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My God! The Judge Wants Total Secrecy In Bundy Trial!

(Above pic: A Bundy Ranch sign near Bunkerville greets visitors on Thursday, May 19, 2016. Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review-Journal Follow @jlscheid)

No one is going to believe this, but then, given today’s authoritarianism which is choking this nation to death, perhaps to the awake and alert this comes as no surprise. The tyranny has taken off its mask and removed its velvet glove. I am astounded. Let us know what you think in the comments thread below. God save America! God have mercy on the American people!  God bless the ranchers!


Elias Alias, editor


Las Vegas Review Journal:


Judge orders key Bundy evidence in Bunkerville case withheld from the public


Choosing secrecy over transparency, a federal judge has issued a protective order withholding the bulk of the government’s evidence from the public in the Bunkerville standoff case.

The four-page order, written by U.S. Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen, prohibits defense teams for all 19 defendants from publicly disclosing grand jury transcripts, FBI and police reports, witness statements and other documents the government collected during its investigation into the 2014 armed standoff between Bundy family forces and law enforcement.

Leen issued the order without a public hearing and in the face of opposition from most of the defendants, including Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy and his four sons, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other media.

“This decision kills an ant with a sledgehammer,” Review-Journal Editor Keith Moyer said Saturday. “As a result, the tax-paying public will be in the dark, and the news media will be severely hampered in doing its job.”

In a 23-page decision filed late Friday, Leen explained that the government was within its constitutional authority to obtain a protective order from her because of security concerns in the high-profile case. Among the concerns Leen cited was a death threat against the prosecutors.

“The government has made a sufficient threshold showing of actual and potential threats, intimidation and harassment to victims, witnesses and law enforcement officers to show good cause for a protective order restricting dissemination of pretrial discovery,” Leen wrote.

She also said the media and the public do not have a “common law or First Amendment right” to access pretrial evidence obtained by the government.

Leen, however, said all materials the government obtained through “open sources,” during its investigation, including statements made by the defendants on the internet or social media, will not be covered under the protective order and can remain public.

Attorney Maggie McLetchie — who represents the Review-Journal, Battle Born Media and The Associated Press — said she was disappointed with the judge’s decision.

“From the media’s perspective, the order still cloaks much of the information about this case in secrecy despite the heightened need for transparency the judge recognized when allowing the media to intervene,” McLetchie said. “It is deeply troubling that so many documents will be automatically hidden from public view.”

Read entire article at Las Vegas Review Journal:

Editor’s Note: With eyes cast back in time to COINTELPRO, and an endless parade of government lies before and since, how on earth am I to believe the judge’s statement about “threats”, when any number of federal agencies would readily manufacture such “threats” in order to give such a judge this flimsy excuse to hide the truth from the People?  This is bigger than this year’s election, bigger than our economic woes. This judge is testing new depths in totalitarianism. This must not be allowed to stand.


Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. According to the corrupt the Public cannot be allowed to witness the trumped up charges. For if they did there would be a larger effort to release them from the clutches of the kangaroo court. I think we need to devise a way to leak details about the documents as it is the Public’s right to know. Ultimately the truth will prevail but hopefully not with bloodshed and violence. Yet as that Founding Father Jefferson mentioned there does come a time when violence is necessary to overthrow the shackles and injustices of the wicked tyrants. I just pray that God reveal this to us without plunging us into a civil war as once it’s on it ain’t going to be stopped quickly. Comey letting Hillary slide on the outright criminal behavior has given the lawful citizens pause and once consent is removed it will take an overwhelming brutal force to try to make us give it back. Power projected by the Criminals is not as strong as it would seem. This is why they are targeting those with influence and gonads…..

