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FIJA: Get Your FREE Jury Rights Day Event Kit!

Editor’s Note:

The current announcement from FIJA is below.

Oath Keepers founder and president, Stewart Rhodes, has recommended that Oath Keepers everywhere help promote in the public awareness the powers of a fully-informed jury as one lawful, peaceful, but very powerful answer to the corruption raining down on this nation from governmental systems, departments, agencies, offices, and NGO-contracted entities. We especially want communities in which the upcoming trials of the political prisoners arrested in the wake of the Bundy Ranch (Bunkerville, Nevada) and the Malheur Refuge Center (Burns, Oregon) protests will be tried. (Recall, the judge for the Oregon trials has decreed *secrecy*, which means that the government intends to work its evils against these innocent men behind closed doors.)

The answer to that sort of tyranny is to have all members in every jury pool fully informed about their duties as jurors, and their rights to vote their consciences no matter what the “law” says. The jury can judge the law in the one case before the court, and can acquit even if the facts indicate guilt; or even if the defendant has plead “guilty”; no matter what the black-robed statist holding a “judge job” tells them when instructing the jury.

For more on the factology behind my seemingly inflammatory statement, please see the powerful piece on “guerrilla jurors” which Stewart Rhodes co-authored with Don Doig, co-founder of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA – don’t forget to tour their site! ).

With that much said, here is FIJA’s announcement. Please forward, and please take action for this. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s Constitutional, and it’s something very powerful that We The People can do. Yay!


Elias Alias, editor


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to help support your local event.

Jury Rights Day is FIJA’s signature day of action, on which friends of FIJA join nationwide to celebrate on and near 5 September each year in commemoration of the famous jury nullification case of William Penn in 1670.

This is a great opportunity to create more fully informed jurors in your own community. Already this year, we’ve sent out thousands of brochures for events around the country, and we have more shipments ready to go. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

FIJA DAY Flier Aug 2016


Each year volunteers nationwide host Jury Rights Day events in their communities. We are asking you to join fellow jury rights advocates nationwide by hosting an event in your area. Because Jury Rights Day coincides with Labor Day, we encourage you to pick any day you think appropriate within a week before of after the 5th of September for your celebration!

Hosting an event can be as simple as:

  1. picking a date, time, and location and recruiting a couple of friends to help you,
  2. requesting your FREE Jury Rights Day Event Kit from FIJA, and
  3. spending an hour or two at your local courthouse or other public location sharing FIJA information with the community.
But in order to get your kit to you in time for your event, we need to hear from you THIS WEEK! Simply fill out our online event kit request and we’ll be in touch to confirm that we received it.


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. ALL CPS Cases are done secretly.
    My daughters baby was taken on a hung jury. 11 ayes and 1 nay. The judge overrode the jury and terminated my daughters rights and a extremely Old Male biased judge with the collusion support of ALL Attorneys stole my daughters and my grandchild. The collusion included my daughters own “court appointed” attorney. It is very interesting to note that my daughters attorney internet site emphasis is on “Adaption”. Moreover my daughters attorney told my daughter upon being appointed that she will not get her baby back but we can try if you wish.

    My daughters only crime was being young with a first child. I went through this with my daughter from beginning to the end and it was clear that since we did not align with their political views on marriage, child rearing and the big one “being Christians” was the reason for taking my granddaughter. We discovered that my granddaughter was given to a single old woman who supported CPS of Denton County Texas political views.

    I was told by a CPS worker that my daughter was very immature. I have yet to meet a young lady that is mature, especially today, that knows all the how to’s in taking care of a baby without help. Babies do not come with manuals you learn by doing.

    This CPS case, as with the majority of CPS cases, are based on fabrications of A truth, intimidation, coercion and extortion.

    There are many parallels with CPS cases in regards to the Bundy political trail. Same tactics are being used. It is time people to break the secrecy of this trial and bring it to the public. Mark my words that if they are declared guilty they will die. Not publicly, but will be put to death in secret for the DC Communist Cartel do not want them to become martyrs.

    Ever wonder what happen to the eleven that threatened the democrat state governors years ago? I believe they were all murdered in secret.

    And no I don’t use a crystal ball…..I think and analysis. I see parallels, repetitive behaviors and attitude. Evil is as Evil does. Obama is a Evil Narcissist extreme and quietly murders those who stand or get in his way. He has said it himself “I am GOOD at Killing”; so does the Clintons DNC Democratic National Communist Party and that have many parallels to the Nazi Party of the 1930’s Germany. Sorry ALL these are facts and not speculation.

