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James Jaeger: Progress Report for MAINSTREAM

I just received the latest progress report from James Jaeger and Matrix Entertainment. James is making a powerful documentary film on the Mainstream Media and Hollywood, and once again he is including some Oath Keepers in his cast of experts. Please enjoy his remarks below, and join me in sending James a token of our appreciation for the great work his films provide our nation. His report for July 29, 2016 —



How the Hollywood Movies and New York Media are Promoting the Globalist Agenda


Dear MAINSTREAM Associate,


I am happy to report that, since our last candid Progress Report, an overwhelming number of you have rallied to the cause of addressing the Mainstream Media and its negative effects on our Republic.


Mainstream_smallMAINSTREAM – How the Hollywood Movies and New York Media Are Promoting the Globalist Agenda is not a movie about who controls Hollywood.  It’s a movie about the necessity of a free flow of information in a democratic society.  It’s a movie that reminds us that NO ONE – especially a handful of corporations — should dominate Hollywood movies or the New York media, the most powerful communication channels yet devised by Human kind.  So what this boils down to is this:


If you feel the Second Amendment and Militia System are important, then it’s equally important that this message gets out to the MAINSTREAM public.


If you feel money should be redeemable in gold and silver and/or the Fed abolished, then it’s equally important that this message gets out to the MAINSTREAM public.


If you feel that Mel Gibson had a right to put out a Christian message in his film THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST, then this message should have gone out without the suppression he suffered from Hollywood.


But the fact is, right now your messages are NOT getting out to the broad American public.  There are over 230 million people living in the United States and less than 5% of them are getting any messages other than what the Establishment WANTS them to get.  This means that the MAINSTREAM MEDIA – the 6 Hollywood Studios and the 6 New York Networks – control 95% of the messages.  Given this, it’s only a matter of time before the control group of the Mainstream Media will completely indoctrinate you, your family, friends and all other Americans, into politically correct thought and speech that aligns exactly with their Agenda.


And what is their Agenda?  Their Agenda is the transnationalist consolidation of the world’s nation states into a Global Government that inappropriately uses the U.S. Military to exploit the world’s resources for the unjust enrichment of the few.  This is the Globalist Agenda promoted by the Mainstream Media.  And the one nation state that stands between the success or failure of this Agenda is the United States.  More specifically the oath keepers and the gun owners of America who have not been brainwashed by the Mainstream Media.  And helping tell the story of these brave and courageous Americans are the following Constitutional experts:


CHUCK BALDWIN, Pastor/Radio Host

EDWIN VIEIRA, JR., Constitutional Attorney/Author

JAMES JAEGER, Telly Award-winning Producer/Director

G. Edward Griffin, Author, Producer

JOHN CONES, Entertainment-Securities Attorney/Author

JOHN LONGENECKER, Oscar-winning Producer

KEN GULLEKSON, Hollywood Screenwriter

NIKOLA LONCHAR, President, Tesla Science Foundation

PAUL GIBBONS, Technical Director

RICHARD GAGE, Founder, AE9/11 Truth Movement

SAM CHEW, Hollywood TV Star

STEWART RHODES, Author/Founder, Oath Keepers


So if you want to help us help others tell their important stories, donate what you can to complete the production of MAINSTREAM by going to


To date you have been very generous and seem to intuitively understand that this production is necessary even though it’s not specifically a “gun movie” or a “Federal Reserve” movie.”  MAINSTREAM will go out on the Internet and many local TV stations across the country will broadcast it. And contrary to our log-line, some WILL actually run it in theaters.  So MAINSTREAM — to the horror of the Networks and Hollywood Studios – WILL be coming to SOME theaters near you.


And as word-of-mouth from MAINSTREAM slowly informs WE THE PEOPLE how mass media really affects society, you will see the “Trolls on the Bridge to Liberty” exposed and movies about important subjects – like MOLON LABE, MIDNIGHT RIDE and FIAT EMPIRE – eventually gain greater “platform” … even in the Mainstream Media.


But bear in mind however, our movies are usually about 3 – 5 years ahead of the times.  So think of this latest one, MAINSTREAM, as another drill along with the 7 other movies on the U.S. Constitution.  We are drilling through the wall that stands between truth and Hollywood horse-malarkey.


All 7 of the documentaries YOU have made possible are up on YouTube as free public services c/o  In spite of the Mainstream Media’s disdain for these Constitutional documentaries, millions have viewed them, and there are hundreds of millions more that will  eventually view them.  These movies are helping make America great again and YOU are helping make America great again by supporting them.


So, check out the trailers for the current production.  If you have more time, the entire narration script and excerpts of the 9 experts we have so far interviewed are also up.  Everything is at


And if you have already decided to help out, you can go directly to the donation page at and we will give you screen credits on the finished movie.  If however you work in the movie or TV business and are leery that you will be blackballed by working on a movie critical of Hollywood (and Hollywood DOES blackball people who dissent from its interests, values, biases and prejudices), you can donate anonymously.  No judgments or questions will be made or asked and I will personally make sure you receive absolute anonymity if you desire it.  The details for confidential donations are at the donate URL or you are welcome to call me.


Thank you for your help in getting MAINSTREAM completed and thank you for passing this Progress Report onto family, friends and associates.  A more perfect union is built only upon the backs of men and women that care.







Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Movies like this, and similar books and pamphlets, are avoided by many of the liberal tools because their unions and other liberal influences instruct then not to read anything written by “right-wing extremists” – and most of them obey. Ignorance is bliss in this situation, and only when the full force of the liberal system comes crashing down upon THEM will they decide maybe it might have been a good idea to read/watch them.

  2. I watched Dnesh D’Souza’s new film “Hitlery’s America” yesterday. I hope folks catch the significance of D’Souza getting busted for making too large of a campaign contribution while the Hitlery gets massive contributions (BRIBES) via the Clinton Foundation; many from foreign interests.

    Thanks for the link to the YouTube page with seven fine films. I just re-watched “Cultural Marxism” – I sent those links to a friend that still believes in MSM asking him to watch act least 15 minutes of the film above. Thanks again, Elias.

    1. For 20 years I have watched as filmmakers like Dnesh D’Souza and Michael Moore make and get wide Mainstream Media distribution for their partisan movies. The movies we make here at Matrix Productions however are centered around, not the Democratic or Republican parties, but the U.S. Constitution. It is unfortunate that our current system is thus not able to process information unless such information is formatted for one side or another of what amounts to a false political spectrum. See one of our movies, SPOILER, for more information on this subject. DVD at or screen it for free c/o

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