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LA Times Op-Ed – If Trump Wins, A Coup Isn’t Impossible Here In The U.S.

Donald Trump

This Op-Ed appeared in the LA Times

by James Kirchick

Americans viewing the recent failed coup attempt in Turkey as some exotic foreign news story — the latest, violent yet hardly unusual political development to occur in a region constantly beset by turmoil — should pause to consider that the prospect of similar instability would not be unfathomable in this country if Donald Trump were to win the presidency.

Trump is the most brazenly authoritarian figure to secure the nomination of a major American political party. He expresses his support for all manner of strongmen, and his campaign manager, Paul Manafort, has actually worked for one: former Ukrainian president and Vladimir Putin ally Viktor Yanukovich. At the Republican National Convention here Monday, Manafort put some of the tricks he learned overseas as a dictator whisperer to good use, employing underhanded tactics to avoid a roll call vote on the convention’s rules package and quietly removing language from the party platform expressing support for Ukraine’s democratic aspirations.

Throughout the campaign, Trump has repeatedly bragged about ordering soldiers to commit war crimes, and has dismissed the possibility that he would face any resistance. “They won’t refuse,” he told Fox News’ Bret Baier earlier this year. “They’re not gonna refuse me. Believe me.” When Baier insisted that such orders are “illegal,” Trump replied, “I’m a leader. I’ve always been a leader. I’ve never had any problem leading people. If I say do it, they’re going to do it.”

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Hey James Whaaat? Really?All of the sudden you Marxist fanatics are talking about upholding the Constitution?Liberal Democracy??? Each branch restrained by separation of powers. Talk about opposite day.I know it is from the LA Times…Still???

    1. Heh!
      “Hypocrisy overdose”, eh? Well, it has been said —

      “He who hath hypocrisy overdose may die laughing.”

      It’s never ending, y’kno’? 😉

      Elias Alias, editor

  2. I take exception to Kirchick’s apples vs oranges extrapolation of Turkish culture as an example applicable to us Americans. After a lifetime of reading about world events and world history, and after coming across so many independent accounts of Turkish depravity and corruption, it’s impossible not to view them as a – hopefully – “Exotic and foreign” culture. T E Lawrence could tell you, and does in “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”. Is’nt our credo to hell with Mordor on the Potomac ? We have to stop looking to DC as the arbiter and overlord – and I don’t mean any overthrow of the govt.. The only peaceful resolution for the terrible fix we’re in today is a dramatic reduction of federal power, effected by having the states take the power back. Please don’t start yapping about secession or a new Civil War – I said peaceful resolution !.When who is President has become of only peripheral interest to us, and we are confident that the black comedy in Washington will be held at bay by our own state officials, health will have been restored.

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