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Matt Bracken – Orlando Rules


By Matt Bracken (U.S. Navy SEAL veteran)

(cross-posted at WRSA, and Oath Keepers readers are encouraged to go read the comments there too)

The Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando taught millions of ordinary citizens something very important. It confirmed for us that seventeen years after the Columbine massacre, we can still find ourselves penned inside a disarmed-victim slaughter zone by an armed maniac or maniacs, and while innocent people are bleeding to death and futilely calling for help, government law enforcement agency employees might decide to take a powder, set up a security perimeter, and then burn three irreplaceable hours while debating how best to attempt a rescue operation. And when it finally happens, the belated rescue operation might end up killing many more victims than if some of the aforesaid victims had simply pulled their own guns on the madman in the first place, three hours earlier, and shot him dead, even in a vicious cross-fire.

This lesson also carries over to the recent Bastille Day truck massacre in Nice, France. It took good men with guns to finally stop the bloodthirsty Tunisian’s motorized rampage. But the truck and its driver did not cause all of the carnage in one go—according to various news reports there were fits and starts when the truck slowed and even stopped, and when this happened, brave but unarmed men tried to climb onto the cab to end the carnage with their bare hands. Unfortunately, the only good guys with guns in their possession belonged to government law enforcement agencies or GLEAs, and they were not in position to shoot the driver until 84 innocents were killed and many more were severely injured.

Can anybody claim that the outcome in Nice could have been worse if an armed citizen or two or three had jumped onto the cab during a pause, and fired their own pistols at the Tunisian driver? With weapons dispersed among the Bastille Day crowd, concealed among trained and trusted military veterans, for example, would the death toll in Nice have been as high? Can anybody imagine a truck driver conducting a two-kilometer kamikaze rampage against pedestrians in Tel Aviv or Texas, without his taking effective fire from armed citizens every fifty meters along the way?

Even beyond the lessons of Orlando and Nice, we recently learned in Dallas and Baton Rouge that first-responding GLEA employees cannot even protect themselves from a single deranged gunman, much less protect anybody else who happens to be in the madman’s range. In both cases it took even more good men with even bigger guns arriving on the scene to put the cop-killers down. In Dallas and Baton Rouge the killers were only targeting police officers, but what happens when the killers are targeting shooting galleries full of unarmed trapped civilians?

Fort Hood and San Bernardino come to mind. Innocents trapped in gun-free killing pens will be slaughtered until the killers depart, or the SWAT teams arrive and shoot their way in. This is not rocket science. Fort Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando and Nice have taught us that when we are faced with an armed homicidal terrorist, we will have nobody but ourselves to depend on for our self defense during the first minutes, or even hours. As the saying goes, “When every second is a matter of life or death, the police are only minutes away.” Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan Theater in Paris also spring to mind. Nobody on the scene at the beginning of a murder rampage will have a gun except the killers—and those citizens who accept the responsibility of being armed in their daily lives.

In the United States we are blessed with the Second Amendment to the Constitution, affirming our God-given right to self defense, which we know as the right to keep and bear arms. State and federal laws and politicians might come and go, but as Americans, the right to armed self defense is coded into our DNA. Five politically-appointed black-robed Supremes cannot change the meaning of the 2nd Amendment: it was written in plain English so that we the people can understand it.

Today, in the face of a rising tide of Islamic jihad terrorism on top of the usual random assortment of homicidal maniacs, a well-armed citizenry is more important than ever. In 2016, GLEA employees who might take three hours to mount a “rescue” (and tag the bodies) are simply not a reliable part of our self-defense equation. By the time the SWAT breachers blow holes in the walls, hours too late, you and your family might already be dead. If the Second Amendment means anything, it means that we have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves, our families and our communities from armed terrorists or other violent lunatics. Police, politicians and judges cannot protect us: they can only respond after the fact, meaning, after we are dead.

State and local laws concerning the open and/or concealed carrying of firearms vary, but even where open carry is legal, many people prefer to carry concealed for their own reasons, and I will not attempt to change their minds. For folks who like to carry pistols inside their waistbands, or IWB, there are many fine options, and some of the best are leather and Kydex hybrid holsters. But let’s face it, IWB carry can be awkward and sometimes uncomfortable, and if you are a right-hander who carries on your strong side, this arrangement is a hassle when driving, with the seatbelt locked over your concealed pistol. But if you like IWB carry, great, carry on. What works for you, works for you.

