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NavyJack – Cleveland, a City in the Crosshairs

The city of Cleveland, Ohio obtained its name on July 22, 1796 when surveyors of the Connecticut Land Company named the area now known as “Cleveland” after their leader, General Moses Cleaveland. Moses Cleaveland oversaw the plan for what would later become the modern downtown area, centered on a Public Square, before returning home to Connecticut, never again to visit Ohio. Moses Cleaveland was a member of the Connecticut convention that ratified the United States Constitution. He was elected to the Connecticut General Assembly several times and in 1796 was commissioned General of the Militia.

In three weeks, the city founded by the General of the Connecticut Militia will be the host of the 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC). As I previously reported in the article titled “Protests and Preparations”, thousands of Black Lives Matter, Revolutionary Communist Party, Workers World Party and La Raza protestors intend to Shut Down the Quicken Loans Arena and interdict (and prevent if they can) the nomination of Mr. Donald Trump as the Republican Party Presidential Nominee.  Convention activities are scheduled not only at the main Quicken Loans Arena, but also in over 40 separate meeting facilities, restaurants and private clubs in the downtown Cleveland area.

The RNC has been designated as a National Special Security Event (NSSE). Many previous NSSEs have turned the host city into a police state for the duration of the event. Police officers in riot gear will be highly visible in the vicinity of the convention arena, snipers will be stationed on rooftops, helicopters will be assigned to patrol the area, and barriers will line the security perimeter. Police will conduct bag searches on public transportation leading to the downtown area and stop/search anyone approaching the Quicken Loans Arena.

The City of Cleveland had originally planned to field 4,000 uniformed officers with the assistance of Cincinnati, Denver, Greensboro and many other cities.  This force has now dwindled to less than 1,000 with most of the major supporting cities pulling out. In their original plan, the city anticipated marches and protests of up to 20,000 people. As of today, the city is anticipating greater than 100,000 anti-Trump protesters with upwards of 10,000 being bused in from Chicago.

Cops refuse to send help to the RNC – RT America

Currently, there have been 23 protest groups approved with 57 total events. There are many other groups who have submitted applications who have not yet been approved or denied. City officials have been posting approvals/denials on a weekly basis

As of June 29th, only two march/rally permit applications had been denied:

  1. Citizens for Trump (pro-Trump)
  2. Organize! Ohio

Currently, 23 march/rally permit applications have been approved:

  1. America First Unity Rally (pro-Trump)
  2. Black on Black
  3. Bring Back Ohio
  4. Cleveland Baptist Church
  5. Cleveland Peace Action
  6. Code Pink Women for Peace
  7. Food Not Bombs (out of state group)
  8. Food Not Bombs – Lake County/East Side Cleveland
  9. Gaye Lub
  10. Greater CLE Immigration Network
  11. Imperial Women Coalition
  12. S. Longwell
  13. LVW Greater Cleveland
  14. NE Ohio American Friends Service Committee
  15. PAMI: Curious End to War Against Ourselves
  16. Peoples Fight Back Center
  17. Pierre Nappier
  18. Revolution Books (RevCom.US)
  19. Salam I Come in Peace
  20. Scott Roger Hurley
  21. Stand Together Against Trump
  22. Stop Trump
  23. Westboro Baptist Church

It is crystal clear from the lists above, that the vast number of “approved” protestors are severely anti-Trump. In my earlier article, I discussed preparations and a list of restricted items that the city council had passed to improve the safety and security for RNC participants. As of yesterday and at the order of a Judge, Cleveland has issued new rules for the protests and demonstrations during the RNC:

  • The restricted/prohibited items zone has been reduced to the area immediately surrounding the Quicken Loans Arena (vice the entire downtown area as originally planned).
  • Protest marches will travel a new route that passes much closer to the Quicken Loans Arena and Progressive Field, the baseball stadium where some convention events will be held.
  • On the first day of the convention, marches are limited to beginning between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., ending no later than 5 p.m. On the final three days of the convention marches may begin at 8:30 a.m. and must end by 2:30 p.m.
  • Cleveland residents inside the security zone are exempt from possessing items on the restricted items list. Homeless people will now also be considered “residents,” exempting them from the restrictions.
  • There will be no segregation of pro/anti-Trump rallies/protests.
  • Speaker podium time at the official protest area has been extended.
  • The City has purchased a $50M insurance policy to cover damages and claims resulting from protests/riots.

