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NavyJack – A Magic Act: What Really Happened during Hillary Clinton’s Acceptance Speech

I think it is safe to say that many Americans can easily get swept up in the moment of an event like Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination acceptance speech and miss the real magic act stage-crafted by the Main Stream Media (MSM). Now certainly the Democratic National Party and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign staff deserve some credit, but the MSM is the real star of the show. By using redirection, deception and obfuscation the MSM was able to hide the truth of what really occurred during her speech.

What America Was Shown

Carefully watch the first three minutes of the broadcast event:

What Really Happened

Independent reporters Tim Pool and Cassandra Fairbanks captured the action:



Bernie Sanders supporters paint over letters in their Hillary signs to make them read LIAR.


Bill Clinton actually falls asleep midway through her speech.

Notice the nice soundtrack inserted to cover-up the loud booing in the MSM coverage until security can remove the offenders. At the 0:30 and again at the 2:07 time-mark in the MSM coverage there are short slip-ups where the real audio comes back on and the loud booing can be heard. The real audio is quickly shut-down so only the music soundtrack is heard.  Also, look at all the happy smiling faces welcoming Hillary to the stage. We see no dissent, no signs or banners that say “LIAR”, “#WikiLeaks” and “No TPP”. Bill Clinton is wide awake with an adoring smile, not sleeping.  All of this is hidden. The potential disrupters have been pre-assigned to specific arena areas out of sight of the MSM cameras. Once the booing and protests start, the lights in the offending areas are turned off and the perpetrators escorted out.

Magic …


Navy Jack

During my service I deployed on various platforms, including submarines, amphibious assault units and special boats. I participated in expeditionary and humanitarian missions to the North Atlantic, Iran, Beirut, Libya, and the Caribbean. I am a Patron Life Member of the NRA. I am an Oath Keeper Life Member.



  1. You don’t think the front role were all those they hired to carry the provided signs and to always cheer when they came on, etc? Understand that I have not verified this information, but I would not be surprised.

    Democrat Convention in Trouble? Claim of Actors Hired to Fill Empty Seats And Clap

    Ahh, found this just now while going to the other – BREAKING: At DNC, Liberals Are Trying to ARREST HILLARY CLINTON!


  2. I particularly like covering letters on the Hillary signs to form the word ‘LIAR’. Nice touch!

  3. The time has come Johnson /Weld they have @ this moment 277,735 Americans behind them to be included in the debates & this is a growing number !

  4. I wonder what OK makes of the fact that Trump has explicitly endorsed policies that would require the breaking of oaths. He has called for torture and the assassination of the families of terrorists. I would guess that an organization formed to oppose illegal orders would find that troubling.

    1. Ed,

      I know Stewart, in particular, is very troubled by those proposed actions by Trump. Oath Keepers is non-partisan. We endorse no one. We do encourage people to vote for Constitutional candidates, however, regardless of party.


  5. I use the term “warrior class” to describe the law-abiding, civil folks of the type a country/society MUST HAVE to remain a decent place to live and to protect the citizens/society/country from internal and external threats.

    Watching and reading coverage of the Democrat efforts to gain control of government I detect very few folks I can label as being of the warrior class.

    Link to what I believe is an appropriate graphic for these trying times:

    1. I wholeheartedly agree because of her Treasonous and Seditious acts against the Constitution. Some may think I am wrong but if you do then look at your self in the mirror and read the Constitution.See if you see an American in that mirror.
      >>> Old Marine

  6. Although I am a member of the NRA it is very disappointing that everyone does nothing but talk. With all the evidence that Hillary and Obama both have committed Sedition and Traitorous acts, and all in front of the people and video recorded why have these organizations charged them and get them into court. Any acts or attempted actions against the Constitution are serious crimes with punishment as high as death. why don’t they charge them? This is a clear as it can get because they commit these acts all the time. NRA and Oath Keepers need to get off their rears and take action, talk won’t do anything. The founders of this country would certainly have done so. Action speaks louder than words, make me believe there are still Americans here that respect the Constitution.
    >>> Old Marine.

    1. What would you have us do, Old Marine? In Obama’s case, he is the duly elected (yes, I know, voter fraud) potus. To remove him from office without impeachment is simply a coup, and that is not what we are about. Obama’s continued presence in the WH is something we can lay at the feet of our Congress, despite his shredding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

      In Clinton’s case, the odds of her serving any time in prison are…well, let’s just say I’m not holding my breath. However, with a little luck and the blessings of the Lord, perhaps enough will come to light with these e-mail releases, that an item will be found to prevent her taking office. If we’re REALLY lucky, maybe there’ll be an e-mail scandal that connects Clinton to the WH in an unlawful action…well, we can dream! Still, we’re left with the question of who will replace her on the ballot? Our only peaceful choice can be to stay the course, as frustrating as that is at times.

      Remember, this year’s election will most certainly go down in history as one of the most bizarre. I only know that I want to be on the right side of history, no matter who wins the election. I don’t want my future grandchildren remembering me as someone who took part in an unlawful action, even if that action resulted in “our” candidate winning. I’m frustrated too, Old Marine, I promise. If you’re not a believer, I’ll be happy to pray enough for the both of us.

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