But whether your pistol is carried inside or outside of your pants and belt, to qualify as concealed carry you still have to cover up the exposed parts of the gun and holster by wearing a loose untucked shirt or jacket over it. Lots of guys don’t mind that look, and a loud untucked Hawaiian shirt is also great for concealing an expanding waistline. But what if you are not an old guy with a beer gut? What if you are a slender guy or gal who wants to wear a form-fitting t-shirt, or even to go bare-chested or in a swimsuit around the beach or the resort? In that case, what are you going to carry concealed, inside of your clothing, other than perhaps a tiny .380 pocket pistol?

What if you want to dress for the heat, or to wear form-fitting clothes, but you still want to keep a serious pistol close at hand? Something that carries a double-digit load of major-caliber ammo? Some of my friends shove a compact double-stack down their crotch in a sling holster, and they swear by it. And if that works for you, great, but what if you don’t like your blaster aiming at the family jewels, or you find crotch carry too awkward or uncomfortable to consider? Not to mention, if you are of the feminine persuasion?

What if you don’t want to carry a chopped-off compact pistol at all, but you want the real thing, full size? Something with a grip big enough to grab with all of your fingers around it, that doesn’t try to buck out of your hand in rapid fire? I know some guys who “Mexican carry” full-size pistols, but only on an empty chamber. Another idea is to open-carry your major-caliber pistol, and then to untuck your shirt or throw on a light windbreaker when you decide to conceal it. My point is not to get into a pissing contest about the best ways to carry a concealed handgun. That’s for you to decide. But I would like to expand the options under your consideration to what some call “Off-Body-Carry,” which means carrying pistols in hard and soft cases, sling bags, messenger bags, fanny packs and so on.

In light of recent history I have named this option “Orlando Carry,” and not because half of the tourists seen in Rat Town are already laden down with every size, type and color of gear bag imaginable. I named it Orlando Carry because when the shit gets serious, you’re going to need a serious firearm, and plenty of ammo. And nothing is more serious than what went down inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last June.

Sneakypete (and some other holster manufacturers) have a very good external-carry option which will conceal many but not all pistols. I just ordered a Sneakypete for my S&W Shield 9mm, but that is still a compact pistol with a limited number of rounds on board.

Because I didn’t see anything like a Sneakypete for full-size pistols, but I like the overall concept, I decided to make my own prototype “maxi-Sneakypete” out of the materials I had on hand. My Frankenstein prototype is only meant to test the concept in public for a while, to gauge the reactions of civilians and GLEA employees. (If you were wondering, the exterior dimensions are six by eight by one and three-quarters inches.)

bracken 1

bracken 2

bracken 3

I’m sure a clever holster maker with superior materials handy can make something much better than my prototype on his first try. The cardboard box I started with simply fit the dimensions of my Springfield XD9, that’s the only reason why I chose it. I used the cardboard flaps as I found them, but a bigger top-opening flap like a Sneakypete might work better. I cut and glued the cardboard to hold my pistol securely even with the two side flaps open, then glued black denim material over it all. Common office staples held everything in place overnight while the glue set. Holster makers are encouraged to fabricate their own models from better materials. I think a Velcro-attached “tear down” external flap would be best, leaving the grip fully exposed with the pistol held in an interior Kydex holster and ready to draw.

If you think a soft case is the way to go, then just take a few pistol measurements and head to the electronics department of your local big-box store. There, you will find some iPad cases that will do the trick for transporting your preferred blaster and an extra mag or two while clipped to your belt. They will not be perfect holsters when you purchase them, but they are rectangular and they generally won’t show the outline of your concealed pistol. If the foam padding behind the fabric exterior is thin, then slide a piece of plastic inside across the bottom, and your pistol’s off-center muzzle won’t “print” at all. Dig a detergent bottle out of your recycling bin, and cut the plastic to fit. A spare mag might fit opposite the barrel, balancing the overall shape of the contents of the case.

Every modified zipper case holster situation will be a little different, so while you are in the big box store, head over to the fabric department near the sheets and pillows, and pick up some black “upholstery thread” and a pack of heavy-duty needles that can pull the thread through lots of layers of material. You can turn a zipper case into anything you want, if you have imagination, black upholstery thread, big-ass needles, some black Velcro tape and a few other odds and ends. The spring-steel belt clip from a rejected holster might find a new life on the back of your modified zipper case holster.

What I am trying to get at is this: don’t be afraid to customize your own Orlando Carry rig if you can’t find a commercially available product that meets your needs. In 2016, an ambiguous gadget case mounted on the hip is a typical part of the urban and suburban landscape. Concealed is concealed. The more varieties out there, the better for all of us.

