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CALL TO ACTION for Oath Keepers to Deliver Cards and Flowers to Local Police Across the Nation, Expressing Our Sympathy and Support

Oath Keepers members, this is a national call to action.   As the National President of this org, I call on you to personally reach out to your local peace officers (sheriff’s office and/or police department) in whatever state you reside in, to express our condolences and our support in the wake of the horrid mass shooting of police officers in Dallas, Texas last night.   Please take the time to personally deliver a card and some flowers, letting them know that they are in our prayers as we grieve with them and that we have their backs and stand ready, willing, and able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them against such evil terrorism.

If for any reason you truly cannot afford the flowers, please contact us here at national using our contact form, and we will help you get it done (so long as funds allow).   Time is of the essence, so please act today.

Here is some suggested text to use, but feel free to adapt and make it your own:

To our brothers and sisters of the XYZ Police Department/County Sheriff’s Department:


As an organization comprised of a significant number of currently serving and former police officers, along with current and retired military, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders, we stand by you and appreciate everything you do to keep our communities and families safe. We understand the dangers you face in these difficult times.  Please know that as many of us are your current and former co-workers, we too feel the loss from the senseless shooting of police officers in Dallas, TX.  If there is anything we can do to help you, just ask.  As men and women with extensive training and experience, who have sworn the same oath you did, we are more than willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you, or watch your six, anytime, anywhere, against any threat.




John Doe

XYZ Town/County Oath Keepers

As I said, feel free to take that and make it your own.  Please see the below examples of cards and flowers already delivered by our Dallas leader, Michele Imburgia, and also by Maryland Oath Keeper Life Member, “Navy Jack.”  I recommend that, along with the card and flowers, you provide your local police with your contact information (including HAM radio, if you have it) so that if they ever do need your assistance, they know how to reach you fast.  This is all the more important if you are a chapter leader.

It is vitally important that we Oath Keepers lead the way in reaching out to our local police and our community, to help them tear down the intentionally created walls of separation between the people and the police, so we can all stand united against terrorism and in support of the Constitution we all swore an oath to defend.  This nation is now under a relentless Fourth Generation Warfare assault, intent on dividing and conquering us along racial lines, class lines, and by pitting the police against the people, and the people against the police, and all in the name of causing chaos and fear to justify the final destruction of our Constitution.  Please see my comments here.

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.” – Thomas Paine


I also call on your to physically step up, in your community, and stand united with your local police and your brother veterans to stand vigilant in mutual defense and defense of your community against any acts of terrorism, by any foe, be they hate filled racist cop killers or hate filled Islamic terrorists.   As an association of both current serving and veteran police, military, firefighters, EMTs, SAR, and other first responders with extensive training and experience, we have a unique capability to help, and thus also an extra duty to do so.

On many occasions across the nation, Oath Keepers have already successfully acted as “force multipliers” for local police against violent criminals and potential terrorists.   That is something we must now do in every community in a systematic, well coordinated fashion, to directly back up and protect our peace officers, and help them to protect our community.   it is time for us to step up, as the Founders intended, and do what is “necessary for the security of a free state.”

For the Republic,

Stewart Rhodes


Oath Keepers Dallas Texas leader, Michele Imburgia (who is also on our national BOD) personally delivered the following message in a card, along with flowers, to Dallas Area Rapid Transit authority (DART) officers today,  and is also delivering a similar card with flowers to the Dallas PD:

Card to DART

Here is the text of the handwritten expression of our condolences:

To our brothers and sisters of the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit authority:

As an organization comprised of a significant number of currently serving and former police officers, along with current and retired military, firefighters, EMTs, and other first responders, we extend our sincerest condolences to the families, friends and coworkers of those officers killed and injured in the senseless shooting last evening. We stand by you and appreciate everything you do to keep our communities and families safe. Please know that as many of us are your current and former co-workers, we too feel your loss. God speed and God Bless the men and women of the Dallas PD and DART.   If there is anything we can do in your time of need, just ask.  We are more than willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you, or watch your six, anytime, anywhere, against any threat.