    1. This judge should be arrested, along with Obama and all his criminal posse. He does not, has never ever deserved to be President of our country. He is not American. The problem is we have played along for far too long with this tyrannical form of govt. aka law and order. Every law added beyond our first 13 or so ammendment is to compensate one immoral legislated act after another. We need to organize and teach Americans how to assert our Constitutional rights by law. We need active leadership. The criminal current “administration” ministers only to their own pockets; they minister to foreign terrorists and against the citizens of our nation. So when do we step up and take over ? How ready are Americans to not allow this ? Americans are now knowingly allowing criminals to tell us what is and is not allowed in government of OUR LIFE. They can’t just get away with destroying our country ! Where are the Oath Keepers, local militia ? We need to drastically reduce the size of national (federally regulated and controlled) military and grow local militias proportionately.This will minimize federal courts ruling over the individuals as well. These local militias must oversee these situations and have power to arrest and detain these criminals. The soul job of federal govt. Is to SERVE us, the American Citizens. They answer to US – not the other way around. A local militia for D.C. must be organized and arrest Hillary, Obama, Bill Clinton, that DOJ Loretta, and all the rest, even Congress for things such as abusing our trust and voting to approve criminal acts such as the amendment to the recent military spending bill (American taxpayers’ money) to allow the Bureau of Land Management to slaughter 45,000 Wild American Horses and Burros – just as they have wolves and bison. Their reasons have nothing to do with cattle ranchers’ rights to any land. Congress just STOLE from the Apache nation land and sold it to a Australian-British mining company. These uncontrollable wild animals are a merely an inconvenience to their plans – PLANS WE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH. We must ORGANIZE TO OVERCOME.

  2. seems that if each defendant has access to the hidden docs/evidence and is allowed some visitors that a leak of unknown origin can be formed with a concerted effort to release key points across the spectrum of defendant’s visitors. Lots of ways to skin this cat.
    Hiding the DC corruption seems to be the flavor of the day and trying to squash the instant reprisals of any more injustices against our fellow patriots is why they are hiding the evidence.
    The spark of a revolution/civil war is glowing….God help us.
    Hand written notes communicatd then burned/shredded are awful hard to prove in court. Let’s hope if there is a leak Comey’s team will be involved as they couldn’t prove “intent” with Clinton…

  3. This is the reintroduction of the Star Chamber Courts of 13th Century England! The attorneys on this case MUST file an interlocutory appeal on this decision…such precedent CANNOT be allowed to stand!

    Secret trials? Pre-trial gag orders? Please tell me the public has not been dumbed down to the point where the courts can get away with this…!!! If so – we are DOOMED…

  4. Maybe the 19 Patriots of whom hurt nobody and were nothing more than occupiers to make a statement will maybe someday receive clemency by a president, much the same way Bill Clinton did (at the request of Hillary) to pardon all members of the terrorist group FALN that killed many in a New York restaurant with a bomb.

    But because these 19 stood-up to federal aggression and because their lawyers see a conspiracy behind the murder/ambush of Lavoy Finicum, these 19 Patriots may not see the light of day and further more….they would have gotten away with their actions if they had declared themselves as members of Black Lives Matter.

  5. If I understand correctly, this order prohibits release of ‘pre-trial’ evidence to the public, which the public has no ‘right’ to. It doesn’t [appear] to withhold disclosure of same to the defendants or their defense teams, but they can’t disclose any of it to the public pre-trial. It will all be made public during trial. Now, if the judge issues a gag order during trial, then I think we definitely have a problem. Until then, I’m not going to get my underwear in a bind over this…assuming I understand it correctly. I am not a lawyer nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn last night.

  6. I know I have said this probably hundreds of times here and elsewhere but ALL judges get their authority from the US Constitution and it also says exactly what they must do to remain in office for life. They are REQUIRED to use “Good Behaviour” while in the courts.

    Since the US Constitution does not allow the other two branches to have power OVER the over the courts so that justice will be “blind” and not influenced or blackmailed (plus history of judges being removed here in the USA) it is the actual Constitutional requirements not being met that is “bad” behavior. So “good behavior” is doing the duties as constitutionally assigned, taking, KEEPING the Oath(s) – judges have either two oaths or a combined Oath depending.

    U.S. Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen is going against the US Constitution that she is bound to support and defend above all else, and that is her and all judges supreme contract and laws. She has broken her Oath(s), and that is not only a felony, but also Perjury. What part of her duties constitutionally assigned is also a law, so at least 3 laws were broken, plus she broke the contract that she is under. So tell me why it is a bad idea to bring charges, and prosecute her with the intent to remove her and forbid her from serving within our governments at any level, even within any outside business that would cause influence to those who serve within our governments – state and general (federalism is the complete system including we the people). She must, IF found guilty, be forbidden to do anything at all that touches our government except vote when there are elections.