These measurements can serve as a rough guide when you go shopping. A standard five-by-seven gadget case will contain a S&W Shield 9mm. A zipper case that is six by eight will conceal a full-size double-stack pistol like an XD9. You can work out the details to suit your pistol and your preferences.

If you feel the box or zipper case on your hip needs a bit of help in the camouflage department, you can obtain a sticker from a binoculars manufacturer. Or from a company that makes video cameras. Or just use an actual binoculars case as the starting point for a concealed pistol box. Or maybe your modified zipper case will already have a colorful Apple logo embroidered upon it. Or stick a red cross on it, and dangle an oxygen cannula tube out the side. Or just leave it basic black. It doesn’t matter. It’s up to you. Concealed is concealed.

bracken 4

bracken 5bracken 6

Orlando Carry doesn’t only mean a box or a soft case hanging on the outside of your belt. Lots of companies make a variety of sling bags and even “active shooter” rigs adapted for carrying large pistols, extra mags, and other emergency gear. The “Safepacker” by is a flexible option that comes highly recommended. Maxpedition makes sling bags and belt cases for large pistols. Tactical Tailor sells the popular “Crossfire” rig. sells the “H.I.P.S.” (Hide In Plain Sight) rig that looks interesting. There are also fanny packs made for concealed carry with tear-away panels, (if you don’t mind wearing a fanny pack). I just ordered the very clever “Micro GunPak-1,” which presents as a small EMT-type belt pack that could not possibly conceal a large pistol, but does.

I’m not trying to steer anybody in one direction or another, but only to make folks aware that many carry options are available other than conventional IWB and OWB holsters. The Orlando Carry concept is meant to bridge the gap between the open carry of full-size pistols and spare magazines on your belt, and using conventional concealment holsters with pistols hidden beneath your clothing. To bridge the gap, and even to go beyond it. (In fact, several gear bag companies even make concealed carry cases for shorty carbines. But I’ll save concealing long guns for another day. Or you can take a look at this piece I wrote for Western Rifle Shooters a few years ago: “Just a working man with his tools.”)

bracken 7

Going back to side arms, in the old days before political correctness reared its ugly head, security professionals used to refer to these “concealed in plain sight” options for large pistols and sub-guns as “fag-bags.” While I doubt that the expression persists within GLEAs in this PC era, I think that we should grab the fag-bag concept with both hands and adopt it as our own. The more armed citizens that are out in public carrying serious firearms in a wide variety of non-traditional rigs, the better.

GLEA employee: “What have you got in there, mister?”

“Why, it’s my transgender Android case, officer. But it’s not the Android you’re looking for.”

GLEA employee: “What’s that mean? Like an iPad? It looks too fat for an iPad.”

“If you must know, officer, it’s my Orlando bag. What, do you hate gays? Are you homophobic?”

GLEA employee: “No, I’m not homophobic. But I think you have a gun in there.”

“Think whatever you like, officer. But after Orlando and San Bernardino and Fort Hood and Nice and a lot of other places, I really don’t give a damn what you think is in there. But I know one thing for sure: I’m never going to wait for three hours until a good guy with a gun shows up. Not while people are bleeding to death, no sir. And do you know why not? Because there will already be a good guy with a gun right there when the bad shit goes down. No disrespect, officer, but we civilians can’t afford to just sit around for three hours bleeding to death, while your bosses scratch their asses and ponder their options.”

This is the bottom line: our armed self defense is up to us, it’s not up to GLEA employees. If that wasn’t clear before Orlando and Nice, it should be now. So carry the self-defense tools that you decide to carry, the way that you decide to carry them, when and where you decide to carry them. And that means thinking outside of conventional IWB and OWB holster options.

Now, since I’m using the Orlando massacre in the Pulse nightclub as my predicate, I’m sure that some readers will point out that firearms and alcohol should not be mixed, and for the most part, they would be right. But please bear in mind that the off-duty but in-uniform GLEA employee paid to protect the nightclub’s patrons seems to have—ahem—stepped outside for a breath of air shortly after exchanging shots with Omar Mateen at the outset of the massacre. So much for depending on armed, paid GLEA employees to do the heavy lifting at crunch time. Remember, it’s your life. Not his.

So how do we preclude bars and clubs that serve alcohol from automatically being disarmed-victim death traps like the Pulse club? Simple. Encourage sober designated drivers to pack heat by offering them non-alcoholic beverages and snacks gratis while they are sheep-dogging the friends they delivered to said bar or club. Plenty of social circles contain folks who choose not to imbibe alcohol for their own personal reasons. Any bars or clubs that recognize and reward DD-CCWs will go a long way to ensuring that the next Omar Mateen picks a less-enlightened venue down the block for his target. If your state or local laws currently forbid CCW in bars and clubs, change the laws to provide an exception for alert and sober DD-CCWs. Just a thought.

