing is for sure. BLM does not have the characteristics of a mist or a cloud. It is made up of people and is therefore identifiable. Any decent intel organization could identify it and break its structure down, even though it is one of the most ambiguous organizations I have ever encountered.
    Most telling is when the national leadership says “Anyone can be a BLM activist”. That really does open the doors to mayhem with no direct affiliation to the organization. So what all falls under the umbrella of BLM these days? I just know that everyone within the movement is not on board with all initiatives ongoing within BLM. There are those who do want dialogue with the police to solve the blue/black problem. Those people are in line with the original intent of BLM. Others are in it for the money and/or the notoriety. Others, the truly hard core element, are in it for chaos and destruction. Then there are the independent actors. After all, as their national leadership has stated, “Anyone can be a BLM activist”.
    So what is my conclusion? There are folks within BLM who are there for legitimate reasons. They will have to separate from BLM because it has been hijacked. I will stand with those who come out of the movement due to the transformation. They are the ones who seek dialogue to solve the blue/black problem. This is why I say that BLM is splintering. BLM does have structure. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are running the show. Its kind of like we have a government but then there is also a shadow government. There is a lot more here than meets the eye.
    What is my hope? Well, I hope that legitimate folks will separate themselves from BLM. I hope they will organize for their legitimate purpose. It is obvious that there is a blue/black problem. I do not think that the black community agrees with BLM. For that reason, I think an organization needs to form that addresses the blue/black issue. This would be legitimate and righteous and I believe the black community would get behind it. This would separate the legitimate cause from BLM. So what is BLM? Well it is an effective tool of TPTB for chaos and destruction. They have hijacked the original intent for their own evil purposes. Right now the black community has no national vehicle for legitimate redress concerning the blue/black issue. And most black folks are honest Americans just like any other race.
    Now Jack, I don’t think that you and I are that far apart on this issue. I am one for helping the black community to recover. The hijacking of BLM caused more damage to them than to the rest of America. I suppose you have talked to your black friends. The ones I have talked to say that they have been screwed by BLM. They are just as unhappy about the situation as you and me. BLM is an organization that reflects negatively on them due to the name. And they are not ignorant of the fact that BLM has transformed into a communist tool for those who want to destroy America. Of course most all of my black friends and contacts are up in years. They were not subjected to modern socialist education.
    So who set fire to that house? Well, it most likely was one or more unaffiliated members of BLM. But we don’t have facts. Who knows? Could have been some skin head dudes committing a false flag. I know, not likely. But then anything is possible in today’s crazy world. I do recall a little bit of history where the people believed that the burning of the Reichstag was perpetrated by the commies. They were assuming. False flags are not all conspiracy theories. The “pigs” statement is a signature of BLM but we don’t know who the perps were in this instance. We never will.

    1. Yoda – If you read through the Soros papers that were leaked, you find that they decided to hijack the BLM movement during the first protests that occurred in Ferguson. They basically jumped onto the DOJ initiative that was instigated during the Trayvon Martin case. This is when DeRay was introduced as well. He is a very bright young man, but misguided. I actually think he has a conscience and that he is starting to understand that he is being used. I am not sure if that will change his behavior. Samuel Sinyangwe is their backup if DeRay decides at some point that the violence is too much for him to be a part of. Samuel won’t be broken by issues of conscience. He is a true Bill Ayers Weatherman to the core.

      Had the DOJ not cooked up all the phony statistics and been able to leverage the MSM to hyper-inflate them, the real issues associated with police brutality could be addressed. I have run all the real numbers and there is no racism as it relates to police involved shootings. You have exactly a 7/10 of 1% chance of being killed if you assault a police officer or resist arrest with a deadly weapon no matter what race you are. I also have the original DOJ study that came to this same conclusion. As for unarmed deaths, the numbers are infinitesimally low and again race is not an issue. This does not mean every one of these officers should not be prosecuted, they should and in most of the unarmed cases you will see the officer gets convicted unless there are mitigating circumstances that persuade a jury to acquit. What everyone chooses to ignore is that blacks commit violent crime at a rate 11 times higher than any other racial group. This violence is almost always directed at other blacks. This is not a new issue and it is not racist to discuss it. Many studies show that the lack of an adult male family member during childhood is a key component. The gang culture in our inner cities has also been shown to be a major contributing factor. Again, I am certain that we are not dealing with a black vs white issue. What we have is race baiting from the highest levels of our Government and organizations intent on using division to gain control. It is working in some communities. We all need to stop taking the bait. On both sides.

