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Ailing but Indomitable Vanderboegh Leads Colorado Independence Day Act of Defiance

Magazine signed by Mike Vanderboegh and sent to Colorado for continuing the Independence Day tradition of defiance against tyrannical edicts.

“[A]s you know, Mike[Vanderboegh] sent us a box of 30 rounders for our Independence Day March and Rally,” George Gramlich of The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel wrote to both me and Mike’s son Matthew.  The announcement of that march was the subject of an Oath Keepers column last month.

“I wrote the attached story for Mike and his loyal followers,” Gramlich explained. “Please feel free to edit, or use it for your own story about his last act of civil disobedience here in Colorado.”

“Colorado Oath Keepers marched with us,” Gramlich added. “Good contingent headed by Colorado OK head, Joe Santoro.”

I can’t improve on George’s account, so I’m not even going to try.  Here is his story:


A III%’ers Last Hurrah

by George Gramlich, The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel

Westcliffe, Colorado: On a beautiful 2016 Independence Day is southern Colorado, the final public act of civil disobedience by the founder of the III% movement, Mike Vanderboegh of Alabama, took place in front of hundreds of armed patriots. But Mike was not there.

Four years ago, members of the Southern Colorado Patriots Club (SCPC) decided to turn their section of the annual Westcliffe, CO. Independence Day Parade (sponsored by The Sangre de Cristo Sentinel newspaper and The Wild West Cowboy Church) into an armed protest against the unconstitutional anti-2nd Amendment laws passed by the democrat controlled Colorado legislature and signed by the leftist governor, Hickenlooper.

After a huge fight with the liberals in town, who, when it was discovered that the SCPC was going to carry long guns in their section, wanted to stop it, liberty prevailed after a mass public meeting that was right out of a Clint Eastwood western movie (hint: there were, gasp, many guns in the room). The word then got out in the West that something big was going to happen that July 4th in tiny Westcliffe (population around 400, on a good day). And big it was.

Normally the SCPC entry would have about 25 marchers or so. We knew we were going to get more, but how many, nobody knew. The parade started at 10 a.m. By 8:30 a.m. there was a huge traffic jam down the “Main” Street leading to the SCPC’s rally point. And this is in an town with NO traffic lights and in the middle of almost literally, nowhere.

Hundreds and hundreds of patriots from all over the west (and a couple from Alaska) poured into the SCPC staging section, armed to the teeth with everything from AR15’s, muskets, , pistols, shotguns, army trucks, jeeps, and even an armored personnel carrier topped with a full auto 50 cal. machine gun (“Ma Deuce”). (Hey, you never know.) The final count was over 500 participants. It was far bigger than ALL the other entries in the parade.

When the SCPC hit the pavement it stretched almost a mile long! Normally about six or seven hundred spectators showed up for the 30 minute parade. This year, around 5000 people arrived lining the streets often 5 or 6 deep. The crowd’s reception to the patriots marching was simply overwhelming. Many wept on the side as multitudes of old Glory and Gadsden flags passed by carried by well armed American citizens. It is a day we will never forget.

Two years later we emailed Mike Vanderboegh, founder of the III% movement and author of one of the foremost patriot blog sites in the country, Sipsey Street Irregulars, and asked him if he wanted to come out from his home in Alabama and march with us in the Independence Day Parade and give a speech at the rally at the end. Without hesitation, Mike said yes.

Mike stayed with us for two days. Marched with us. And gave a truly stirring speech at the end of the march inspiring many to become more active in the movement. To say we fell in love with this man is an understatement.

The next year we invited Mike to come to our Patriot’s Day Celebration in neighboring Canon City, CO. to give a speech. (Stewart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers was also invited and showed up.) Mike had a surprise for us. Sick with cancer, he drove solo from Alabama all the way to Canon City bringing a mysterious box with him.

At the end of his speech, Mike reached down and opened the box and explained to the crowd that the box contained a whole bunch of standard capacity, 30 round AR magazines that were now banned for sale or transfer in Colorado and that he, Mike Vanderboegh, had smuggled them into Colorado. Mike, the “Alabama Smuggler” was exposed.

He flipped over the box and the magazines fell to the ground in front of him, just off the stage. Dozens of patriots rushed to the spot and grabbed a souvenir magazine. Even a prominent local law enforcement official grabbed one! It was civil disobedience at its best. Mike got a standing ovation.

Forward to this year, May, 2016. Mike called us up and said he had a problem. He had a whole box of 30 rounders that were donated to him and he had wanted to go to, of all places, New York State, and repeat the smuggle and dump civil disobedience meme at a rally there. But he was too sick with cancer and couldn’t do it. He said, “Do you guys have any ideas?” You bet we did.

A few weeks later a box from Alabama mysteriously arrives in Westcliffe, CO. In it were dozens of signed 30 rounders with the wording, “MBV III. Smuggler Prod. Co.” A beautiful sight it was.

