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NavyJack – Black Lives Matter Strikes Again: The Milwaukee Riots (Updated 08/15/2016 – A Second Night of Violence)

Saturday night’s Black Lives Matter riots began when a police officer pulled over a car with two men inside. The two men left the vehicle and attempted to run. A police chase ensued on foot. At some point during the pursuit, police fired shots at one of the men. The unidentified 23-year-old suspect was pronounced dead.  He was in possession of a stolen handgun according to police spokesman Capt. Mark Stanmeyer.

Rioters set several businesses on fire, including a bank and a gas station. Firemen responding to the scene hesitated to enter the area to put down the fires without police protection. There were numerous reports that police officers barricaded themselves inside the 7th district police station to escape the mayhem.


Like the riots in Ferguson, MO, these riots have targeted local businesses. For the most part, these businesses were caught by surprise and the police were incapable or unwilling to gain control before several of building were damaged or destroyed.  The businesses include a BP Gas Station, the Jet Beauty Supply Store, O’Reilly Auto Parts and BMO Harris Bank. When the gas station was set ablaze, there were three people in the building. They all managed to escape without injury.


Assistant Police Chief James Harpole said “at least 200 people had gathered at the uprising. He said there were multiple gunshots over the course of the evening”.

Officers got in their cars to leave at one point, and some in the crowd started smashing the windows of a squad car and another vehicle, which was set on fire.  Police reported that an officer was hit in the head with a brick that was thrown through a squad car window. Police said the officer was being treated at a hospital. As officers returned to the scene, this time in riot gear, gunshots could be heard.  The shots were fired by someone in the crowd.

The Black Lives Matter movement is just one of the Social Movements involved with the destabilization of the United States of America. Others include La Raza, The Revolutionary Communist Party, the World Workers Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and the Islamic Jihadist movements. To learn more the Black Lives Matter movement, please review my previous articles on this subject:

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Update 08/15/2016 – A Second Night of Violence

On Sunday afternoon, police Chief Edward Flynn said the man whose death touched off Saturday night’s rioting was shot after he turned toward an officer with a gun in his hand.  Flynn cautioned that the shooting was still under investigation and authorities were awaiting autopsy results, but that based on the silent video from the unidentified officer’s body camera, he “certainly appeared to be within lawful bounds”. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker put the National Guard on standby to curtail any repeat of the violence from Saturday night.


Protests were peaceful Sunday evening until around 11PM when two dozen officers in riot gear confronted about 150 people who blocked an intersection near the fatal shooting Saturday afternoon. Police moved in to try to disperse the crowd and warned of arrests after protesters threw bottles and rocks at police. It was at this point that multiple shots were fired by the protesters. Police said one person was shot and officers used an armored vehicle to retrieve the injured victim and take the person to a hospital.

Under armed police personnel a young man is rushed into a hospital in Milwaukee, Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016. People pelted police with rocks and shots rang out during unrest after a police shooting that killed 23-year-old Sylville K. Smith on Saturday. Police said one person was shot at a Milwaukee protest on Sunday and officers used an armored vehicle to retrieve the injured victim and take the person to a hospital, as tense skirmishes erupted for a second night following the police shooting of a black man. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)
A young man is rushed into a hospital, Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)




Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. “The Black Lives Matter movement is just one of the Social Movements involved with the destabilization of the United States of America. Others include La Raza, The Revolutionary Communist Party, the World Workers Party, the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and the Islamic Jihadist movements are also heavily involved.” …and our rainbow president and his operatives.

    1. WGP……Anyone, anywhere, anytime, would be hard pressed to say it any better than you just did. Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah has generated, instigated, supported, financed (with Soros) this entire debacle. This illegal Kenyan non citizen Marxist imposter and student of Alinsky / Ayers has systematically, with the support of academia, Hollywood the media and the others you mentioned in your comment has inflicted more damage to our Sovereign Constitutional Republic than can be measured. I simply can not see how a civil war / revolution / confrontation can be avoided…..double down on that prediction if that scorpion Clinton is elected.

      1. You are Absolutely Correct, we Are DEFINITELY heading for THE REVOLUTION, OF REVOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!
        We must REMOVE Every Senator/Congress Person, and President, NOT ALLOWING CORRUPT HILLARY LIAR TO EVER EVER BECOME President!!!!!!!!??????????

    2. You made a good list of terrorist organizations. Don’t forget The Democratic Party and the Clinton Family Foundation, thanks.