      1. Jack, I don’t see any disagreement between us. I did have a little concern until you stated that BLM had been hijacked in your last reply. We all saw the transformation at Ferguson. I do believe, if we look for it, we will see legitimate folks bailing from BLM. These folks are the ones we need to approach. It is great to be afforded with the luxury of seeing in black and white. BLM is inundated with many shades of grey. If we can attribute black to the radical SDS style side without making that racial, which it is not, then the rest can be identified as not belonging to the hijacked BLM. Then it becomes a matter of us assisting the ones stepping away to form a force for good. This is a job for us and for law enforcement (law enforcement not under the rule of the DOJ, that is). We can be a great influence to help them to organize. The ones who are bailing are not all one race either. There is a huge difference in justice and social justice. This is what separates the legitimate from the malevolent forces of BLM.
        I agree with the stats concerning violence in black neighborhoods and the absence of fathers in families. These are factors being addressed and these factors are being considered and accepted by black communities. This is a racial problem. It is the result of social engineering by TPTB. These and the government freebees work together to enslave blacks in particular. It is a created condition and it is a targeted operation. It is also a form of psyops. I believe it to be our duty to engage the black community in dialogue and offers to help. I think the Bill of Rights should be our cornerstone in this endeavor. Those rights are what is being trampled by TPTB. Those rights are applicable to all citizens. We all suffer the same danger and await the same fate unless we unite. Legitimate folks in black communities will agree with your articles. Misguided folks should be afforded the opportunity to read them. I have no doubt that some folks have never even heard the “other side” of the argument.

      1. HINT:
        First word: No
        Second word: f******g
        Third word: way!


        First word: I
        Second word: love
        Third word: dogs!


  5. Navy Jack: Sir – not to be too picky since we are discussing a serious topic here, but a link you provided leads to an article centered on a protest that already occurred in Portland – Portland, Maine. It is an upper eastern seaboard city (which a man of your acumen clearly already knows) of about 70,000 people, and indeed the photos of the arrested protestors are as you indicated.

    However, you offered that “Milwaukee, WI and Portland, OR are next on the list…” to be subdued and placed under US DOJ control. That effort has plainly been initiated in Milwaukee, WI, but the story did not have anything to do with, nor say about, Portland, OR.

    I’m a native of Portland, Oregon (“little Beirut”, as some in George H.W. Bush’s administration dubbed my even-then, agitator infested hometown…) and though I no longer live there now, I did for more than 43 years, and I still go back often to visit friends/family.

    Which serves to say that I know Portland (and surrounding areas also…) extremely well in almost every respect – including the pervasive “anti” subculture there.

    For a time, separately, a friend and I cautiously and surreptitiously “infiltrated” various groups and elements of the radical protestors’ communities in Portland (and they are many) including “East Timor Action Network”, a group of “bicycling anarchists/radicals”, “workers of the world” and others – on our own, personal “mission” to gather information and intel about their focus, their leaders/organizers, their favored tactics for disruption. As a white man, I never made any attempt to do so with any sort of black radical groups. They weren’t very active then anyway, and it was mostly local black churches and their handful of spokesmouths.

    Knowing the nature of Portland, Oregon (aka “Berekeley-of-the-North…) your suggestion that Portland is “next” on a list is not terribly surprising. Portland political figures were among the earliest to declare the town as a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens, the populations of uber-liberal gays and lesbians is disproportionately higher than many major U.S. cities, and there are many other factors at work as well. Although Portland, Oregon is currently not a “black/white” racial tinderbox, it would take but a “nudge” or two for things to tilt swiftly into the DOJ’s hands, perhaps through other means…

    Do you have anything to point to that is specific to Portland, Oregon (a city of about 500,000), rather than Portland, Maine, or was this an inadvertent conflation of the two Portlands?

    Thank you!

    1. Imperator – You are 100% correct. I made a mistake. I linked the wrong URL. I corrected my earlier comment. The protest I was referring to can be seen here on July 8th, 2016 at Pioneer Square and Pioneer Place Mall:

      Here are two “must see” video from these events:

      This protest happened just a few days ago in Portland Oregon and is worth seeing:

      Notice the protesters at all of these events are nearly all white?

      1. Grateful for the updated information; Northwest Cable News network is a decent source, relative to the majority of slant-heavy lockstep-marchers, and aimless , feel-good,”fluff merchants” that abound along the I – 5 corridor of the Pacific Northwest. Viewing the linked footage, I see several very familiar “faces in the crowd”…A few, I initially considered archetype “useful idiots”, but clearly time & participation has morphed some into full-on bad actors, socialist agitators, and anti-capitalist anarchists & vandals. Some are among the same larger group that split away from an Afghan/Iraq war protest gathering, to go break headlights & windows, “key” (gouge) doors & fenders, and kick out grillwork on a new car lot near Burnside on the East side of the Willamette river in downtown Portland. It’s literally minutes to walk from Pioneer Courthouse Square to the Burnside bridge and cross from Westside to East. Or for the lazy or hurried, there’s the light rail line, “MAX”. I agree with your assessment, there is more “fun”, more “racheting up” yet to come in Portland…I think I better refresh/re-establish some old contacts…

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