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Whose ‘Safety’ Does La Raza Have in Mind with U.S. Citizen Disarmament Policies?

Who thinks Obama and Hillary genuinely care about the human suffering caused by their immigration/invasion subversion, as opposed to that just being a cynical “pathway to citizenship” calculation allowing them to assume more control over everyone? (La Raza Facebook photo)

“Following Orlando Shooting, National Council of La Raza Passes Gun Safety Resolution,” the Human Rights Campaign announced as part of its “Stop the Hate campaign.” How infringing on rights advances them was left unsaid, but as they demonstrate with practically everything they do, for “progressives” every day is Opposite Day.

HRC, of course, came up with its own “common sense gun violence prevention policies,” which when you cut through the wordiness (they do love to go on) distills down to:

  • Banning any semi-auto worth a damn in a multiple assailant situation;
  • Ending private sales; enabling registration through prior restraints;
  • Throwing due process and the concept of innocent until proven guilty out the window (at least for the people who don’t go around shooting up gay nightclubs).

Naturally, devising safeguards against radical Islam and being personally responsible for your own defense were not part of that mix, because as we all know, that would be “hateful.” Right?

In its statement, La Raza called such gun owner controls “reasonable restrictions … consistent with the protection of the civil rights of all Americans,” which appear to be kind of like non-infringing infringements or tolerable Intolerable Acts. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the contradictions.

While they’re undermining the ability to field that which the Founders deemed ‘necessary to the security of a free State,” La Raza’s other hand is doing what it can to “broaden pathways for people to enter the country legally to work and reunite with their families [and] provide an accessible path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.  And that, of course, will result in – per all credible polls and as we can see from the California experience – politically unchallengeable Democrat/anti-gun supermajorities with the ability to pass any edict they please and appoint judges to uphold them.

Of course to warn about that carries the risk of being tagged with the new scarlet letter, “R” for “racist,” and of incurring the penalties “progressives” have in mind for us once those supermajorities are achieved.  Forget that it’s La Raza that means “the race” (even though Opposite Day “progressive” apologists are out there denying the obvious  and distancing themselves the same way socialists do with, well, you know).

The other things they want forgotten while they culturally terraform the Republic:

  • The Preamble to the Constitution, which sets up the reasons why our government exists in the first place, and especially its mandate “to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”
  • Mexican immigration policy. If you haven’t seen what they require, take a moment and check out that link. It looks perfectly reasonable and like what we ought to be doing here. No one is accusing them of being racists and haters.
  • The more radical agenda behind the mainstream face the National Council of La Raza provides, including ties to those committed to “Reconquista” and the “ethnic cleansing” that will be needed to establish Aztlan.

It’s that last point that brings into focus why La Raza may have motivation other than “gun safety” for pushing citizen disarmament.

I know a lot of Oath Keepers appreciate Matt Bracken’s work, and “Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista” is the title of his second book in his EFAD trilogy. If you haven’t read them (along with his other books), it really is your loss, especially since they’re available in the economical e-book format as well as in paperback.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. The reason the USA is a Constitutional Republic is so that people cannot change our way of government on a “whim”. It also cannot be changed by TRAITORS, as nothing they do is lawful.

    I am not sure how many here listen to Corbett, but this is well worth listening to: ‘Hillary Clinton Is A Threat To All Of Humanity’

    La Raza is a treasonous organization.

    Our government is the US Constitution plus all that is in Pursuance thereof, and every state’s Constitution, NOT the people who serve within them. That is in writing, easy for all to read.