    3. We have seen these types of actions before. Remember the mid 60’s to early 70’s? Then it was the Communist party, Students for a Democratic Society and the Weather Underground organizations. All Communist organizations. Today we are seeing specific groups that have been targeted by the same Communist party people. You only have to look at who the players are. William Ayers, the Communist agitator with the Weather Underground and the SDS is the person who installed the guy known as Barack Obama, whoever he eventually turns out to be, but known as a Communist agitator, “Community Organizer”. Don’t you just love their creative names? The way these people were defeated in the 60 – 70’s was to stop playing their game and applying penalties to their organizers, which is not being done here. If a person is committing a felony in front of a law enforcement officer it is the duty of the law enforcement officer to take that person into custody, by whatever means, and have him prosecuted. When crowds are throwing bricks, aka, dangerous life threatening, weapons at police, the throwers should be shot on the spot. People who do not move from blocking streets should be moved by force, using appropriate tools such as riot batons. When they get enough bruises they will respond to orders. This is a proven fact and one that was used very effectively to quell the rioters in the 60’s and 70’s. We need to get rid of the current politicians who are just trying to use these fools who are rioting to get their hands on more power over the people. We have to demand that law enforcement do their jobs and put an end to this foolishness immediately.

    4. And you can add the Nazi Police State and continuous unwinnable, unconstitutional wars. All created by globalists who are directing DC. Traitors! Anyone who thinks there is a political solution is a fool.

  2. Funny how their activities fit the legal definition of terrorism, but are never labeled as such. But oathkeepers have done nothing even remotely terrorist but are labeled an extremist group. Do you see why I have no faith in government or the constitution? The time for civil disobedience has come.

    1. “Do you see why I have no faith in government or the constitution?

      Do you see why I get so frustrated?

      Those people SERVING WITHIN our government are NOT THE GOVERNMENT. The US Constitution and all that is in Pursuance thereof it, plus each state’s Constitution, and the American people are the government. Those people are just corrupt employees.

  3. The Black Lives Matter movement is an urban Social Movement focused on the murder of POLICE Officers and the ultimate “”destabilization of the United States of America”” it includes the New Black Panthers, La Raza, the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), the World Workers Party (WWP), the Muslim Brotherhood, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton,and their personal creations, ISIS and the Islamic Jihadist movements who are also easily hidden within, but remain very heavily involved in the advancement of black communist anarchy in our major urban areas.

    Rioters in Milwaukee set several businesses on fire, including a bank and a gas station, an auto parts store and other businesses as well as countless other properties and vehicles that were smashed and burned..

    Black anarchist rioters, targeted “all WHITE PEOPLE that they encountered”,… for muggings and for threats on their lives and of course their obligitory white cracker beatings.

    Firemen responding to the disaster scenesand refused to enter the area to fight the fires because they could not get police protection.

    There were numerous reports that police officers “RAN-AWAY” and “”barricaded themselves inside the 7th district police station”” to escape the rioting and mayhem.
    Leaving the populace to just accept threats on their lives, their muggings, beatings, and the destruction of their property. All with POLICE Officers “RUNNING-AWAY” and “”barricading themselves inside the district police station”” to escape the rioting and mayhem.
    ((knowing full well that many of their political LEADERS and citizens,.. do not, and will not, PROPERLY SUPPORT THE POLICE NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO))

    WHEN YOU our one of your loved ones, HAVE BEEN HIT IN THE HEAD BY A BRICK for being too white, and when your vehicles and business are being smashed and are intentionally set ablaze and are presently burning and when you CALL 911 and they tell you that they are “”barricaded inside the district police station”” and THAT NO ONE IS COMING TO HELP OR PROTECT YOU OR TO PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY for a very long time, you know that the “Fundamental Transformation of America is proceeding nicely according to Hitlary Rod-Em-All Clinton and Barry Hussein Oblamelesses plans.

    You ultimately “”ARE ON YOUR OWN to defend yourself, your family, your neighbors and your properties””.

    Prepare right now, stock up right now on multi-purpose guns for different ranges and types of self-defense scenarios, High powered rifle with scope for very long rang, large capacity shotgun type for knock down power, and various short barreled weapons for very close quarters intense self-defense…

    Stock up on way more than enough ammo for multiples of sustained frontal fire fights against very large sized and well armed street gangs of anarchically lawless murdering thugs..

    Stock up on life sustaining supplies, medicines, first aid tools, bandages, and food and water.