And as far as other places that still prohibit CCW, use your own judgment.

Remember: it’s your life.



bracken headshot

Matt Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957 and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1979 with a degree in Russian Studies. He was commissioned in the US Navy through the NROTC program at UVA, and then graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training class 105 in Coronado California. He served on east coast UDT and SEAL teams, taking a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut in 1983. Mr. Bracken left active duty after Lebanon, upon completion of his obligated military service, but he remained in an active reserve status through the remainder of the 1980s. Since then he has lived in Florida, Virginia, South Carolina, Guam and California. In 1993 Mr. Bracken finished building a 48-foot steel sailing cutter of his own design, on which he has done extensive ocean cruising, including a solo voyage 9,000 miles from Panama to Guam and two Panama Canal transits.
Matt is a self-described freedomista who loves ocean sailing for the pure freedom it often permits. He is a constitutionalist who believes in the original intent of the founding fathers of our country. He lives with his family in North Florida and longs for the wide blue ocean.


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. An excellent piece by Bracken (and please note that he will be a guest presenter on our Webinar tomorrow night).

    I can only add three things:

    1. Also carry at least one tourniquet and pressure bandage/wound packing gauze (with Cellox in it) somewhere on you or in your gear. If you have the room, such as with shoulder bag carry, then carry more than one tourniquet and more than one bandage/wound packing gauze, and also an NPA. If you are on-scene and shut the shooter(s) down, you will likely also be the only person on scene able to save people from bleeding to death (and that may also include you if you are shot) while the local EMTs get there, and remember they will NOT enter a scene until the cops have declared it safe. That’s just standard protocol. The cops will have to enter, search, secure the scene and only then will the EMT’s come in. Orlando was an extreme version of that reality, but even under the best of circumstances, you will be it. So carry at least something to stop life ending bleeding.

    2. Carry a rifle in your vehicle. Yes, I know, cue the mantra: “you won’t be able to get to it!” And that is likely true if you are one of the intended victims, inside the initial “bubble” of combat with the attacker. In that case, you will have to just fight pistol against AK. But what if you ARE able to get to it, such as where you are not one of the immediate intended victims in that initial “combat bubble” with the attacker, but are instead nearby, within earshot,or watching from a distance, and have a chance to pick up a rifle before you close with and kill the enemy (as is your duty, if you call yourself an American). I’d rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. And I’d rather take a rifle to a rifle fight than a pistol.

    Ever seen what happened at Mumbai? That was INFANTRY combat, and it was all over the place, with multiple teams of bad guys, and anyone in the general area was vulnerable to suddenly coming under fire from AK wielding terrorists. You may be in the “combat bubble” just by being in town, or on that block, and you may end up wishing that you had kept a rifle in your rig. So carry a damn rifle in your rig. The cops carry “patrol rifles” and so should you, for the same reasons. If you never use it, fine. But have it.

    Matt said: “we recently learned in Dallas and Baton Rouge that first-responding GLEA employees cannot even protect themselves from a single deranged gunman, much less protect anybody else who happens to be in the madman’s range. In both cases it took even more good men with even bigger guns arriving on the scene to put the cop-killers down. ”

    Those “bigger guns” were rifles. Cops with handguns against an AK (and hard rifle plates) were far easier to defeat. Cops with ARs’ eventually cornered him. You with a pistol against an AK will be easier to defeat. You with your own AR or AK have a better chance (and even better if you also have rifle plates, eh?). Carry a damn rifle, and chest rig or rifle bag, and a plate carrier with plates, ready to go. And have a radio on your rig, so you have a better chance of communicating with police/EMT/fire, or other citizens in your town watch (you do have a town watch, right?).

    “But the cops will shoot me!” First of all, odds are there won’t be any cops on scene for at least five minutes, but you certainly should sort out an arm band, hat, or jacket that you will throw on, as part of your “terrorist response kit” and coordinate with your local cops ahead of time on what you will be wearing, to cut down on the chance of you being wacked by the cops by accident.

    3. Carry a folding stock short rifle or broken down rifle, with you in a backpack, tennis racket case, baby bag, camera bag, snow-board case, etc. (something Matt will write about more extensively) whenever you are at or near events that are magnets for terror attacks. Look at the attack in Nice, France, and imagine such an attack during a U.S. 4th of July celebration, during a county fair, town parade, rodeo, outdoor concert, etc. If you can do it, why not be the “sheepdog” who carries a compact rifle in such a bag, and three or four spare mags, so you can be effective at stopping the attack right there, even if you are an intended victim? If you may not be able to run to your truck in time, to get your vehicle rifle, then why not carry one with you if you can?