So on Independence Day, July 4th, 2016, in Westcliffe, Co., Mike Vanderboegh, thru his box of magazines, spoke to us one last time. With hundreds of patriots gathered around just before we began our march, the crowd was told the story of how the mags got there, Mike’s cancer status, and a little history of his efforts here in Colorado. And with that done, the box was opened, and the contents poured on the ground.

A cheer went up and the crowd descended on the “Smuggler Prod. Co.’s” box contents with many holding the grabbed mag up in the air with the righteous smile on their faces of true, Mike V. style, civil disobedience. I can see Mike smiling in his bed. We will remember this moment forever.

Thank you Mike. You have honored us again with your dedication and perseverance in pursuing a restoration of a free America. Even from your death bed.

We will walk with you again, Mike.

And we WILL prevail.

God Bless you, Sir.

And God Bless our Beloved America.



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.


  1. The British Army in Ireland got prety good in finding buried “contraband” and published many a military manual on how to do it..they got to the point where they knew where something would be buried before it was buried. However….only 1/4 total of the contraband was ever dug up. Remember this if we ever get to the “burial” point.

    1. Same here, I was like: Who’s chopping them damned onions!
      All the best.
      Aut pax aut bellum..

  2. With all due respect to Mike. This is has nothing to do with him. Rather the thought that little things like this people seem to think are huge victories. I’ll tell you who just had a huge victory and another laugh at our expenses. Was the tyrants and future president clinton… when oh when will the Patriots of this country grow some real balls and stand and fight. What are you afraid of. Or rather our children should have to fight this fight cause their parents are to afraid. Seriously I thought we were better than this. No wonder why the Bundy family and every 3 percenter in jail feels abandoned ….ur homes careers and lazy arse TV shows are more important than really being free. Go ahead and continue to think a little act of disobedience us a huge victory. Mean while we will continue to lose everything including the day they come to ur door for ur family. This is a joke and I’m beginning to think so is the so called Patriot community.. sincerely a Patriot that doesn’t want his kids to fight rather it’s my fight.. grow some balls and courage. I never thought I’d say this but I am beginning to respect the tyrants more than the ones only willing to complain not fight for our childrens future. I would also bet good money this comment will not be posted.. but it’s another sign of the times of cowardly actions. I’m sorry Mrs. BUNDY & Mrs. FINICUM that our Patriots have abandoned ur families….

    1. When Oh When are “U” going to set the Rambo example, instead of just shooting off “UR” big mouth, big boy? Be our guest. Mike isn’t that stupid, and he’s just a little tied up dying of cancer. So why aren’t YOU in the news today instead of leading from behind like a Tiger Talking Chatroom Commando, trying to get OTHERS to sacrifice themselves to do the mindless wet work you claim to want to do?

      Whether you know it or not, YOU are effectively an enemy of the Republic.

      Worst case, tiger talkers like you are agents provocateur trying to trick semi-hinged, low-IQ fools into making contact or going to meetings to plan some idiotic act of violence so you can arrest them or even let them go through with it to make patriots and gun owners look like psychos.

      Best case, numbnuts like you are useful idiots, demoralizers and self-serving hypocrites, encouraging other [Two words deleted by Elias Alias, editor] chatroom commandos with convenient, far-fetched excuses for never lifting a finger or donating a dollar to try to save the Republic peacefully, never donating or volunteering for good campaigns to oust America-Last prostitutes and traitors from office and replace them with loyal Americans. You always have excuses for making no personal sacrifice, for grossly neglecting your moral duty to use the political process so many Americans sacrificed, fought or died for. So much more convenient to tiger talk about how someone (else) should start shooting or whatever. It means you don’t ever have to do anything except stroke “urself” in public.

      [Editor’s Note: There are limits to what I’ll allow to be posted here. Call it censorship or whatever you want to call it, but as long as I’m senior editor here the two words I’ve deleted above will not be allowed on this site. There are some others which are not allowed here, and when I see them I delete them. My message to you and everyone else reading here is that I expect people commenting here to 1) avoid starting or engaging in personal attacks and/or “flame wars”, and 2) show respect for the general reading public reading here, which includes nice American women. I require maturity, dignity, and a recognition that many women read here. Keep it clean, keep it cool, and you’ll have no “censorship” from me. Thank you.]

      1. So ur aware keyboard commando.. I was at the bundy ranch ..I was at sugar pine and other places so b4 u wanna run ur mouth bigot let’s get facts straight. Also if ur parents taught u to read . What was the very 1st sentence. No disrespect to Mike.. go ahead keep making excuses for why WE can’t stand up and fight all the way up until ur on ur death bed telling ur kids sorry u have to fight a fight I should of fought. There seems to always be an excuse . At least hillary Clinton and the rest of those scum bags have NO EXCUSES. And she has bigger balls than alot of patriots. And I don’t like the broad…

      2. Okay, guys. You and Carlos need to cool your jets. Talk about the subject, not about your assessments of and suspicions about each other. Thank you both for keeping the conversation on a higher plane. I appreciate it.