    Stock up on enough critical supplies to sustain your self and your loved ones for at least two years.

    Don’t count on the Government “FOR ANYTHING that would be in the actual best interest of you or your loved ones or your property”.

    Quite the contrary, the Government my become the number one biggest threat to your safety and to the security of your guns, ammo, and your critical life sustaining supplies.

    “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

    1. I concur with your assessment. This whole situation is devolving by the day. Gather your team, lay your plans, standby for the worst.

    2. Overtaxed wrote: “Black anarchist rioters, targeted “all WHITE PEOPLE that they encountered”. Black anarchist rioters, excuse me but it is obvious that you know nothing about ANARCHY. These rioters are the reverse of what Anarchy is. Think Voluntary Association, Mutual Cooperation, 110% Personal Responsibility. Rules, but NO RULERS. SELF GOVERNANCE. Do yourself a favor and study what ANARCHY really is not what you think it is.

      1. I agree. I always thought that anarchy was chaos and disorder, because that is the message I got from friends, media, etc. It was not until I saw a really good talk on the subject that I changed my mind.

        I don’t think that I would consider myself an anarchist, but I do believe that the general perception of anarchy is completely different (maybe even opposite?) than what it really means.

      2. Anarchy just means no centralized leader, or power. Grover is right, I personally recommend anarcho capitalism.

  4. This is all part of Obama’s plan to destroy Americs. As more and more riots breakout throughout the United States, he well then be able to institute martial law and suspend the elections. When this occurs we well be a new civil war. Get ready and arm yourself to the thee. This will be very ugly. Be prepared.

  5. This is no longer a oppressed minority issue. This is the result of a President that encouraged and a DOJ head that refused to prosecute blacks to see every issue as a racial injustice. The truth is that we now are on the verge of a racial divide and possible war that will paralyze our country for years. This has nothing to do with jobs; education; bias or police brutality. This is about power and blacks are not interested in good benevolent power. They want revenge and think a destabilized America will allow this. It is time to keep our arms and be ready to defend what we’ve earned and not allow thuggish individuals to take what they have not earned.

    1. This is really about TREASON and *TERRORISM, but it is our fault. Bush was thrown into office by election fraud that did not work as planned, so was then installed by the judicial system – which did not, does not have the authority to do such a thing. The contract they all are under is in writing, once again, it is in writing.

      So how is it our fault? We are the Militia, and it only takes some training (okay a bit more then some /grin), and some education for us all to be the constitutionally required regulated Militia.

      The founders understood treason comes from within, which is why “We the people of the united States are the last word, the foundation of all authority, etc. So that if we have traitors and domestic enemies serving within our governments we can remove them, enforce the laws – including the supreme law of our nation and the highest law of each state, protect our states from INVADERS, repel insurrections (insurrections are uprisings against the legitimate government, our legitimate government IS the US Constitution and all that is in Pursuance thereof it, and each state’s Constitution) as long as we follow the “fundamental law” the US Constitution has our back.

      I am aware that some say we must take control of our states back before we have a legitimate Militia, but there was always a Militia of the people since before we became America. That is where we are today because we do not have any serving within a government – state or federal – that has more then 1 – 5 people total that are completely constitutional in their actions. (Do we? Anyone?

      What does the US Constitution require of us to remove those that need to be replaced? It requires that we first bring charges, and then/or together with arrests, then a trial. That is the requirements. The ease of the arrest is, as it always is, up to the people being charged – am I not correct? But to not do so just because it is difficult is not an option we have if we are legitimately bringing our nation back under the US Constitution – this time to fully make it constitutional and KEEP it that way. Understand that this is my opinion, and based on all the facts I have learned through life, it is still up to all of us – and it matters not if I am correct in what I believe to be the lawful answer to our nations problems. This is not my decision, but at this time it is my answer.

      We now have a presidential impersonator, who is seemingly supported by those federal agencies of “law” enforcement (though bound to and by the US Constitution does not mean they will keep their Oath); is definitely supported by those serving in all the branches and the military brass or he would not be there. So at this time we have no government in place which is exactly how our foreign enemies want it.

      What we then have is people playing others as useful dupes to assist in destroying our nation and their OWN lives. That is organized by the so called “Black Lives Matter” who is lying because they have been, and are still doing, NOTHING that makes “black” lives better. They have managed to turn them into a dangerous and destructive distraction. Ever notice that they use them to destroy other ‘black lives that also matter”‘s businesses, lives, homes, vehicles, neighborhoods, etc? Some of that has to be paid “mercs” brought in to control those willing to be controlled.

