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New York Oath Keepers: Candlelight Memorial Vigil To Remember Dallas Police Officers

New York Oath Keepers: Candlelight Memorial Vigil To Remember Dallas Police Officers

Candlelight Memorial Vigil to remember Dallas Police Officers, Friday, July 15, 2016




Sgt Michael Smith

New York Oath Keepers: Candlelight Memorial Vigil To Remember Dallas Police Officers

Sr. Cpl. Loren Ahrens

New York Oath Keepers: Candlelight Memorial Vigil To Remember Dallas Police Officers

Officer Michael Krol

New York Oath Keepers: Candlelight Memorial Vigil To Remember Dallas Police Officers

Officer Patrick Zamarripa

New York Oath Keepers: Candlelight Memorial Vigil To Remember Dallas Police Officers

D. O. Brent Thompson

New York Oath Keepers: Candlelight Memorial Vigil To Remember Dallas Police Officers

Westchester  County Chapter of Oath Keepers will conduct a candlelight memorial vigil to remember Dallas Police Officers


Friday, July 15, 2016 beginning at 7:30pm at the









Please join us in honoring the memory of these five hero Dallas Police  Officers, and in expressing our thanks and support to the Police who protect our communities every day. All are invited to join us as we pray for healing and an end to the senseless violence.


For additional information, contact Frank at (914) 673-5220

PS:  If you are an Oath Keeper member, please wear your Oath Keeper hats/shirt, etc., when you attend the event, so that we are clearly identified.



Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Outstanding! In my opinion, this is the exactly what all of us should be doing to remind the public that they need to honor the service of these fallen officers and anyone else that is willing to stand in the gap to protect them. Good on you!

  2. I admit to failings within my persona. I am what I am. Vigils and related affairs are nice and are great for a general public that typically is ruled by emotions rather than intellect.

    Forgive my lack of participation in such events. They are good and do no harm. I simply do not involve myself with them. My thoughts of this affair go towards avoiding future events and ensuring the fallen folks’ families are taken care of financially and have a support system to assist them now and later.

    Unaware of details I assume that taxpayers’ monetary input is directed via in-place systems to ensure wives/husbands/children/etc. (thinking of ALL the fallen, not just the gents in this one incident) do not suffer economically.

    “Life is for the living” I was taught as a youth so my thoughts are directed that way. The finest tribute to the fallen that I can envision is for We, the People to watch after their loved ones, to do for them what the fallen can no longer do.

    And a salute to all of you who are doing the tribute stuff. Your efforts have their place. I know there are those who think as I do on the scene to do the deeds of the type I consider most important. To them I also offer a salute.

    Thank you.

    On a side note. When trying to influence the public it is generally most effective to reach out and touch emotions. Facts, figures, logic and rationality have their place but… view those political candidates spewing their tripe in TV ads and public speeches. They are appealing to emotions!!! Sure, if your audience IS a learned cohort and logic/rationality would appeal to them then use those methods to state your case. In general, though, remember that the average reading comprehension level of the USA citizen is around the 8th-grade level and that anti-intellectualism runs rampant in our society. If you are attempting to counter the elite overlords’ ongoing indoctrination of We, the People it is important to know your audience and reach out to them in an effective manner. Good luck.

  3. We are praying for the families of these courageous fallen officers. Thank you for posting their pictures and the time/date of the candlelight tribute for them. No disrespect intended towards those who lost their lives, but does anyone else find it hard to believe that one shooter could cause so many casualties? It seems that it would have taken several sharp shooters to kill this many officers. This administration seeks gun control; that is no surprise. The federalization and militarization of the police force is implemented before martial law. There are ruthless people in power that do not regard innocent life to push their agenda through the Hegelian dialectic–problem, cause, solution. Funny how it is always “one, lone wolf shooter” who dies in the end–no evident conspiracy with only one killer and the dead tell no tales. God sees all. There will be a day of reckoning for all who shed innocent blood. RIP, Dallas’ finest.

  4. Excellent. I’m 2,500 miles from NY but the fallen officers and their families will be in my prayers.

  5. There is a wonderful healing technique used by Kabalists that is perfect for tonight. It is by stealth of spirit. For example, if a healer enters a room filled with anger and hate, he centers himself by cleaving to the candle love and compassion within himself…which is exactly what we will be doing for the Dallas 5 tonight, while the anger and hate “rages” in the room around us. The beauty of this technique is that all of us can be there, wherever we are. You might love this ~ See you tonight! 🙂

  6. I am usually quiet but I have to say and strong minded an Texans are and awake at that, I am more shocked these policeman and some are veterans lost their lives at all. I feel the citizens of Texas failed them terribly. Knowing what is happening in Europe is happening here. Branches, gov’t, non profits, riots all infiltrated. These men were left to be sitting ducks. i have no military training but would it have taken too much effort to have men walking the beat outside the protest to look for the possibilities of a sniper. Military is infiltrated as well. I have come to believe the long train of abuses until martial law is placed up on that women and children are the first victims as in Europe we see today and leaving women to have defense to protect themselves and their children, family. Wise up and keep your doors locked, security in your home and protection and license to carry and expect that they will be challenged to save their own life, body etc. The womens’ bathroom issue is a gateway to get to women who are alone, blocked in and easy pickings. The attackers are coming as gangs not just individuals. Actually women are now on the front line of defense because they are the chosen first victims. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is why I am a hard working spoiled pampered female because these things give them the freedom to be this way and to expect nothing to interfere with it. Now we see why Europe was dis armed in the 90’s leading to invasion and genocide. Women the first victims. Most of us have learned in life we have to do things ourselves not depend on others. No spouse, no boyfriend, no veteran, no police, no neighbor is responsible to save our life but ourselves the owners of that life. America is not what it was while growing up so it now leaves not only men but especially women to look around expect the unexpected. Strangers that approach you move away, see them coming before the get to you. With attacks on our soil we have to be cautious more guarded than ever before. Just saying the men in Dallas did not have to die in first if the citizens had been patrolling and believe me we have a lot out there to patrol. The enemy has called our men wimps and that the can’t stop what is happening, that they now own Americas women and have already won Europe. I remember 9/11 and that was the beginning.

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