        Elias Alias, editor

      3. I forgot to say “no offense” or “with all due respect to you” before posting. My bad.

      4. I think what you’re looking for is “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” – Thomas Paine
        However, as my grandfather, who was in the Fighting 69th, told his nephews and grandsons as they went off to serve, “War is a horrible, horrible thing. It is not what you think it is”.
        We don’t want a fight, but rather we want “to execute the Laws of the Union” as the Constitution places firmly in the hands of the People, well regulated, or in more detail, trained to arms, first aide, fire prevention, rescue, and a host of other skills. This is the Militia as I know it, and have studied it over the years, and perhaps the only means left to us to prevent a real knock-down, dragged out fight.
        Maybe some of us can convince groups such as the NRA, GOA, and other 2nd amendment groups ban together in the cause of revitalizing the Militia, we may stem the tide. Remember, there are 27 words in the 2nd amendment, not just 14.

      5. Bravo Nick! You said it well.

        So many do not understand that before we can enforce we all must know the US Constitution and our state Constitution, train as the constitution requires us to train, and then use our laws by charging them with their crimes before/with arrest. That way of that lawful arrest will be up to them, not us.

        They get their day in court BECAUSE we keep our Oaths and stand for our legitimate government.

        God Bless and Stay Safe Everyone

        If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths?

        Chief Tecumseh: “When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.”

    2. Brother Why oh Why,,,, is anyone looking at the horizon currently — is perhaps a better question….. Is this Hillary dog and pony show a distraction. Has anyone noticed what is going on in Ukraine? A huge military build up of Ukrainian forces in Donbass on 7/6/2016. Why? Polands borders are closed and searched going in and out. Huge NATO troops building up all around Russia. Russia reports they fear a 9/11 type attack on The United States Embassy in Kiev. Russia says they think they will get blamed for it by the United States. You wont find any of this on The American censored news agencies. We all know that Obama runs NATO… Why is Obama pushing for all out war with Russia??? I think we all know why??? Prepare for the worst and hope for the best…. I found this info in TSS overseas and russian news outlets… Google it… We are being distracted folks.

  3. I am so grateful to all of the brave souls who step forward to protect our liberty and fight tyranny, despite the unbelievable persecution by our government. An innovative government which was created to protect our liberty, but has devolved into a nightmare.

  4. I think it is first the job of the patriots in uniform to come forward and call out the traitors in government.
    Like here in Oregon where the Sheriff’s all over the state said ”NO WE WILL NOT COMPLY”
    We will not enforce unconstitutional gun laws here in most of the county’s. They need to lead the charge along side us the citizens militia’s. They need to be the ones to set an example to the common folk’s of this land that the government shall not infringe damn it! Liberty or death…

  5. Carlos perdue….let me explain not that I should have to cause u will just continue to say I’m an FBI informant a keyboard commando etc etc. I was at Bundy ranch as well as Oregon both times.. so before u want to talk ur shizrr let’s meet up brother.. it’s funny how you can’t seem to read very well either the first sentence was no disrespect to Mike. My comment has nothing to do with miKelly. But would you want to pay him back for all he has done by showing him b4 he dies we will stand …. of course not cause so many people make excuses favorite we have to wait for the right time. REALLY last time I checked is there a right time for war???? Ok.. also how many folks said let them fire the first shot.. last time I checked they did that to.. oh right I forgot you guys don’t like how Ammon and Lavoy handled things… that’s why no one wanted to stand up this time. Lesson learned SON the FEDS / tyrants will ALWAYS ALWAYS stick together even if the hate one another so that they advance their agenda. A lesson some Patriots should learn… oh but I’m just a guy inciting fools to pop off. Bro grow some balls . Go look in the mirror ask ur self are YOU really willing to lose all you have including ur nice little truck ur nice little house and the oath keepers sticker on the back of ur truck. So your kids can live free.. now let a real man answer that question… I’ve took that look in the mirror. I’ve swore my oath. I’ve been there when the call went out on more than 1 occasion. And yes even though ur a shite talker I would die for ur kids to be free.. so when ur man enough to face that contact me. Then you can talk your stuff to my face over a beer. Love ya BROTHER.. do some real soul searching the Bundy family has and as much as some patriots hate blaine cooper and Pete santelli.. they put their money where their mouth is …HAVE YOU… ya still

    1. Brother Why oh Why,,, I appreciate your enthusiasm. It is not time yet and that is the truth. Is it getting close? Looks like it may be. Did they intentionaly shoot a round over the bow of liberty on 7/5/2016? Dang right they did. Are patriots getting anxious and upset? Definitly. The american revolution did not start until a slew of tyrannical atrocities took place. Watch the movie the patriot with Mel Gibson. It is fiction but it does show as to what levels of atrocity I speak of. We are not there yet. What we need to do is make ourselves seen and appreciated by the ordinary folk. We need the folk to come to us because they know we stand for goodness and liberty. It is in this manner that we will win and overcome. Anyone can storm the castle and declare we whooped ya,,,, so neaner neaner to you but then get buried shortly thereafter. That is not going to do any good for anyone. So have patience. Prepare, network and train for the worst but hope and pray for the best. Keep the Oath. Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum!