      But it is the Militia made up of the people of that area, and those brought in IF assistance is needed, led by those that live in that area, that must quell those actions. So those that need to be educated and trained, so that this can be stopped should be a priority.

      But the rotted “root” of these actions, the treasonous groups involved in initiating them, those actions started by, and committed at times by them,- but usually committed by useful idiots – are all still *terrorism. The people in those groups must be charged with the crimes they have committed.

      George Washington, “Sentiments on a Peace Establishment”, letter to Alexander Hamilton; “The Writings of George Washington”: “It may be laid down, as a primary position, and the basis of our system, that every citizen who enjoys the protection of a free government…, but even of his personal services to the defence of it, and consequently that the Citizens of America (with a few legal and official exceptions) from 18 to 50 Years of Age should be borne on the Militia Rolls, provided with uniform Arms, and so far accustomed to the use of them, that the Total strength of the Country might be called forth at Short Notice on any very interesting Emergency.”

      John Adams, A Defense of the Constitutions of the United States 475: “To suppose arms in the hands of citizens, to be used at individual discretion, except in private self-defense, or by partial orders of towns, countries or districts of a state, is to demolish every constitution, and lay the laws prostrate, so that liberty can be enjoyed by no man; it is a dissolution of the government. The fundamental law of the militia is, that it be created, directed and commanded by the laws, and ever for the support of the laws.”

      Alexander Hamilton, Federalist Papers 28: “The militia is a voluntary force not associated or under the control of the States except when called out; [when called into actual service] a permanent or long standing force would be entirely different in make-up and call.“

      Thomas Jefferson: “For a people who are free, and who mean to remain so, a well organized and armed militia is their best security.”

      *28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

  6. We either quell these violent, lawless eruptions immediately or cede our civilization to savages. I prefer the former. BLM ought to be indicted as a domestic terror outfit. Horrific to see 50 years after the Sixties … all thanks to BHO and his planned attack on all that is good and wholesome in our Republic.

    1. How is that action you are discussing “protecting the constitution”? Have you even read it? Those actions you are describing are the exact opposite of what the US Constitution requires. Are you trained as the congress requires the military to train? Are you educated in the US Constitution and your own state’s Constitution?

      Then get yourself that way, or you are no better then those so called “rioters”.

  7. What needs to be recognized is that this is all anarchist propelled. Black Lives Matter, and similar groups, are simply those most easily duped by those members of various anarchist and communist groups that plant the seeds of violence and destruction in order to take down this country.
    Society, and law enforcement, has got to stop playing along by being overly concerned with political correctness and not insisting on appropriate action. A rock is a weapon likely to cause great bodily harm or death. I would have no problem with cops shooting an identified rock thrower in the act of throwing a rock.
    During these riotous situations law enforcement needs to stop retreating and begin arresting, and prosecutors need to start prosecuting these hell raisers. I can tell you from experience that generally rioters are detained and/or cited and rarely prosecuted once the disturbance has been quelled.
    This police shooting appears, based upon what information is available currently, to be lawful and justified. There is no justification for the actions of these rioters……

    1. There are two words which have been demonized by the powers that be and their lapdog media. One is the “M” word — Militia. They have totally demonized that word. Nowadays when someone mentions “Militia”, they are viewed as extremists. That is a debauchery of the true meaning of the word, but the public does not know that. Our nation’s founders wrote the Militia into the Constitution and reminded us again of the importance of the Militia in the Bill of Rights. Today, after a Century of what I call “Feducation”, most Americans see the militia as a social scourge, an extremist group of idiots. That has been done to the national psyche by deliberate programs, so that the powers that be will not have to worry about we Americans remembering our rightful powers of oversight of government mischief.

      The other word which has been totally turned upside down and demonized is “Anarchy”. The media, following the lead of government powers which seek everyone’s subservience, equates “Anarchy” with “Chaos”. That is a government-sponsored lie. I would strongly suggest to you that you take extra time to investigate the true meaning of the word “Anarchy”. Anarchists would never violate anyone else’s property, or person. Any true anarchist would always act in a Voluntaryist manner. Please do think about what I’m sharing with you here. I’m thinking that your use of the word in your comment is an unconscious word-choice, so I am inviting you to look more closely into the meaning in the word “Anarchy”.

