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4 Shot, 1 Killed After Black Gunman Fires At Passing Cars On Tennessee Highway, Targeting Police, Whites

37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott
37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott

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The worst case scenario we predicted yesterday, hours before the shocking events in Dallas had taken place, is now in play and the genie unleashed by the recent incidents of police violence – whether unprovoked or justified –  and popularized by an aggressive speech by none other than the president in which he collectivized the failings of the US police force as one organic whole, is now officially out of the bottle.

Recall we said that “we believe that the current wave of anti-police sentiment will sublimate into a surge in social violence across the US, especially among blacks who target police, and sadly culminate with deadly consequences for all involved.” While it is not clear if Obama’s speech yesterday was the spark that accelerated precisely this sentiment, but after yesterday’s mass killing of police officers in Dallas and various incidents across the US today, we are convinced that what is on the surface a surge in class/race/occupation tensions between segments of the black community and segments of the police force (because it clearly does not involve everyone in the those two respective groups), is about to escalate into a full blown war.

Case in point, the latest incident in what increasinly more are calling an all out race war was reported moments ago by AP who said that 37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott, who is black, opened fire indiscriminately at passing cars and police on a Tennessee highway. He later told investigators he was angry about police violence against African-Americans. One woman died and three others, including one police officer, were injured in the rampage.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said in a news release that initial conversations with the suspect, 37-year-old Lakeem Keon Scott, revealed he was “troubled by recent incidents involving African-Americans and law enforcement officers in other parts of the country.”

As AP adds, Scott was wounded in the shootout with police, remains hospitalized and has not yet been charged. All those shot were white, police confirmed.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Interesting times indeed. Most of us have heard the expression; “no more free wacos”. It would seem the BLM has declared their tribe and the line not to cross. That the Second Civil War (if that’s what this is) would start like this is really no surprise. Who has the least to lose to the police state? I’m not judging or taking sides, study the facts, dump the emotions, prepare! Rule of law is dead.
    Note to BLM, mind your target selection. If you start shooting random white people this will turn on you fast. Look at history, we don’t shoot each other, we organize into huge armies and burn whole [One word deleted by Elias Alias, editor] continents down. Again, not taking sides. This is no surprise, a well-armed people and a police state don’t coexist. Use caution.

    1. Sorry for cursing. I forgot the policy here but, more importantly, I shouldn’t do it anyways. Thanks.

      1. No sweat, Brother. Thank you for understanding my need to keep this place as respectful and dignified as possible. You are appreciated.
        Elias Alias, editor

  2. I agree Fred. I would say scary times as opposed to interesting though. I have to admit that the events of the last few days are scaring the crap out of me. I had hoped it wouldn’t come to this but it is here just as NAVYJACK and others have been predicting for some time.
    I live in a small town in NH and we do not see these things up close and I hope we never do. Heck…We have only one store and one traffic light here. All we can do is be as prepared as we possibly can be to help our LEO’s if anything comes our way.
    The thought of running into violent protestors while shopping a couple towns over is always on my mind and I find myself constantly watching everybody. Its amazing how many people THINK their guns are concealed.
    Elias has stomped on me a couple times too and I thank him for it. He does a great job.

    1. You are appreciated too, flinter.
      There is only one part of my job here which I do not like — and that is editing content of comments under articles. I only do it so traditional American family-types will not be made too uncomfortable reading here. I am an old Vietnam USMC Veteran and can talk the talk with any Sailor or Marine, but I don’t do it on public forums, and, like Fred noticed, I should not do it anyway. 😉
      It’s all good Bro. Thanks for being here.
      Elias Alias, editor

    2. Flinter,
      For 50 years I lived in, and around, Exeter, so I am familiar with Danville. I left Exeter to come West, where there are fewer Yuppies. I love it in Montana. We open carry most everywhere, here. No one thinks twice about it, except the Canadian and California tourists. They don’t flip out, but they sure do stare at us.

      Shorty Dawkins

  3. That’s kool Shorty. Planning on moving up to Coos county ASAP. Nice and quiet up there. Looking at land in Columbia and Pittsburg. The Exeter independence festival is this Saturday. I don’t expect you will be able to attend but it sure would be nice to meet ya.
    Thanks for all the great contributions you have made to this site. Much appreciated.
    Elias….The Exeter independence festival would be a great place for Oathkeepers to set up a booth or table or something. Lots of like minded folks attend that event. Cannons firing all day, Reenactments of battles and lots of history. If the leadership would be interested in attending if they happen to be in the area for next years event, I would be happy to get some info for you. You can also look it up on the internet. Just a thought.

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