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NavyJack – Gang Attacks Good Samaritan Chanting “Black Lives Matter”

Brandon Reiter was beaten by a group of men early Friday morning.  According to a report filed with police, the man was driving home to James Island, SC at around 3 a.m. after leaving a club in downtown Charleston when he noticed a woman in distress on the side of the road.  He pulled over to provide assistance.

Reiter drove the woman to a neighborhood he had not been to before. When he stopped, the passenger grabbed money he had on his dashboard and ran away.

“That’s when I actually got out of the car – which wasn’t a smart idea,” said Reiter, “and in doing that.. people kind of came out of nowhere.”

Reiter says two black men approached him and then robbed him of his money and phone. The younger man led Reiter to the back of a building at gunpoint. Reiter tried to hit the gun out of his hands then ran back to his truck. Reiter says a gang of men were waiting there and proceeded to beat him down. “It was a setup,” said Reiter,

“There’s no way that many people would have been right there and it would have been so planned out.”

According to Reiter, the attackers chanted “Black Lives Matter” as they viciously beat him. Reiter was able to escape and drive home where he recorded a video about the ordeal. His fiancé took him to the hospital.  The attack left Reiter with 13 staples on his scalp and numerous bruises.

Main Stream Media (MSM) has reported the attack as a gang initiation. A local ABC News station was the only MSM affiliate to reference the “Black Lives Matter” chant that Reiter reported. NBC News filed a report on the incident but omitted the “Black Lives Matter” chant information. CBS News did not file a report.

We recognize that the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement is not responsible for attacks soley because the attackers invoke their rhetoric and the name of their movement. BLM leadership has yet to condemn this brutal incident. We will update this story if/when BLM leadership provides a statement.




Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



  1. I suspect there is more to this then what is stated in the story not saying he wasnt setup an beaten, but who picks-up a female stranger at 3am AND leaves cash on the dash. I suspect his GF would not like the real story.

  2. I watched and listened to the video. I read the article. What did I come away from this article with? Well, the victim made some unwise choices. Then there was his comments concerning the value of human life. I agree with his assessment on that matter. Then there was whether or not the incident was preplanned. My opinion is that it was more likely an ad hoc event as the circumstances materialized.
    The only thing left was the Black Lives Matters chant and the association of that chant to the organization. I was glad to read the last two sentences of this article, Jack. This is all that is left to address and I believe it is the most important. When an intel organization investigates an organization, they have to be extremely careful when assigning incidents to that organization. You cannot assign responsibility to an organization based on MO. You can list the event in your events charts but it must be assigned a different color signifying that there is no proof of direct connection. If you don’t do that, you would be moving your investigation into a condition called “helter skelter”. By definition, that means chaotic and disorderly haste. *****I am well aware that you already know this, Jack. I am bringing this up so that all readers will understand it. *****This world is chaotic enough.
    Did all notice that the video title said “Brandon Reiter Attacked by Black Supremacists”? The title was based on an assumption. Who knows that to be true? This is either sloppy media tagging or it is a deliberate attempt to mislead the public. That happens with reporting on Oath Keepers events and actions all the time. This then puts the organization in a position where they need to take action to defend themselves. The organization may or may not take action. If they don’t, that doesn’t mean that the implied allegation is true.
    What is my point? Well, just as with the house torching and statement concerning “pigs”, we cannot just assume that the incident has a direct connection to the organization. Now I believe that TPTB are trying to get a race war started in this nation. We have the responsibility to have the cooler heads. Anything less is playing into the hands of TPTB.
    So thanks for ending your article with the last two sentences, Jack. Everyone should understand that this article is an incident report and receive it as just that.

    1. Yoda – I downloaded the orginal video, uploaded it to my Youtube account and retitled it to elimiate the “Black Supremacist” issue you mentioned. The one thing that stood out to me is the complete lack of National MSM coverage and that the “Black Lives Matter” angle was even removed from the local NBC News reports. The local ABC News station at least covered what was in the police report. CBS and Fox local stations just ignored it. This was a serious beating and whether it was a setup or not, it is indicative of where our nation is heading.