There are now dozens, if not hundreds of Facebook pages and websites offering protest training, legal and transportation assistance to RNC protest participants. Classes are scheduled by Black Lives Matter, The Revolutionary Communist Party, the Workers World Party, Black Bloc and many other organizations on everything from how to get arrested without being hurt, posting bail, to training on how to perform emergency medical procedures.


If you are interested in learning more about the plans, preparations and objectives of the groups interested in shutting down the RNC, please see the following articles:

Black Bloc – It’s Going Down – WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE RNC:

Revolutionary Communist Party – A Call to Take the Revolution to the Political Conventions:

Workers World Party – Shut Down the RNC/DNC:

Dozens of Leftist Groups Plan RNC Protest Coalition:

Unicorn Riot – RNC Preparations from the Protester Perspective:

Additional References:

Update July 4, 2016:
streetmedicsThe preparation and organization of the various protest groups is remarkable. Cleveland healthcare organizations, law schools and even self-defense organizations are providing free/low-cost training programs for the marches and protests. One example is the offering of both 8 and 20 hour emergency medical treatment programs for “Street Medics” (notice the fist on their logo) being provided by the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. The “Street Medics” organization has even created emergency treatment handouts and flyers:


The SDS has issued the following “call to action” to its members:

National Students for a Democratic Society “calls upon progressive students everywhere to Dump Trump and attend the March on the RNC!”

SDS understands the importance of combating right-wing populism, racism, lgbt-phobia, repression by the government, and the like; which is why SDS chapters from all around the country will be joining with other progressive forces on July 18th, at 12pm, in Cleveland, Ohio.


The SDS is a very large national organization that has chapters in almost every college and university in the United States. The Weather Underground is a political faction elected in 1968 to lead the radical group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Emerging in 1969 as the most militant wing of the SDS’s Revolutionary Youth Movement, the fledgling Weatherman issued a “manifesto” calling armed opposition to U.S. policies; advocating the overthrow of capitalism; exhorting white radicals to trigger a worldwide revolution by fighting in the streets of the “mother country”; and proclaiming that the time had come to launch a race war against the “white” United States on behalf of the non-white Third World. Grounded in identity politics, Weatherman ideology and rhetoric rebelled against what later came to be known as America’s “white skin privilege”. The following links provide more information about the militant history and current activities of the SDS and the Weather Underground:



Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.


  1. This is probably one of the most alarming articles I have ever read here Navy Jack. It begs the question, is Clifford Pinkney one of us?
    What kind of a message will it send if we fail to mobilize? What kind of opportunity do we present the elites if we do?

    1. Chip – I’ll let Stewart respond to mobilize/don’t mobilize issues. As far as the organizations planning to disrupt the convention, they have proven their ability to motivate riots. I take them at their word that they will try to do whatever they are able to accomplish to stop the convention. Personally, I am not too concerned about the safety of the delegates and other “officials” attending the convention. From what I can tell, the National Special Security Event (NSSE) team is pulling out all the stops to ensure these officials are secure. The NSSE is not responsible for the safety of non-official participants. This responsibility falls on the City of Cleveland. What concerns me is the presence of citizens (especially the elderly and children) planning to attend a rally in support of their candidate. I see no possibility that these folks can be kept safe with the resources the city has available. Innocent citizens will be attacked like what happened in San Jose. All it is going to take is one protester being mistreated by the Cleveland Police in the eyes of CNN/MSNBC to cause the entire situation to explode. Should Mr. Trump attempt to use Progressive Stadium for his acceptance speech, I see no way to protect 30,000-50,000 average citizens hoping to get from the parking lots to the stadium and back again. I have walked the area several times and from a riot control perspective, it is not defensible. See for an overhead view.

      1. I will stand in Cleveland. Call me. Don’t be afraid wiat the time is, the phone doesn’t sleep and doesn’t know the difference in time. 432-295-1363

      2. There haSs been talk for a long time that O will declare martial law and thereby stay in office. Every trick in the bookds have been tried to get the citizens to become violent, this may be the start. God help everyone there that will have to defend against these paid and professional rioters.

  2. “Cops refuse to send help to RNC”, yet “President Obama to issue executive order to make protecting civilians part of military’s plans” !
    I wonder how that is going to work out? II have never known this fraud to do anything but that in the end it harms people.
    Who is to decide exactly what “protecting civilians” means?
    Obama has got to be the most devious, malignant personality to ever hold the office.
    He should have been impeached long ago.