    The US Constitution does not give any authority to those that serve within our governments to withhold information from the people.

    Patrick Henry, American colonial revolutionary: “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

    Patrick Henry: “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government – lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.”

    These are important admonishments to us from the framers;

    John Adams wrote to Abigail April 26, 1777 and here is what he said to her and, basically, to us: “Is it not intolerable, that the opening Spring, which I should enjoy with my Wife and Children upon my little Farm, should pass away, and laugh at me, for laboring, Day after Day, and Month after Month, in a Conclave, Where neither Taste, nor Fancy, nor Reason, nor Passion, nor Appetite can be gratified?
    Posterity! You will never know, how much it cost the present Generation, to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make a good Use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the Pains to preserve it.”

    Thomas Paine: “THOSE who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it. The event of yesterday was one of those kind of alarms which is just sufficient to rouse us to duty, without being of consequence enough to depress our fortitude. It is not a field of a few acres of ground, but a cause, that we are defending, and whether we defeat the enemy in one battle, or by degrees, the consequences will be the same.”

    Something to consider;
    Thomas Jefferson: “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual”.

    1. Cal-
      Could you provide a link to the order the judge issued? I have been unable to find it online. I’m assuming you’ve read it to reach the conclusion of probable cause?
      Could you also be more specific as to the how she violated the good behaviour clause? What violations did she commit that would warrant her impeachment or conviction by congress? Perhaps you could also explain how threats made against others outweigh our ‘right’ to know the evidence pre-trial? And perhaps you could be specific with regard to your comment “at least 3 laws were broken”. What are the 3 laws, specifically?

      It is truly amazing how many of us will believe a headline. Or a news report. Or a blog.
      It is also amazing how many of us will try, and convict another in an online forum without any facts.

      My understanding is that only the defendants, their defense teams, and the prosecution have the ‘right’ to know the evidence pre-trial. If pre-trial release of information might lead to someone’s harm, or prejudice the case somehow, the judge is obligated to withhold that information PRE-TRIAL.

      Nothing I’ve read so far indicates to me that this will not be a public trial. Many of you seem to think it will be.

  7. Hiding documents and critical information from the public in response to alleged “threats” is NOT the proper response. Withholding damning evidence from public scrutiny in no way protects anyone from “danger,” it merely protects the government if they’re guilty of wrongdoing.

    This is another outrageous wrong committed by government representatives and authorities against these poor victims. Disgraceful! At some point, either in this lifetime or the hereafter, everyone who victimized these good people will pay a hefty price for their crimes.

  8. It Means nothing to be an OathKeeper. They took an oath to defend the constitution but by the time they get around to it there will be nothing left to defend.

    1. It is true that a lot of Oath Takers have not bothered to even KNOW what it is they are required to SUPPORT AND DEFEND, so they do not. Many have the mistaken idea that just because someone took the Oath they must march out and hurt people who are breaking the Oath while in office. That is not the case.

      Oath Keepers, and ALL the American people were given the constitutional tools to remove anyone in office – as we are the fount of all authority they use. But if it is not done in a constitutional manner – charges, arrests (and like with all criminals, it matters not the force used IF needed to perform the arrest), and their day with a jury of their peers (and the people are their peers).

      No one in America is above the law, and the LAW Here is WHAT THE US CONSTITUTION SAYS IT IS. It IS the supreme law that all laws/codes/treaties/regulations/etc are required to be in Pursuance thereof it. That is how it is in the USA.

      So what is/are the constitutional way(s) we the people – oath takers or not – are required to do these things? Charge them with their crimes, and allow them to submit to lawful arrest. IF they will not submit, then only as much force as is needed to perform the arrest must be used, as it is required when the people are arrested. See how far into Nazi Germany, Stalinist/Lenin Russia, China, etc we have descended? See how the law enforcement agencies have been used to destroy our nation, their nation from within? See how the military has been used – oops, another comment needed for that one, but both are used against Americans and the USA. No one has any lawful authority to perform an arrest in any other way here in the USA – NO ONE whatever rank or agency he/she serves within.

      So what lawful agent of the people must be used to perform these arrests – the people, any of them, can perform the charges? In Article 1, Section 8, Clause 15 it is specified that it is the regulated (trained as the congress requires the military to be trained, and knowledgeable about the US Constitution and their own state Constitution as they are bound to them) Militia who performs the arrests, may make the charges, and may lawfully detain until trial the person(s) who have been charged.

