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NavyJack – Report: Police Refuse to Protect Political Rally Participants Again – This Time in Minneapolis (Updated 08/23/2016)

Protests at a Trump campaign event at the Minneapolis Convention Center became violent Friday night. Protesters pushed, verbally harassed and spat on Trump supporters.  The most aggressive protesters didn’t arrive until attendees began leaving the convention center and hid their faces behind scarves.  Cynthia Schanno of St. Paul said she attended the rally and was surprised that protesters were allowed to get so close to what she was told was the only point of entrance.  Afraid to walk through the crowd by herself, Schanno said she asked a police officer to escort her to the door, but he refused.

“He said ‘No, they’re going to accost me. You’re on your own,’ ” she recalled.

Schanno said she was surprised when it was over that attendees had to leave through the same door. Protesters pounded at the glass doors and tried to prevent people from closing doors when anyone exited.

The attendees were forced to leave the event without any police protection and were attacked by the more aggressive protesters. “The same thing happened on the way out,” Schanno said. “All of a sudden, these women come up to us … and they started spitting on us. I felt like, had I opened my mouth and said anything, I would have been hurt.”

“The cops were sitting right there and they didn’t do a single thing,” Schanno said. “Not one single thing. I couldn’t believe it.”

The protests were organized and promoted by the following groups:

Minneapolis police spokeswoman Sgt. Catherine Michal said there were no arrests.

“Usually, we do really well with all the protests we work,” she said. “It’s a fine line of allowing people to have the freedom of speech, but it’s possible to cross it.”

The inaction of police in Minneapolis last Friday night is similar to the bloody scenes earlier this year in San Jose, CA as protesters attacked Trump supporters following a campaign rally. This same police behavior and complete disregard for the safety of citizens was demonstrated at protests that turned violent following a Trump campaign rally in Albuquerque, NM.

Update 08/23/2016

FoxNews published an opinion article yesterday titled “Mainstream media ignores anti-Trump mob in Minneapolis” which includes some interesting questions and analysis:

Fires were set. People were assaulted. A presidential candidate’s motorcade was attacked. But nobody was thrown in jail?


Why not? Were the police given orders to stand down? If so, who gave the order? Who organized the protest? Was this a “Rent-A-Mob”? If so, who paid the bills?


Those are questions the mainstream media should be asking, but they did not and they will not.


That’s because what happened in Minneapolis does not fit their narrative. They believe Trump and his supporters are morally tainted. And I suspect the mainstream media believes they got what they had coming to them in the Twin Cities.

Read the full article here.


Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



      1. I hear that, Jack. There is so much that we as patriots have no control over. I believe that many view the presidential election as the last hope for a return to liberty. I see something very malevolent rising. We all expect to see the collectivists bussing folks to the voting sites. We have a good idea of just who will be on those busses. But I also see a coalition of evil under the banner of BLM at the voting sites with the goal of keeping those in opposition from voting through intimidation and threats. I think the problem will be so organized, widespread and hostile that the police will not be able to respond. So I see TPTB stealing the election in this manner. That is my view and, quite frankly, I think we are too little too late to stop it.
        It would be great if we could get with police departments and sheriff departments ahead of time to counter it but I don’t think enough of them will listen. So it becomes a matter of what we decide to do in the aftermath.

      2. Yoda – I have been reviewing all of the raw polling data. At this point Trump would win with a comfortable margin, especially in the swing states. I am not endorsing anyone, just stating the facts. I do not believe that if this polling situation continues, the Globalists will risk an election. I am aware of the propaganda they are feeding us via the MSM. You can get a point here and another point there by cheating, but you can’t stop a Trump victory if there is a 5 point margin by having dead people vote and rigging machines in districts that will turn a blind eye. My gut says they will take another Bobby Kennedy run at Trump before the 1st debate. If that fails, then their options are pretty limited and would necessitate an October surprise national emergency scenario. Use your imagination, but I’m pretty sure they would throw the kitchen sink at it to keep Trump out of the White House. The demonization of Russia with the associated war drums is pretty thick, so keep an eye in that direction also. If Trump were to ascend to the Oval Office and the general public ever came to realize what really happened in Benghazi, what our role in the Ukraine was, how Mubarak was deposed and Gadhafi was overthrown and killed, etc., I don’t think the resulting Nuremburg trials would end well for Hillary and Barrack. I know this goes all the way back to 1963, but that’s just too far back to get the general public to understand. Bottom line, they will never allow Trump to become President and they will do anything to stop him, even if it means leaving Obama in for a few more years until they can finish the NWO agenda.