  2. All gun laws are unconstitutional.
    The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land and all laws that violate the Constitution are null and void.
    Government’s only role is to ensure the rights and property of We The People.
    Just as the government can not disarm the Militia, as We The People ARE the Militia.
    Please see MOLON LABE – How the Second Amendment Guarantees a Free State

    1. There has never been any doubt that La Raza would agree to disarm all of America, especially the private citizens.They know if that is accomplished the Federal Government under Hillary would force our Military to stand down and could enter our soil and take back what they consider to be Spain’s original claim.
      Our “MOUSE TURD” John Kerry following his leader’s instructions is advising them how to do this at every opportunity!!! note: the reason john kerry is referred to as the “MOUSE TURD” is because he was given that name by IRAN, when obama placed him as sec-of-state because to them he had the significance of a “MOUSE TURD” blowing in the wind in the Sahara Desert.

  3. What race does La Raza (The Race) think that they (Mexicans) are? Latinoid?

    From what I’ve seen of La Raza, it would be foolish for Americans to trust them, and that goes double for matters related to the 2nd Amendment.

  4. IF la raz, splc, and hillary have their way, soon ALL law abiding gun owners will be considered members of M 13….but the U S citizens will be subjected to giving up their arms……by force if nessary….of which..imho …it will be….Molon Labe….. Semper Fi

  5. They can have my gun just as soon as i run out of ammo or anything else i can get my hands on if you want it all you have to do is come get it

  6. The influx of tens of millions of Criminal Invaders (aka Illegal Aliens) is a specifically orchestrated plan to take back Aztlan (almost all of the southwest USA). They don’t even try to hide it.

    What is baffling is WHY we are allowing it! Illegals should be rounded up, arrested, charged with criminal activity, convicted and deported… with the stipulation that they can never come to America again, even legally.

    We are stupid to the max if we don’t take this action post haste!

    And for anyone who thinks they are going to be able to restrict our gun ownership significantly… they have a big surprise coming to them. We will literally die before we will allow our guns to be taken from us.

    We need our guns now more than ever with all the illegals circulating around us— perpetrating crime and breaking our laws.

    Captain Jim Green, Former US Navy, Retired Airline Pilot, Federal Flight Deck Officer, University Professor, Endowed NRA Member, & Patriotic Constitutionalist

    1. Capt Jim:

      I’m former Navy as well–COMPHIBRON-8, amphib group, Little Creek, VA.

      I am honored to know you’re willing to die for the cause, as this is precisely what Jihadi Barry has in mind.

      For those who doubt it will come to this; understand that it’s highly likely within the next 6 to 8 months–when Jihadi Barry cancels the pres election results, as the result of his Martial Law mandate, and stays in office, to destroy the remaining 10% of what is left of the country.

      A wake-up call folks, lock-n-load,


  7. Who wants what is irrelevant. The United States was not delegated authority to regulate firearm ownership by the people. All gun legislation is unauthorized and invalid. The American people are the largest, most powerful army in the world. That is why all would-be tyrants fear us and would like to disarm all Americans. I sure wouldn’t want to be the guy that wakes up this sleeping giant.

    1. Oh how I agree!! I have a gut feeling none of this will go down as some might figure on. We are not at any level of force, in great numbers or communication, which could deter illegal violations of the Constitution in our home towns for example. It would require a township, city or state to stand as one against the tyranny as a whole in order to be effective at any level. There are only a few states currently whom have passed legislation that would place into effect provisions against government tyranny that I know of. A mass awakening would be needed to initiate such an action against this current corrupted government. And only then would there be any liklihood of a successful push toward government reform.

      Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it. … Abraham Lincoln Quotes.

  8. La Raza doesn’t have anyone’s safety in mind. Their leadership is composed of the same sort of radical Marxists who now run the Democrat Party, and their goal is to incrementally disarm the American public. The sort of socialism they intend to impose on us in the future would never be tolerated by a people with the means to resist, so they must remove the means before they show their true hand.

    No doubt, most of their membership (and most Democrats) believe the propaganda, and think they’re fighting against crime, or for public safety, or something. The view from the top is considerably different.