      If an Oath taker takes the (constitutional) law into his own hands and decides the guilt or innocence, decides the penalty, and then carries out the penalty they are law breakers with no lawfulness behind them – as bad as the traitors and domestic enemies who work to destroy our nation. They then are allowing themselves to be used as another distraction and part of the divide and conquer.

      It is good that you are interested enough to feel depressed and helpless about what is ongoing within our nation. Do not despair. Start by getting trained both as congress requires the military to be trained and also, most importantly, in the US Constitution and your state’s Constitution.

      Why are those things important? Because lawfully BOTH the states and the federal government are REQUIRED to use the Militia for the purposes of;
      — Enforcing the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution,
      — Enforcing and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which are constitutional laws ONLY),
      — Protecting the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
      — and “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

      By that constitutional requirement they are forbidden to use any other agency, group, etc.

      Right now they have the excuse that there is not enough Militia so they must create their own agencies to do those things. When there is enough Militia they no longer have that excuse.

      How many “regulated’ Militias are needed? At least on in each state, or one largest enough in a near state that part of them can be “borrowed” for the lawful purposes of the state government. Plus if all constitutional LE’s and currently unlawful military stepped into those positions it would greatly strengthen the Militias and swell their ranks accordingly. This is the best answer as it would be almost immediately that those who serve within our governments MUST use the Militia, and would have available that regulated Militia.

      That is how to stop this, and that is the LAWFUL way for ALL Oath Takers, not just the Oathkeepers who are members here.

      Also, remember that BOTH the states and the federal government has duties to the Militias which are found in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16.

      God Bless and Stay Safe All

      If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

      Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

  9. Elias, I understand Tpalya’s comment. I do not agree with it, but I DO understand it. I am one who looks up to those of you who are more educated with the ‘law’. Especially Cal. But I, too, am in question as to what ‘we’ are doing. I, too, continue to ‘discuss’ how…… oh honey, they just took our neighbor off to jail; my that is outrageous, perfectly illegal. How dare ‘they’! Haven’t ‘they’ read the Constitution? Oh, if ‘they’ only knew what it meant!
    I say that those of us who ARE completely confident with its meaning, and can express that wisdom so well, stand forth and lead us, not in any more discussion amongst ourselves, but in RIGHTFULLY ARRESTING these enemies within. Announce our intentions once and for all in ACTION!
    Gun Owners of America, the NRA, CSPOA, and all organizations of the like…… Can we not ALL join together on ONE incident and draw a line in that sand!?
    Unity is our only hope.
    I realize that I cannot AFFORD to miss a day of work! And I wonder how much that stifles the majority of us.
    I AM frustrated. And so are the likes of people like Tpalya.
    With respect,
    Robert D. Gubisch

    1. Robert,
      I share your sentiments. I can also relate to your comment about “..I cannot AFFORD to miss a day of work! ”
      But ponder on this quote from John Adams, cited by Cal, above.

      “Posterity! You will never know, how much it cost the present Generation, to preserve your Freedom! I hope you will make a good Use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in Heaven, that I ever took half the Pains to preserve it.”

      In the wee hours of that cold morning, April 19,1775 MANY folks knew what they had to do to preserve freedom. Isaac Davis left his nice warm bed and wife and 2 sick children (their illness thought to be fatal in those days) to lead the Acton Minutemen. Thinking he might not return, the last thing he said to his wife was, “take good care of the children”. I’m sure similar scenes played out in many households that morning.

      At the present time, we’re not being asked to lay down our life to preserve freedom.
      What if all we had to do to preserve freedom was take some time off of work to……….?.
      I would rather miss out on a few days of work than a few days of life.
      Just my 2 cents.
      Let’s fight the soft war so we don’t have to fight the hard one.

    2. Robert,
      I share your frustration, and I’m sure many others also share that frustration.
      I am talking with a group which is bringing forth some interesting views on this business of “arresting” the criminals who presently occupy seats of governmental power or authority. They point out that we as Americans once had, and exercised, the right to arrest unlawful players in public service when those players violated the highest law of the land. You may remember the old concept of “citizen’s arrest”, which was much more prominent in the thinking of the average American in the 1800s than it is today. This group with whom I’m talking has read almost all of Dr. Edwin Vieira’s books and has followed his logic, which says [paraphrasing here] that “…if ‘We The People’ had the authority to form our own government in the first place, we certainly have the authority to keep it on course”.