      3. Germany announced today 8/21/2016 for the people to stock food and cash immediately… So forget the U.S. Election..

        People need to see what is really happening here. Obama and the Pope (UN and NATO) are running the worlds stage at present. Russia, China, Iran and Turkey now are on the other side at the present moment.

        Obama owns ISIS to cause chaos so he can get more oil. Israel has a new oil reserve called leviathan. Russia was first in line to get a nice slice of it. That pissed of the Pope as he owns all the oil so he needs to teach them a lesson.

        This is just a small part of it. Then you have the election,,, good luck!!

        Obama must get Russia to strike first so he surrounds Russia with NATO and pokes Putin non stop.

        The United States is Attacking Russia, by proxy, through Western Ukraine operatives. Fact: Russia is not the Aggressor in Ukraine or Crimea, Obama is!

        Now, Germany (also run by Obama and the Pope) declares Russia their enemy. Why,, to poke Russia further and make Putin think Obama will strike first thereby making Putin want to strike first. Fortunately Putin can see all this and has been very cool in his responses to Obama’s world. How long will Putin be cool?? That is the major question!!!

        However, do not think for One second that Obama will not push the button if he feels like it!!! I do not forsee an election in November…

        The world at present makes the Cuban missile crisis look like kindergarten story time.

      4. It is at this point I say, we have reached a point in United States history that pales our historic record. We have been betrayed from within. Folks did not truly expect that. It was briliantly brought to fruition. I suspect the EMP that paralyzes us will come from our own government and blamed on someone else. So, Our military is the only hope but therein lies inherent issues as well. States Rights could be implemented but that too must overcome extreme hurdles we may not be able to clear. We must remember however that liberty is not truly passed away as long as the patriots heart still beats. Yes, we are scattered amongst the four corners of America. One highly motivated patriot is worth more than one thousand betrayers. Sempre Fi!

  1. The cowardly protesters knew that those leaving were unarmed- no guns- no pepper spray- nothing as they had to be screened to get entrance to the event.
    It’s only a matter of time before a concealed carry owner ventilates a few of the mouth breathers who seek too attack them.
    A can of bear pepper spray would have been a delight to have at that moment.

  2. Recall Mini-sota was the only state Reagon lost in his reelection.

    LEOs need to keep in mind who the real majority is. It’s not those protester thugs hired nor is it the lefty leadership they recieve guidance from; and their oath is to a constitution. Pulling this crap is only hurting their image. Actions dictate our perception.

  3. I live just outside the twin cities and This is the first I’m hearing about this. Not a single article or person talking about it on Facebook. The suppression of information is going extremely well for the gubbrmint.

  4. I think if this would happen at a rally close to me that I was attending. I would have to remind the LEOs that those are your enemies and I’m the friendly. An tell them if your not with me your against me and I won’t support them in the future.

  5. NJ…I agree with your read on Trump’s prospects for a win. There is however, the possibility that Trump is not what he appears…rather, a part of the kabuki. I pray for this not to be so because of the more devastating impact it would ultimately have on the Liberty movement. If he is the real deal, your assessment dovetails nicely with Brentwood’s observations. One giant “hot mess” as Sheriff Clarke referred to it at our NY OK Dinner back in June, no matter how we cut the cake.

  6. I am not at all surprised at this. These Anti American thugs have been getting away with this for some time. It has gotten to be the expected norm for trump supporters to be beaten down for no reason other than exercising their rights while those sworn to protect those rights turn a blind eye.
    I fail to see why anyone would be surprised at this rather than expecting it. They got away with it the first few times and nothing was done about it. Expect it to continue. America is at war. That a fact.