  9. Just everyone keep in the front of your minds why the founders included the exact wording they used to create and establish the 2nd Amendment in the first place: to prevent a dictatorial form of government ever taking power in our country. As for all the illegal, law-breaking waves of immigrants flooding into our country, I have one thing to say; if we truly are not going to stop them, then stop all this bullsh*t of making them citizens of our country. They have no loyalty to the USA and they have no intention of making positive contributions to our country as they don’t have the slightest idea of how to do so. They are the “ignorant masses” pouring in here because their governments back home don’t want them there. They are RAPIDLY changing our once proud nation into the ignorant, disease-ridden, third world poverty center they tried to escape from.
    Tell them and the democrat/progressive (read communist/fascist) party that they can stay but ABSOLUTELY NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP unless they renounce the citizenship from their home countries and swear an oath to stop sending US dollars back to their home countries and families.

    Just keep in mind who the targets will be if the SHTF as it appears will happen. I hope all those fools really believe in disarmament enough that they won’t have firearms when the shooting begins.

    No law or policy or presidential edicts apply to me or my firearms if they INFRINGE ON MY RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. End of discussion.

  10. I often relate the passing of an old buddy because it encompasses a tail of times past. When my friend Bobby passed some 7 years ago, I ran into another old friend Steve. Steve knew Bobby since they were little boys. When they were all of 5 they would hop on a bus in Brooklyn and take it up to the ferry at Owl’s Head Point. They would go to Staten Island, mostly farms and woods back then, and play for the day. The bus driver didn’t say a thing, no one called the police, their parents weren’t worried to death, and Bobby and Steve made it home every day.
    Seems time flies past the good old days rather quickly, and before you know it the landscape is completely different. Time grows short for this republic, but “hope springs eternal in the human breast”.
    I’ve been at this for decades warning, sending out an alarm, and in all those years the people I’ve made a point of contacting have told me to be patient, we’re working behind the scenes. I’ve been told that so many times it has become cliche.
    In the mid-80’s I shouted the warning that if we fell for this ‘service economy’ we would ruin the economy. In the 90’s I began studying the 2nd, militia and questioning the individual rights argument. Shortly after I began warning of the chance for civil war. Just before the collapse of 2008 I warned my employer of what was coming.
    We fell for the service economy, there has been a war on the 2nd, the collapse came, and the civil war potential appears to be years ahead of schedule thanks to the maniacs that permeate the halls of our legislatures, those who sit on the bench, and those who execute the laws.
    Those who study history know what the influx of unfriendly immigrants brings. Perhaps I should label it differently, and call it what it is, an invading army. Who has the constitutional authority “to repel Invasions”? Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 makes it clear, and even the Supreme Court has stated that “every word” should “have its due force, and appropriate meaning”.
    I’m up there in years so I hope that I will not live to see the fall of this republic, but I’m certain that there will be those who are telling my children and grandchildren to be patient as they are being hunted down for extermination.
    There are some 5 MILLION members over at the NRA, one of them recently told me that Ted Nugent lives the life of the 2nd by hunting and fishing. But I should be patient even though for some 50 years groups like the NRA have been, dare I say deliberately, misleading their membership and intentionally loosing certain battles for the purpose of bringing in the contributions.
    I guess I can be patient when they lay me to rest. I won’t have to think about why, and how.

  11. All these false flag Geo engineered gun shootings caused by our own government never happened until about 8 years ago…..GEE lets wonder why…we are the last country that needs to be taken to bring in the NWO IT CANT BE DONE UNTIL WE ARE DISARMED what if a million people went to Washington and just said NO…….Its really hard to control that many people…….SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Are we ever going to take a stand against the DC/globalist tyrants? I am sick of watching our constitutional rights be destroyed. Look around at every patriot gathering. You see a bunch of gray or balding heads. The younger generations never tasted the liberty that I did so they don’t know jack. Anytime you suggest taking the offense (like the Civil Rights Movement for example).we get a bunch of intellectual reasons why now is not the right time. The problem with the so-called ‘Liberty Movement’ is that it doesn’t move. ‘Saying ain’t doing’.

