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Carol Bundy With Northwest Liberty News

Jim White of Northwest Liberty News has interviewed Carol Bundy at her ranch at Bunkerville, Nevada. The interview was conducted outside the family’s home and is accompanied with a serenade by all sorts of animal life, led by a rooster and chorused by songbirds.

Right off the bat, Carol sets straight the lies promoted in the mainstream media regarding the family’s history of paying grazing fees.  For the record, she notes that the Bundy family “paid grazing fees for many, many years”. Why Cliven Bundy refused to pay grazing fees to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has to do with issues now revealed by the American Lands Council. Note that Carol Bundy states that the Bundy family, in refusing to pay homage and tribute to an un-Constitutional federal agency, tried to pay grazing fees to the County but the County declined the payments. The media has consistently refused to note these facts. Hear it yourself from Mrs. Bundy, then listen to your conscience and see if there is anything you can do to help, one American to another.

Oath Keepers salutes Jim White of Northwest Liberty News for traveling down to the Bundy ranch to conduct this interview.

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The Bundy family appreciates your support. You can start here —


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  1. Lovely interview with a classy lady. Certainly illustrates how upside down our country has become. The criminals walk free and the stand up men languish in prison.

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