Deepest sympathy,

Stewart Rhodes (U.S. Army Airborne vet)

Founder and National President of Oath Keepers

Jay Stang, (USMC veteran) Texas Oath Keepers President

John Shirley (Houston PD, retired) Oath Keepers National Peace Officer Liaison


Here is a photo of the flowers Michele delivered to DART officers:

ok flowers to DART

Thank you, Michele for doing that.  It is greatly appreciated.  And let us know if there is anything  we can do to help the police and the people of Dallas in this trying time. – Stewart



The following image are of the flowers delivered to the Maryland State Police this morning. I delivered them with a handwritten note on the back of the card below, thanking them for their service and keeping our community safe. I referenced the tragedy in Dallas as the reason we wanted to express our appreciation.  The original images are attached. The gesture was extremely well received by the Maryland State Police Watch Captain and the flowers with the card are on display in their main lobby. I have flowers/cards still to deliver to the Baltimore City Police, the Baltimore County Sheriff and the Anne Arundel County Sheriff.



Jack delivers flowers 1

Jack delivers flowers 2


(God bless you Jack!  Thanks for doing that – Stewart)



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. The governments of our continent, all 51 of them, are illegal. The laws are illegal because they are written by criminals. Enforcing illegal law is a crime.

    When are the people of this world going to stand up, stop fantasizing about who they are going to vote for and end the militarized police state?

    They traumatized this woman and then treated her like a criminal while they treated the murderer like a victim.

    This crime was not perpetrated by a lone badge wearer.

    It’s not just one bad cop, it is all of them. Wake up and end your consent to the illegal government which is forcing tyranny upon you in the name of freedom.

    [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] the cops. If they are not going to recognize that they are criminals and if they are not going to recognize that they needed to clean house a long time ago and if they are not going to recognize that they should not be accepting the gifts of tyranny from the illegal entity residing in Washington D. C. in the shape of a weekly pay check and a pension; [Six words deleted by editor].

    [Editor’s Note: There are good people and there are people who are not good. Every race, every profession, every gender, every religious belief-system, every social class, every educational class, every economic/financial class — has its share of people who are not good people. That includes law enforcement. My point is, and I’d like to invite you to consider this wisely please, we should not paint any class of people with a broad brush such as you are brushing all police. Let’s look at the individual himself, and discern based on that individual’s actions whether he be “good” or “bad”. That will help us overcome the great divisiveness which the powers that be are using to keep us at each others’ throats instead of cleaning house at the top of the power pyramid where the evil is being generated. Thanks.]

    1. I find myself really torn in regards to this. How many police will ignore what is right and do what they know is wrong if they are ordered to? My thought is most of them. Why do the police have bombs? Why do they have military equipment? I have seen too many citizens lose their lives standing up against tyranny , I have seen and so have all oath keepers, law enforcement threaten and abuse citizens who were peacefully standing for freedom. I am angered that police have become targets and yet I am also angered that police will be the first , are the first to step up and oppress the people when they know what they are doing is wrong. If this illegal gov orders them to arrest people for any reason or kill them for any reason , the police will do it. If this illegal gov orders them to confiscate our weapons, the police will attempt to do it. I am actually struggling with myself on this, I am struggling because they are on the wrong side of justice.

      1. One of the purposes of this org is to influence the behavior of the police for the better (and improve their understanding of the Constitution and of their responsibility under their oaths to that Constitution). If you want to influence their behavior for the better, you can’t do that if you refuse to express some good will and condolences when they are shot and killed. And you don’t get a chance to influence their behavior if you just write them all off as the enemy.

        And guess how they will see you, if you do that? They will say, “OK, so you are declaring me your enemy. That makes you my enemy. So, the SPLC is right, I guess, and you right wingers are a threat to police.”

        Not a good strategy for winning hearts and minds.