    I know of at least one combat veteran and contractor who does just that – he carries a backpack with a folding stock AK and four mags when he attends such outdoor public events here in the U.S.. He considers it a mild inconvenience, compared to humping a ruck and body armor and full load out like he does overseas.

    You can call that “extreme” all you like. I call it outstanding. If the crap hits the fan with him on scene, and some Jihadist screams “Allah Akbar!” and opens fire, that veteran will be able to respond with far greater effectiveness than if he were carrying only a pistol. Just a fact. Consider it part of your duty as a trained veteran who is obligated to protect those who cannot (yet) protect themselves. Set the example. Be ready.


    1. The Keltec SU-16C, with its folding stock, is a great concealable rifle option. I love mine.

      1. I have my trusty Derringer in my pocket wherever I go. I can wear a t-shirt and shorts, and it is VERY small, and it does not print, Sure, it is only two shots, but it goes with me EVERYWHERE, especially where I can’t bring its bigger brother.
        Never leave home without a large knife or a small gun !

  2. Can anyone tell me what case that is with the broken down AR in it? I’ve been looking for something just like that.

  3. I agree, Carry something. I have Dillon’s “Plan B” Day Planner. That has a CZ 75 Shadow in 9mm (my USPSA Production gun) and an extra magazine in it. I have put a large Christian cross on it and the script Luke 22:36. No one wants to listen to anyone share the good news of the Lord these days so no one in the last 8 years has asked what was in it. LOL
    I carry a SIG 238 in 380 ACP in my pocket. It’s not like the rest of the pocket 380’s I’ve shot. It is a high quality piece that is extremely accurate (easily keeps them in the fatal “T” at 7 to 10 yards) and has good sights. It has held up to lots of practice shooting too and hasn’t begun to fall apart like most 380s.
    Then there’s Col. Cooper’s Scout rifle in the vehicle.
    As for going somewhere to drink with a gun. I do not drink at all and believe that if anyone is expecting trouble and wants to get impaired, then get into a fight that they really do not have a survivor’s mindset or lifestyle. Remember that situational awareness is your biggest asset. Half a second could mean the difference between stopping carnage or being added to the body count.
    Pray for Peace. Prepare for War.
    God bless. Mark

  4. All these things he talks about as far as carrying in a fanny sack or whatever, wouldn’t be necessary if you bought a pistol that carries more then seven rounds. There is no mention of the Taurus PT111 G2 ot Pt 140 G2 but just the S&W. The Taurus carries 12 +1 has a full grip without adding anything to the magazine, and can be concealed as well as any of these slim line of pistols that carry 7 rounds. I am an athlete, slim, and I can conceal this weapon in a IWB holster and if worn at the 4 o’clock position a seat belt doesn’t hit it at all. And I can carry open or concealed where I live without a permit, and I carry concealed for the reason that if shit goes down, the guy with the open carry will be the first target of the bad guys. And I also carry two additional mags and if that doesn’t give you enough fire power to get the job done, then you either shouldn’t be carrying, or you need a whole lot more range time. This fanny sack crap is just that, crap. If you can’t stop a threat with a 9mm hollow point, and you need a 45 full size, then again you need a whole lot more range time. There was a Navy SEAL who when asked about his preference between the two calipers, said he really didn’t know, but that everyone he had shot with a 9mm was dead. So that should sum up what to carry. But whatever it is, make sure you can hit what you’re trying to put down. There are a lot out there who can’t even hit paper at 7 yards, and that is the distance most shootings take place.

    1. Agreed, and I think the same can be said for a Glock 19 or a Glock 23 (my preferred compact) which still has a decent number of rounds in the magazine, and a decent sight radius. But let’s not get too far into the weeds about gear. His point is go armed, and go armed as effectively as you can. Gabe Suarez and Kelly McCann (aka “Jim Grover”) have been pushing the RMR (red dot) on pistols for years now to increase hit potential at distance, and on smaller targets under duress (like a terrorist’s head). That is the kind of gear addition that may be critical, along with enough rounds. Anything else is up to personal preference, and, as you alluded to, a brainpan shot with a 9mm will do the trick just as well as with a .45. I like the .40 over the 9mm because I live in a place with bears and Mountain Lions around, and thus I like a bit heavier bullet for them, if needed. But a 9mm with modern bullets will do the trick just fine on two legged predators. Shot placement is what matters most, and reliability of the pistol itself. And mindset is most important of all.