  3. Story seems a bit odd about cash on dash and it gets stolen. It’s unfortunately going to get worse.
    Watching scene in Milwaukee where the thugs were targeting white people in cars should cause many of the readers here to take a tactical driving course and teach your spouse and children of driving age. Its well worth it. The best weapon to have is to use the vehicle skillfully and get off the X and or bulldoze through. Will be harder fro jury to convict someone these days for driving through attacking crowd to protect themselves and families.
    Tact driving rule -Keep following distance to at least one car space – if you can’t see where the cars’ tires in front of you contact the road surface you are too close. Take heed especially nearing or at intersections always looking for an “out”. IF you get caught in something like Milwaukee and get bumped into by another car trying to escape don’t stop keep going. You can file a report once you are safe. Plan Prepare Practice.
    As in Milwaukee the roads quickly became jammed and many cars were caught in gridlock. Sell that small car and get a 4×4 suv or truck with decent ground clearance. You don’t need mud truck height just something with clearance so you don’t high center on a curb or parking block. There’s a reason military spec ops and contractors use these vehicles. However a car can also survive a great deal of damage and continue driving even with flat tires and radiator busted. Drive it off the X
    Next keep windows up and doors locked and know your route in advance and have backup routes planned. IT can happen when you least expect it. Be prepared. IF they come to the car they will probably throw something to smash windows and try to open your doors. Use the out and drive- save the firearm for last resort. Get off the X.
    A folding stock truck gun is something to have and teach your spouse to use it as well. However any gun is better than none. Know that you can shoot through the windows/windshield with some degree of accuracy but try to maintain vehicle movement to get out of there.
    Finally practice what we call deadman driver drills where the passenger suddenly has to take control of the vehicle and physically drive the car from the passenger seat, If the driver were to get window glass in his eye from projectile the pain may not allow him to drive so practice this tactic.
    Stay safe

  4. Many, if not most men have a “knight in shining armor” complex. They WANT to be “that guy” who saves a “damsel in distress” – whomever the damsel, whatever the distress. Most of the Christian believers among us would say that this was an instinct or behavior created within us, by G_d – standing up and protecting the weak and defenseless, coming to the aid of vulnerable people…

    There have also always been those “lurking in the shadows”, who lie in wait to seize an opportunity presented to them. And there are those who cannot or will not wait; they know of this tendency in men, they understand its power and how to appeal to it. They will outright craft and construct a scenario meant to draw in men such as the unfortunate Mr. Reiter, and ensnare them as victims themselves.

    This is NOT the first time that this con has been set up and played out, nor will it be the last. Unless we share this story widely as a timely object lesson, teach our sons and brothers, etcetera how to be more “street savvy”, safer & wiser, the next victim may be someone we know – even one of us. Next time might end up costing one or more lives.

    Hindsight is often “20/20”; Mr. Reiter would have been safer and better off (and his reputation and manly instincts satisfied…) with different, but simple choices.

    Here’s what I suggest: Approaching the stranded woman (who is the “hook” in a set – up) roll down your car window SLIGHTLY, address her about her problem (s), and offer to call police/Sheriff’s deputies to assist.

    If she claims the car is broken down, offer to search “YP” and call the closest towing company if you have a smart phone.

    Then extend an offer to stay on the scene until professional help arrives (within the safety of your own vehicle, of course!) so she will not be left “all alone”! If the “stranded woman” hesitates or declines either offer – RED FLAG WARNING! You should call the police anyhow, and give them a full description of her, the vehicle & license plate #, and her location relative to the nearest mile marker, numbered off-ramp or other major landmark, and relate your suspicions about her motives to the dispatcher because even if she sends YOU on down the road, fearing you may “smell a rat”, that doesn’t mean the next guy will be as savvy, or fare so well. The life you save may be that of someone you know!

    Be well and smart and safe.

  5. So just because someone matches the description and is yelling their chant, they may not be affiliated. My assumption or actions based on an incidents of this nature aren’t my fault and therefore I’m not responsible for the outcome. They are at fault not me, and would suffer for their actions. Maybe we should ask for their BLM/Soros I.D cards.

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