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Twitter Takes No Action As Calls For Cop-Killing Sweep Platform


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by Mike Ma

There has been a deluge of anti-cop threats on Twitter, many of which calling for the mass murder of police officers.

Hatred towards police is nothing we haven’t seen on the timelines of Twitter before, but the past three days have brought an onslaught of highly violent calls to action. A search query for phrases such as “kill pigs” “kill police” and such pulls back thousands of posts. Many of these are blatant threats to all police, regardless of their relevance to past incidents.

The threats and incitement to violence seen below were all posted before the massacre of police officers in Dallas, Texas. At the time of publication, all the tweets captured below remain on Twitter, and can be found via the site’s search function. In addition to screenshots, all tweets have also been archived.

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  1. There is profit to be made catering to the desires of these gang-bangers, street thugs and others of that ilk. The firms/corporations catering to those desires have no care about any negative aspects of promulgating those uncivil anti-social scum.

    Can a decent, civil society allow thuggery at any level? Thuggery that exists from the board rooms of corporations to the smallest street gang terrorizing a neighborhood.

    The USA has become a more divisive place over the decades. Toss in increasing diversity and multiculturalism and how long will it be before We, the People are at each others’ throats while the elites on high remain safe in their ivory towers?

  2. That’s sad. Casual people and the police should cooperate with each other, we should try and help each other out. Unfortunately, people cannot trust cops and cops cannot really trust us. It is not good and someone should do something about it.

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