    1. Obama wants an all-out riot. He’s been continually looking for a way to call for martial law. This might be it. I heard that Kasich will not call out the National Guard no matter what. He’s one POS.

  3. Beyond obvious that the control freaks we call our government in conjunction with PRAVDA/MSM and the local law enforcement agencies are all colluding to help create mayhem and of course blame Trump for all of it !

    About 6 months ago I started writing and commenting that 2016 would be a replay of 1968 and the extremes and violence that played out back then. I see it all right on schedule and for anybody paying attention it is all escalating as we approach the coming election, if we actually have one ? San Berdoo and Orlando were just a run up to instill fear and dependence on the gov as your protector and all racial animus has been ramped up in spades for every possible person of any color,.pick a flavor !

    All we need are a few more attacks within CONTUS and a bit larger and that will be the excuse for martial law. All the fuses are lit and the stages set going forward !

    Nothing new at all, same game , different venue.

  4. There was an even more disturbing rumor about collusion between the thugs @ blm and our wonderful attorney gen.
    I say rumor because though a “hacked” email copy is making the rounds it is far to literate to have come from BLM children.
    We have all these groups, yet the ONLY ppl i have seen even try to protect civilians are bikers. You know the ” dirty, criminals who hate society”
    been to several Trump rallies dont see too many so called patriot groups. III%ers? Nope, OK’s? 3 and not all 3 at same event. I guess only situations like Bundy ranch family bbq are worth the effort.
    Im heading to Cleveland. Because im not going to let communists n thugs decide my future. I have been watching. (Praying) to see some call ups or mobilization but nothing. So i guess it will be me, my wheelchair my service dog n my husband. At least i know i can rely husband and service dog. Im sure most will watch it on TV while drinking beer n saying “damn thats f$#&ed up, why isnt anyone doing anything”
    Barbara F

    1. Thanks for going. If I were closer I would be there for sure. I am in eastern Oregon and paying attention in spades ! Anybody that wants to get super healthy, fit , strong and develop the correct mindset for what is coming at us, go to my site and get started for FREE ! Goodion ya !

  5. WHY-O-WHY didn’t the morons, who put this convention together, HAVE IT IN A “RED CITY”??? Bring it on down to Columbia, SC and see what happens if these scumbags try to harm ONE hair on the convention attendees!!! What the hell was the organizers thinking??? Waaay past stoopid!

    1. Should be obvious it was done deliberately ? do you suppose Trump will get the blame no matter what happens or how ? Wake up my man, everything you see today and in the last 8 years has been very deliberate ! There are no coincidences or stupid, just planned destruction .

    2. Damn Jarhead? You knew the answer the first timd the lights went on at boot camp and that USMC Alarm Clock came flying through the squad bay!

      Have you ever known government to do any damn thing sensible?

      Gear Up! Join me in Cleveland! OOH RAH!

  6. One very serious question that I would like to ask is how do they manage to organize so darn well? It looks like every thing and one that our brothers, fathers and grandpas fought against are ready to go for it.As for people of the other way of thinking, we seem to walk around in a stupor and tripping over our shoe laces.
    I wonder if all of these lefty organizations said we are going to take over the country by force starting with D.C. would our fearless leader sit back eat pealed grapes and play his fiddle? This is not wise guy stuff, I am just stumped and bewildered by it.

    1. There is a very simple answer to your question.

      Many Americans have become fat, dumb, lazy, spoiled, apathetic and a bit cowardly. They do not realize they are controlled by the many illusions they have been spoon fed for a very long time. They also think it is wrong to show up and protest for what they believe in and the other side relishes the thought ! One side is proactive and the other side can barely get off the couch ! So we who call ourselves conservatives and defenders of liberty must make some choices and get our shit together or lose all !

      Rather simple stuff actually ! There will be no excuses, only action and results or lose all ! We are in a war for what was once America, so we need to act like it. All the answers are at my site for FREE to get started

      1. Downtoearth is right. Furthermore,, our youth are being indoctrinated as Obama/Hitler youth to go along with the system via our educational gestapo. They are literally breeding out the patriots through mind control and psychological warfare.