        What IS a good strategy is to show some humanity, and a willingness to stand with them, and bleed with them, against our common enemies the terrorists on the radical left, and the Islamist terrorists, who all hate both the cops and us.

        And while being willing to stand with the police against terrorists, also let it be known that you will also call the police out when they do wrong too.

        Carrot and stick. Support them when they do right, and against evil, and oppose them when they do wrong.

        That sends the message that so long as they are on the right side of the Constitution they will have our support, and then some. But if they are on the wrong side, they will be opposed by us.

        But to do that, you have to be willing to give them the benefit of a doubt, and a chance to change for the better, and you cannot lump them all into one bucket, and declare them all bad.

        Hearts and minds.

        Right now, the Obama Admin, and the Marxist left, has given us a gift. They have made it clear they hate the police and they want them dead (or taken over by the Feds). So, the police can see clearly who their enemy is.

        Now, if we step up as the friend of the local cops against those Marxist terrorists, who will they listen to from now on, the Obama Admin and their cohorts in the SPLC, or us?

        I choose us. But to do that, you have to be willing to reach out to your local cops, show some goodwill, and show them the way.

        You know, RTI (Reach, Teach and Inspire). Remember that?


    2. As to the “painting with a broad brush” concern, there is one exception to the prohibition: paint only the broad brush painters with said “broad brush.” Likewise, closed minds should remain closed mouths.
      Rather than blame our reluctance to call things as we see them on “political correctness. we should just admit that taking out the contrast between good and evil has led to this state of humanism that is destroying our morals and our nation States. Critical minds should always use critical reasoning.
      That’s what is so pleasing about the articles presented here. Reasoned thought. Cannot beat it with a stick. Thanks.

      1. The use of a broad brush approach is two fold. A group like black lives matter appears bad and evil. Most might be, we don’t really know since they take advantage of ignorance to garner support. Same with our knowledge of peace officers. There is no way to know how many are on what side of the fence with their oath. The white house occupier has a 51% approval rating, up from earlier this year. That is a bad sign. A bad sign that there is mostly ignorance. Thus, I could with a broad brush, say all Americans are bad. Regardless, all groups, all belief systems, have bad apples. Some groups are predominantly evil, while others are predominantly good. All depends on your point of view. It’s your choice who you associate with.

        The problem we face is our state of mind when suddenly a law enforcement vehicle is following you down the road. Is this a good guy or a bad guy in your rear view mirror? It only takes one encounter with a bad guy to ruin your day; like a bad meal at a otherwise nice restaurant.

  2. How do I join up in Northeast Florida (Jacksonville) ?
    I’m not a conspiracy nut but I read the writings on the wall.
    I served in the Army back in the 80’s but believe our Constitution is under attack.

  3. Did not have time to get a nice card but was honored to take some pizzas to the local police station just as a token of appreciation. An hour later I received an unexpected call from one of the officers saying how much such gestures meant, that they lifted the morale and made them feel appreciated. I think we should do this form time to time even without waiting for something to happen. The cops in my city are good guys and they do sometimes feel pretty much alone with so much anti-cop sentiment getting all the headlines. So please, from time to time, take a pizza, a fruit basket, cookies, whatever, just to let them know that the Oath Keepers are their friends and supporters. It can only help to further strengthen ties with the law enforcement community, police, sheriffs and so on.

      1. I live in Long Beach, New York, and we have our own police department. I went to the local Italian restaurant/pizza place and ordered pizzas to be delivered to our police department. I stopped by the precinct and told them to expect the pizzas. They were very thankful.
        I try to remember our police throughout the year. Every so often, I go to Costco and get a bunch of items and drop them off. They are always appreciative.
        This year and last year, during National Police Week, I have hosted a vigil outside the precinct. Some of the local politicians are invited (and they come), their chaplain came and led us in a prayer and I was able to get a citation from the County Executive for the police department. All in all, it takes about 30 minutes. We start off with a prayer, salute to the flag and I read the names of the police officers killed in the line of duty over the past year and we have a moment of silence. The local newspaper came and published some pictures. It is a small gathering but larger than last year. It is just to say thanks for a job that not many appreciate they do. I have water and pastries and some chips.
        To those who have no regard for our police, I say – what would it be like without them??? We are on the verge of anarchy and maybe we are there already.
        God bless the USA and may God bless us and keep us all safe.