  5. THIS is one of the most outstanding, comprehensive articles I have read in a long long time. Thanks to Matt and kudos to all out there who stand ready to do whatever needs doing, on the scene and in the moment.

  6. Matt and I are both in agreement that it is very likely we will see a Beslan style Jihadi attack on an American school, or a Mumbai type attack on a town or city, with a full squad of Jihadists taking part, to maximize casualties. It is coming.

    Read the novel “Day of Wrath” to get a sense for what that will be like. Or just study Mumbai and Beslan. And consider that the Jihadists may pick a sleepy little town with a small police force as their target – a place without a large SWAT team. In that case, it will have to be the local military veterans and gun owners who perform that QRF function and put a stop to the killing. Just a reality. Get ready.

  7. I love my Open Carry state but do not want to advertise my status. Therefore; when I want to carry big, I transport my 3.5″ Judge and speed loaders in a 1980s cell phone case with Motorola markings. Range bags are not innocuous enough. This article encourages me to properly modify this case and re-purpose some other cases/bags.
    Problem still exists; however, after getting a call “shots fired” and particularly if it is accompanied with “officer down” will LEO backup respond with “shoot first, ask questions later”? So without prior coordination to identify with armbands or other, what is common sense means to identify civilian Sheepdogs?

    1. Good question. Suarez is advising cops to pay attention to behavior of the person with a gun, not just “he has a gun! bang!” but with poor training in many departments, it is a risk. Delta veteran Paul Howe advises to carry concealed, leave it concealed and/or held in a low profile, low visibility “Sul” position as you close in, shoot the bad guy and then conceal it again, to minimize the risk of being shot by responding police.

      But I encourage you to do that coordination and settle on an arm band for your area – and be sure it is known only to the cops and to other “good guy” gun carriers in your community so a bad guy can’t copy it.

  8. Very comprehensive article and comments. But, um, uh – Just one thing. Go to youtube and TRY to find credible evidence that Orlando was NOT a FALSE FLAG…. Then, see how easy it is to find LOTS of good evidence that Orlando WAS a FALSE FLAG…. For that matter, go to google/images and search for “Craft International”, and tell me about the “Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag”…. Oh, yes, I say the DANGER is out there, and it’s more domestic than foreign…. But should Oath Keepers help push blatantly fabricated narratives which are partly about justifying gun confiscation….????….

    1. I’m an open minded kind of guy. Why don’t you write an article showing the proof of a false flag in Orlando and Boston and submit it to national. I’d be interested in reading it. But be sure and include positively credible proof and not just supposition and ‘could have been’ scenarios. Don’t write an article filled with questions. SHOW PROOF. If you have that, I’m sure that Oath Keepers will stop helping to push blatantly fabricated narratives.

      1. Indeed. All I am interested in is what Friday used to say on Dragnet — “Just the facts, M’am.”
        I am an avid collector of conspiracy theories. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. The Lusitania, the crash of ’29, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Bay of Pigs, the assassination of JFK, Federal Reserve scam, IRS scam, CFR/Tri-lateral power plays, Watergate, Tax-exempt Foundations, October Surprise, United Nations, Agenda 21/30, two-party system, OK City bombing, WTC 1993 bombing, Housing Bubble, Google, Facebook, NSA, NATO, NAFTA/CAFTA/SPP, global warming, BCCI, chemtrails/geoengineering, and the Grand Daddy of them all, 911 Truth — all are readily enjoyable “conspiracy theories” and they fill my head with imagined doubts about my own perception of Reality while causing me to question everything that comes out of that cesspool called WDC. I see anomalies everywhere, in all manner of things, including my cat’s attitudinal conspiracy of lordly indifference.

        So, like you, I’m open-minded; but, also like you, I’d kinda like some proof which will show me that Orlando was a false-flag deception. I’m actually wanting someone to bring forth the proof. Lord knows the circumstantial evidence is established by a long line of precedents already, and since James Bamford exposed the Northwoods Document sixteen years ago we know that our beloved government will deliberately murder Americans in false-flag events designed to reinforce in the public mind whichever “perception” would benefit a particular “desired” government policy. The Northwoods document is “proof”! Yet I still require proof about Orlando. I need facts to go on, and until someone brings forth the proof, I’ll stick with the current narrative. There are questions, to be sure, but I want something a bit more substantial than Judge Napolitano’s bombshell on Fox News —

        Four minutes, with clip of da Judge on national TV starting at 1:48 in:

        Elias Alias, editor

      2. Egypt Air 900 was a broken elevator trim jack screw. I have the photos of it. Same as Alaska MD80. TWA FLT 800 was destroyed by a missile. There is a hole straight through the fuselage. I have the photos and when a thousand people say they saw a missile including an AF pilot who had no reason to lie and who himself has since disappeared, watched the missile pass his aircraft and strike the TWA 747. And others….