  13. Lots of good comments on this fine article. I agree with most of them. I do wish more people would get straight the difference between an immigrant and a migrant though. Immigrants get the short end of the stick when one starts harping about “illegal immigrants” because an “immigrant” has been through the immigration process and is now a legal citizen of the USA. The good ones have, or will, assimilated into our culture, speak English, work hard, support our country with it’s “borders, language, and culture”, salute our flag, and are loyal to our country. There may be a few bad or questionable immigrants as to whether they really wanted to become a good productive US citizen, but they are NOT “illegal.” Now, on the other hand, “migrants” can be either legal or illegal, where a legal migrant is perhaps a qualified migrant farm worker or a visitor with a passport for examples. But the illegal migrants that piss me off happen to be illegal aliens who have come illegally across the border, have no intention of becoming a citizen, leaches off our welfare system, causes trouble from heinous crimes to drunk driving, burglary, drugs, and etc. Why not just go ahead and be politically incorrect and call them what they are, illegal aliens, instead of euphemisms such as “undocumented” or some other off-the-wall liberal establishment politically correct term. Don’t make me guess what your talking about, I might get it wrong! Our English language, which should be the “official” language rather than the “assumed” language of our country, is important, and it gets jacked up badly in everyday language and writing; that is why it is so hard to learn, some words have a dozen or more meanings, resulting in various people getting insulted by something someone said in ordinary conversation that results in a total misunderstanding about why this someone got punched or shot. Words are important, the right words are critical. Just my opinion, and I’m not trying to belittle anyone, just pointing out a problem most of us have. Another example is “American,” which we use as slang, and just who an American is. Anyone who lives on the North or South American Continent is an American; the term covers two Continents. Whereas, although I am an American, I would prefer to be called a US citizen, because I live in the USA, which is my country, which is only one country, and more definitive. Only about one-third of all Americans live in the USA, and I consider these US citizens, these Americans, to be the top one-third of all Americans. This again is my opinion, and you are of course welcome to yours whether it differs or not, since the First Amendment says we can differ and disagree or not, and in our Constitutional Republic the First Amendment also allows you to not listen or read or accept my opinion. Hopefully, my opinion will be taken as intended, just my opinion, and nobody will be upset by it. I hope you noticed Cory Booker at the DNC convention, he apparently hasn’t paid much attention to our Pledge of Allegiance to our flag; he called our country a “democracy,” when all of us who pledge allegiance to our flag know it is a “republic,” but what would one expect from a libtard or neocon democrat? This little piece was written more as entertainment than anything else, just something to think about. Keep the Oath!

    1. Excellent comment WK!! We were all at One time in our ancestry immigrants. My father spent three months on Ellis Island before he became a citizen of the United States of America. My father fought in World War II at the battle of the bulge against Germany. On the other side of my family my great-grandfather times five was an aide to Thomas Jefferson. Very important difference here is that we all desired freedom and liberty and what the United States stood for and those in alienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness as naturally given to us by God. The borders of the United States of America are always open to those who seek the same freedoms and liberties. My family was vetted before they were allowed to enter the United States so as it should be the same today.however, our borders are not open to Muslim extremists that are let into the United States for the sole purpose of creating chaos and anarchy so that our US government can initiate martial law against its citizens. Any government that allows this to happen within their nation is clearly Tyrannical. Thank you my brothers and sisters for keeping your Oaths…. Sempre Fi..

  14. We use ballots, not bullets. The anti-tyranny rationale of the Second Amendment only applies if the government cancels elections and retains power after their terms in office have expired. It’s an intergenerational insurance policy for freedom.

    The Second Amendment exists to perpetually guarantee freedom. We must never lose sight of that as we respond to tragedies, lest the ultimate tragedy someday befall our republic. Freedom, once lost, is seldom reclaimed.

    American Civil Rights Union

  15. Let’s start a group promoting white folks and call it “The Race”, and see what happens. I’m sure we’ll be welcomed with open arms by the DC establishment.

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