  7. I’m pretty busy right now but I am going to take the time to address the issue of WWIII. The general scenario is between NATO forces and a Russian led coalition.
    I’m laughing pretty hard right now and I’ll tell you why. Fighting a world war would require the reinstitution of the draft. So much for the all volunteer army.
    TPTB have spent decades in an effort to transform the American people from a national mindset to a global mindset. The result of that is no national identity. Who would fight for the USA? Who would answer the call of the Commander In Chief? Not this current generation. Distrust of the government is at an all time high. The same is true in Europe, especially Germany.
    The next thing to consider is the “nanny state”. We now have a culture of receivers; not a culture willing to sacrifice. We have the younger generations who thrive on the government tit. This has destroyed the warrior class in this country.
    Some may want to shout BS to the above. That’s fine. I will point out that Obama has been extremely busy in an effort to feminize the military. This is what LBGT is all about. It also applies to the current generations where the warrior class could be developed.
    Try a draft at this juncture? Good luck with that! The general population of combat aged males are going to say “Not me”. Do you think a Pearl Harbor or a 911 will turn this nation into patriots? All of the initiatives of TPTP have been to create a population that has no national identity, that lives for the government tit and has no sexual identity and lives for their own personal gratification. Try going to war with those folks.
    The only true warriors left in this nation are the true patriots who wouldn’t fight for TPTB. We have become too smart for that.
    The Feds have managed to cultivate warriors. The government is turning them into mercenaries. The police have warriors and the military has some warriors. Once again, the government has psyops ongoing to transform them into enforcers for a police state and martial law. But, because of what I have stated above, I don’t see WWIII as being a viable option for TPTB. That’s a cursory look from my foxhole.

    1. Yoda you have a point. However, The goal is to do away with the US military as Obama knows they will be useless for his goals. Obama has put together DHS (or whatever he decides to call them next) so that he can federalize all police firstly,, then Obama will turn our military over to the new global military under the NWO. All US military equipment and resources including nukes will be transferred to the global military.

      At some point I suspect there will be a draft but it will be by coming to your home and taking you away to join the military as it will not be on a volunteer basis. If you refuse you will be shot…

      Furthermore, Obama has completely turned over the US internet management to a global firm in LA that will be completed on 10/1/2016, so perfect timing to cut off the internet before November.

      Also, what happened to all those nukes (70+) at the US base in Turkey??? Are we sure someone (I mean Obama) did not walk off with a few of those to drop on Damascus or the US maybe and then blame Israel or Russia?

      What is really super scary is that every last thing I just stated is all true and factual. I did not have to look hard to figure this all out and I am not the brightest star in the sky by any means. So what does that say about the rest of America currently? We are hosed if that is the case –

      Its going full force folks! The US is completely under siege at every level of governement right now. The average American has absolutely no clue what is going on while they line up for their coffee at starbucks…

      1. Brentwood, we all have our scenarios. Right now, one is about as good as another. And the one main point is that we all seem to agree that we won’t get out of this year without the hammer dropping. Nukes started coming up missing as far back as when the Soviet Union began to disintegrate. Nukes are sort of like the gun control issue. When you outlaw nukes, only the bad guys will have nukes. Throw a few around, MAD takes over and nothing matters anymore. I don’t think nukes are in the game plan of TPTB. They don’t want to foul up their Garden of Eden with radiation. I get the DHS angle. Just need a trigger for that. One would be massive terrorist events. The other would be a stolen election. Although it is serious and bears watching, I think the beef with Russia is a distractor. If our military was put under the UN for action against America’s citizens, the rank and file would see it as a take over attempt by TPTB. Whatever triggers this, we know the time is short. It is time to finalize for action.