        I pack a Coonan 357…yes it bulges…and yes it will knock you down at 100 yds, a 12 gauge Mossberg and AR in the truck. If you don’t carry, you’ll need it …like a fire extinguisher. Cheers!

      3. Mr. Alias, you asked for proof that the Orlando shooting was a staged event. I too would like absolute proof that these mass shootings are engineered events, as I believe most of them to be. But I think irrefutable smoking-gun proof can only be supplied by a whistleblower inside whatever group is doing these in an attempt to try to disarm the law-abiding U.S. population. Therefore it’s doubtful we will ever have the type of hard evidence we’d all like to see. (Wow, Judge Napolitano’s remark is bombshell for sure!)

        While I have no proof regarding Orlando, there are curious circumstances and things which do not add up. Then toss in the immediate call for more gun control, and I’m not believing the official narrative about the Orlando shooting. I made a list of what seems suspicious to me. Perhaps those reading here at OK would like to review this and watch a couple of videos?

        Have y’all seen the videos of people from the club carrying shooting victims? The problem is, they are walking TOWARD Pulse nightclub. You can see Pulse and all the police car lights in the direction they’re heading. In one video, once the group of young men are past the camera, they stop and the man with the leg injury stands up, seems to put weight on both legs, and pulls up his pants. Then the men laugh. I’m not saying these videos are proof of a staged event — far from it — but it’s very curious behavior.

        The young man in the flag shirt and the hat gave an interview (he was shown a lot by the media) in which he describes crawling on the bloody floor and over dead bodies to get out of the club. Problem is, his flag shirt is clean! No blood on him.

        The mother of a possible shooting victim gave an interview to MSM several hours after the shooting and of course she interjects the need for gun control and elimination of “assault weapons.” She spoke at the DNC Convention too, promoting “common sense gun laws.” By the way, this same victim’s father is a retired Detroit police officer who wrote a moving letter to the newspaper, stating that he wished his son or someone in the club had been armed with a gun to stop Omar Mateen, and he does not support the anti-gun politicians who want to disarm us.

        There is the lack of ambulances on scene, the lack of video showing the wounded (with the exception of the few which look as though they’re acting), the lack of video of bodies in body bags being taken out of the club, the failure to transport the large number of victims to MULTIPLE area hospitals, an exit door that was being held shut to prevent people from exiting, at least one witness inside Pulse saying there was more than one person firing weapons, the failure of police to extract the wounded from the club when they ARE TOLD by the first four officers on scene who engaged Mateen that Mateen is contained in a bathroom, the high kill and wounded number (the WORST! mass shooting in U.S. history, as the MSM and the anti-gun politicians gleefully report) by a single shooter (how many mags did he bring in? how many reloads?), the reporting that the evil AR-15 was used and Rep. Alan Grayson stating on camera that the AR-15 fires 700 rounds/minute, etc., etc., etc.

        MSM conducted an interview with 6 doctors at the Orlando Regional Medical Center who treated the victims. The doctor who is a chief surgeon there talked about (steered by questions from the reporter) how the wounds he saw were from “high-velocity” rounds from a “military weapon” and as such were worse than those he typically sees, what he refers to as “civilian GSW.” Huh? From an AR-15 or a carbine? Makes zero sense. His remarks sound scripted to me. This same doctor gave an interview the day of the shooting, and he said that we should all listen to the words of the Imam. What the hey?! The Imam?! Again it seemed to me as though the doctor was delivering a scripted message.

        Here are 3 interesting videos. Ignore the titles claiming proof of a hoax, this of course is not absolute proof, but is curious. Watch ’em quick, ’cause youtube is taking down videos and channels.

        100% PROOF Orlando Shooting Was a STAGED HOAX
        (this is mirrored; original video is by Peekay, whose youtube channel was taken down)

        Orlando Shooting Hoax Proof
        (short 2-minute video)

        Orlando Shooting Doctors speak about “Assault Rifles”
        (short 2-minute video)

  9. Its beginning to look like the survival lifestyle of the Balkans back in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Looks like we are forced to develop this lifestyle and arm ourselves for hostility at any moment. This is the exterior change. But this also forces the interior change; the mental change. Just like the Balkans, this is a societal change. Our children must accept that they are living in a hostile environment. This is a hell of a thing for America.

