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Oath Keepers Represented in Colorado Independence Day Parade

ScreenHunter_02 Jul. 22 17.53
Oath Keepers were proudly represented in the Southern Colorado Patriot’s Club section of the July 4th Independence Day Parade. Photo: Sangre de Cristo Sentinel,

“Attached is a photo of the Oath Keepers section, within the Southern Colorado Patriot’s Club section, in the July 4th Independence Day Parade,” George Gramlich of  The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel wrote in an email. “It was included in our two page photo feature.

“The OK section was headed by Colorado OK honcho, Joe Santoro,” Gramlich explained. “He is driving the truck. Good OK turnout.”

We first took a look at this unique local newspaper in a parade announcement posted here last month.  Earlier this month we looked at how ailing Oath Keepers’ friend and colleague Mike Vanderboegh arranged for parade-goers to commit an act of defiance against Colorado’s unconstitutional magazine ban.

Here are the photos from the two-page spread Gramlich mentioned  — you can click it to make it a bit larger for better viewing:

ScreenHunter_05 Jul. 12 16.20
Photo: Sangre de Cristo Sentinel,



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