    1. Good point… ie) my wife and I dropped off a large cake that was left over from a fund raiser a couple months ago… it’s the little things… a local pastor has an annual “Blessing of the Officers” Sunday mass inviting all in the community through the local newspaper and Town Council advertising… a couple officers talk in place of the pastor, all from all our various congregations are invited to come and pray together (ie. our family is Catholic), and all get together and chat afterwards with all the officers including the Captain, Chief, etc… getting to know your local police, council, school board, etc isn’t all that hard as most want to get to know those in their community and many meetings are open to the public… just dropping by the police station, fire station, etc is most often most welcomed

  4. Consider it done. We had an officer shot in the face two years ago, his first baby on the way, and his life was ended by some crazy loon that ended up burning down his own house with him inside. This is a quiet community, but this shocked us and left us with our sense of peace taken away. God Bless these dedicated Peacekeepers, without them, we would be living in a violent world. We will gladly let them know they are appreciated.

  5. “Call to action for Oath Keepers… MANAGEMENT ”
    This would be a great time for Oath Keepers to step up some sort of drive for new members from law enforcement.

    I heard Alex Jones today. He was mad about this new “war on cops” and I thought it would be a good time for him to have another interview with Stewart Rhodes. Soon.

    I hope “someone” reads this….

    1. The very best recruitment drive we can do is to show our sympathy and solidarity right now. Deeds, not words.

      And then let them know you really do have their back, in a very physical way, if needed, and let them know how to reach you. Again, deeds, not words.

      Just like our stand in defense of recruiting stations across the nation after that terrorist attack on military recruiters in TN. That was the single best recruiting effort we ever had, and more importantly, the best PR in our local community.

      Deeds, not words.


  6. An excellent idea. I, for one, will do this in my town. I hope many others do the same.
    God bless America.

    1. God bless America? Really? Are you in the habit of mocking God? You really think, when looking around you, in the open, in the nooks and crannies, that God has any intention of blessing America? Anywhere? From top to bottom? From government to its enforcers to serf?

      And just wait until all these cops – government agents – bless you when the Strong Cities Initiative is fully implemented. But hey… it’s a paycheck!

  7. We took over a card and gift cards to Dunkin Donuts for the Norwalk, CT Police Dept. I heard on our local station that people were dropping off donuts and thought they might have too many at one time. We also added Stewart’s name to the card. God bless them all and keep them safe.

  8. We have took flowers and support letters to the local police departments in the central Illinois area, city police and county sheriffs and have been passing out waters and a thank you letter to individual officers on the streets, they are all very appreciative god bless America and our police officers

  9. Seriously? And will you be handing out cards of sympathy for the Americans , black, white, brown, rainbow, who have been unjustly harassed, beaten, jailed, killed by the color of law?

    And the fun is only just beginning. Think cops are going to quit in droves?

    There are now more bureaucrats with guns than U.S. Marines

    Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

    KrisAnne Hall – US Attorney General, US Cities, Join UN to Create Global Police Force Intiative

    Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Announces the Launch of the Strong Cities Network at the United Nations General Assembly – Remarks as prepared for delivery

    What about this guy? Did you send him a card of sympathy?

    1. Curtis, you clearly miss the point of this org. See my above response to Mindy. We aim to shape the behavior of the police for the better. If you don’t want to help with that, and just want to condemn them then there’s the door. Have a nice life.

      I prefer to do what I can to influence their behavior, and to turn the regime’s “muscle” against it. The power elites want you to abandon the cops and to see them as your enemy. And they want the cops to see you as the cop’s enemy too. Divide and conquer.