    Donald Trump is a threat to their evil plans for if he were not they would not be spending millions to discredit him with fabrications of A truth, intimidation, coercion and extortion. This man has stones of iron and I respect that. He does not speak out of both sides of his mouth but shoots from the hip. A Real Man and a statesman in the old since and not mealy mouth as the others are.
    Obama’s (Who in actuality supports and created ISIS, Bush’s (yes them too) Who along with Bill Clinton destroyed the Twin Towers and a very secure building nearby with controlled demolition. THE Clinton’s who’s desires are the same as Obama’s which is to eliminate our freedoms and create a nation of sheep (slaves).

    You better pray and take steps that Trump is elected for IF Hillary gets in boys you can kiss you ass goodbye and the Oathkeepers like the Bundys WILL BE incarcerated and will either conform or die or rot in a modern form of a dungeon. I am not blowing smoke for I suspect you all know it is true. Or you all wouldn’t be attempting to educate and teach survival tactics for a future extremely hostel with extreme prejudice environment.

    I am sure the enemy has drawn the same conclusion.

    If I were you I would make every effort to insure Trump is elected. We must stop all the Obama’s Clinton’s and Bush’s or die trying. Death is better than Slavery. A great American Patriot of Freedom long ago stated, “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”! I saw on a church marque years ago this statement and I sure you have heard it yourselves, “Freedom Ain’t FREE”. The greatest document ever wrote against tyranny of then King of England was Declaration Of Independence and begins with “WE THE PEOPLE”!

    In closing DC knows Civil War is coming for UN troops are here (were used in Oregon), Arming the police with military equipment (ie Bayonets, armored vehicles), Massive movement of Heavy military equipment (example Tanks) to location like Texas, JADE HELM15 Where UN Military where involved and still are here, etc.

    FYI, There is talk of Texas Succeeding. I know I know, there always talk of this but the discussions are increasing greatly among Texans. It written that Texas has the right to succeed if she so chooses.

    You ask what has this to do with Jury education? Everything. It all is apart of, as they say, the big picture. The judges are now acting as if they can generate changes “on the fly” in the U.S. Constitutional laws and play God at the same time. They even manipulate Jury’s to give the verdict the judge and the DA desire. If not they will override on whatever grounds that support his desires and the DA’s. In short a Kangaroo court where every court case has the outcome that the court desires. Same mindset that the DC Communist Cartel states that you can vote in whomever you want be we still call the shots.

    Remember Coventry (WWII)

    Cheers and hats off to Larry Diffey

    1. “In closing DC knows Civil War is coming for UN troops are here…”

      UN troops are an invasion, they are bringing war onto US soil, even if it is our own soldiers that the TRAITORS Panetta and Dempsey gave to the UN. Many of our US soldiers refused to wear UN uniforms and are still imprisoned for KEEPING THEIR OATH, and staying US Military. I personally cannot wait until those treasonous scum who prosecuted them are found guilty for TREASON against the American people, the US Constitution, the USA.

      Defending the US Constitution, our LEGITIMATE government is not a “civil war” or a “revolution”. It is DEFENDING our lawful and legitimate government. The “revolt” has already happened, been happening for decades, and it is/was done by THOSE WHO SERVE WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENTS – state and federal. They are the ones unlawfully and illegally changing our government from within.

      There has been murders, illegal wars, property stolen, etc making it TREASON and *TERRORISM on the part of those who are knowingly and willingly, plus on the part of those who are “just following orders” and “just doing their jobs”. There is no limitation on being arrested, prosecuted for treason, as we all know that those that have not been proven dead from Nazi Germany are still being hunted. But those that are “just following orders” and “just doing their jobs” and assisting in the destruction of our nation from within can take the time to educate themselves and not be traitors for a paycheck. Basically they can redeem themselves.

      But those that gave the orders – military, governmental official, elected – must all go through prosecution as they are REQUIRED to know the terms of that contract and Oath, had taken that Oath multiple times in their climb to the “top”, etc.

      CPS is NOT delegated by the US Constitution to either the state and/or federal governments, it is an authority we the people retained (kept) for ourselves. Just like the FDA, IRS, FBI, CIA,BLM, DHS (openly named after the Nazi version), and most of the rest of the alphabet soup unlawful agencies; the CPS is not a lawful agency. All actions committed by all who “serve within that agency” qualify as *Terrorism, and treason, as it does with all other non constitutional “agencies”.

