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L.A. Sheriff’s Scandal Validates Key Oath Keepers Tenet

Baca and Tanaka were presented as law enforcement leaders by the same corrupt establishment that disparages Oath Keepers and honors oath breakers for enforcing unconstitutional edicts.

“A federal appeals court Thursday upheld the convictions of seven former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies on charges they tried to thwart an FBI investigation into county jails,” The Los Angeles Times reports. “The unanimous decision by the three-judge panel from the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals clears the way for the former deputies, among them rank-and-file officers and mid-level commanders, to be sent to prison on lengthy sentences.

“The ruling also deals a significant blow to Paul Tanaka, who ran much of the agency’s day-to-day operations as undersheriff and was convicted this year on the same set of charges,” the report continues. “Tanaka, who was sentenced to five years in prison, vowed to appeal the jury’s decision on grounds similar to those raised by the deputies.”

And Tanaka’s conviction and sentencing corroborates key reasons behind Oath Keeper’s “declaration of orders we will not obey,” decried by domestic enemies and their useful idiot followers as an “extremist” and “anti-government” position.

“Tanaka claimed he simply was following orders from his then boss, former sheriff Lee Baca, also his one-time good friend,” CBSLA reported at the time of the former undersheriff’s conviction.

Baca himself had his plea deal thrown out by a judge who said six months was not enough of a sentence for lying to the FBI.  The disgraced former sheriff then withdrew his guilty plea. In the latest development, “a federal grand jury on Friday indicted … Baca on new charges of obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice.”

That Baca is a corrupt oath breaker should be no surprise to anyone who has followed his career, at least to anyone who’s not a proponent of citizen disarmament. Long before he was endorsing Dianne Feinstein’s “assault weapons ban,” he was denying concealed carry permits to “ordinary” citizens, while issuing them to celebrity pals. Often times in exchange for “gifts.” Or to influential “progressive” A-listers like Ben Affleck.

It wasn’t until the heat was turned on that both Baca and his chief “order follower” Tanaka stopped putting the squeeze on their underlings for campaign contributions. And the convoluted dealings to illegally export ballistic vests to Cambodia never were unraveled, apparently because “officials” didn’t want to.

This truly is a “hoist on his own petard” story, not only because of what would happen to a citizen caught lying to LASD, but also because  felony convictions result in becoming a “prohibited person,” that is, gun-grabbers and “Only Ones” being barred from gun possession. And significantly, it absolutely validates the Oath Keepers declaration.

The “following orders” excuse didn’t work at Nuremberg and it didn‘t work for Paul Tanaka. Corrupt enforcers relying on corrupt systems will find it won’t work for them either, whenever misdeeds are brought to light and it becomes expedient to publicly clean house and throw political embarrassments under the bus.

Refusal to obey unlawful orders is a duty and the only course of action consistent with the Oath. It’s those disparaging such principled conduct, those relying on non-existent “authority,” and those infringing on unalienable rights  who are the true “anti-government extremists.”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Sadly, there is reason to belive that a felony conviction won’t change Baca’s eligibility to own a firearm, since there’s reason to belive he’s been a prohibited person since the ’90s.

    1. A “prohibited person” is just another unconstitutional concoction… Just like the cops calling us “civilians” as they have no special rights.

    1. Many Nazi’s and regular German soldiers tried to use that statement when found guilty of crimes against humanity

  2. Hopefully, these convictions won’t effect either Tanaka’s $200,000 or Baca’s $328,000 pensions.

      1. It runs in the family. L.A. Sheriffs Department likes to send men in uniform to testify in support of new gun laws at the state capitol in Sacramento. And since they’re in uniform, my guess is that they’re on the payroll when they speak before our ‘representatives’.
        It kind of gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling to see the men who ‘protect and serve’ testifying against the right of the citizens to bear the arms that they themselves are wearing.

  3. It’s fast approaching “house cleaning time”……..
    The entire House of Representatives NEEDS to be cleaned out and new people put in. One third of the Senate NEEDS to be cleaned out and replaced as well.

    The presidency is NOT designed to be so important; that is why it’s description is in Article II of our SACRED constitution, whereas congress is described in Article I.

    The legislative branch is the most important. That is why it is mentioned first!!!!!!!

    1. I agree that the cronies need to go. However, those who have been in power are experts at using “the rules” to their advantage. They are also skilled at using tactics such as bribery and extortion. New members are not as adept at this game ( or simply honest) and therefore mostly ineffective no matter how well intended. SO, to succeed in cleaning house, it is the opposition (mostly union/corporate backed democrats and the RINOs) who must be the target. Organized opposition to them in particular is what is needed. The states that have kept the cronies in power for decades, can you say (Charlie Wrangle?) are the targets. Many are shills for the unions and have vast resources. The voters who are union members will continue to vote for their sweet deals and pensions so they can retire to The Villages in Florida. That’s the political battlefield in which we have always lost, and where our focus must be. Some politicians will swing with the wind, and are knowledgeable of how the game is played, and thus are needed to return the legislative branch to it’s Constitutional founding. Those “lawyers” will be needed to end the “game” all together. Just my opinion…God Bless.

    2. I think you’re talking about our federal government which I agree needs some serious house cleaning. I also think that the Kalifornia legislature needs a scrubbing too. Over 20 years ago we had AzScam clean out our house here in Arizona.

  4. “…six months was not enough of a sentence for lying to the FBI.” Right, unless your name is Hillary.

  5. Corruption seems to rampant in todays society.. Disregard for a sworn oath should not be taken lightly. Hopefully the judge will take this into consideration when he issues the sentences which should be harsh to set an example to all who have taken an oath..

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