      I prefer to open the cops eyes to the fact that the power elites, and the sell out politicians like Obama, are the enemy of the police as much as the enemy of us patriots.


  10. You people are psycotic, you are the same group that wanted to shoot it out by preventing law enforcement including Las vegas metro by interfering with them doing their job following legal court orders. Nuts you are

    1. And you are a simpleton. We oppose them when they do wrong, but support them when they do right. And we oppose terrorism like we saw in Dallas.

      The left is psychotic. They love to use the police against us whenever they can, but then they make excuses and even cheer the cop killers so long as they are leftist, racist cop killers.


  11. I’ve had a talk with an officer recently. He told me the job is much different than it used to be. Police were once looked up to. They used to be someone that you ran to for help. Now they are looked at as the enemy. People are afraid to interact with the police. Officers used to be respected. Long gone are the days that residents in the town would insist on paying for an officers meal or coffee. Why has the police officer been disregarded as a friend? I suggest that we bring back the old time values that include respecting and appreciating our officers and all of our neighbors. Show your appreciation every day, not just during times of disaster like we saw in Dallas. I stand by my local and state police every day of the year.

    1. You know I am a big supporter of the OK’s since the very beginning and I always have cards to hand out to police when I meet them on their lunch break or whatever. I used to take every opportunity to do that but I no longer do so because of my last encounter with a local cop. I believe it was the chief of police here in Azusa, CA who pulled up next to me to park and get some food. I saw him pull up so I grabbed a handful of cards and was all set to start a conversation with him as I got out of my car. I took one look at him glaring at me like I was some kind of filthy vermin he wanted to kill and I stopped, put the cards back in my car, and didn’t say a word to him. The attitude coming off that guy and the pure malevolence inside him was just dripping off of him. I actually felt it would have been a risk to my own safety to even say hello to the guy. I decided in that short moment to stop approaching cops altogether. Too many times I have had that miserable, antagonistic, condescending, bullying, attitude, directed at me from cops. My encounters with them have been about 95% negative and some close to dangerously bad and I do not want to be anywhere near them any more to be honest with you. I do not want to be the next Eric Garner or Kelly Thomas. I think that the vast majority of cops would bash my brains in if they were given an order to do so. Yes there are a few I have met that are Oathkeepers who are excellent people and very friendly to me BUT and this is a very big but. The system cops work for today is completely rotten to the very core and is literally squeezing the life out of all of us. Sorry to say this but cops who work for that system participate on a daily basis in squeezing us to death. They do it in a variety of ways, traffic tickets which are almost entirely bullshit excuses to steal money from people who can ill afford it, are one of the many ways. Another way they squeeze us is by enforcing a myriad of evil pseudo laws that basically impose rules on all of us regular people that cost us immeasurable amounts of time and money while actually benefiting the power structure. I could list many abusive pseudo laws here but it isn’t necessary you all know what I am talking about.

      So I guess what I am saying is that for me the Rubicon has been crossed already and I have to agree with Mark Passio and what he says in this video: Mark Passio – The Cult Of Ultimate Evil – Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

      They passed a pseudo law recently in California which says all children must be vaccinated. Now if a person who has children refuses to allow it what do you all think is going to happen then? I will tell you. The police and child services are going to get involved and attempt to force the parent to inject mercury and toxic adjuvants into their child under threat of taking the children away.

      Now at that point I have a choice to make. I either stand by and watch as people’s children are taken away or I make a stand with them. The cops will be the ones shooting me if I choose the latter. So for me my line has been crossed and the cops unfortunately are on the other side of that line now. I wish the OK’s good luck in their mission but watching LaVoy Finicum get murdered by law enforcement and watching people be imprisoned without triel for 7 months+ now by the system is too much for me. I no longer am willing to reach out to this system only to have my hand slapped.

  12. Flowers, coffee and muffins delivered to Danville NH PD yesterday. We have a great small town department here. Called the chief about a scam on my computer last year. He showed up in person and took care of it. Delivered coffee and a home made apple pie to the PD the next day. Very nice and helpful folks on our department. I would do anything to help them out.