      Briefly put, Totalitarian government is the opposite of self-governance. Fully-realized and actuated anarchy is self-governance. Anarchy is the opposite of totalitarianism, just as Self-ownership is the opposite of slavery. Anarchy is full self-responsibility, complete self-governance. This is what Henry David Thoreau was talking about when he wrote his famous essay on the Duty of Civil Disobedience.

      These concepts are not taught in government schools today. Wanna guess why not? 😉
      Elias Alias, editor

      1. In the very deepest and historically intellectual sense of the word “ANARCHIST”, your assessment is probably, historically, the purest.

        However in contemporary times and under contemporary circumstances, its use may be very fitting and very much appropriate indeed.

        insurgent, agitator, subversive, terrorist, revolutionary, revolutionist, insurrectionist.

        1 : a person or insurgent “who rebels against any authority, established order, or ruling power”.
        2 : a person who believes in, advocates, or promotes anarchism or anarchy; “”especially one who uses violent means to overthrow the established order””.

        My use of the word may well be appropriate to describe the BLM communist POLICE murdering savages that live in George Soros provided homes, wear George Soros provided clothes, travel in George Soros provided vehicles, eat George Soros provided food and drink, cash George Soros provided paychecks checks, all while working to expand the Black Lives Matter’s brand of ruthless communist associated urban TERRORISM!.
        These dim street thugs don’t aspire to achieve ANYTHING even remotely CONSTITUTIONAL through their rebellious anarchy.

        Quite the contrary, they only seek ruthless and savage communist style anti-constitutional totalitarianism.

        “Silence in the face of tyranny, is your consent to that tyranny”

      2. What the Soros-led idiots in the streets are doing is exactly what you’re saying. I do not disagree with you. What I would like to note for you however is that the definition of Anarchist you found to post here is totally not true, and in fact it proves my previous point, that the word has been totally abused by the power elite who enjoy changing history books, all the better to program the mass mind of America with their distorted.
        That bogus definition you found is just that — a bogus definition.
        Please note that I am seeing things just as you are, except for that one term you used to define chaos. And I will certainly note also that to most Americans today, the term Anarchist does indeed mean “chaos”. But that is only because we as a people have been subjected for a Century to the damned NEA’s and US Department of Education’s new definitions of our own words. And also like I said above, the bastards have butchered the true meaning in the word Militia.
        So in short, please know that it is my opinion that you’re seeing the problem perfectly clear — but I, and others who have looked more deeply into how the national psyche has been manipulated by the imposter government, especially regarding the word “Anarchist” and also the word “Militia”, and just be aware that the true meaning of Anarchy is embedded in the intent of Thomas Jefferson when he wrote about “Unalienable Rights”. I’m not trying to tell anyone how to think, or how to speak, but am requesting that you consider the idea of embracing a whole ‘nuther definition of that word. Help us fight the MindWar, yes? Thanks Bro, and thank you for your reply.

    2. In more simple words – HEY MILWAUKEE POLICE, TAKE CHARGE!!!!!!!!
      If the cops in my town said the demonstration was “peaceful” while the cretins were blocking intersections and “…shooting from the crowd…” the cops in my town would be fired for NOT KEEPING THE PEACE! Stop talking, stop apologizing, stop letting these anarchists walk through peaceful neighborhoods threatening the taxpaying citizens – you know, the ones you swore to protect! When did you swear to protect the ones attacking the citizen, and their property???

  8. Seems like the nut-jobs are running the asylum in Milwaukee? They have the LEO & City Leaders jumping thru hoops like trained monkeys……..apparently ignorant, un-educated, vicious, savages with under-developed brains matter BUT civility & common sense don’t?

  9. Informed people understand that BLM is a terrorist organization funded by George Soros. I hope the police are up-to-speed on this. When the cops are out there on the line they are on their own because this government loves terrorists and it loves George Soros… otherwise he’d be a drone target. City police need a new strategy to deal with BLM and a town’s citizens need to be included in the planning. Simple communications would be a good start to get all concerned on the same page. Tactically, a city needs to know who is inbound. If a vehicle full of Soros clones is inbound before or during a riot it needs to be dealt with to protect the city. Local intel is pitiful and needs to be upgraded to fit the times we live in. On July 5, 2016, America officially lost the Rule of Law when FBI Director Comey declared that Clinton was above the law and he wouldn’t touch her. This opened up new avenues for local jurisdictions to ensure the Rule of Law was up and operating under their own local responsibility to protect their citizens. Where are our forward thinkers and law enforcement executives who have a pair? Is everybody cowed by Obama, Clinton and Soros? Make the bullies bleed and you will not have to suffer or die on your knees. If your local authorities aren’t up to the job then you must do their job for them until they get the message. If BLM came to my town they would not be here for long and there would be blood… all very legal and Constitutional. We have the documents that provide for law and order, we just need to execute them. At the end of the day, Comey and the Clintons… Loretta Lynch, Obama et al, will be tried for treason and conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States. Anybody who was complicit in enabling them to get away with their crime spree will also go down under the appropriate articles. That is the near future in this country.