      And, morally speaking, we have not only the authority to keep government within its written bounds, but we also have the *duty* to do so.

      In that duty we have, as a people, failed, and now we’re seeing the results of that negligence. It ain’t pretty, I’m sure we’ll all agree.

      But I am speaking to you as an individual here. Personally, my chosen battle is in the mind, the human psyche, the mental fields in which all plans and plots are first perceived and then conceived, and from whence all things in our consensus world are made manifest. I like to put it this way —

      “Behold; it is seen in the mind first; and only then the hand brings it forth.”

      The sequence is “mental” first, producing then the “physical” as a result.

      Everything begins in the mind. Period. The old addage says, “Pick your battles”. My battle, the battle I choose myself, is to do what I can in the national psyche. I am not about to go arrest any stupid idiot holding a “judge job” which requires him to wear a black robe and display the attitudinal curse of authoritarianism. I have better things to give the liberty movement than making of myself another dead martyr. Some of our brethren prefer the more physical approach, but I’ve outgrown that venue and vacated the physical battlefield to work instead on the mental battlefield.

      We have lost our country, our once-treasured America. Arresting politicians, judges, corporate executives, and all of their bought-and-paid-for servants will not bring back America. We have as a people exchanged the inherent merit in our soul for “security” and “political correctness”. And we have slept through the incubation stage of a very diabolical infrastructure, a mechanism of governmental authority with a pyramidal dispersion system for that authority which dominates every cell in the body politic. That would be you and me and anyone else who may be awake enough to be reading here. Oppose the injustice which now blankets our land in the name of “government” and “governmental authority”, and government shall smite thee. Were one to stop paying one’s “federal income tax”, for example, one is soon-enough squashed and stripped of property, or worse. So we are forced to continue to feed the beast against our will, just to survive in our collective experience of slavery under that very power.

      The sheep are sheared in a thousand ways each day, bleat a bit, but soon return to pleasurable grazing. The fields in which we the sheeple graze are tended well and planted with entertainment, luscious living experiences like “Disneyland” or “pleasure cruises” or whatever sort of “vacation” one might afford; and we are provided with creature comforts, conveniences, and constitutional concessions (to quote from something I wrote seventeen years ago).

      As a people, Americans appear to be comfortable in their slavery, and to keep their comfort levels “up”, they deny that they are living the life of a slave. I speak of man in mass. I am aware that a minority of Americans still recall some distant taste of freedom, are as aware and awake as are you and I. But the number is apparently not as large as it should be in order for the People to take back control over their government. I think we have lost our country, and the only way back, if any way back may be found, would be to revive various moral codes of honor in our hearts, our minds, our souls. In_spite_of_current_events.

      Toward that end, I write. I am content to let others do the “arresting” – I choose to arrest the false memes which have been inserted into the national psyche. Forgive me if you see me as a coward, but in my defense I must say that even the U.S. military has a long history of Psy-Op, and we know that at least since Bernays in the 1920s Wall Street and the federal government have their own brand of psy-op as well. I’m here to combat that on the mental battlegrounds of MindWar.

      That said, I will not be arresting anyone at this time, because the public memory is very short and martyrs are soon forgotten in many cases. My way of resisting is to help my fellow man awaken to the fact that he is not awake, and that he needs to wake up very soon, the sooner the better. I know many “players” names who are destroying this nation, — the Bush and Clinton crime families and the membership roster of the CFR, for examples — and have a fairly developed idea of 20th Century history and the peak events across that century which have in sum created the mess we’re in now, by design, deliberately, for a purpose which CNN or Fox News will never discuss. I am not willing to die for their sins, not while I can still do my writing, my work, and the further developing of my soul’s commitment to love’s thought system. I believe that human kind must elevate the collective consciousness and begin that at the individual level, and that only then will it be possible to rebuild the America we loved and lost.