  6. After a day of lawlessness right in our faces , I came to this site to see if our “Constitutional Patriots”, Were respomding to Sarah Palin’s call for Americans to “Rise Up”. I found out your all a bunch of talkers not Oathkeepers. You are cowards too scared to rise up and follow the example of our founders. I will.never donate another cent to Oathkeepers. You are just another shameful, all talk, no action group of phoneys and cowards. To hell with you. OATHBREAKERS!

    1. You may not be as fully informed as you presume to be. That’s all I’ll say. Thank you for visiting our site.
      Elias Alias, editor

      1. While the last comment was a bit angry and emotional, I appreciate the righteous anger. I too am wondering if I will see the patriots of this country reboot 1776. Seems time is running out and I don’t see many stories about groups organizing an effective counter offensive in the face of this arrogant tyranny. If this were the US of the past, a well armed militia or US military would restore constitutional order to this mess. I myself came to this website to see if there was a Clinton story or anything pertaining to this travesty and oath breaking on the part of our highest levels of law enforcement and government. Tell me Mr. Alias, what information can you supply that would inform us fully on this most critical and urgent matter?

      2. I can appreciate the righteous anger also. But I can tell you this. Only a fool or a provocateur would want to talk about plans to render justice to the oath breaking idiots presently running this country. Ever hear of the NSA? Ever hear of the FBI? Ever hear of fedgov’s “lists”? Do you know of any way to communicate within the people that is not overheard, monitored, traced, and listed by our deary beloved government? How stupid do you think patriots really are?
        The die is soon to be cast. While there is time, what better way to exercise one’s patriotism than to educate one’s good neighbor, who is presently in a somnambulistic state of sleep-walking denial? Every American who awakens to the reality of the globalists’ plan to destroy the fabric which over a century and a half wove the patterns of family and community traditions which thwart the globalists’ plan is one less “useful idiot” manipulated by the propaganda of a government now in the hands and control of foreign powers. One less for their side, one more on our side. Educating the people is still permitted, and it profits the liberty movement to continue to add to our numbers before that window is closed. We have lost our country — let us not lose our intelligence and our dignity to the impulses of an unruly tongue. Many are still here in America, who say nothing. Prepare. And to hone one’s vision, I recommend this book —

        Elias Alias, editor

      3. While I can appreciate the NSA and every other aide in the quest to destroy the constitution I would quote Franklin by saying “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”. I understand not releasing a game plan, but if enough of us were all speaking up at once, it would spread to all people and create the right tone. In silence and fear, all that will be found is more of the same. Give me liberty or give me death. It’s time to get as vocal and outraged as all the other protected groups in this county. I’m tired of being made to be ashamed of my race. My family consists of several generations of soldiers who fought for my right to speak up. I’ll be dammed if I lay that down for fear of tyranny.

      4. Brilliantly stated brother. While the passionate, emotional content is certainly justified, wanton violent action is not what this is about. It’s not how we will achieve the freedoms we require. Dialog/parley ensues prior to and afterward in every revolutionary act I’ve known about. May cooler heads prevail.
        Aut pax aut bellum.

      5. Very well said Elias! Patience is more than a simple virtue here. Brandon Smith nailed it in a piece before the Oregon mess. The Lexington-Concord moment…kind of like patriotic pornography. None of us can define it, but we will know it when we see it! Comey moved us one GIANT step closer yesterday…

    2. So, just because we didn’t issue an immediate statement, you condemn us and call us names. Nice.

      Frankly, I am glad the FBI so blatantly “declined” to prosecute her. It just makes it all the clearer that this regime, in all its parts, is illegitimate, and the most critical audience for that realization is the warrior class of America, which includes both the current serving military and us military veterans, and the large mass of Americans gun owners. We WILL certainly be using this great gift of an example of the illegitimacy of the regime to full effect. But as for you, I couldn’t care less if you like us or help us, since you are the kind to jump to conclusions because we don’t do what you want fast enough for you.


  7. I think most of us understand the highly charged emotions and champing at the bit for action that some of us have. I, too, am guilty of being sick of waiting.