    1. “On July 5, 2016, America officially lost the Rule of Law when FBI Director Comey declared that Clinton was above the law and he wouldn’t touch her.”

      No, you just had ANOTHER traitor to the American people, the US Constitution, OPENLY declare themselves. They traitors cannot destroy the “Rule of Law”, the US Constitution, etc; only We the People can do that. They can openly, derisively be defiant and not enforce the contract that they are under, they can openly break their Oaths – and I believe they do so because they think they have cowed the people of the USA; that they have most (if not all) military to where they will “just follow orders”, “just do their jobs”; all law enforcement turned into willing terrorists against Americans and also willing to do the feds bidding with no questions – ‘need to know” basis.

      They are incorrect. Not all military are “dumbed’ down with drugs, experiments done on them without their knowledge, propaganda, etc and will KEEP their Oath because the US Constitution and it’s values NEVER CHANGE, while treason abounds and is rarely known. Not all Le’s will “just follow orders”, “just do their jobs” as they recognize that some of the lives they will be destroying are their own if they do not keep their Oaths.

      “If BLM came to my town they would not be here for long and there would be blood… all very legal and Constitutional. We have the documents that provide for law and order, we just need to execute them. ”

      Show me in the US Constitution where it made you/your town the judge, jury, and executioner. It has not done so. you would be committing the same actions the BLM are doing.

      The US Constitution requires us to train as the congress requires the military to be trained and to be educated in the US Constitution (which you are not) and our state’s Constitution so that we can enforce them lawfully. it does not allow for us to murder others, but we are required to defend ourselves and others. But if you do not recognize the difference then you are a part of the problem we are facing today – please go learn those things I listed because your state, your country needs you to do so.

  10. I never felt the need to purchase guns and ammo before Obama’s presidency, although I have always supported the Second Amendment. I suppose I never felt threatened and I was never a hunter or collector.
    I now have a beautiful Kimber 1911 45 cal and an AK-47 and lots of ammo. It is needed now at this time and place in America. Actually, now is a great time in American history for those who are constitutionally concerned. This coming election will show the country how many people care about the future of the republic. I intend to continue to honor those from Valley Forge on who gave me what I have: Freedom!
    I’m very tired of being marginalized in being a citizen of the US. I’m tired of the insults made by voice and action and non-action. The US Constitution makes clear what happens when oppression is brought to bear on Americans. We have rights and, of course, duty. You can only kick a dog so many times before it turns on you.

    1. I know what ya mean Mr. Grouch and the PTB want we the people to disarm ourselves at a time like this, THAT IS NUTS. You may not believe this, but I had no idea this was going on, until I turned on OKers just a few mins. ago. I needed a break from all of the info. But I did have a question written down for this morning that I wanted to look up. It went something like this: If George Soros is the money man behind all of this, (can’t prove it but I believe he is front man for NWO) why hasn’t he been arrested for treason yet? Or inciting a riot at the very least. And I also had the thought that the good sheriff Clarke may be being targeted for his speaking out on all of this monkey business.

  11. I remember when the Watts neighborhood of LA was burning back in the 60’s. It wasn’t safe for any white person, not safe for fire fighters, rescue / EMTs, not safe for police. So after a few days of trying, they cordoned off the area. Nobody went in, nobody got out. The fires stopped pretty quickly and everything calmed down overnight. That gas station down the street lit up a few tenements, after looting the liquor stores they all had hangovers and couldn’t stay angry the next day, and folks were getting hungry but the grocery was empty. Maybe it’s time to learn a lesson from the early ’60s?