      2. Don’t leave out the globalists’ option to simply hit us with an EMP attack, which would give them a “viable pretext” under which they could activate their military-police-state.
        Turkey? Don’t forget that it was Bill Clinton who brought Gulen to our country and placed him under the U.S. government’s care and keeping in Pennsylvania, from where he orchestrated the failed coup attempt against Erdogan last month. The rabbit hole is very, very deep with branches which lead in all sorts of directions. Best to not make predictions, just keep on preparing in hopes of surviving whatever they hit us with next. And keep the Faith!
        Elias Alias, editor

      3. Damascus got hit this morning after they lobbed a few rounds into Israel. I beleive Damascus will be leveled eventually, The US will be EMP’ed and a few other nukes will go off at some point. And yes Elias, Turkey looks like a set up possibly for the US Base overthrow probably initiated by the CIA. I dont like the word predictions as that sounds too prophetic and mystical. I like the term scenarios (based on sitrep/salute) based on current observation so as to help better plan and make ready for other options. IMHO. Whether uncomfortable or not for some, it is good practice to watch the beach for incoming waves from beyond the horizon.

      4. Another indication: The government / state data centers are being hardened. Construction of concrete steal encased buildings with 100% fiber optic communication between centers, in house power plants and fuel to run them with are the norm. They are expecting an EMP which is driving the preparation for continuation of government while we all starve.

        Most people will be sitting with there droid wondering why it stopped, wondering why the lights went out, wondering why the car won’t turn over, just wondering stupid. It’ll be Europe during the little ice age…parents eating their kids.

  8. I should have concluded my last reply with this statement. I see a nation of sheep, a lot of wolves and a growing population of sheepdogs. That is not a nation you can send into WWIII to fight for TPTB against a mighty Russian alliance.

  9. When I first learned that Soros was funding BLM, I knew that it was going to get ugly. It was obvious that there was a political agenda at work that was going way beyond the heavy handed tactics of the police. Then we began to see that other radical elements were joining with BLM. At that point, I thought that the agenda was to shut down the RNC. I was perplexed when we did not see extreme violence at the convention.
    When looking at the BLM fund, it showed that hundreds of millions of dollars had come from various sources of the elites. Then there was the three hour “behind closed doors” meeting of Obama and BLM leadership. Taking all of these things into consideration, the picture I was seeing did not match up with what I saw at the conventions. It also did not match up with the push for a race war. TPTB were not getting their bang for the bucks that should have happened. I knew that we had to be heading for something else. There is way too much money invested and way too many radical elements involved for what we have seen so far. I see no other reason but to steal the election. By denying Trump voters access to voting sites and by mass facilitated access of Hillary voters to the voting sites. As to the argument that the popular vote does not count I say that the popular vote gives legitimacy to the election in the eyes of the world. So Hillary will get the electoral college and the popular vote.
    So, of course, this will result in an uprising. I am in the process of validating the existence of martial law exercises within the military and DHS. That would fit the scenario and I have some evidence that it is taking place. I don’t have enough proof yet to raise an alarm but I’m working on it. Of course, TPTB would love it if the public would view the exercises as benign like they did with JADE HELM. I think vigilance is critical to our survival so I choose to do what is necessary to confirm or refute the reports on this.

  10. To get the People to Respect, YOU should Respect them.
    I Respect YOU as a Warrior.

    When WE cross to the Other World, they Will cheer for US in this World.

    Your masters have put US in a bind. I Wish for Your Heart to be Mine.
    Your Mind I should reach thru Time, Teach the People Your Heart and Wisdom.
    Love, Respect YOU Will find and WE Will Exist for all of Time.

    Fear turns into hatred and hatred Will turn into fear.
    YOU must bear this Life to prove YOU are a fighter.
    To hate Life, Is to Love death and to Love death Will inflict pain.

    Do YOU Hear the cries? Do YOU See the Blood? Will YOU Feel the pain?
    Has the Earth suffer Enough? Our Home WE destroy!

    Dispel the Illusions and Overcome the fear.
    I, WE Love YOU, Here!

  11. So… on the oathkeepers website we have one story proclaiming a “Call to action” asking us to deliver cards and flowers to local police. At the same time we have this story about police refusing to protect and serve. I guess we are supposed to leave these guys out of the call to action?

    1. We certainly cannot support police who don’t honor their oath or do their job. But I think it is best to give your local police the benefit of the doubt and give them a chance to do the right thing. So, unless their actions confirm them as oath-breakers, treat them as honorable until they show otherwise. And also keep in mind that the rank and file officer is often far more honorable and brave than the brass. Just a fact.

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