    But… To take our country back without the charges of “revolting”, etc, we MUST do it constitutionally. But think, how can that be done if you (generic “you”) do not know what it says? If you do not know the “tools” we retained for ourselves that are written within that document? If we do not know what the foregathers and framers said and did – not the carp (deliberate miss spell) fed to us as their words, but reading their actual words and documents.

    Right now our duty is to reverse the damage done to many Americans through deliberate propaganda, drugs, subliminals, poisoned water, food, air, stolen land, and murders – both hidden and disguised plus those done openly, election fraud, removing the homeless, not letting people farm their OWN property over which those that serve within our governments have extremely little lawfully to do with, etc, etc. EVERY thing we take back weakens those working to destroy America. What about your local government? What about smartmeters? Smart cars, smart traffic lights, etcf? None of that is for safety of Americans. Dump the meters and get analog and there is a crimp in the spying and their ability to control what is done at YOUR home to you, to your neighborhood, to your city. What else can you change? Dump the cameras on street lights, etc? All of those actions and more makes them depend on the drones more. Put up farraday cages, take back your local elections. Start learning what drones are out there, they are not all easily identifiable. Birds are drones. Been that way for years, from sparrows, to ?? Insects are another thing they use – drop mosquitoes, fleas, etc. So get mosquito eaters and release them Same for flies (not sure if drones but would not be surprised because they are everywhere and are treated and looked at as a nuisance, not as “eyes”. Any animal you see acting different then is normal for that species is questionable. Ex: Bee’s might hum about you because of the colors or scent, but hummingbirds won’t. But hummingbirds people stop at and watch, enjoy them getting close to them – don’t. hummingbirds do not fly up to people as if they were a flower, at least not in my experience. (Check out DARPA, what they do let us know about. Check out sparrows being used to spy in other nations). Etc

    It is also very important that all military and LE’s know the US Constitution, KNOW their Oath and what it requires of them – to that document they are Oath bound. We are actually hit on all sides

    So where do we start? Well, what is on the “short” list? Why not start with elections, taking them back? Sounds like a simple task, right? The fraud has been entrenched for years, decades. Or removing smartmeters? Or? Feed the poor, people are being jailed for that act, plus you never know who they are or what they can teach or assist you with. Grow food, store water, work to keep clean water in your town, city, county, state. Water is critical, why else do you think the water companies have poisoned it slowly for years? Stop fracking it poisons our water and it really is not needed, we have decades of oil supplies stored, but no food supplies for the people. Fracking is supported for the government BECAUSE it poisons drinking water. They care nothing for providing us jobs, or there never would have been Free Trade, CAFCA, NAFCA, etc. Look beyond the lies to see what bull they are handing you, and it most likely will be dangerous to the people, to the water, to the air, to the soil.

    What else can YOU think of to prevent or make it more difficult for them to spy on everyone? There is a lot you can do NOW, while training, educating, etc for the later. Remember their goal is to wipe out over half of the population on this planet. Think a nuclear war might assist them in that endeaver? Then stop America from going to another UNLAWFUL war.

    Does that seem penny ante? All those small battles that we win, slowing down and stopping spying, etc helps us. Remember that water is OUR, the peoples, natural right, not for the corporations, not for the governments, etc.

    Yes, sometimes I too feel like we must act, not appreciating that making sure that other people can now eat, will be able to eat later is acting. If you donot thing those in government will work to prevent your doing that, start doing the research, they already are and the unlawful enforcers are the “law enforcement” who too are bound to the US Constitution – not their chief, not their mayor, not to the governor, nor to any president when we actually have one.

  8. @ everyone. Each individual has their personal threshold of defense or offense. To accuse a group of being slack is an indication of ignorance regarding group think. However, as individuals, people do have their own lines in the sand. Some will lead, some will follow, some will hide.

    My personal opinion about the digital police watching my digital activity is they are useful idiots and history will show once again they will be flushed into the sea by a storm they ignore.


  9. Judging by the comments, I think many patriots don’t see the strategic wisdom in defiance, refusal, and nullification, such as Mike Vanderboegh has been urging and utilizing for years, leading by example.

    Please read this piece, which he wrote way back in 2009, and then take the time to think hard about this incredibly important point:

    Here is an excerpt, but do read the whole thing:

    it must be the collectivist federals who fire first and that is simply achieved by our refusal to knuckle under. If, for example, in the case of “health care” we refuse to pay the fines, they will seek to arrest us and jail us as an example to the others. Their entire system would collapse if someone successfully resists, as it is based upon the illusion of omnipotence, omniscience, and inevitablity.

    If we simply REFUSE to cooperate in our own oppression, eventually some federal thug is going to feel compelled to kill one or more of us for our temerity, likely on our own doorstep, in our homes, with our family watching (or, made casualties themselves).

    This is the gambit. If we take it, they are lost. If they take, they are lost.