  7. From all the comments & all the different anti-Trump groups that have registered, I’ve only got this to say If Gov. John Kasich doesn’t have the OHIO NATIONAL GUARD ASSIGNED TO CLEVELAND FOR A ” 2 week special training 2 week summer camp in & around the RNC area, he will have cooked his Goose, he will have BLOOD ON HIS HANDS. These groups are there to start TROUBLE. I think that 5000 to 8000 ONG troops would be a good number to start with & maybe more in Reserve ( camped out a few miles from the RNC meeting ) . Maybe it will rain alot in the afternoon with alot of lighting. So Good Luck Gov. Kasich REMEMBER POOR PLANNING WILL RESULT IN BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.. Thanks SCW. a Vietnam Era Vet. 1965-1971

    1. Do you suppose Kasich likes Trump and this is deliberate ? No doubt we will see a bloody event, but it is planned that way for a reason ! PRAVDA/MSM will only report exactly what they want to report as they always do and they are deliberately under manning the event so they can say they were over whelmed ? No rocket science involved at all, just treachery and lies !

  8. what will just gathering “intellegence” accomplish? Seems a stronger call to fill the security gaps being created by the dropout law enforcement orgaizations would be appropriate.Just standing around watching is what liberals do, ie: Benghazi

    1. I believe the Denver cops dropped out because the mayor is a dyed-in the-wool Democrat. I could be wrong, but it’s obvious to me.

  9. I’m a little surprised that no one addressed my question regarding whether or not Sheriff Pinkney is a “Constitutional Sheriff” or not. I understand the city of Cleveland is responsible…but wouldn’t a Pinkney Posse trump all?

  10. Are those two MILLION volt stun guns legal there? 50 or a hundred carefully placed PATRIOTS as front line, then maybe the Patriot guard bikers, then the concealed carriers. These Fux heads should GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.
    Anybody know how many body bags were ordered, or do they just call Dept of Homeland Security to borrow what’s needed from the internment ( FEMA) camps when they figure out how many they need???

  11. have some space for rv very close to cleveland. 4 miles from the q will support oathkeepers.

  12. UPDATE: The America First Unity Rally (largest Pro-Trump group) is planning to use Settler’s Landing Park on July 18th for its main rally. They plan to bring their own security. This park is very small and only 6/10th of a mile from the Quicken Loans Arena. The park is on the water (Cuyahoga River). America First has a permit approved to use the parade route on the 18th, but details are currently sketchy on if this march will actually take place. Bikers for Trump was unable to get their permit approved (something about “no gasoline” inside the event perimeter) and they are now working with America First.

    Click on the following link to get an idea of the layout of the park:

    If you are planning on heading down to the area, the America First organization is using the following website to post updates:

    You can also track their updates on Twitter at:

  13. I am almost in shock at how Cleveland, and the entire federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies are handling this. Do the NEVER learn from the past? With all the other states and cities withdrawing their law enforcement assistance, the RNC doesn’t stand a chance of avoiding extreme violence. Does anyone really believe the vast number of un-American, foreign, and illegal rioters will actually obey the rules of their permits?
    Any and all LEO forces on the ground, as well as residents of the area of the convention should be given permission to open fire to prevent murder, rioting, looting, burning mobs.
    If you believe my solution sounds to radical, just what the hell do you, or anyone else believe the final solution to the mess in our country is? I was in a motel room in Watts, California in August 1965 waiting to fly to Lackland AFB for basic training. I watched the city being almost destroyed right outside my window. There were many other riots and mob actions throughout the mid to late 1960s. More recently, we have had mass mob outrages in Missouri, California, and elsewhere.
    NOTHING stopped these mobs from burning, pillaging, looting, and destroying millions of dollars in property. NOTHING but a strong show of force and the willingness to put a stop to mob rule will succeed now or in the future.

  14. This national mixed movement to support the self-appointed royalty, the gentry or nobels in what should be government service (bureaucrats, polititions, admin, judical) is so much like what arose in France just prior to the mass beheadings of royalty and nobels. Could it be that those behind the movement to make subjects of citizens desire this movement to cause the backlash so as to bring the entire military, police state assets to put down any independence movement from the people?
    The moderates of the French Assembly lost in their endeavor for a constitutional limited kingship, resulting in total chaos and anarchy. What does this portend for the United States and the future?
    Does history in fact repeat itself, or can it be avoided through proper action? And what proper action can be taken for redirection and a return to true Constitutional limited government? The most desirable outcome would resist bloodshed, but is it even possible at this stage?
    Oath Keeping seems a good plan. It was subjects who assisted the nobels against other subjects who resisted that caused the most turmoil in France. It will be the commoners fighting commoners that could take America down.
    What is it that causes people to respond in the interest of totalitarianism to fight other citizens? Something just does not seem at all practical. Are we that stupid as to do the centrists’ business for them? Well, maybe’ and time will tell. Till then let’s all keep our powder dry.

