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Corbett Report: Meet Fethullah Gulen, Deep State Plotter

Fethullah Gülen

Corbett Report: Meet Fethullah Gulen, Deep State Plotter

Meet Fethullah Gulen, Deep State Plotter

James Corbett invites us to look behind the curtain for a peek into Turkish interests during the attempted coup of July 15, 2016.  I will suggest one view this video first, then below find some links — One to the transcript of the video, and another to Gulen’s website in English, where much can be learned in a well-organized array of bio- and auto-biographical musings by Gulen himself, including essays and other points of interest.

For those who prefer to read, (I highly recommend doing so on this one), the transcript for the above presentation is here —

Some selected excerpts:


Since the failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15th, the name of exiled Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen is on everyone’s lips.

Not only is President Erdogan pointing the finger at Gulen as the mastermind of the coup, so is General Hulusi Akar, the Chief of Staff of Turkey’s Armed Forces and the country’s top ranking general. In testimony to prosecutors in Ankara earlier this week he stated that while he was being held captive by pro-coup soldiers he was asked to speak to Gulen, who he described as their “opinion leader,” but he refused.

“I believe those coup-plotters are members of [Gulen’s] organization,” Akar said. “I think they thought their organization would take a huge blow after our Supreme Military Council meeting in August — which we prepared for studiously. This terror organization probably foresaw the outcome of the upcoming meeting and attempted a coup by bombing the parliament building and security offices, killing civilians, attacking their own brothers-in-arms and units with a ferocity and dishonor never seen before.”

Fetullah Gulen Hocaefendi.(fotograf:arda yavuz 21122006 )
Fetullah Gulen Hocaefendi.(fotograf:arda yavuz 21122006 )

So who is Fethullah Gulen?

Well, that depends who you ask. If you ask the well-coiffed liars of the corporate lapdog media, Gulen is a kindly old reclusive imam who is operating a multi-billion dollar global Islamic school network from his compound fortress in Pennsylvania…for some reason or other….

So why, then, does this Turkish cleric live in Pennsylvania? Why was he outlawed from Turkey? And how did he build up his multi-billion dollar global education network? These are good questions, and ones that the US State Department struggles to answer….

How did a Turkish cleric of humble origins who makes no public appearances and is seen by almost no one amass a global network of schools, TV and print media, a trade association and a bank, all operated from a compound in Pennsylvania despite having been wanted by the Turkish government for decades, and all without having a registered mail address, corporate registration or even a central bank account?

For the answer, we need to look at the imam’s unlikely list of high-ranking accomplices. Like Bill Clinton, who gushed about Gulen at a “Friendship Dinner” hosted by the Turkish Cultural Center:

“By being here tonight you are contributing to a lasting peace and security at home and abroad. You’re contributing to the promotion of the ideals of tolerance and interfaith dialogue inspired by Fethullah Gulen and his transnational social movement.[…]” (Bill Clinton)

See Clinton say it in this one and a half minute video:

And then there’s Graham Fuller, a former Vice Chairman of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council who is best remembered for penning a memo that, according to the New York Times, later became the basis for the Iran-Contra scandal. Immediately following the coup, he wrote an extended defense of Gulen and his movement in the Huffington Post, stating: “I believe it is unlikely that Gulen was the mastermind behind the dramatic failed coup attempt against Erdogan last week.[…]Gulen has always embraced the importance and dignity of the state, in the best Ottoman tradition. He has supported the state against earlier Islamist movements that raised Islam over the state.

(Snip – End excerpts) Highly recommend reading the text at the Corbett Report page for the above video. There are glimpses of “Deep State” players about whom we otherwise would never hear.

And one may wish to bookmark Gulen’s website (English version) –

Oath Keepers salutes James Corbett of the Corbett Report, and highly recommends all readers here sign up for his emails.  James is a very worthy resource. Support his alternative news operation, yes? I do.


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