    Lincoln hoped and prayed that the South would fire on Fort Sumter, just as these tyrannical bastards are hoping to get the same reaction from us. Lincoln got his wish. We should not give the present day tyrant wannabes theirs.

    If we refuse to bow to their tyranny, however, eventually it is they who lose patience. Time is against them once people start defying them. They MUST scare the rest of the sheep in order to maintain power.

    And so they will come to us with deadly force. Then we can resist with deadly force. En masse. Together. And we will finish these domestic enemies of the Founders Republic by giving them incentives to leave or die.

    AFTER they start it.

    In legitimate self-defense.

    Seems simple enough to me.

    Why there is such confusion over this principle I do not understand.


    And that same strategy of non-compliance and defiance has recently been used by the millions of Americans who have refused to comply with the crap passed through the bowels of the oath breaking legislatures of NY, CT, MD, CA, CO. MILLIONS have refused to comply. Those of you who think that the lack of open, armed conflict means that Americans have lost their will to fight, or are passing the buck to the next generation without action, need to think about that massive non-compliance, and see it as action. And important action.

    The Founding Generation used non-compliance, smuggling, and then open defiance along the road leading up to the actual open warfare of the Revolution. And, while at it, they also prepared for what was to come by forming up town militias and minuteman companies in every town in New England. They armed up, trained up, and also stored up the necessary supplies of food, medicine, as well as arms, ammunition and powder.

    Mike Vanderboegh has not “kicked off the Revolution” by a final act of violence because he thinks that would be bad strategy. He is trying to follow the example of the Founders, who also did not go on the attack, but played a “defensive” strategy of circumventing restrictions and then openly defying them (such as holding open town hall meetings even after the English Parliament banned all town hall meetings in Massachusetts).

    For the hot heads out there, and especially those who want to hold up Ammon Bundy’s actions in Oregon as your example of what we should be doing, think about this: The Sons of Liberty did not seize and occupy the ships holding the East India Company tea. They did not declare that “these ships now belong to the people” and then sit there, on the X, and wait for the redcoats to show up and shoot the crap out of them. No, they jumped inside their OODA loop and dumped the tea and then faded back into the populace, guerrilla style.

    They certainly did take some aggressive action, but they did so in a smart manner, getting in, doing the deed, and getting out.

    Ditto for the trashing of the Governor’s mansion. And ditto for the tar and feathering they did. And ditto for the burning of the British ship the Gaspee. See

    In NONE of those did the patriots stick around in some fool’s errand to “occupy” a fixed piece of ground or a ship. They did what they thought they needed to do and then they “di di mau’d” the F out of there. And them doing that did not make them “cowards.” It made them smart. Unlike Ammon and crew, who did not do the smart thing, even after we went to great pains to warn them that they were in both a strategically and tactically bad spot. And yes, whenever you stick your thumb in Leviathans eye, you are ALWAYS in a tactical situation, and that is especially so when you are on a fixed spot.

    So, when the Founders took “offensive” or aggressive action, they did so in a hit and run manner, and they also did so in a way that was considered proportional and just for the time. For example, they tarred and feathered tax agents rather than assassinating them. And, they did not kill the governor or other infamous tories. They instead intimidated them into resigning, or, in the case of the governor, they trashed his house and then again melted into the mass of the people.

    Those were the “aggressive” actions of the Sons of Liberty. None of them involved occupation of a fixed location.

    Now, when it came to their towns outside Boston, they did indeed occupy a fixed location, but that put them in a “defensive” posture and put General Gage in the position of being the clear aggressor in order to stop the Patriots from doing what they were doing (continuing to hold town hall meetings in defiance of Parliaments decrees, continuing to form up and train militias, and continuing to amass arms, ammunition, and food and medicine for the coming fight).

    When General Gage arrived in Boston and put the city under military occupation, and declared that the Massachusetts assembly was disbanded, and declared that all town hall meetings were now banned, Sam Adam and John Hancock did not remain in Boston and try to hold town hall meetings right there. Instead, they moved the leadership center of the patriot cause to nearby Concord (which is why Gage eventually had to send troops there).

    Sam Adams and John Hancock did not occupy the British Customs House in Boston and declare it property of the people of Massachusetts. Nor did they try to seize and hold one of the armories, ala John Brown. And during all the events of the Powder Alarms, the patriots never tried to hold any of those armories. They just grabbed the powder and cannon and took off.

    Where they did take a stand was in their towns. And in particular, in Concord, where they amassed a supply of arms, ammunition, food, etc. And that is where the leadership now was (Adams and Hancock).

    By doing it that way, they forced Gage to be the clear aggressor, and they did so in a place where they were strong, with massive local support, and Gage was weak, with his men actually being vastly outnumbered when it came to a fight.

    So, there you are. That is the RIGHT way to start a fight. And that is what Mike Vanderboegh has understood for a very long time, even if many of you do not.