  13. Our local, county and state police forces, 99 9/10% of which are good men and women just like us, only want to keep themselves and our citizens and societies safe under law….sure you’re going to have a bad apple every now and then, just like in all aspects of society (same for the radical commenter or two on this forum)….we’re Oathkeepers people, OATHKEEPERS! Our police forces are that last thin blue stronghold between a somewhat civilized society and total anarchy. They do the jobs in guarding the republic that we don’t want to do or don’t have the time to do or don’t want to accept the low pay to do, and they do it (for the most part) out of love and devotion to this once-great country, so that we (and they) can go home at night and be with their families and rest secured in knowing that things are safe…

    I for one found out that 6 of our local South Arkansas county and city police were going to attend, AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE, the memorial today in Dallas for the slain officers, and I made up my mind to help with expenses for their trip. I went to the local PD and waited for last night’s shift briefing to conclude and met with the shift commander and delivered a couple of hundred dollars of my own money (and may I say, some of the best money I’ve ever spent) to the hands of the shift commander to help with their trip expenses…..a selfless act that also aids in breeding solidarity with them and that I/we understand their pain and fear in dealing with a chaotic society. They felt the need to be with and support their fallen brothers in Dallas today and felt I needed to do what I could to ease the logistics of making that happen.

    Wake up Oathkeepers! They took the same oath we took and they uphold that oath daily and they need our support daily! Just knowing that we hurt with them and will stand shoulder to shoulder with them helps to reinforce continuing peaceful public relations. We need to let them know we continually have their back.

    There are many ways each of us as Oathkeepers can help our local thin blue line to stay focused on performing their dangerous and uncertain jobs….cards, flowers, monetary donations, food, mowing their yards, helping out in other areas… name it. And our help doesn’t have to be demonstrated in public…consider doing charitable things for our local heroes anonymously…after all, we don’t help out for the glory, but because we have the means and it needs to be done….just do something!


    1. I think what is needed right now is a very public stand and statement that we are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, to protect them, the community, and also their family if the cop’s family is targeted by anyone. I encourage you all to do that, right now.

      An get busy coordinating with them on how you and other veterans and gun owners, can serve as serious backup for the police to keep the peace against social unrest or in defense against terrorism, whether it is a racist terrorists like the one in Dallas, or Jihadist terrorists like in San Bernardino or Orlando. Be willing to stand in a very physical way.


  14. I would love to plan and build designated emergency safty preparedness sites. That if anyone. Needed food, water, blankets, even an area where cots or mats could offer area to sleep. I am willing to serve however, I don’t have a job right now would need suggestions on how to pay for everything that is needed. How could we get the buildings donated by banks that have to be sold.and have been empty for years?

  15. Flowers? This is how you honor your oath, with flowers?
    The Constitution is on it’s last leg and you’re sending flowers.
    A big heart is how you lose your country, not secure it.

  16. One size does not fit all. And they will be known by their fruits..

    There are “cops,” and the various flavors of sociopaths and thugs that serve the alphabet soup gangs of government. And then there are the actual peace officers. Sometimes it is very difficult to tell them apart until after the fact. A real problem.

    Another problem is that police/military/and assorted other “officers” of government have zero obligation to actually “protect” any individual, perhaps except in the rare case of a contract situation. Mostly they protect the government and its minions.

    They almost universally “enforce” the bogus prohibition “laws,” usually with vigor. The revenue enhancement activities of almost every police job has already been mentioned.

    So, I’d amend the encouragement and support idea considerably. If you identify real peace officers, not engaged in aggression or revenue schemes for city hall… support them. Get to know them and, if possible, their families and friends. Keep them integrated into the community however you can. Encourage them to consider the relationship between non-aggression and the support of their community.

    That’s what I do. I have a very good relationship with the sheriff and his deputies here. They know I support them with words, deeds and even guns if needed.

    I have no time or sympathy for any of the rest of them.

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