    1. When I first moved here to the 55 plus neighborhood more than half the old folks supported Obama and felt safe because they were certain Barry would take care of them. Most of them were scared of me because I’m a professional shooter, former military and conservative. Funny how in the last few years since the rise in crime and the rude awakening most of these people have had that most of them love me and my attitude now. We have a neighborhood watch now too. A new problem lately came up here. Young people going door to door panhandling. Old defenseless people are too scared to not give them something. They were very surprised when they came to my door. I ran them off and they haven’t been back. Word gets out that we aren’t easy targets anymore. Yes make friends with your “scary” neighbors (we’re only scary because you believed what the mainstream news told you about us) and stay in touch with the people in your community because soon it looks like strong communities will be your only protection.
      Pray for Peace. Prepare for war.
      God Bless.

  12. Sheriff Clarke is conspicuously absent from the news cycle here on his home turf…and where’s the Nat’l Guard supposedly called up by the Gov? We need to apply the exact same level of testosterone so self-evidently displayed here on this thread to our real life day-to-day…all the real men need to be it, walk it, and live it…or we will be Europe-2

  13. Just fence the area off like the movie “Escape from New York City”. Send in some Snake Pliskin type Navy Seals or Contractors and clean up the remaining azzclowns left in the morning.
    Someone has to know who the leaders of the BLM movement is. Take them out just like the terrorists they are and be done with it. Drones will do the job also. This is terrorists on USA soil.

  14. Anarchy ; Mean’s No existing Government ; Where the community protects each other , they are self-sufficient no one is truly in control , no cop’s and not many criminals , because criminal’s are held accountable by the community at large ; Neighbors protect neighbor’s, most people have some sort of weapon, that they use to protect themselves or their local neighborhood, another way of looking at it is families’ organize around each other to deal with the common problems of life, for example, protection, growing food, trading food, natural disaster’s, it’s really about people helping each other as a tribal community, with no one formally in charge. Although I can’t say that it has ever been proven too work, it’s theoretical . Chaos’ is a riot out of control or where there is no civility, no accountability, where the strong survive and the weak eventually perish, if no outside force is there to intervene, similar to the South Los Angeles riots in 1992, in the sense, that the cop’s got scared off, leaving everybody too fend for themselves!!!

  15. I’m a Caucasian woman with many black friends who don’t belong to BLM, they just want to live productive lives and have a good family life like you and me. What is going to happen to those people? Are they going to be grouped in with BLM by those who are angry with what BLM are doing? Will they be murdered walking down the street the way BLM wants to do to whites? When is this going to stop? How will you distinguish?

    1. Rose, if your black friends are like mine and are leading productive decent lives they will not be doing anything (like rioting and burning buildings) to get themselves hurt. You seem to not be able to understand the difference between self defense and murder if you believe that blacks will be indiscriminately killed. Besides we will protect them just like anyone else in our community.

      1. I live in Baltimore, which has become the home for the BLM leadership. We have had our share of riots and violence against police. This is absolutely NOT a black/white issue. The area I live in is 80% black. Whites, like me, are the minority. The vast majority of the blacks are 100% fed-up with the BLM movement. The last major protest (about 3 weeks ago with 65 arrests) had not one black person participating. They were all white; every single one. All but a few were local college students. We had a minor protest yesterday where the BLM protesters chained themselves up to try and stop a police union convention. This time there were only 2 black participants; the rest were white. Again, it was local college students. If you talk to these folks you will find that their college professors are the ones filling their heads with disinformation and radicalizing them to participate in these protests. BLM is nothing more than a destabilization tactic being used by the NWO elite to force Baltimore to accept Federal oversight of the police force. In Baltimore, they succeeded and they intend to continue this action city by city until the majority of the cities have succumbed to Federal control. BLM is without a doubt controlled by the White House and the financiers that put the President into the Oval Office. Please read my earlier article titled “Understanding the Campaign to Destabilize the United States” to learn more.

  16. Never in history has the collapse of a country been as thoroughly documented by its people. That will be the legacy of the American patriots. Sorry for my cynicism but I have literally grown old waiting for us to take a stand and watching the tree of liberty go to the saw mill.

    On New Year’s Eve 2011 Obama (in concert with GOP Presidential nominee McCain) signed the NDAA. The Bill of Rights (and our Founders’ Republic) was dealt a fatal blow. That did not cause patriots to revolt. I then realized that we don’t have stomach to do what has to be done. Like the line in the Forest Gump movie, “And then one day it was over, just like that.” America RIP.

    1. Diane D, Just because obama the presidential impersonator and “songbird” traitor McCain signed the NDAA means exactly nothing.