    Use mass defiance, non-compliance, nullification, etc. and force the regime to come after you on your ground, where they are the clear aggressors, and where you have local support (you are building local community support and mutual defense, right?).

    Occupying an empty federal building out in the middle of nowhere does not follow that game plan, and that is the critical reason it failed. And Mike called it, as did I, but of course, Ammon and his hot-head followers refused to listen, and still refuse to listen.

    The best man among them was LaVoy. His loss was a great tragedy. I think it is telling that he had no idea Ammon was going to do what he did, and did not know until the day Ammon did it. For all LaVoy knew, he was just going up to a rally and march and then was going to be going right back home, which is why he didn’t have cold weather gear. But because he counted Ammon as a good friend, he felt honor bound to stay and participate in the occupation.

    Frankly, Ammon’s folly is why LaVoy ended up taking a stand in a distant, deserted federal building in another state rather than taking a stand on his own land, in Arizona, where he had tremendous local support, and where his stand would have been vastly more successful on many levels – morally, tactically, and when it comes to morale.

    In other words, more like Bundy Ranch, which was widely perceived as a defensive action, in defense of justly asserted rights, and in defiance of oppression and violations of the Constitution against a ranching family. That was worth taking a stand at, and put the Obama Admin in the same posture as Gage – as the clear aggressors, and on land where the people had broad support and where it was far more defensible. And that is why we were there, and why we were not at the wildlife reserve. And that is precisely why the Obama Admin backed off at Bundy Ranch and did not kick off the festivities there – they knew that if they did, it would kick off a fight with us being on the perceived high ground in the eyes of the American warrior class (the current serving military, veterans, and gun owners – the military force of the nation).

    For the hotheads who like to condemn others for not joining in Ammon’s folly, I ask you if you went there yourself. Did you take direct part in the Malheur Occupation? If not, why not? And on what basis do you then condemn other men for not going to what they could clearly see was a royal “Charlie Foxtrot” clown posse circus (convicted felons, a convicted murderer, a fake Marine, a fake Ranger, likely more than one paid confidential informant and provocateur, etc).

    The best among them was LaVoy, and note who went out true to his convictions. He preferred to die under an open sky. The rest submitted and surrendered without a fight, after all that tough talk about not leaving unless it was in body bags. And that goes especially for the blowhards John Ritzheimer, Blaine Cooper. and Ryan Payne. They talked big, but submitted like little bitches when the time came. I have no respect for them.

    I feel sorry for guys like Jake Ryan who bought into the hype of Ammon as some great patriotic leader and possibly even some later-day prophet (what many believed, by the way). But Ammon, and Cliven also, really let their prior success at Bundy Ranch go to their head to the point where they refused to listen to very sound advice by very experienced military veterans who warned them that Malheur was a bad way to go – that is was not at all like Bundy Ranch for all the reasons I laid out above, and they needed to leave. As always, they refused to listen. And as a result, LaVoy ended up taking his final stand by the side of a highway in Oregon, rather than on his own ranch in Arizona, where a “hard stand” would have been far more effective.

    The damage to the movement has been significant, with the regime now feeling emboldened to engage in a campaign of arrests, going back even to Bundy Ranch. So, because of Ammon’s folly in OR, now some of the good men who went to Bundy Ranch are being arrested, and all of us who were there are now vulnerable. And that is because the Malheur occupation is widely seen as an act of aggression by patriots, along with being a spectacular failure, and that gives the regime the needed political cover to get their “pound of flesh” out of the Bundy family, and even some of the men who were there to defend at Bundy Ranch. We will see how wide they cast that net. I think they are playing with fire, and if they cast it too wide, they will make good, honorable men who went to Bundy ranch for all the right reasons think they have nothing to lose by fighting. We shall see.

    I have not spoken out much on this topic since the end of the Malheur fiasco because I try not to speak ill of others among the broader patriot movement (beyond what I feel I must to prevent people from joining in on an ongoing “buffalo jump” ill-advised catastrophe). But I have to say that I am still pretty damn angry with Ammon because of his foolishness and arrogance. Even after a good man, Todd Engle (who was at Bundy Ranch), put himself at personal risk to go there to Malheur and warn Ammon that his situation was tactically unsound and he needed to “pop smoke” and relocate, Ammon refused to listen. And now Todd is sitting in jail, without bail (itself a gross violation of due process). And I blame Ammon for that. Like Vandergoegh said, Ammon wrote a check he expected the rest of us to cash in our blood, and he correctly called it as “channeling John Brown.”

    But my reason for bringing all this up now is to use it as a “teaching moment” to try to get you all to see the wisdom of the strategy and tactics of the Founders, which can be boiled down to:

    1. Retain the perceived moral high ground in the eyes of the people that matter most – the warrior class of the nation (in their day, it was the militia and the veterans who had fought the French and Indians. In our day, it is both current military and veterans, and, to a lesser degree, the police, along with the great mass of gun owners who should be the militia).