      Remember the Tenth Amendment flat out states in writing that “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, OR to the people.” (caps mine.) Notice that the word there is “or” where it says “… or to the people” not “and”.

      1800’s Dictionary – Or: A connective that marks an alternative. ‘You may read or may write; ‘ that is, you may do one of the things at your pleasure, but not both. It often connects a series of words or propositions, presenting a choice of either.

      It means that “We the people of the united States” retained (KEPT) all authority that was not delegated by the US Constitution or by each state’s Constitution to those governments. That is NOT under their jurisdiction, it was NOT delegated but kept, and their actions are destructive and injurious. That makes every person, and ALL are required to take the Oath to the US Constitution and their own state’s Constitution, should have known this and kept doing those unlawful actions against the American people – basically willingly or through ignorance for which there is no excuse became traitors to the American people, the USA.

      This video can assist in ones understanding of what is happening

      They are more political correct and careful then I am when I comment or write an article. I figure that once we let them shut us up, or stop what we can say or how we can think, we are no longer Americans anyway. I will do this until my death, and if I offend you – deal with it like an American. Counter what I say with proof, not politispeech.

      — The established form of government in a state, kingdom or country; a system of fundamental rules, principles and ordinances for the government of a state or nation. In free states, the constitution is paramount to the statutes or laws enacted by the legislature, limiting and controlling its power; and in the United States, the legislature is created, and its powers designated, by the constitution
      — Paramount
      — Superior to all others; possessing the highest title or jurisdiction; as lord paramount the chief lord of the fee, or of lands, tenements and hereditaments. In England, the king is lord paramount of whom all the land in the kingdom is supposed to be held. But in some cases the lord of several manors is called the lord paramount
      — Eminent; of the highest order.
      — Superior to all others; as, private interest is usually paramount to all other considerations

      God Bless and Stay Safe All

      If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

      Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

      1. I am in complete agreement with you.It appears that the simplicity of the writing within the Constitution is not hard to read and understand at all.Of course Lawyers that are traitors automatic by their oath to the B.A.R. which is governed by the Monarch of England has stated that the interpretation is too hard for us to understand.This is a old trick of the Romans.This is the only way Monarchs have existed in the first place.I stand firmly with you in your interpretation of the very simply words of the US Constitution.IT was written for a 6th grader to fully understand.It is the set of principles set forth by the first generation that we all must learn to live by if any of us ever plan to stand in the kingdom of heaven.We must all understand that we shall be judged by those words written and we must follow them ,even unto our own death .It certainly is our word before the all mighty God of heaven.He gave us only 10 laws to follow and we gave ourselves 12 in which abide in the 10 God Gave us.young Christian soldier rise and defend that in which you have sworn the oath.

  2. Many folks do NOT like being on jury duty and do the most to convince the judge, during pre-trial, that “being on this case” will be a burden for a number of reasons, both lies and truth…..however, the easiest way to be removed is to declare yourself as “advocating nullification.”

    I guarantee you the judge, prosecutor or the claimant’s attorneys will happily dismiss you immediately….if not forever, with a little note placed by your name when you come-up in two years for jury duty again.

    Now….we all know that by doing that and if everyone did that, the quality of jurors would diminish in this country and corrupt judges and prosecutors will continue to beat-down a jury into compliance of “the law” as THEY deem appropriate for their pre-conceived adjudication of the person being accused.

    Judges and prosecutors in all districts are totally aware of the “nullification movement” that undermines their corrupt methods in the court room.

    Most criminal cases and even civil cases are decided beforehand with a drink of scotch and a handshake between lawyers and judges. The jury is the appearance of judicial justice, while reverse psychology and persuasion (by the judge and lawyers) are used to manipulate the process.

    1. It might save you from Jury duty,but what happens when others like you do the same when it comes to your trial?The problem is the same people almost every time wind up on Jury’s .For the most part it is by design.Same pool of people get called in to post.But this means that almost every time the Jury is comprised of auto guilty people.They like having the power to condemn and are part of the same corruption.You fail the Constitution when you try and get out of duty and one day that will bite your ass.Shame on you for making the suggestion.People should be willing to do what ever they can to get on to a jury so that immoral laws can be nullified.You are no a patriot ,but rather a stigma to the process.

  3. The Bundy bunch in the West are already martyrs.They have already stirred emotion of the American Patriot.The reason the Patriot movement is quiet right now is just because individuals are working toward securing a possible future for their families by preparing for the worst scenarios.They are in much larger numbers than the SPLC has a clue to because they have not put their names on the rolls of Militia.

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