    I guess we really have reached the point of societal change. Of course, our children are going to ask us why we are arming ourselves everywhere we go. As sad as it is, we will have to answer. We will have to educate and teach awareness and acceptance of gruesome images and immediate reaction to hostilities. This is the stark reality of what is taking place. Some of us can remember when Yugoslavia disintegrated. The Soviets had kept the hostile environment at bay for decades. Then the gates were opened and life changed and hell followed. The gates have been opened here in America. It appears that we can expect no less.

    The patriots are the first to recognize the societal change. The masses will be forced to recognize it as more and more events occur. The Benelux is ahead of us but not by that much. The chaos is directed against the western world. We are the one nation capable of withstanding TPTB. We can expect the worst of it. I believe Oath Keepers has done more to prepare us for what is unfolding than any other patriot organization. Stewart leads by example. In terms of preparing his family, we should all try our best to follow his example.

    What can we now say to our children because this societal change has come to them? Could we have prevented it? I really don’t know. I only know that the best we can do for them now is to prepare them for what is here and what is coming. Forgive me. I was compelled to write this reply. It is sad and somewhat out of place. I do think more should be done to prepare our children. And not just the tactical side of things. But a primer explaining just where we are and how we got here.

    1. Well, the Founding Generation had to deal with deadly attacks by the French and Indians on the frontier, and their answer was a citizen’s militia made up of every able-bodied male (and the old guys could also still fight if needed – witness Samuel Whittemore). So, we are really only just returning to our roots, and how the world works, and what we must do to be both secure and free – have a real militia.

      Hence, “A well regulate militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

      It takes a militia to be secure AND free. Always has, always will. So, this is just waking up to reality and smelling to coffee.

      Yes, there is a shitstorm coming, but let’s use it to get our fellow Americans off their asses and doing what they should have done long ago.

      The police will NEVER be there to prevent an attack or to shut one down in the first few minutes. You have to be ready to do it yourselves. And so will your kids.


      1. Oh Stewart. I detect a little bit of a head slap there. You must excuse me, however. Though it was out of place, I was doing a little pre-grieving. I know you are well acquainted with grief so I know you can indulge an old man in his concern for the young who must endure what is coming. For so many this will constitute a childhood robbed of innocence; the innocence being replaced by the ravages of war. As I’ve said, I am old and I have seen this around the world over the decades. Not quite the place for such an outburst on my part. Most likely, there will not be time to grieve soon. Only time to comfort and console. What will be demanded of our children is something they will have to endure as good soldiers. Not exactly the childhood we desired for our children and grandchildren. So I smell the coffee and it’s a bitter smell. I think you can understand where I am coming from. That grief is coming from a warrior who has been there and has seen it in they eyes of children caught up in the ravages of war. There will be no time for that kind of grief when the SHTF.

      2. Stewart I get the idea and need for the well regulated (by who?) militia. But being a pragmatist in the State of NY, I also understand the difference in promoting the idea in NY versus Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Any thoughts on how we tailor the message to NY ears?

  10. I agree that the Sneaky Pete holster is a good option for concealed carry. I first saw a guy wearing one in a big box store. I wondered what he had in that case, and almost asked him, but I concluded in my mind, it must be a small tablet or large cell phone. His was black leather. I bought two, a black ballistic nylon to wear with jeans and shorts, and a cammo ballistic nylon to wear with…cammo. I carry a Taurus millennium pt111 g2 in 9mm with 12+1 and extra mags in separate mag cases. I can see the benefit of modifying other cases and bags. This is something I have given much consideration to, and now I am inspired to take further actions for preparedness.

  11. While “everyone knows” that guns should “never” be in bars, it was perfectly legal to be armed in a bar in both Oregon and Nevada while I lived in those states from 1989 to 2007 in the first case and 2007 to 2012 in the second. It was not legal to be shitfaced while armed but that is a different question. My point in bringing this up is that as far as I am aware neither Oregon nor Nevada had a problem that resulted from lawfully armed citizens being in bars. As is so often the case, what “everyone knows” is good enough for politics but is often simply untrue.

  12. “By the time the SWAT breachers blow holes in the walls, hours too late, you and your family might already be dead.”

    Just ask Suzanna Gratia-Hupp.


    The more s*t changes, the more s*t stays the same.

  13. Bottom Line; Figure it out and carry! These malcontents, whether it’s ISIS, BLM, Crips, Bloods, etc., are at war with everyone they encounter. The Second Amendment was written for this time, right now…..

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