    2. As Mike says, “no Fort Sumters.” Don’t be the clear aggressor. Make the other side be the clear aggressor. You retain that moral high ground by letting the bad guys be the perceived aggressors. You do that by making them come after you, rather than you going after them. You do that by use of non-compliance, local and state nullification, and then open defiance (a good example is the stand in Priest River, Idaho where local Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and just local patriots gathered on the lawn of a combat vet’s home after the VA declared him unfit to own guns and threatened confiscation. The patriots were joined by the local sheriff, and the VA backed off). Use defiance to make the regime come after you.

    3. Take a stand where you are strong, and the regime is weak. Rural Oregon (the Sugar Pine mine was like a friggin mountain jungle in Laos) or rural, mountainous Montana, ala the White Hope Mine in Lincoln, MT (which looks like a scene from the mountains of Afghanistan), are two good examples. Contrast that to the flat terrain at Malheur, which looked like an Air Force bombing range.

    4. Take a stand in defense of real people, ala Bundy Ranch, Sugar Pine Mine, Lincoln, MT, Priest River, ID, etc. And that would have applied to LaVoy too if he had taken his stand on his own ranch. Now, after the disaster of Malheur, and with the increasing use of a Civil War statute of “interfering with a federal agent” against patriots, such actions are all the harder to pull of, and far, far riskier. But the point still applies.

    5. MAKE IT ABOUT GUNS. As I tried to explain to Ammon a month before he took over Malheur (I didn’t know exactly what he was going to do, but it was clear he was itching to do something stupid to try to “take a hard stand” – gee, I thought Bundy Ranch was a hard stand …), most Americans just don’t “get” land use issues. We in the West do, but East of the Mississippi, they think BLM stands for Black Lives Matter. And, even out West, most of us don’t own large tracts of land or have grazing rights, and ranching, farming, and logging has pretty much folded and submitted with few exceptions. Most people don’t have a “dog in that fight” and don’t consider it something they are willing to fight for. At Bundy Ranch, it was the “First Amendment Areas” and the heavy handed and militarized government oppression we all saw on TV that pissed veterans off. And it was the very real fear that the Bundy family would be “Waco’d” that caused us to go there, not land issues. That was a side issue for the great majority of those who answered the call.

    Make it about guns. The Founders did. They suffered a very long train of abuses of all kinds, but when it came down to brass tacks, the fight started over guns – over attempted gun confiscation. That is because it had the widest impact on everyone, and it was rightly seen as something that was intolerable. And the fight came when Gage attacked two towns. Make it about guns, and force them to come at you with military force. And if the VA had not backed down in Priest River, Idaho, and tried to send some federal agents to seize that veteran’s guns, it is likely a fight would have kicked off, and it would have been about guns, and with the Feds seen as the illegitimate aggressors (every veteran could look at that and say “there but for the grace of God go I”) and with tons of local support, resulting in a fight that would have been a terrible defeat for the Feds, much like Concord and Lexington.

    6. Resist as a COMMUNITY and not as isolated individuals or small groups. Make sure you have local support, and lots of it. They did at Concord and Lexington. We did in Priest River, Idaho (and that, again, was about guns).

    The Founders did it right. They won a moral victory since Gage was seen as the aggressor. They won a military victory, kicking his troops’ asses all the way back to Boston, and they won a morale victory with such a smashing success at the outset. And that was then followed up by the successful siege of Boston that eventually forced Gage to evacuate. That is how you kick off a fight.

    Learn from the wisdom of the Founders, and get strong where you are, and prepare to resist.


  10. Above I read lots of opinions and mentions of various aspects of the extreme complexity of life in the USA today.

    Amid the noise and confusion I keep thinking about the immense wealth and power of the few colluding with traitors within government and the private sector to wage what I label “class war” that the masses of common folks is losing.

    The masses of commoners are increasingly regimented by immense forces to live the lives relegated to those of us in our lowly socioeconomic position. Harming us is diversity and multiculturalism used as a weapon against us by tyrannical elites and their loyal lackey servants. Unbridled legal and illegal immigration is changing the face of the USA in a manner the Founders could never envision and thus make no preparations to defend against when writing the Constitution.

    How can the “rugged individualism” I and others was indoctrinated with ever hope to compete against groups of moneyed interests and corporate entities? Again… the complexity of life makes writing about freedom’s foes and the tyrants lording over us very difficult.

    As I ponder affairs I fear that the future USA with a population that will attain a BILLION and then more people will become so diverse with so many competing cultures it will become the house divided doomed to fall.

    Sadly, as history shows, the elites will do fine while the enormous mass of common folks do the suffering.

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