  15. Did I miss Stewart Rhodes comment on this “call to action” Navy Jack? Because I do not see his comment regarding this action YOU are calling for. Did this “call to action” come from him or you? If not from him, why are you making a call to action here at OK instead of Shorty, Elias, as is normal – you are NEW here?

    Stewart, Elias, Shorty? IS this a real Oathkeepers “call to action” or is this a governmental insert working to get OK into trouble?

    Yeah, I know I just ticked off a bunch again ’cause I am a suspicious sob, but show me where any person who is NEWLY aboard OK and making executive decisions to implement Oathkeepers members. Anyone, because I do not remember any in the past. I know that Elias has mentioned in the past that Stewart would be letting us all know, but this is coming at a time when a lot is going on within our nation and we all know a lot would like OK to be discredited and dismantled because they are effective in what they do.

    If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

    Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

    1. Cal – As I replied to Chip in the first comment above, I’ll let Stewart respond to mobilize/don’t mobilize issues. My articles are reviewed by both Elias and Stewart prior to posting. As for promoting the Forward Observer (Operation North Coast) reference, this was recommended by Stewart. The request to add relevant intelligence information into the comments was also suggested by Stewart. The request for lodging support was my idea after having an extremely difficult time finding a place to park my RV or finding a motel room in the Cleveland area during the week of the convention. If there is some other “call to action” you are referring too, please let us know what you are talking about. I have been with OK for a little over 2 years.

  16. I know of some rooms for rent in a nice house 1 minute from the freeway in Green Ohio ( about an hour south of Cleveland). I have a large wooded yard that can accommodate tent or truck camping and a neighbor with RV spots that he may be persuaded into short term use. He is 86 years old and dont like much hassle or hubbub, however if there is need or intrest I am willing to ask him.

  17. It is time to station the United States Army to maintain order so no one gets hurt. Those who would hurt other people should be handcuffed and taken to a Government building, held until the convention is over, then released.


    1. No — you’ve got it all wrong. Creating chaos as a pretext for trotting out martial law enforced by a military-police state force is exactly what the powers that be want. What it is time for is the Militia of the several States, which is the Constitution’s remedy for retaining law and order. With the Militia of the several States in place, we don’t need troops policing us on U.S. soil.

      But I must humbly ask — where is the Militia of the several States? Aha! Seems the feds got rid of that back in 1903, and the sleepy American public let that happen. And now look where we’re at today…

      Elias Alias, editor

  18. Navy Jack – It was with great interest that I read your article about the protest/chaos plans for the GOP Convention in Cleveland. The reason being is that I will be in Cleveland as a delegate representing the 8th CD and the State of Wisconsin. Even though the Convention starts on Monday July 18th, I will be flying into Cleveland around midday on Friday July 15th

    I would very much like to get in touch with members of the Oath Keepers who will be monitoring the situation on the ground in Cleveland.

    Like you, Navy Jack, I am also a Navy veteran. I spent 24 years in the Navy, a little over 1/2 of the as a Reservist, with the remaining time on active duty. At the and of this “message” you will find a brief synopsis of my military service.

    I look forward to hearing back from whomever wishes to contact me. Thank you!
    Military History
    Mar. 2001 to present day
    -Retired status – U.S. Navy Reserves

    Jun. 1992 to Mar. 2001
    -Petty Officer First Class (E-6) in the U.S. Navy Reserves

    Jul. 1996 to Mar. 2001
    -Naval & Marine Corps Reserve Center; Green Bay, WI

    May 1988 to Jun. 1996
    -Naval & Marine Corps Reserve Center; Bakersfield, CA
    -Naval Reserve Center; Santa Barbara, CA
    -Naval Reserve Center; Port Hueneme, CA

    Sept. 1990 to Sept. 1991
    -Recalled to active duty for Operations Desert Shield & Desert Storm
    -Naval Weapons Station; Fallbrook, CA-worked as explosive
    ordnance handler; obtained the following specialized driver’s licenses:
    1) 6-ton forklift
    2) 15-ton truck
    3) explosives driver