      I am not telling anyone what they need to do, or how to do what they do. At this point, the state of one’s soul (one’s conscience) should be the only voice to whom any of us listens. Listening to one’s own conscience is the beginning of self-ownership and self-government, which is, as Thomas Jefferson declared, our “unalienable right”. Self ownership is the opposite of slavery. Self ownership begins in the individual mind. As spirit moves the soul, the soul moves the mind, and the mind moves the hand. That is the sequence as I see it, from the spiritual to the physical, and that is why I work with Oath Keepers.

      The beauty in the Oath Keepers mission is that we “reach”, “teach”, and “inspire” all who take the Oath to honor that Oath. Tyranny must have its enforcers, and, under our Oath, an enforcer is to disobey unconstitutional orders. Teaching that to cops and soldiers, at a time in this nation’s history in which government is using our cops and soldiers to suppress dissent, is very rewarding for me, personally, and I see thousands of other Oath Keepers who feel the same way. Exposing evil, bringing it into the light, is another joy in my work here. All that I do is actually done as a psy-op, a psychological operation which confronts the programming and conditioning and training which our now-sinful government is pumping into recruits’ heads 24/7 while teaching them that We The People are the new “enemy”.

      Personally speaking, because their fate is in larger hands than mine, I have no need to arrest the damned.

      Elias Alias, editor

      1. Elias, having read all of that and nobly receiving it from which it was penned, I have a question for you.

        If you had your will, and the ability to do so effectively, assuming you could pen a plan and it would be executed precisely, where would that plan reside? In other words, if you were starting from scratch, right now. with the full benefit of Oath Keeper’s masses and abilities, what plan would you undertake and employ in an effort to recapture the America that you and I grew up in?

        Please assume that you could garner full cooperation from the OK masses in addition to any who would join them. Would it be a mass plan of writing to local publications and elected officials, a campaign to vote the corrupt out of office, a mass demonstration of force outside of select strategic locations, the arrest of said individuals, or even more intense such as an armed attack on strategic targets?

        You are obviously well thought out and when I read your post I was looking for that ultimate solution. I agree that we’ve lost our country and this next election terrifies me should Hillary take office, but considering our strength and the need what would be the best solution?

        I’m asking for a hypothetical response of course, not to be taken literally as to incite any type of violent action. Your candid response will be appreciated. “If you could, what would you do?”

        Thanks in advance…

        I’d be curious to hear the thoughts of others as well. It does seem that it’s time to ponder solutions and thus far I really just haven’t seen it.

  10. Our side will prevail. The judge has no authority to seal the case after adjudication. The truth will be learned. Those responsible will be identified, and the true story will rise to the top.

    Seems to me that our nation is awakening and grasping the depth of this corruption. Reminds me of an old observation. When the lawyers can’t fight the facts, they attack those about to report those facts.

    Good job on getting this story out.

    Dirk Williams

  11. Cal, thank you for your response to my ranting. I appreciate your words of wisdom. Yes, I shall maintain my focus on the ‘soft’ war, and do better than I have been doing.
    Elias Alias, your response was nothing short of a masterpiece. My part in this mental maneuvering is to try to inspire you to print that response on Oath Keeper’s as an ‘article’, standing on its own, in all its radiant Glory, for all that come to this site, to read. One cannot read your ‘response’, without feeling the Truth and Love that is moving within the words. This is a form of American Wisdom that is very rare. Experienced, Aged, whispering that which is of the Divine. I shall read your response again……. with much gratitude. All the way down to your last sentence, that says ever so much.
    Now this would be an excellent ‘poster’, or statement of One American, to be hung publicly where ALL who have taken the Oath can see it.
    I salute the life that you have lived in order for you to be able to express such Divine Inspiration.
    With warm regards,
    Robert D. Gubisch

  12. With Defcon coming to Las Vegas perhaps a world class hacker can obtain and publish the secret data. Nothing sterilizes like sunlight. Then, should the judge feel compelled, he or she can dismiss the trial and seek a new one, hopefully with a new judge. All facts and allegations in the public domain.

    Secret trials. Secret witness testimony. The Founders warned of this.

  13. Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore has been an active participant in the Bundy Ranch event since day one. She recently appeared in a spot on NewsMaxTVLasVegas which addresses this hidden evidence, claiming that her inside sources say that the feds have NO evidence to convict and are relying instead on Facebook posts.

    Everyone can watch that video on Vimeo here:

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