      First, even if he was a legitimate US President, he has NOT the authority to do such a thing. It was NEVER delegated to the executive branch or to the office of US President within the executive branch. The ONLY people that would have to comply with the NDAA is those that serve within the FEDERAL government. It would be like your boss giving you an order. That order does not stand for all the clients/customers, just for the employees. Understand?

      Read the US Constitution and your state Constitution. Go train, and it matters not how old you are, etc, as everyone has something to offer in defense of our nation, even if it is only a hot meal when needed, or a drink. If it is managing the distribution of food, clothing, seeds, etc. If it is “only” teaching the truth of our nation to others. It is all valuable and needed.

      America is not over. It is in a difficult time. But she is still alive. She was born in a difficult time. How can you tell that she is not over and that many believe in her and will stand for her still? Ever see the talking heads exclaim over gun and ammo sales? Some people do not “talk”, they act as the time requires them to act and wit until more actions are needed.

  17. Even though I dislike the so called Black Lives Matter movement, the problems started here because a police officer shot a presumably innocent American in the back because the alleged criminal didn’t want to talk to the cop. Some of you idiots will say if he weren’t guilty of something he shouldn’t have run. Well he wasn’t proven guilty of anything by a jury of his peers and as far as I know running is not illegal. Others will say he had a gun. So what, refer to the second amendment. If the man was so dangerous that he needed to be put down he would have just shot the cop and rolled on. Cops need to realize that if they consider themselves as Judge, Jury, and Executioner then they are the ones that are the criminals. you don’t shoot a person in the back just because he is running. THEN to make matters worse they send out RIOT POLICE to disperse a peaceful protest of persons angry and saddened by the execution of a man from their community who’s only known “crime” was running. NO wonder LE and DAs are being gunned down at a rate so fierce some will begin to hide their badges and quit pulling people over for stupid reasons like “looking suspicious” or not having their seatbelts on. Remember the police work for us (ALL AMERICANS) They need to quit extorting money from drivers and go solve real crimes like child slavery, serial killers, Wall Street Cheats, and crooked politicians.
    “Protests were peaceful Sunday evening until around 11PM when two dozen officers in riot gear confronted about 150 people who blocked an intersection near the fatal shooting Saturday afternoon. Police moved in to try to disperse the crowd and warned of arrests after protesters threw bottles and rocks at police.”

    1. Phyllis – I suggest you hold your condemnation of the officer until the autopsy and the body-cam footage are released. It appears that you may be getting your information from an ill-informed source. According to the officials that have reviewed the body-cam footage, the suspect was not shot while running or in the back. He was shot while facing the officer and raised his weapon. As for the riot police, the live streaming footage of the Saturday protest clearly shows that regular police without riot gear were attacked by the crowd without provocation. Once the police were attacked, they went and put on their riot gear. On Sunday, since several officers had already been injured, the police did wear protective equipment. The protesters were asked dozens of times to stop blocking traffic. When they refused, the officers attempted to arrest one of the leaders hoping that that would encourage the others to get out of the street. It was at this point that the protesters again attacked the officers. Again, you may need to find a new source for your news because these facts are not disputable.

    2. Running is not illegal ?? He had a gun, so what ? Refer to the Second Amendment ? What stupid comments….you have got to be in possession of some measurable brains ! Basic common sense should tell you that if you put yourself in the same position, you should expect to get a trip to the ER or the morgue. Quit breaking the law to correct the issue.

  18. Please consider the harm being done to society’s lower classes by what I label “class war.” An unholy alliance between big business and big government creates many systems that channel a too-large portion of the national wealth to a few folks atop the socioeconomic pile. Toss in a huge number of legal and illegal immigrants that ensure wages are kept artificially low and their housing demand keeps rental costs high.

    Folks… think back to the 1960s era when jobs were more plentiful for the common folks and the wages allowed a worker to exist with less stress than nowadays. There was more discretionary income after paying life necessities than is available now. Not that tough economic times are an excuse for hooligans to create mayhem BUT… the stress of eking out a meager living nowadays surely creates fertile fields for agitators to sow discord.

  19. Arming up is necessary but it is NOT a solution to the problem. If we still have any hope of solving the problem, I will offer an analogy. Lets say that you have 100 sheep, three wolves in sheep’s clothing and one sheep dog. What should the sheep dog do? Protect the sheep while exposing the wolves. Hopefully the sheep will then follow the sheep dog and no longer listen to the wolves. So it takes three things for a solution to be had: Protect the sheep, expose the wolves and then the sheep have to make the right decision. The first two actions are our responsibility. The third action rests with the sheep.

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