    Jun. 1977 to Apr. 1988 -Regular active duty
    -Naval Weapons Center; China Lake, CA (Jan. ’85 – Apr. ’88)
    -Naval Communications Station – Harold E. Holt (Nov. ’81 – Dec. ’84)
    -Exmouth, Western Australia
    -Naval Air Station; Norfolk, VA (Nov. ’78 – Oct. ’81)
    -Naval Hospital; MCAS Cherry Point, NC (Nov. ’77 – Nov. ’78)
    -Naval Hospital Corps School; Great Lakes, IL (Aug. ’77 – Nov. ’77)
    -Naval Recruit Training Command; Orlando, FL (Jun. ’77 – Aug ’77)-boot camp

    Sept. 1976 to June 1977 – Delayed Enlistment Program
    -Sworn in – Sept. 26, 1976 – to Reserve component of Navy as part of Delayed Enlistment program. During this time I was subject to call-up to active duty at any moment.
    Dec. 1991 – Navy Achievement Medals
    Nov. 1998

    Jun. 1992 – Reserve Meritorious Service Medal; two awards
    Jun. 1996

    Oct. 1991 – Sailor of the Year
    -Naval & Marine Corps Reserve Center; Bakersfield, CA
    Second Place – Sailor of the Year competition
    -Reserve Readiness Command; Region 19; San Diego, CA

    Sept. 1991 – Honorable Discharge
    -active duty; Operations Desert Shield/Storm

    Jan. 1991 – Defense Service Medal
    -for active military service during Operations Desert Shield
    & Desert Storm

    Apr. 1988 – Honorable Discharge
    –active duty; regular Navy service
    Sept. 1996 to May 1998 – Bellin College of Nursing, Green Bay, WI
    Jan. 1999 to May 2000 -Bachelor’s Degree (May 2000 grad)

    Sept. 1996 to May 1998 – University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; Green Bay, WI
    Sept. 1998 to Dec. 1998
    Jan. 2000 to May 2000

    Jan. 1993 to May 1996
    -Cerro Coso Community College, Ridgecrest, CA
    -Associate of Arts degree – General Education (May 1995)

    Mar. 1991
    -Naval Leadership Development Training; San Diego, CA

    Aug. 1977 to Nov. 1977
    -Naval Hospital Corps School; Great Lakes, IL

    1. Does anyone out there wish to respond to my comments? I’d like to here from Oath Keepers who will be on the ground, monitoring the situation in Cleveland in the days leading up to, and during the Convention.

      Thank you!

  19. “Black Bloc – It’s Going Down – WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE RNC:

    Revolutionary Communist Party – A Call to Take the Revolution to the Political Conventions:

    Workers World Party – Shut Down the RNC/DNC:

    Dozens of Leftist Groups Plan RNC Protest Coalition:

    Unicorn Riot – RNC Preparations from the Protester Perspective:

    Great Work Navy Jack!
    This is key to winning. Databases are also Key. That’s how the Socialists mobilize so many people in short amounts of time. In fact, I understand that after the Boston Bombing, Progressives put up a “Thank your first responder” site to populate database lists.
    One thing I have tried; I got the link to the WA state Attorney General’s Non-Profit Organization list. In our case it’s laid out by county. All states have them and it’s easy to ferret out the commie organizations. My idea was to disrupt them as often as possible, much like your idea here. Again, great work!!!

  20. I’m very suspicious about why Law Enforcement in Cleveland Ohio won’t protect the RNC Convention ; Could this be a False Flag , where chaos’ is the rule of the day ? A good excuse too put Cleveland under Martial Law , that would lead to stopping the DNC Convention ; Complete turmoil ! A good excuse for a third term Presidency for Obama , that will never end !!!

  21. I am not a Republican, but a Libertarian. Although not an “Oathkeeper” as far as the organization but as a USAF Veteran have the DD214 to back up what I say. The Police, the BLM, the Feds… This government as a whole has persecuted the Patriot movement, taken land, imprisoned and killed us. They have declared us “Terrorists” by LAW. The corrupt RNC has put their support behind greedy politicians who have failed the people and allow our nation to be destroyed. We suffer militant police as we are extorted by fines, licenses, fees and permits to exist within their police state, yet claim to still be free.
    You are telling me, with a straight face that Patriots such as the Oathkeepers have a duty to go protect these people? I see III%’ers saying we as a group support the Police!! No, we do not…some of us actually read the Federalist Papers.
    I could use some clarity here.

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